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02:10<johnnystr>any have time warner in NYC and get thier mythtv box running fine thier cable box?
02:11<johnnystr>i'm having a heck of a time... get nothing but snow if i run the coaxial from the cable-out of my cable box. plugged directly in i get basic channels, and i'm set to us-cable
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02:53<johnnystr>anyone get their mythbox working with a "Scientific Atlantic explorer 2100" cable bxo from Time warner?
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08:11<teprrr>btw, what's the status of porting to qt4 atm?
08:35<teprrr>btw, should be closed now? at least in the current trunk it checks for xxf86vm :P
08:37<teprrr>aww, hmm
08:45<teprrr>looks like that check in the current trunk is fsckd up.. will create a new patch for it
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08:55<teprrr>apparently for some reason expr "yes" : "yes" returns 3 meaning that an error has occured.. any ideas?
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09:13<teprrr>and apparently mythfrontend crashes when no database is available.. gonna try to patch it also after I get my debug build compiled :)
09:13<laga>yay for patches
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09:18<teprrr>argh, I was using for my other computer.. seems like configure script is revised after that
09:23<teprrr>stupid me.. though looks like the new script doesn't check for xxf86 either.. oh well, will try it and make a new patch to check it
09:26<teprrr>btw, why is providing svn if it isn't the same as
09:26<teprrr>kind of confusing..
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10:50<teprrr> ok, there's a patch to check whether qt4 version is good enough
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11:39<teprrr> and revised patch for libXxf86vm.. modified also has_library to only check for *.so files as they're needed for linking.. having libname* in the dir isn't enough.
11:40<teprrr>could anyone comment/review/anything and perhaps commit if ok?
11:40<teprrr>apparently the configure doesn't check for qt libs properly.. is needed for linking, but not checked at all
11:58<teprrr> -- should kickDatabase ever be called if there's no database connection available?
12:00<teprrr>to std{out,err} myth outputs that no mysql.txt found, the sql connection failed etc.
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12:08<sphery>teprrr: Before doing any patches for "mythfrontend crashes when no database is available," make sure you have applied the patches from #5314 , #5286 , #5312 . Also, note that there's a /big/ difference between "crashing" and exiting with a message, "Failed to init MythContext, exiting,"
12:08<sphery>or similar
12:09<teprrr>sphery, yup. will take a look at those tickets. and yes, it does crash actually. inside the libmysqlclient
12:09<sphery>Oh, and if you're talking about 0.21-fixes, see (which explains how it should be "fixed" in 0.21)
12:09<teprrr>perhaps because the QSqlQuery is already destroyed.. could be
12:09<teprrr>talking about trunk
12:10<teprrr>but I'll take a look at those tickets.. I remember having some kind of "first startup" screen earlier, but can't get it shown now
12:10<sphery>rm ~/.mythtv/config.xml
12:11<teprrr>done already
12:12<teprrr>with a quick look around those three tickets none of them seem to be related.. at least not directly. will try to find out why it tries to query the database when there's no db connection at all
12:13<Anduin>teprrr: the crash in libmysql is a known Qt bug
12:13<sphery>However, even if it does crash with no database, you really need to make sure you patch it so it still exits with no database--i.e. Myth requires a valid database.
12:14<teprrr>sphery, yup, I'm running the backend on another machine where the database is also. it actually asked once for the location of master/database, but haven't yet figured out how to make it re-ask for them
12:15<sphery>teprrr: those tickets don't so much try to fix problems when there is no database, but they attempt to make sure that there will always be a database (i.e. fix the problem, not the symptom ;)
12:15<teprrr>Anduin, ahh. ok, that could be it. though it's still a bit strange to do those SELECT NULL queries to the db when there's none available, no? :)
12:16<teprrr>sphery, yup, I have a database available, it just isn't defined in the config file
12:16<teprrr>I think it shouldn't crash this way when you don't have specified any settings, ie. you're running mythfrontend for the first time
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12:17<Anduin>teprrr: Sure, but it shouldn't cause a crash. Preventing the conditions with the current DB manager is also less easy, basically any QSqlQuery/Result created with a not connected DB, and well the Qt cleanup code fails (I made a post to the -dev list about it with more details)
12:20<teprrr>Anduin, yup, sounds like the same problem..
12:21<teprrr>is there some other place I should check to see the first-start wizard than ~/.mythtv?
12:21<teprrr>or does it automatically try with the default settings before asking the database details?
12:23<Anduin>teprrr: If you are not prompted you probably have an existing config.xml and/or mysql.txt, normally you could use 'mythfrontend -p' to have it prompt again (this bug prevents that from working).
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12:24<teprrr>hmm, didn't have mysql.txt nor config.xml.. well, re-installing stuff to other prefix currently to cleanup my kde prefix.. rm -rf'd whole ~/.mythtv to see if that helps
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12:35<teprrr>yup, crashes nicely with mythfrontend -p too :)
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15:30<thoraxe>hey, is the only way to change the size of the fonts in the mythtv-setup by changing DPI????
15:32<jamesd__>thoraxe, you can re-write the code to do anything you damm well please...
15:32<thoraxe>well, the mythtv-setup appears to be larger than the available space on the screen
15:32<thoraxe>so i'm wondering how to make the fonts smaller
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16:55<akv>anyone made/know some kind of interface to view videocasts (revision3 or like) directly from the net via mythtv?
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17:01<sphery>akv: /topic
17:02<akv>ah, sorry
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17:11<ChrisC35>i have an extra box and a wintv card - i want to setup a pvr box for the family. Whats the best way to go? should I install Ubuntu and mythtv, and then any plugins I want? that way I can get pvr + internet on the tv (with a wireless keyboard/mouse)? or shoudl I setup one of the bundled myth+linux all in ones?
17:12<ChrisC35>i havent done this before but I am familiar with linux
17:12<ChrisC35>it needs to be easy to use for the wife though
17:12*iamlindoro coughs and helpfully points at the topic
17:12<Anduin>ChrisC35: There is a hi rule, almost everyone who joins this channel and says "hi" really meant to do so in #mythtv-users
17:12<ChrisC35>didnt read that
17:24*gbee is gloriously sunburnt
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17:53<teprrr>just wondering.. have you ever though about using #mythtv-devel as a devel channel? :)
17:55<janneg>teprrr: no and noone suggested that until now
18:00<teprrr>janneg, heh. ok. just thought about is as that has worked well for kde at least
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18:09<gbee>janneg: a bit late I know, but I meant to ask how linuxtag went?
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18:15<timsmall>Hello.. There doesn't seem to be a way to add myself to the cc: list for a trac issue (at least if not logged in, and there isn't a "register" link either)....
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18:25<gbee>timsmall: we had to disable the ability for users to edit the ticket (which includes the CC list unfortunately) once it had been submitted, it was being abused by people to change ticket priorities/milestones etc
18:26<timsmall>gbee: OK, ta.
18:27<gbee>the alternative is to subscribed to the list and keep an eye out for changes to the ticket there, or bookmark the ticket page and check back once a week
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18:27<gbee>OR, subscribe to the rss feed for that ticket - which might be the best solution now that I think about it
18:27<hads>That's what I do
18:28<janneg>gbee: It was exhausting. I was unfortunately mostly alone due to illness and being occupied of the other guys
18:28<gbee>rss feed for a given ticket appears at the bottom of the page
18:28<janneg>so hadn't much time for walking around and attending presentations
18:29<gbee>janneg: one day of linuxworld was exhausting, so I can imagine that it was much worse at linuxtag - being on your own at these events isn't really much fun
18:29<janneg>I've even missed Daniel's LinuxMCE presentation
18:29<gbee>janneg: shame :(
18:31<janneg>the event was fine, more people than last year and nicer booths
18:32<janneg>the mythtv had two sofas
18:32<gbee>nice :)
18:32<gbee>I'll try and make an effort to attend next year
18:33<gbee>I'm aware that I also said that last year ....
18:35<janneg>IBM was exhibiting ps3 playing several dvb streams and asked if it is feasible to make their client compatible to mythbackend
18:36<janneg>I don't think it's currently a good idea, the frontend still does too much direct DB access for things a TV client should just ask the backend
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18:38<janneg>a crazy NMM guy asked if we want to port mythtv to NMM (
18:39<gbee>first I've heard of NMM
18:41<janneg>and a very enthusiastic mythtv user from Open Usability offered help
18:42<gbee>my initial reaction is "great, just what we need, more work" but maybe the is some merit to the idea, it depends heavily on just how complete this framework/api is
18:42<janneg>I'm well aware of NMM but I guess that's because it started at a german university
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18:45<janneg>gbee: it would add some features we don't have currently: playing DVDs from non-local device, synchronized playback for video walls or showing the same content in connected rooms
18:46<janneg>but I higly doubt it's worth the effort
18:47<gbee>I think you may be right
18:48<janneg>if someone would start mythtv from scratch he should consider to base it on NMM
18:49<gbee>I think the offer from the OpenUsability guy is interesting, although it would have to amount to more than a critique of the current UI
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18:49<jpabq>janneg, do you ever sleep?
18:50<janneg>gbee: they don't do that since they know it's not helping
18:51<gbee>for a start I hope to improve the usability as part of the mythui conversion and secondly we already know many of the failings in usability, we need man-hours not more debate
18:51<gbee>janneg: cool
18:51<janneg>gbee: the offer is that we can ask for usability hints if we're adding features or working on something
18:52<gbee>janneg: ok, worth keeping that in mind then
18:53<janneg>jpabq: yes, but it's still before 1:00 am here
18:54<jpabq>Not much before! Is that example stoth gave you any help?
18:55<janneg>btw: does anyone know why the current default menu theme is the default?
18:55<jpabq>Metallurgy should be the default.
18:56<janneg>I think the classic theme is much better from usability standpoint if one is using plugins
18:56<janneg>which I do only for LinuxTag
18:58<janneg>jpabq: I'm speaking of the menu layout theme, something completely different than the UI themes
19:00<janneg>jpabq: yes, I'm currently rewriting the buffer handling based on that driver
19:00<jpabq>Good, but don't feel like you need to get it done tonight. There is always tomorrow.
19:00<iamlindoro>Thank god for janneg's crank addiction
19:02<gbee>janneg: I really can't remember what the different menu themes look like, I've been using a custom one for so long
19:03<jpabq>How reliable is USB at handling streaming data like that? Can two or three or four HD-PVR be used at the same time without data loss?
19:03<gbee>I think there is room for improvement, that it should be discussed and probably changed
19:04<gbee>jpabq: oh, and thanks for the metallurgy vote ;)
19:04<sphery>janneg: If the "default" menu theme is the one I'm thinking of, I think JDS just put it in because he felt it was better than the "classic" theme. See
19:05<jpabq>There are a few "bugs" in metallurgy, but it is a great theme. Some of the text gets clipped for no reason in a few places. Sometime I will fix that and send you a patch.
19:05<janneg>the problem with default is that it seperating the plugin's play menu and and the tools
19:05<sphery>as gbee said, probably not a bad thing to revisit (now, 4 years later)
19:05<gbee>sphery: your ability to dig up those old tickets and commits is incredible
19:05<jpabq>I have become convinced that sphery has a photographic memory.
19:06<sphery>No, I just remember random words that tend to be good for searches--like AltMenus :)
19:07<sphery>I know that BJM prefers the DVR menu theme ( ) as it makes the DVR functionality the focus.
19:07<gbee>jpabq: it's never really been finished, something that I keep meaning to do - a few missing images etc I've not noticed textarea sizing issues, but they probably occur in screens I don't use much :)
19:07<janneg>the problem with classic is that it has too many entries in the main menu if one has all plugins installed
19:08<gbee>I was trying pretty hard to get the positioning and size issues eliminated from metallurgy, not much care was taken in the older themes and it bothered me - so examples are welcome, I'd be happy to fix
19:08<janneg>gbee: I personally use metallurgy too but for exhibitions blootube-wide is the best eye catcher
19:09<jpabq>gbee, only on really long text, so only a small percentage of the time.
19:10<gbee>I seem to remember that someone sent me a list of issues that I've yet to fix, jams definately highlighted some problem screens so I'll need to revisit that information and release an updated 0.21-fixes version
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19:11<Avenged-Revenge>i installed mythbuntu on my machine but it asks me to do a database configuration
19:11<Avenged-Revenge>not sure how to do it, can anyone help?
19:11<sphery>Avenged-Revenge: come into #mythtv-users
19:11<gbee>Avenged-Revenge: try #mythtv-ubuntu ... or is it #ubuntu-mythtv ...
19:12<gbee>or what sphery said
19:12<sphery>or (the second) of gbee's recommendation
19:12<Avenged-Revenge>ok, I'm in the mythbuntu channel but no one answered
19:12<jpabq>I wonder if this channel should be renamed to mythtv-devel?
19:12<gbee>good night all
19:12<iamlindoro>because you asked less than a minute ago
19:12<cesman>Avenged-Revenge: respect the channels rules
19:13<janneg>gbee: I'm still using a old version (I'm not sure if you have a newer one), the only two issues I remember are two missing watermarks, storage groups and juski's screen setup
19:13<Avenged-Revenge>sorry man, newbie here
19:13<janneg>Avenged-Revenge: Have you used the alternate install cd?
19:13<gbee>jpabq: we've debated that several times, but I think we're generally being stubborn and insisting that since devs were here before users that #mythtv is our home ;)
19:14<Avenged-Revenge>janneg: yeah
19:14<janneg>Avenged-Revenge: I continue in #mythtv-users
19:14<Avenged-Revenge>thanks, got it
19:16<gbee>it's long gone past the point of rational argument, against all sense we're committed to keeping #mythtv the dev channel and the more it's suggested that we move, the less likely it is that we ever will :p
19:17<gbee>janneg: those icons are still missing in the current version, I need to spend a couple of hours drawing some more
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