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06:52<Brian23>hello anyone alie here
06:52<Brian23>could someone please help me
06:52<hads>Brian23: Please read the topic
06:53<iamlindoro>Plus. you're asking for help in another channel, presumably with the same problem. Maybe you should read the advice offered there.
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10:21<stuarta>quiet day today then
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12:22<laga>"Idea: A global cutlist repository for shows and regions."
12:22<laga>wow. that's such a new and unique idea.
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12:34<gbee>entirely practical and well thought out too
12:39<sphery>but at least he was offering to do something, rather than demanding something change ("What to do about Nuv")
12:40<laga>does mythtv ship its own copy of libdvdread?
12:43<laga>do you happen to know why?
12:43<gbee>it was no longer actively maintained
12:43<laga>oh. that's a good reason.
12:44<gbee>mplayer forked it and have their own version, which I believe some distros now distribute
12:45<gbee>but also we prefer to maintain our own copies of small libs because it makes life easier for end users (if no packagers) and also means we don't have to wait months for bug fixes and patches to be merged upstream
12:48<laga>yeah, but sometimes patches are missed in the copy of mythtv. but that's life
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12:55<gbee>laga: skamithi keeps an eye on that from time to time
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14:17<cal_>what is HRC and IRC?
14:17<iamlindoro>-users, and google knows
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16:18<gbee>tracked down yet another inheritance bug caused by objects with identical names in m_ChildrenList, any better ideas to preventing duplicates than iterating through the list comparing names in AddChild()?
16:26<stuarta>hash map of names
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16:32<gbee>yep, that's on possibility I've considered and probably the best idea - replacing the QVector with a QMap keyed against the object name
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16:34<gbee>I was thinking about something which didn't entirely prevent duplicates, just warned when they are used - but it's probably for the best if they are prevented outright
16:35<gbee>behaviour is otherwise unpredictable and almost certainly undesirable if duplicates are allowed
16:37<stuarta>then prohibition is the way forward
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18:11<gbee>muppets ... 14 people chose the BBC Parliament icon for Radio 1
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18:37<gbee>starting to wonder if the icon downloader in mythtv-setup is sending the correct results, there are a large number of icons where the submitted icon is immediately before the correct icon in the list e.g. BBC Lifestyle instead of BBC News, BBC Radio Wales instead of BBC Three, Channel 31 instead of CHannel 4
18:39<gbee>fairly consistent error
18:42*xris wonders where j-rod is hiding
18:42<xris>gbee: odd
18:43<xris>I was playing around with authorizing things yesterday... found a bunch of my own icons that weren't in the db yet. :)
18:43<xris>I really want to rethink how this is done...
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18:44<stuarta>a sort by most votes wouldn't go astray
18:44<xris>but I want to at least change the UI a bit.. mainly, to give a total count for each icon, rather than just a count for each channel name submitted with it.
18:44<stuarta>one thing i'd thought of
18:44<stuarta>is to show the approved icon, along with any further submissions
18:45<gbee>and paging .... takes 10 minutes for the page to load here :)
18:45<stuarta>that way if the icon is updated
18:45<xris>but I think I want to turn it into an open service.. make people sign up for accounts, but let people vote on the preferred icon
18:45<stuarta>makes sense, we don't know about all countries
18:45<xris>the most votes == the official icon sent to myth.. also allow for admin accounts and a way to "lock" things.
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18:46<xris>but I need to come up with a better channel/station identifier first.. since I'd like to track things together, rather than separately..
18:46<gbee>xris: hmm, so long as some guideline rules are setup - e.g. "Pick the specific icon over a generic one" - quite a few people seem to pick the general BBC icon for BBC channels instead of the BBC One, BBC Two icons
18:46<xris>e.g. "this station is xmltvid, tms id 12345, callsign "scifi", and dvb id 123:456:789"
18:47<gbee>its a general example, I've seen it in all submissions, no matter the network/country
18:47<xris>yeah, I see that for US stuff, too. local affiliates with the network logo picked
18:47<xris>I want to add a "not allowed" flag, too, to prevent that.
18:48<xris>I guess I do have that now, too... but it's annoying to keep doing it on my own. :)
18:48<p3nguin>I can't seem to get sound from my MythTV installation. I have two frontend machines (the local backend/frontend box, and also a second frontend-only), and the volume control indicates that I can turn the volume up and down, but no sound comes out. If I use TVtime on the box with the tuner, it produces sound, so I know the sound is working on a hardware level. Any suggestions on this problem?
18:48<gbee>does the 'deny' stuff not do that?
18:48<p3nguin>Oh, maybe I'm on the wrong channel.
18:48<p3nguin>Sorry about that.
18:48<xris>p3nguin: you want -users
18:49<p3nguin>Yes, my apology.
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18:49<xris>gbee: yeah, I think it does.. but a better interface would make it nicer to manage
18:49<xris>grumble. just means less time for me to be spending with mythweb.
18:49<xris>at least kormoc keeps most of that busy. :)
18:49<xris>esp. now that he'll have a shiny new job that won't eat away his evenings.
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18:50<gbee>shear number of incorrect submissions for UK channels makes me suspect that something is up with the code, isolating the problem isn't a job I fancy spending time on though - any volunteers?
18:50*stuarta waves goodnight
18:50<gbee>stuarta: g'night
18:50<xris>I still want a "tell the backend to download an icon" command so I can write an editor/updater into mythweb.
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18:53<gbee>another nice feature would be automatic blocks/bans if more than 5 icons submitted by a single IP are denied
18:54*kormoc blinks
18:54<kormoc>I actually should play with the icon stuff, I just plum forgot about it's existence
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19:03<gbee>really want to get the DVB bug fixed where it doesn't match icons which have been submitted and approved
19:04<xris>gbee: maybe. I tend to check the IP of things as I deny stuff.. if the same IP shows up a bunch, I just ban it.
19:04<xris>which wipes out all of its submissions
19:05<gbee>xris: right now, with the volume of icons per page, it's just too slow to check the IPs at the same time as denying them
19:06<gbee>takes anyway from 5-15 seconds to respond to the IP request or accept/deny actions, per icon
19:06<gbee>at least with firefox
19:06<xris>upgrade to ff3
19:06<xris>but yeah, I want to figure out a way to make it faster.. paginate, or add a filter so that it only displays icons with more than ## submissions
19:07<xris>since I ignore all of the x1 stuff anyway
19:07*xris ponders how hard it would be to learn french in 3 weeks...
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19:41<gbee>hmm, looks like the off by one error might be the result of the widget attempting to avoid duplicate entries - it quietly drops items from the list if another entry with the same name already exists so the the index no longer matches, it's one or more places out of sync
19:42<gbee>I know for certain that the 'BBC' list contains duplicate entries so that accounts for the error
19:43<gbee>unfortunately it's not easily fixable - if I change the widget behaviour it affects the twenty different child classes and who knows what that will screw up
19:44<gbee>I guess one possibility is to append numbering to the icon name if we've already seen it e.g. BBC Radio One (2)
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19:55<Chutt>wonder how much cpu i should get for my new fileserver
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20:23<gbee>xris: just so you are aware, the bug I've just fixed polluted the submissions a fair bit
20:24<xris>which also means that anyone using .21 will still be submitting incorrect info, right?
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20:27<gbee>not every time, it only kicks in if the search returns results containing duplicate names, so if it returns two icons with "ABC 123" then every icon following those in the list will have the wrong index - chose icon 10 and the details for icon 9 are submitted instead
20:29<gbee>if he comes back, could someone repeat what I just said?
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20:52<kormoc>gbee, sure
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23:17<ghat>need help with mythconverge
23:17<ghat>writing script to bulk update saved videos metadata
23:18<ghat>I have figured out most of the stuff but
23:19<ghat>"file to play next" and related boolean not sure which table it is located in
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23:32<ghat>thanks in advance for the answer, I will check if someone could quote on these questions
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