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03:44<Ace2016>Hi all
03:44<Ace2016>is it ok to use creative commons images in a mythtv theme?
03:47<iamlindoro>you can license your themes however you wish
03:47<iamlindoro>so long as the license that grants you the ability to use the images permits their redistribution, I don't see why not
03:47<Ace2016>ok thanks
03:48<Ace2016>what if someone sells a computer with mythtv and my theme, and the licence i get says you cannot sell it?
03:48<Ace2016>does it not count as a sale?
03:48<iamlindoro>Then you or the rights holder would be able to take civil action against them
03:49<iamlindoro>although you could only sue for the violation of *your* materials, not those of anyone else
03:49<Ace2016>maybe i'll stick to my own images
03:49<Ace2016>know anywhere i can get some stock?
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04:18<Ace2016>GOOGLE IS DOWN!!!!
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10:09<gbee>committing the freesat eit patch, anyone want to take a look before I do?
10:14<janneg>gbee: sure. which ticket? the huffman table is still not complete?
10:15<gbee>still not complete, I'll attach my updated patch which makes a couple of minor changes
10:15<janneg>got the ticket, looking at it now
10:16<janneg>or rather wait
10:21<gbee>just merged the tables into a single file and replaced the pid usages with a define - FREESAT_EIT_PID
10:21<gbee>so no functional changes
10:25<gbee>works fine, I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and though the tables might not be complete I've yet to see any errors
10:30<janneg>gbee: the table has indentation errors, please commit the eitfixup additions in a seperate commit
10:30<janneg>and there is one thing I want to check
10:36<janneg>I was unsure about the placement of the huffman decode call in dvb_decode_text() but it the only working way without changing the function completely
10:37<janneg>gbee: patch looks ok, go ahead and commit
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11:09<MrGandalf>has anyone tried trunk on Windows recently?
11:14<gbee>janneg: ok, I'll make the indentation changes and commit the eitfixup seperately, I need to reboot first - this machine is crawling for some reason
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11:37<jpabq>Are you accepting segfault back traces for 21-fixes, or do I need to be running trunk?
11:55<janneg>jpabq: during playing hd pvr recordings?
11:56<jpabq>Not related. It looks like mythbackend will occationally segfault in the auto-expire code.
11:56<jpabq>Actually, playback of the hd-pvr records is working MUCH better for me now -- after doing a svn update and applying the skiploopfilter patch.
11:58<janneg>jpabq: sure, open a ticket
11:58<jpabq>OK. I just have to get it to happen again ;-)
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13:03<superm1>janneg, is there going to be a patch to myth for enabling hdpvr that I should push into ubuntu stable release updates, or does it use existing v4l stuff already there?
13:04<sphery>superm1: though I realize you have a right to ask that in here, there's currently a discussion of HD-PVR stuff in #mythtv-users
13:05<superm1>sphery, sure i'll join in on that
13:05<janneg>it's using v4l2 but it will need changes. but I think we're going to commit it to fixes once the driver is ready and stable
13:06<superm1>okay then i'll just hold off until its in the formal -fixes to pull the commits then. thanks
13:07<janneg>it will take 1-2 weeks at least
13:08<superm1>okay, sounds good :)
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14:00<kyron>fsck, the newly proposed Canadian law (C-61) , renders MythTV illegal
14:01<kyron>And explicitally at that given: from section 29.23: (5) Nothing in subsection (1) authorizes the recording of programs under a network personal video recorder service.
14:03<kyron>Actually, it only becomes forbidden by law if the backend is not the frontend at the same time (ie: the data stream must not traverse a "network") ...bunch of asses..
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16:16<gbee>well that was a waste of an evening, laptop refused to boot after the restart - had to format and reinstall, something I never thought would be required with linux and hasn't in ten years of use
16:18<gbee>I think the blame lies with a kernel package update I did a couple of days ago, screwed the bootloader pretty badly, even the rescue tools on the Mandriva install CD weren't able to fix it
16:21<gbee>still it could have been worse, at least the home partition is intact so nothing is lost except for time
16:26<kyron>gbee: tsk, had I been around I could have given you a hand.. ;)
16:28*gbee frowns as urpmi installs rpmdrake twice
16:29*gbee kills a beagle
16:29<laga>gbee: and you couldn'
16:29<laga>t chroot in and fix it?
16:29<laga>i hate the location of that key ;)
16:30<gbee>laga: nope, I couldn't work out what was wrong despite spending an hour trying
16:31<warlord>sorry to hear about your troubles.. but I have good news to report -- upgrading libraw1394 1.2.1 to 1.3.0 seems to have fixed my firewire recording issues.
16:32<gbee>had I access to google I might have found the answer, but with just past experience available I was just fumbling around, reinstalling the boot loader etc made no difference
16:32<gbee>I'm off to google the error from memory
16:32<laga>ah, so you didnt have a second computer handy
16:34<gbee>laga: I did, but it's headless and the effort of finding a keyboard and moving the monitor was just too much ;)
16:35<gbee>using lynx to search google isn't much fun either, this is where I need that Aspire One
16:35<laga>heh, i read that as "aspirin one" ;)
16:38<gbee>those too
16:42<gbee>Chutt: Tegra yours? I'm being assaulted by flash adverts as I try to download drivers ;)
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17:25<kyron>how do I figure out the minimal objectClass required for an entry. ie: I though putting objectClass: posixAccount would be sufficient but I am clearly not understanding the inheritance of schemas
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20:51<reynaldo>hey there guys. Question: when defining an <image> on an -ui file is there any way I can avoid it to be deformed when passing from a 4:3 monitor to a 16:9 one ?
20:51<reynaldo>With rectangles y don't really care but my round buttons look pretty crappy on 16:9
20:58<iamlindoro>reynaldo: Pretty much no-- The -wide themes are designed for 16:9 and the non wide themes are for 4:3 and myth assumes each was designed for that aspect ratio
21:00<reynaldo>iamlindoro: got it, thanks. Is that -wide/nonwide selection done automagically then ?
21:00<reynaldo>I mean, on a pluggin can I just throw -wide.png versions of my buttons ?
21:00<iamlindoro>reynaldo: It's by name of theme... if the name is -wide, that's what myth assumes (AFAIK)
21:01<reynaldo>iamlindoro: do you know of a simple way to do this from a plugin, I mean, when using custom buttons you throw at a image/ dir on your plugin's source
21:07<iamlindoro>Ah, you are writing a plugin, not a theme, I see
21:07<iamlindoro>OK, in that case, each plugin must be individually themed for each theme
21:07<iamlindoro>But what I would do if I were you, is...
21:08<iamlindoro>w/ your plugin, submit a patch for the theme called "default" for 4:3 and patch "default-wide" for 16:9
21:08<iamlindoro>those are the themes that myth falls back to if the theme running isn't specifically themed for the plugin
21:09<iamlindoro>So lay it out for each type of screen in the appropriate aspect ratio, and then it will work no matter what, even if it doesn't technically match the theme being run
21:10<reynaldo>is there any other way around the issue? preferably one that can be self contained in the plugin itself ?
21:10<reynaldo>I mean, I know i can just update each image's src but thought it might be another option
21:11<iamlindoro>not AFAIK, but I am not a themer... the few guys who do do them could tell you better-- but I think you *must* patch the themes for your plugin
21:13<rooaus>reynaldo: There was discussion about adding a preserve aspect ratio, but I think the with mythui being worked on it was not implemented.
21:13<reynaldo>rooaus: sounds like a good idea
21:13<reynaldo>iamlindoro: now I understand what you were saying, I dindt at first
21:14<iamlindoro>reynaldo: Yeah, I wasn't clear on your doing a plugin vs. a theme at first, makes more sense
21:14<reynaldo>im already bundling images that are been installed in default/ i just need to install approapiate aspect images on default-wide
21:15<reynaldo>I understand, that's what you meant by patching myth's themes
21:15<reynaldo>thanks you both guys for yar help
21:16<rooaus>reynaldo: I think if you create the default-wide ui file as well the image will scale properly. The scaling is based on 800x600 or 1280x720 base resolution depending on whether it is wide ui file or not.
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21:17<reynaldo>rooaus: you mean .. with the same image files ?
21:19<reynaldo>ohh.. I think I got it.
21:19<rooaus>reynaldo: Yeah, I think the x-y scaling factors are calculated depending on whether it is refenced from a a default or default-wide ui. Been a while since I looked at that code though.
21:19<reynaldo>rooaus: will try, thanks a lot.
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