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03:51<Ace2016>gbee: can you tell me when you finish and start testing the first theme
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07:00<Ace2016>gbee: is the new theme engine finished enough to try writing a theme on?
07:01<gbee>Ace2016: yes and no, half the plugins already use it but with any other screens you just won't be able to see the end result, they have to be converted to use the new library first
07:02<Ace2016>i'm only on the main menu, is the testing theme in svn or something now?
07:02<gbee>you also need to be using trunk and not 0.21
07:02<gbee>main menu hasn't be converted yet, might have it done by the end of the week - then I'm on holiday for a week
07:03<gbee>mythweather, mythflix, mythnews, mythgallery, mythcontrols all use the new format in svn
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08:13<Ace2016>gbee: are there any mockups or screenshots i could look at of the new version?
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08:14<gbee>the current versions of those plugins use the same layout/design as the old pages for consistency, they won't show you what is possible
08:15<gbee>I've got plenty of mockups/screenshots of what can be done, but they barely scratch the surface and they are all pretty rough
08:19<gbee>I don't think any of those really begins to demonstrate it
08:20<gbee>but since you asked
08:20<gbee>you'd learn more from playing with the XML and one of the plugins in trunk
08:44*stuarta waves
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09:14*gbee waves back
09:16<stuarta>gbee: did you see what the channel scanner looked like when i tested it last week?
09:17<gbee>yeah, that's nasty but I haven't a clue why
09:17<stuarta>fyi, the windows were all on the left head, mythtv-setup was on the right head
09:17<stuarta>yet they've been merged into one
09:18<gbee>looks like an X bug, maybe triggered by something that QT is doing at that point
09:19<stuarta>possibly, did upgrade to the latest X in debian not long ago
09:21<gbee>heh, just had an email from someone telling me my theme is broken because the translation is wrong
09:22<gbee>laga: fancy fixing the German translation? :)
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09:29<laga>gbee: what do i need to do?
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09:31<gbee>laga: the string for "8 seconds behind" hasn't been fully translated, only the word seconds has been done
09:32<laga>and how does that _break_ stuff?
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09:33<laga>anyways, "8 Sekunden verzögert" *might* be a good translation. i'd have to see the context. i can take a look later when i'm done with homework
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09:36<gbee>refers to the position in livetv, shown in the OSD - e.g. "8 seconds/minutes behind live"
09:37<gbee>seems there are a few untranslated strings in German - "linguist trunk/mythtv/i18n/mythfrontend_de.ts"
09:37<laga>stefan frank (stoffel) has shown up again :)
09:37<laga>and he's working on the translation again
09:37<laga>i have been way too busy with other stuff to do translations, unfortunately :(
09:38<gbee>the wording changes depending on whether it's a recording (remaining) or livetv (behind)
09:38<gbee>laga: np
09:38<laga>gbee: i'll take a closer look later.
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11:45<t0mas>I have the weird situation that mythfrontend crashes when I try to quit LiveTV.. googled around and found some other people with this kind of issues.. but none of them had a clear cur solution.. and some solutions don't apply to my machine (no nVidia graphics-card... not using XvMC).. is there something I can do to collect more debug information?
11:46<t0mas>It now just exits with a seg-fault and no output about what's wrong.. and adding --verbose 255 to the commandline doesn't change that
11:46<laga>t0mas: get a backtrace. the mythtv howto can tell you how to do that
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11:49<t0mas>got it.. but my mythtv setup is from the MythDora distribution.. so I can't just recompile a debug-version..
11:51<laga>you can, i'm sure they can provide you with the source
11:52<t0mas>looking for a source rpm :)
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12:53<rizzy_rinn>someone here?
12:54<gbee>rizzy_rinn: you probably want #mythtv-users
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13:00<rizzy_rinn>im not able to use mythtv because the compilation doesnt work
13:00<Anduin>basic build is also #mythtv-users
13:01<rizzy_rinn>ok thank you
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16:01<jjwin2k>hmm.. why can't i send two set_channel commands after successively ?
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16:20<xoritor>ok... i am looking for a new tv to replace my old one...
16:20<xoritor>any suggestions?
16:20<stuarta>perhaps reading the topic?
16:20<xoritor>well you may have some suggestions ;-)
16:21<stuarta>not in this channel
16:21<laga>read the topic ;)
16:21*xoritor is blind
16:21<xoritor>not really so don't feel all bad and stuff
16:22<laga>i'm sure your braille terminal would have shown you the topic ;)
16:22<xoritor>i always trip up this way... i just dont know why you guys did a -users instead of a -devel... not an issue really but it trips me up a lot
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16:23*stuarta flogs the dead horse some more
16:23<xoritor>laga, yea it would have... i would pay more attention that way too
16:23<foxbuntu>xoritor, better just move along before laga goes all crazy on you for !topic
16:24*laga looks for his spork
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