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00:43<flouger>is there a recomended cap card?
00:50<hads>flouger: Please read the topic.
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01:48<orion_>just a quick question. I gave up on mythtv awhile ago because i didnt like the music player... I listen to alot of music
01:48<orion_>is there a different music player available?
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01:51<kormoc>orion_, might want to read the topic
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03:36<xen_>Hey there ive just installed mythtv on ubuntu 8.04, but when i run the front-end the menu keeps blinking, whats up with that?
03:37<kormoc>xen_, try reading the topic
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03:42<Schamane>somebody here willing to help?
03:42<Schamane>im trying to search channels for 2 days now and nothing worksim trying to search channels for 2 days now and nothing works
03:42<Schamane>the card works fine in windows, but in mythbuntu it doesnt find channel
03:42<Schamane>with scan i get always tuning failed
03:42<Schamane>dont know why, the card is correctly found by the system
03:43<stoffel>Schamane: better try #mythtv-users
03:46<stoffel>or #mythtv-de
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03:51<Schamane>stoffel: already done
03:51<Schamane>no response
03:52<hads>That still doesn't make this the correct place to ask.
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08:59<MrGandalf>btw, I don't think I've mentioned it much before. If anyone is interested, I have a perl based channel scanner that's quite mature. It should work on any provider that has proper NIT/SDT (and has more than one or two channels).
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09:13<anykey_>MrGandalf: for mythtv?
09:13<anykey_>MrGandalf: if so, I'd be very interested in this
09:14<GreyFoxx>Nah, it's more likely for freevo or MCE
09:16<anykey_>hm, perl based, does this mean a command line scanner?
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09:21<janneg>I would guess it uses gtk perl bindings since MrGandalf doesn't like Qt, maybe even wxwindows
09:21<GreyFoxx>perl win32 for windows
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09:40<MrGandalf>yes, for MythTV
09:40<MrGandalf>and it's command line (my preferred).
09:41<MrGandalf>janneg: no, I have nothing against Qt.. I've done quite a bit of coding in Qt in fact.
09:46<janneg>MrGandalf: we were just joking around
09:46<MrGandalf>janneg: I know :)
09:47<anykey_>MrGandalf: thanks
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09:53<MrGandalf>it depends on dvbsnoop for section data.. I wish I could figure out a way to make linux-dvb API calls without depending on a C-based perl module for linux-dvb.
09:56<MrGandalf>maybe Inline::C
09:57<anykey_>MrGandalf: will it keep edited channels etc?
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09:57<MukiEX>Anyone have Winmyth working?
09:57<MrGandalf>anykey: use the -dump <text file> option.. it will dump to a text file. Edit it to your liking and use -commit <text file>
09:58<MrGandalf>MukiEX: #mythtv-users
09:58<MukiEX>ack, sorry MrGandalf!
09:58<MrGandalf>I should be in there as well.
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09:59<anykey_>MrGandalf: Ok, not exactly what I was searching though
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10:52<gbee>I seem to recall Daniel was working on a text interface for the existing scanner
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10:53<MrGandalf>text interface?
10:53<gbee>command line
10:53<MrGandalf>i see
10:53<gbee>as in "mythtv-setup --scan" or similar
10:54<MrGandalf>a scanner is pretty simple, but deciding in code how the channels get updates is a bit more complicated.
10:55<MrGandalf>especially when you take into consideration spot beams and such
11:07<MrGandalf>I see there's a ticket for multiproto..
11:09<MrGandalf>wonder if I can't get the genpix driver author to fix it up for the new protocol to eliminate the need for FE_GET_EXTENDED_INFO.
11:10<gbee>yeah saw the ticket, but I thought the API wasn't finalised or even official?
11:10<laga>what's the reason for the API not being finished?
11:11<gbee>not even sure that it's not finished, I might be confusing it with something else
11:16<MrGandalf>it's been a very long time coming
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11:48<janneg>I would hope that the api of manu's multiproto tree is stable by now but nobody knows when and if it gets merged
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12:39<gbee>ugh, dbcheck just won't compile with ks-sse3 and -o3
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12:54<gbee>or more precisely -O3 and gcc 4.3
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14:56<esperegu>which port is mythtv using? (I need to open my firewall so I can connecto to it with a frontend)
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15:08<iamlindoro__>It'll use whatever you set in mythtv-setup.
15:08<iamlindoro__>By default, 6543, 6544
15:08<iamlindoro__>You will also need to open any relevant MySQL ports
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15:21<kormoc>esperegu, you should also use the correct channel (see topic)
15:21<esperegu>oeps. sorry
15:22<iamlindoro__>D'oh! I wasn't paying attention to the channel either :)
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15:59*MrGandalf yawns
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