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14:21<dupondje>Is it possible to change LiveTV so it doesn't stop playing every :30/:00
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14:23<kormoc>dupondje, first, try reading the topic
14:23<dupondje>its not some setting ... its a 'bug'
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14:35<stuarta>good to see the server is happy again
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16:15<gbee>Warning: 'post-commit' hook failed with error output:Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/trac-post-commit-hook", line 79, in <module> from trac.env import open_environmentImportError: No module named trac.env
16:16<gbee>guess it's related to the trac breakage Snow-Man mentioned last night after getting the server back up
16:17*stuarta reads back to last night
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16:18<gbee>wonder if I can persuade justin to work on a bunch of default images, it's tricky because they've got to work universally with just about any theme and they can't suck like the existing defaults
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16:26<Chutt>gbee, your checkboxes don't have checks? =)
16:27<Chutt>or are those just the background images
16:27<stuarta>there is a certain irony in that
16:27<gbee>those are just the background, I'm reusing the lb-check images for the actual checkmarks
16:28<Chutt>ah, ok
16:28<gbee>because they are there and I didn't fancy stopping to draw new images
16:29<gbee>even the background images are just the 'other' checkmarks with the marks removed, leaving just the highlight parts
16:36<Anduin>gbee: think is it the new python 2.5, trac is only installed in 2.4 currently (so it should fix itself this weekend when Chutt updates)
16:36<gbee>Anduin: that would explain it, thanks
16:39<Anduin>anyone with access could change trac-post-commit-hook to call python2.4 to fix it temporarily
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16:40<Chutt>#!/usr/bin/env python2.4
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18:41<antgel>hi, apologies for the OT-ness. i'm writing a client/server app, and am considering the approach of client config files being minimal - i.e. enough to connect to the database server, then store different client preferences in the database. rather like mythtv. was just wondering if anyone has comments on the pros/cons of doing it this way, as opposed to storing client prefs in a traditional configuration file
18:42<antgel>i can see it's good if the client disk fails, but a downside is it's more difficult to edit preferences (if one is happy in a text editor)
18:45<xris>as long as you have a decent UI for editing prefs, it works well
18:47<hads>You could always write an app such as postconf or the likes to run from the client if you like that sort of thing.
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20:04<Chutt>antgel, prefs are in the db in myth mainly because the db was already in use for other stuff
20:04<Chutt>so it didn't seem like a huge deal to me to put stuff in the db
20:04<Chutt>and there were a bunch of settings that could be shared between machines (server configs/etc), so it seemed like a win
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21:49<Chase>I'm interested in modifying mythtv to have built-in support for on the fly transcoding
21:49<Chase>as in, take the output from any capture card and transcode it immediately
21:50<clever>it allready does that with frame grabbers, rawvideo->mpeg4/mjpeg
21:50<Chase>this would help playback on frontends that cannot support nuv or mpg2 or whatever format the capture card output is
21:50<clever>the nuv/mpeg2 support is part of mythtv
21:50<Chase>clever, if you have a framegrabber, and if the format myth supports works for you
21:51<Chase>but hardly anyone else uses nuv, and not all clients may be able to handle mpeg2
21:51<clever>i think Captain_Murdoch is allready working on transcoding as it streams
21:51<clever>and caching/storing multiple versions of the recordings
21:52<Chase>I figured someone was working on it
21:52<clever>so mythbackend can spew .flv on its own
21:52<Chase>I'll try to search the dev mailing list
21:52<Chase>would you happen to know his e-mail so I could search by that?
21:52<clever>mythweb can do mpeg->flv on its own
21:52<Chase>yeah, but I want livetv
21:53<clever>by calling ffmpeg
21:53<clever>but that lacks seeking
21:53<clever>i suspect it would work on active recordings
21:53<clever>but you would have to make the rule manualy
21:53<clever>also my ffmpeg cant handle nuv
21:53<clever>so i hacked it up
21:53<Chase>I haven't seen any way of getting livetv other than through gmythstream
21:53<clever>mencoder decodes and converts to RAW aud/vid
21:53<clever>and dumps it in avi to a fifo
21:53<Chase>which doesn't really work well
21:54<clever>which ffmpeg then reads and converts to flv
21:54<Chase>all this is fine, but it's outside mythtv
21:54<Chase>this is something I think should be a part of mythtv
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21:54<Chase>if we really want to see mythtv be able to expand to portable devices and such
21:55<clever>yeah for upnp it cant transcode on the fly yet
21:55<clever>so the remote box needs to support whatever codec its storing on disk
21:55<Chase>that's what I'd like to work on
21:56<clever>i think it was Captain_Murdoch that was working on it
21:56<GreyFoxx>his name is Chris Pinkham if you are looking in the list archives
21:56<Chase>found it out
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22:45<xris>Chase: I'd love to see flv livetv in mythweb. but t takes help from the backend, as well as an updated player for mythweb.
22:46<xris>I don't know enough about either to make it happen on my own, though
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23:04<Chase>xris, I'm talking about the backend part
23:04<Chase>and not necessarily flv
23:04<Chase>just any sort of output format that can be easily transcoded to
23:06<xris>yeah. that's up to Captain_Murdoch.. I've been hoping for his edits for quite awhile now.
23:06<xris>it'll make both mythweb and nuvexport a lot easier to manage.
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