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09:45<gbee>statetype is broken, or at least doesn't work how I think it should
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12:45*xris wishes he could find something that could cut up HD recordings..
12:49<gbee>wouldn't mind if I could do lossless h.264 editing with myth
12:51<xris>that would work, too... I just know that the lossless mpeg2 transcoder doesn't do HD. segfaults, or dies, or something.
12:52<laga>xris: i wonder if projectx would work
12:52<xris>not sure I ever tried that.
12:52<laga>there's a wrapper script which can replace mythtranscode --mpeg2
12:53<xris>huh. will see how hard it is to install
12:53<laga>the wrapper script is in the mailing list archives somewhere
12:54<gbee>we need someone to take an active interest in mythtranscode, it's starting to lag behind
12:59<xris>would have been a good SoC project.
13:00<laga>projectx works very well for dvb (for me at least :)), so it might be possible to rip some code from there..
13:03<xris>I really need to upgrade my mythbox to a newer fedora
13:05<laga>upgrades = bad
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13:23<xris>yeah.. but it's nice to have access to some new software via yum
13:23<xris>although it does look like anyone's actually packaged up project-x for fedora
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13:31<xris>ah. it's java, so no real package, anyway.
13:31<xris>guess I'll muck with it.
13:33<laga>ubuntu has a "real" package :)
13:34<laga>although java on linux seems a bit messy with all those various implementations out there
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13:52<laga>i had a 4 line program for the fibonacci numbers which simply didn't work with java-gcj. hooray for sun's java. :)
14:07<MrGandalf>java blows
14:22<famicom>i agree
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15:39<gbee>janneg: have you ever looked at the coreAVC patch for mythtv? Enables use of DirectShow codecs in avformatdecoder
15:45<janneg>gbee: no, it's uninteresting for me since I use a 64bit system
15:49<MrGandalf>janneg: it works with 64bit as well
15:49<MrGandalf>the codec runs in a seperate process compiled for 32bit and uses shared memory to communicate with the frontend.
15:51<MrGandalf>the patch is actually quite stable.. I've not had any issues with it for months now and I use it everyday.
15:51<janneg>that's something different than supporting DirectShow codecs directly
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15:53<MrGandalf>good, he included my patch with that..
16:06<gbee>I may have to use CoreAVC since I can't really wait for the next ffmpeg resync
16:08<janneg>gbee: too slow or artifacts?
16:09<MrGandalf>nobody has made any great effort to fix h264 in ffmpeg (wrt paff, that is)
16:10<gbee>well without the loop filter it's just fast enough, but I'd prefer some margin rather than just scraping through
16:10<gbee>there are some things I've yet to try, realtime priority threads could give the edge?
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16:11<laga>i've often seen good results when turning them on
16:11<MrGandalf>what type of stream does the hd-pvr spit out? I'm assuming interlaced based on the input, but is it MBAFF or PAFF (I seem to remember asking this before)
16:11<gbee>I'm concerned that some lower quality HD streams might suffer without the deblocking
16:13<janneg>MrGandalf: there was a recent discussion about the PAFF + spatial direct artifacts on ffmpeg devel list, nobody knows what's causing them
16:13<MrGandalf>janneg: I know.. I have that conversation star'ed ;)
16:13<janneg>that nobody includes Lorem, Micheal and Jeff Downs
16:13<MrGandalf>Jeff looks to be looking into it though
16:14<MrGandalf>I'm in no rush.. chances are any ffmpeg support will be slower than coreavc anyway
16:15<MrGandalf>I just wish myth handled interlaced streams better on the backend..
16:15*laga stabs trac's spam filter for rejecting a mythbackend log
16:16<gbee>I don't need much speed, just a little more than ffmpeg has now
16:17<gbee>or rather mythtv, ffmpeg might already have the small improvements
16:18<MrGandalf>gbee: last I checked, there were no major differences but you could download ffmpeg and give it a try
16:18<MrGandalf>I keep a constant eye on the ffmpeg dev list for h264 improvements.
16:19<gbee>I will, and have been planning to for the last 3 weeks, but I keep finding more important things to do
16:23<gbee>janneg: bug just posted to trac -
16:24<laga>yeah, i posted that i think
16:27<laga>that poor guy has been complaining for quite some time :(
16:28<gbee>laga: well it's a pretty nasty looking growth, but most likely caused by some non-standard stream
16:29<gbee>I wonder if it hasn't already been fixed in trunk though
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16:37<gbee>should we be deleting the packet data if we didn't see the payload start?
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16:49<gbee>hmm, if we get that far then the cache doesn't contain data for that packet id so it shouldn't be leaking much, but shouldn't we still clean up?
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20:45<Chutt>how does the storage groups code detect duplicate mounts?
20:49<foxbuntu>can anyone tell me if there is anyway to use the built in upnp extensions from libmythupnp to search for a backend (ie an api or similar to use from another app)?
20:55<GreyFoxx>I don't have any details, but yes
20:55<GreyFoxx>the mythfrontend does it already
20:55<GreyFoxx>and I think the perl extensions might as well
20:57<foxbuntu>GreyFoxx, yea...I was just hoping someone knew more about it...I am working on trying to attach to it to get away from using the mysql.txt files
20:58<GreyFoxx>Cdev wrote it so would know the most
20:58<GreyFoxx>But a TCPdump of it might help ya too :)
21:11<foxbuntu>cool..thank GreyFoxx
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23:35<xris>hmm, projectX can't seem to handle my HD recordings, either...
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