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07:13<GizmoTech>does myth tv support universal video devices
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07:19<GizmoTech>can i use a starsat II card to recieve cable
07:26<laga>GizmoTech: try asking in #mythtv-users
07:27<GizmoTech>well i tried asking bout usb webcams that as usb video compl;aint
07:27<GizmoTech>but there wasnt very sure on anything
07:39<laga>darn, the icon downloader is missing a lot of icons here. especially for some DVB radio stations
07:50<gbee>laga: no icons at all, or just no icons pre-selected?
07:50<laga>gbee: it said something like "looking for icons 100/250 - 99 icons not found"
07:51<gbee>laga: yeah, that means there might be icons available but no-one has submitted matches yet
07:51<laga>yeah, i got some matches but i didn't have the time to go through 200 channels now
07:53<gbee>so you'll be the first (or third), once we get the same icons submitted by a few people we can be confident that they are correct and they'll be approved, after which it will automatically downloaded them should you run it again
07:53<laga>is there a CLI way?
07:54<gbee>yeah, contrib/icons/master_iconmap/ --find-missing
07:54<gbee>which revision are you running btw?
07:55<laga>built two weeks ago, installed today ;)
07:56<gbee>ahh, well there was a bug in the icon downloader anyway, it would pick the wrong icon occassionally - fixed in [17409]
07:56<laga>oops :) i guess i should upgrade again :)
07:57<gbee>doesn't affect automatic matches, just matches made manually and only through the GUI - CLI script is fine
07:57<laga>i'm performing some maintenance ATM to raise the GAF a bit, so i dunno when i'll get to it. rebuilding always takes ages here.
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08:26<laga>*** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xAborted
08:27<laga>something is telling me i shouldn't have upgraded ;)
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11:04<Cardoe>superm1: ping
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11:20<antgel>Chutt: thanks
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14:49<joe>xris: ping
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16:32<gbee>I should have written down my plans for mythlistbutton while they were clearer in my head :(
16:37<abqjp>gbee: in other words, when you where taking your morning shower?
16:43<gbee>it's where I have all my best ideas ;)
16:58<gbee>feck, backend is royally screwed up - capture cards have vanished, backend ip was all wrong, last 3 recordings were just 10 seconds long
17:04<gbee>not a clue what happened there, fixed already, but I'm hardly confident that it won't happen again
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17:14<gbee>doh, I know what happened ... PEBKAC
17:15<abqjp>Knowings is always better, even when you don't like the answer ;-)
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23:41<Aughey>I just upgraded to the latest svn build, and mythfrontend generates a segmentation fault after "Registering Internal as a media playback plugin."
23:50<Aughey>thanks, removing the plugins fixed it
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