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07:21<Ace2016>Can i setup mythtv without a tv card so i can look at the menus?
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07:36<gbee>Ace2016: yes
07:48<Ace2016>How do i make the mythtv database, i'm confused
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07:56<Ace2016>ok got it
08:00<jarle>Which function is causing the crash in this gdb backtrace: ? This is while scanning for dvb-s channels, and I think this is a different bug than one that I have already reported...
08:01<Ace2016>i can't get to the tv menu without a tv card
08:01<laga>Ace2016: the TV menu just displays tv.
08:01<laga>there's nothing to theme there (except for the OSD, which is a different beast)
08:02<Ace2016>i see lots of watermark icons which don't show up in my menu
08:02<anykey_>and the EPG with the tiny litte video-window :)
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08:42<gbee>jarle: it's an assertion in the X libs, might be something that myth is doing but it's just as likely to be an X or QT bug
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08:44<gbee>occurs when we create an eventloop in MythDialog
08:44<gbee>good news is that's deprecated code, bad news is that it's still going to be used for a while yet
08:45<jarle>gbee: I seem to have myth dvb-s channel scanning crash with different backtraces lately (for example I'm trying to figure out why it only seems to crash scanning some inputs, but not on others...
08:46<jarle>gbee: I keep updating to latest -fixes avery other day, hoping that *now* the scanning will work...
08:48<anykey_>jarle: not read that ticket, but, you know that taskset -c 0 does the trick?
08:48<jarle>anykey_: what trick?
08:48<anykey_>jarle: the channel scanner does not crash for me, when I bind it to one CPU (I have a multicore system)
08:49<anykey_>jarle: you can do that with 'taskset -c 0 mythtv-setup'
08:49<anykey_>not really a fix, but at least it works
08:49<jarle>anykey_: you you think this might be a multicore bug?
08:49<anykey_>jarle: probably
08:50<gbee>first one might be related to the failure of DVBStreamHandler::Get(), we don't check the validity of streamHandler
08:50<gbee>that would explain why it fails on some inputs and not others
08:51<jarle>anykey_: When I think about it, problem with channels scanning started after I changed my kernel into multicore... will check this right away!
08:52<anykey_>jarle: took me a while to figure this out =)
08:52<gbee>then again, I can't see why DVBStreamHandler::Get would fail, so that's not the issue
08:52<anykey_>jarle: but I think ubuntu has this since feisty or so
08:53<gbee>I'll leave Daniel or janneg to look at it, I've got my hands full right now
08:53<jarle>anykey_: will taskset -c 0 mythtv-setup work with gdb also?
08:53<anykey_>jarle: no idea
08:55<laga>i guess you can run gdb under taskset
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09:59<MrGandalf>xris: in all fairness, #2517 does sound like a pretty big whole. It might even be tripped over by an internal network search mechanism.
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11:08<gbee>wanted to do a more elaborate demo of the mythuibuttonlist, but I didn't want to spend forever on it either
11:10<MrGandalf>now, can you add a shadow with a water wave effect behind each?
11:10*MrGandalf is bored..
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11:15<Chutt>gbee, mockup, or real?
11:17<Chutt>what's the xml look like?
11:19<gbee>I'm going to play with it, see if I can't simplify it a little
11:19<Chutt>and the screen has to be coded to support the multiple fields, i assume
11:20<Chutt>doesn't look all that bad
11:20<gbee>Chutt: yes, I think I'll suggest that the additional fields are kept optional and leave it to themers to decide whether they use them
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11:24<Chutt>and setText does the right thing if it's not there
11:24<Chutt>makes me really want more scripting for the ui, though
11:24<Chutt>next steps =)
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11:27<gbee>setText just populates a map of strings, SetToRealButton then maps those strings to a button and if the textarea doesn't exist it skips over it
11:28<gbee>there I'm just reusing the exising model where only 5 buttons are created, the strings/images for those buttons are stored in MythListButtonItems
11:29<gbee>would seem to have a lower overhead and means the changes to mythlistbutton are minimal
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11:53<Ace2016>gbee: so are you including svg support or not in the next release?
11:54<Ace2016>gbee: and will themes be backwards compatible?
11:54<Ace2016>will the new version have support for old themes?
11:55<gbee>Ace2016: right now SVG support is just something I might add in the future, it's not on the roadmap for 0.22
11:55<gbee>if I find time, then maybe
11:55<gbee>themes won't be forwards or backwards compatible
11:56<Ace2016>can't you turn the new and the old ones into theme engines? which can switch places?
11:57<iamlindoro_>Ace2016, themes currently break in tiny revisions of myth, there's no back, forward, or side compatibility whatsoever
11:57<iamlindoro_>They work for the revision the theme author writes them on, everything else is a crap shoot
11:57<Ace2016>Well is there something i can look at for upcoming theme features?
11:58<Ace2016>iamlindoro_: i'm guessing its going to be standardised in the next version
11:58<iamlindoro_>Ace2016, only on a per-moment basis
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11:58<iamlindoro_>Things will *always* be in flux
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11:59<Ace2016>are there any mockups of the new theme?
11:59<Ace2016>or is it still too early?
12:00<iamlindoro_>Occasionally concepts get shared, but there's no central repository or links that come to mind.
12:01<Ace2016>well what about the current theme engine in particular is being improved upon?
12:01<gbee>Ace2016: the new one is cleaner, more versatile etc
12:02<Ace2016>bit more specific?
12:02<iamlindoro_>aks a high level question, get a high level answer
12:02<gbee>there are fewer widgets, but each one can do more than the old ones - you can achieve a hundred different layouts and styles etc
12:02<iamlindoro_>er ask
12:03<gbee>it adds support for animation and opengl rendering, image transformations, reflections
12:03<gbee>full mouse support
12:03<laga>is full mouse support already there in mythui?
12:04<gbee>laga: mostly, I have kinda broken it for lists right now
12:04<laga>great stuff.
12:04<laga> - btw, have you guys seen this multimedia bathroom? ;)
12:05<gbee>there aren't really any mockups which can show you what to expect since the point of mythui, at least for me, is to break all the moulds - a screen in one theme could look completely different in another
12:05<Ace2016>tv in the bath room?
12:06<gbee>the one I posted earlier shows off a particular concept of what you _could_ make mythflix look like -
12:06<iamlindoro_>That's some bathtub, wish I had that kind of space
12:06<gbee>but it might also look like this -
12:06<Ace2016>gbee: you can't do that already?
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12:07<gbee>or this -
12:07<gbee>Ace2016: no
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12:07<Ace2016>ok so maybe my theme is going to end up on the new engine after all
12:07<gbee>all of which use the same widget - but style differently
12:09<gbee>see for pretty much the limits of what can be done with the old theme stuff
12:10<gbee>might be hard to see the differences until you've written a theme using the existing code first, then you'll appreciate the differences and improvements
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14:19<fbnts>Hi, Where are the Mythtv keybindings stored? I accidentally mapped the Enter/Select key to Video menu so can't get back to the keybind menu!
14:21<Ace2016>fbnts: try asking in #mythtv-users
14:22<fbnts>ah sorry
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14:22<Ace2016>i think its stored in mythtv's mysql database
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14:24<Ace2016>oh too slow
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14:25<Ace2016>yea it wouldn't make sense to store it anywhere else, you've got that database already might as well be put there
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14:25<jarle>gbee: for what its worth I just confirmed that dvb-s channels scanning was only crashing when run on a multicore system:
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14:33<Ace2016>does mythtv allow for different users?
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14:35<GreyFoxx>but No, not really
14:37<Ace2016>can mythtv control a Sky box and use it like a tuner that can decrypt channels?
14:37<gbee>real shame that the SoC project was never completed
14:37<Ace2016>what is that?
14:37<gbee>Ace2016: yes
14:37<GreyFoxx>Ace: Yes, and wrong channel
14:37<Ace2016>oh right
14:37<gbee>but you're straying into #mythtv-users territory
14:38<Ace2016>SoC, is that the google project? what was its aim?
14:38<GreyFoxx>There were several myth related SoC projects
14:39<GreyFoxx>among them a multi user config ability
14:40<GreyFoxx>ace: You would need a IR blaster to send change signals or maybe if theunit accepts serial controls
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16:52<xris>offline I go. "See" you guys again from the other side of the pond (well, the same side, for some of you)....
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17:51*gbee wonders where xris is off to
17:55<janneg>I think he mentioned belgium and france, might not be related to the current trip
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20:27<th1>how can one donate to mythtv project?
20:27<th1>about time you guys set something up for that..
20:28<xris-mob>Devs don't really want to deal with money
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20:35<xris-mob>There will soon be a way to donate to schedules direct, though, which is pretty close to giving directly to mythtv
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20:42<MrGandalf>I'll pay good money if someone fixes the h264 slice problem on the backend.
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20:55<joobie>guys is there a website that compares prices for various products online? im trying to find a cheap place online that sells a particular whiteboard
20:56<sphery>joobie: #mythtv-users (maybe? but pretty sure not here, at least)
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20:58*cesman was thinking
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