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01:10<hornm>wow, yummi
01:11*hornm licking his chops
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01:38<foxbuntu>who in here might be involved with the MythTV patching a support of the new HD PVR?
01:40<foxbuntu>I am a dev from the Mythbuntu project and also a business owner, I will be ordering an HD PVR for testing and dev so if anyone can provide more info or needs testing I would be glad to jump in where I can
01:44<hads>foxbuntu: janneg is the one who is working on the driver I believe.
01:46<foxbuntu>hads, thanks
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02:00<superm1>foxbuntu, janneg doesn't have the patches towards mythtv yet ready. it will be a few weeks. once they are ready, i'll pull them in as testing packages on a ppa somewhere
02:01<foxbuntu>superm1, awesome...thats fine it will be a few weeks I think before I am ready to test that anyways
02:01<foxbuntu>I have a ton of work ahead
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04:52<waxhead_>hi everyone...
04:53<waxhead_>I have a new TV tuner card, it's installed, dmesg shows the card is being detected... Ummm.. where to from here?
04:53<waxhead_>I know I have to tune it in, but I can't find a link that steps me through it...
04:54<hads>waxhead_: Reading the topic would be the next step.
04:55<waxhead_>hads: yep.. my apologies!
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05:32<gbee>laga: we've just found in mythtv-users that mythbuntu isn't specifying the force_lna_activation=1 parameter for the dvb_usb_dib070 module by default - it would be useful if it did since the card doesn't work well without it
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06:13<laga>gbee: it still doesnt?!
06:14<gbee>apparently not, it's not a huge issue, just a "nice to have"
06:14<laga>i think the firmware isnt included eithetr
06:15<laga>oh, never mind, the firmware is included
06:15<laga>gbee: do you know why it's not enabled by default in the driver?
06:16<gbee>laga: no
06:16<laga>ah, there's the bug report.
06:17<laga>yeah, it's not going to be fixed if it's filed against an old kernel
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06:48<janneg>I'll look if the driver can be changed. the only reason why it is deactivated is power consumption
06:48<janneg>which isn't that importent for the Nova-T 500 but for real usb sticks
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08:09<zherlock>Anyoen using minimyth? I ca'tt get it to load the audio drvier for a VIA EPIA ML6000, with a VT8235M south bridge
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08:34<Ace2016>Hi all
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08:35<Ace2016>is RECIPE in buttons.txt referring to a food recipe or something mythtv replated?
08:37<Ace2016>recipe seems to be the odd one out on the info list so i thought i'd ask
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08:47<gbee>ah crap, just vacuumed up my left shift key
08:48<Ace2016>you vacuum your keyboard?
08:48<Ace2016>how did it even get to a state where it needs vacuuming?
08:49<hads>They do that.
08:49<gbee>crumbs from my lunch
08:50<Ace2016>oh you ate at your computer
08:53<Ace2016>from buttons dot text
08:53<Ace2016>do i just lable the image say ZONEMINDER.png
08:53<gbee>a little dust sits beneath the keys too after a while
08:53<Ace2016>or SETTINGS_WEBPAGE
08:53<Ace2016>or SETTINGS_WEBPAGE.png
08:54<gbee>call it whatever you like, just edit the filenames in theme.xml
08:54<Ace2016>oh ok
08:54<Ace2016>i'm just doing the pretty pictures atm
08:54<gbee>Left Shift Is Back
08:55<Ace2016>is RECIPE related to food?
08:55<Dibblah>Ace2016: Probably mythrecipe.
08:55<Dibblah>An externally 'supported' plugin.
08:55<gbee>Ace2016: to save memory, if two images are identical then use a single copy and just change the names in the theme to match
08:56<Ace2016>i want custom images for everything
08:57<gbee>well you might change your mind after a while, there are a _lot_ of watermarks
08:57<Ace2016>i only have 28 so far
08:59<Ace2016>mythtv doesn't work on xgl does it?
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09:07<Ace2016>seems to work ok in xgl, the mouse doesn't show, but its being fixed in the next version so i guess thats when it'll work
09:09<rooau1>gbee: glaD yoU goT youR lefT shifT keY bacK, mucH morE usefuL thaN thE righT shifT keY. :p
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09:10<penguincentral>hello all, i have a few questions
09:10<penguincentral>1) is there mythtv for windows?
09:11<penguincentral>2) will it tune MPEG4 DVB-T HD channels?
09:11<penguincentral>3) does it record the shows in mpeg?
09:11<penguincentral>4) what export functions are available on mythtv?
09:11<penguincentral>5) is it idiot proof to set up?
09:11<Ace2016>with the right hardware it should be fine
09:12<hads>Wrong channel, please read the topic.
09:12<penguincentral>hads: sorry, someone pointed me here
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09:23<Ace2016>What theme does mythtv use for the settings areas, its as if they all have the same look but different colours
09:34<Ace2016>is it qt? it doesn't really look like my qt theme
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09:56<zherlock>I just upgraded from ubutnu 7.10 to ubuntu 8.04 which gave me mythtv 0.21... The OSD has become "unstable", it is "shakeing" up/down 1mm. Allsi I have a 1pix blue line at the very top of the screen.
09:57<zherlock>In addition.. I get "partial lock" when changing channelse if I leave it on for 1 day or so
09:57<zherlock>I normalize by restarting backend
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10:06<Dibblah>Ace2016: Any theming you do in QT will have very limited effect.
10:07<Dibblah>Most of the Myth widgets are custom.
10:07<Ace2016>i just want the menus to look nice
10:07<Dibblah>zherlock: #mythtv-users
10:07<Dibblah>Have a look at the existing themes, then.
10:07<Dibblah>And figure out how they work.
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10:42<jams>Ace2016- for the settings screens have a peak at qtlook.txt
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11:00<gbee>just come up with an idea to maintain the inheritance scalability that might work to give us rescalable windows too, I'm not sure whether it will be fast enough but it's worth a try
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11:39<Ace2016>i used a 1600x1200 image as the background and it works fine
11:44<iamlindoro_>Ace2016, that doesn't change the fact that all the co-ordinate mappings are hard-coded to 1280x720 or 800x600
11:44<Ace2016>oh so its only the coordinates thats limited to the 800x600?
11:44<iamlindoro_>for 4:3
11:44<Ace2016>thats no problem at all
11:45<Ace2016>as long as i can use high quality images i'm happy
11:46<Ace2016>argh this is too hard on a crt, the colours are too dull, the laptop lcd must be really vibrant or something
11:55<gbee>laptops probably digital for a start, better colour reproduction
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12:01<Ace2016>oh ok
12:02<Ace2016>my theme looks ugly at 800x600, it doesn't seem to allow automatic shrinking of buttons
12:02<Ace2016>i think i'll give up on it
12:02<iamlindoro_>That's the spirit
12:03<Ace2016>yup, i'll probably keep the mediacenter theme
12:04<Ace2016>the round corners are aliased
12:05<Ace2016>i think pre-scaling should have been designed to shrink images not enlarge them
12:06<GreyFoxx>Scaling is scaling
12:06<GreyFoxx>you are taking an intended 800x600 window and scaling it to fix some other size, be it larger or smaller
12:06<gbee>it scales up and down
12:07<gbee>but it uses a base resolution, either 800x600 or 1280x720 (for now)
12:07<foxbuntu>its not going to work well no matter what unless you plan for the scaling effect, and the only effective way to do that is build the images based on resoultion...thus to miles worth of theme work we spent working on the themes over at Mythbuntu
12:08<foxbuntu>its the way of XML funtown
12:09<Ace2016>so large images can be scaled down
12:09<Ace2016>wonder why it segfaulted when i tried
12:11<gbee>Ace2016: but if they are based on the theme res, i.e. the images on a 800x600 theme on a 400x300 screen will be scaled by exactly half, on a 800x600 screen they won't be scaled at all
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12:13<Ace2016>i want 1600x1200
12:13<Ace2016>so 4 scaling
12:13<Ace2016>so it looks ugly
12:14<GreyFoxx>You'd be better of making a wide screne 1280x720 and letting that scale up
12:14<GreyFoxx>might still be a little awkward though
12:15<foxbuntu>Ace2016, come help on the Gloss Media Center effort and you can have your way :)
12:15<Ace2016>but its 4:3
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12:15<Ace2016>foxbuntu: so yo are using 1600x1200?
12:15<Ace2016>i thought 800x600 was the limit?
12:15<foxbuntu>Ace2016, no, actually on my Myth box right now I run 1920x1080 on a 50" DLP
12:16<Ace2016>that must be badly pixellated
12:16<foxbuntu>Ace2016, nope
12:16<Ace2016>well aliased
12:16<Ace2016>how can that be?
12:16<foxbuntu>Ace2016, I just use a Wide Screen formated theme
12:17<Dibblah>1080 is a wide-screen theme.
12:17<foxbuntu>and they scale up alright
12:17<Dibblah>So it's upscaled from 720 (ISTR)
12:17<Ace2016>kind of makes sense
12:18<foxbuntu>Dibblah, yeah...
12:20<foxbuntu>I think the way most themes are built at this point are 800x600 for 4:3 and 1280x720 for 16:9 since the scale up is cleaner than down
12:20<foxbuntu>but it will scale both ways
12:21<Ace2016>scale up is cleaner than down?
12:21<Ace2016>why can't we have multiple image sizes with % used as positions?
12:22<gbee>foxbuntu: gloss? eww
12:22<foxbuntu>gbee, why is that?
12:22<gbee>mythui ftw
12:23<foxbuntu>gbee, I have been really impressed with gloss as a jumping point, but I have yet to work with mythui much yet
12:23<gbee>I'll finish what I've already started to implement with themeinfo and permit themes to be based on any resolution
12:24<iamlindoro_>gloss is a jumping point into a brick wall... Just think if all that effort had been put into helping with MythUI...
12:24<gbee>foxbuntu: gloss, IMHO, was entirely the wrong approach - writing an entirely new frontend, without involving anyone from the existing project or even discussing it
12:25<gbee>gloss will never evolve into frontend nearly as capable as mythfrontend
12:25<foxbuntu>iamlindoro_, I am a huge believer in new ideas, and gloss is something new to the Myth effort even if its different, it may not be the path of the masses but if we all did that we would be using monoplosoft
12:26<gbee>foxbuntu: it's a division of labour, something that time and again cripples open source - think where we'd be now if everyone working on "something new" worked together to improve what we already have
12:27<foxbuntu>gbee, I agree the aproach to the idea could have been better...but perhaps bringing it into the fold or at least the ideas and concepts would be a good way rather than tossing it out because he approched it wrong
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12:29<gbee>foxbuntu: we already have a new ui library and I can't see how gloss can be folded in to that, gloss has more in common with a theme - a themer might mimick gloss with mythui though
12:29<MrGandalf>does trunk work well with qt4.4? Or rather, what's the recomended Qt version for trunk?
12:29<gbee>but I'm not going to persue this in here, it's really something to discuss in -users
12:29<foxbuntu>gbee, whats the new ui library based on?
12:30<Chutt>foxbuntu, opengl.
12:30<foxbuntu>gbee, I just havent had time to go to .22 trunk yet
12:30<Chutt>mythui's existed for _years_.
12:31<Chutt>MrGandalf, 4.3 at this point.
12:31<foxbuntu>Chutt, yeah I know its been around but I just wondered about its new usage for the frontend
12:32<MrGandalf>chutt: thanks
12:32<foxbuntu>Chutt, gbee I am not arguing the issue, I just want to use all the ideas possible to get the best product possible
12:32<foxbuntu>its what we are all here for
12:33*cesman chuckles
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12:36<Chutt>MrGandalf, i'm upgrading to qt4.4 today, will fix whatever bugs show up
12:36<Chutt>since i'm supposedly on vacation. =)
12:37<Chutt>i can work on myth a little
12:37<MrGandalf>chutt: I noticed the README still talks about Qt3 but says recomended Qt4.0 or better.
12:37<Chutt>yeah, the README's ancient
12:39<MrGandalf>I put together a dev systems figuring I'd see what I could break and create tickets ok. ;)
12:39<Ace2016>23,393,250,320 what do these stand for? top, left ...?
12:39<MrGandalf>and update the tickets I still have out there..
12:39<iamlindoro_>Ace2016, all of that is in the theme development guide in the wiki
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12:48<gbee>READMEs never get updated, everyone overlooks them
12:49<gbee>Ace2016: x,y,w,h
12:49<Ace2016>i guessed it out
12:50<gbee>I'm sorry if mythui is progressing too slowly, I seem to be the only one working on it lately :) I won't say that's a bad thing, it means I get to mould it according my ideas of what a UI library for mythtv should be capable of :p
12:52<Ace2016>i'm in no hurry
12:52<gbee>certainly it's taking a specific direction at the moment, I want to hand more power for the layout and UI in general over to the themer
12:53<gbee>that means all those people complaining that a screen should look one way, instead of another, will be able to change it themselves and maybe as a result some great improvements will emerge
12:59<Ace2016>Is there button padding on the existing xml design, my buttons look too spreadout
12:59<gbee>Ace2016: for the menu? Yeah, "buttonspread" or something
12:59<Ace2016>yea the menu
13:00<gbee>try <buttonspread>no</buttonspread>
13:00<gbee>it's pretty limited actually - either yes or no ...
13:01<Ace2016>strange, maybe its my theme
13:01<gbee>which sums up a lot of what is wrong with the old UI and why most themes look identical except for the images and colour schemes, some pages _are_ identical in most themes
13:02<MrGandalf>gbee: I was just reading up on intercal.. can you add a new value for buttonspread called "maybe"? or "please maybe"?
13:02<MrGandalf>and the opposite would be "please maybe not"
13:04<gbee>well it's not as absurd as that in mythui unfortunately, you just specify <spacing> in terms of pixels :(
13:05<MrGandalf>instead of percentage of display?
13:06<gbee>MrGandalf: we don't support percentages at the moment, but just the other night I decided to add it to the feature list
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13:07<gbee>I have to avoid being distracted further, otherwise I'd spend an evening writing up the code to allow circular and curved lists - that should be fun, since the maths will take me right back to my school days
13:08<MrGandalf>heh, I'm glad you think that's fun :)
13:09-!-Ace2016 [] has joined #mythtv
13:09<Ace2016>ok back, xorg crashed
13:11<gbee>well I was half joking, but maths was one of my favourite subjects, even if I couldn't always see the value of what I was being taught - never thought I'd ever have a use for curve equations for example ;)
13:13<gbee>well enough day dreaming about when I was young, back to work ...
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13:37<Ace2016>gbee: My theme so far. didn't get very far
13:38<gbee>looking nice
13:40<laga>yeah, very slick
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14:30<reynaldo>hey guys
14:30<reynaldo>I'm trying to implement a button that can remain pushed on my plugin's gui
14:31<reynaldo>I know I can probably get away with it usoing two textbuttons and hiding/showing one in top of the other depending on the pushed/un-pushed state
14:31<reynaldo>but looking at other's source I found pushbuttons
14:32<reynaldo>at first it looked like the way to go but problem is once locked it doesn't seem to be a way for me to make the button work again
14:32<reynaldo>can't focus on it, can't click neither
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14:36<reynaldo>is that the intended pushbutton's behavior or am I doing something wrong ?
14:38-!-jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
14:44<gbee>not how it should work - see mythmusic/playbackbox.cpp for an example of the behaviour you are trying to achieve
14:45<reynaldo>gbee: you mean the pause button ?
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14:47<gbee>calls handlePush() when the pushed() signal is received, if the button is pushed for a second time it triggers - button->unPush()
14:48<gbee>slightly more complicated in mythmusic since it's alternating a pushed state between those three buttons so at least one is always pushed
14:48<reynaldo>gbee: btw, do you know if there is anything needed besides including and installing -wide versions of your -ui files and images to get your stuff properly displayed on widescreen monitors
14:49<reynaldo>I'm including both but there is noticeable deformation on round sourfaces showing the 4:3 aspect ration -ui stuff is been used when I fire up the plugin on a 16:9 monitor
14:49<gbee>project (.pro) file needs to include information on the wide theme directory and install target
14:49<reynaldo>I'm doing that already
14:50<gbee>the theme you are using is a -wide one?
14:50<reynaldo>I'm using the default theme
14:51<gbee>yeah, that's a 4:3 theme so it's using the 4:3 version of your theme files - it doesn't automatically detect that you are using a widescreen display
14:51<gbee>try mythcenter-wide, minimalist-wide, metallurgy etc
14:52<reynaldo>oh, I did put correct px width and height info on the configuration/appareance screen
14:52<reynaldo>thought that was enough, guess it wasn't. Will try that, thanks a lot.
14:55<gbee>whether the wide images are used or not is based on the theme and not on the display dimensions, GANT is 4:3 and has no 16:9 images
14:55<reynaldo>thats should probably fire up a warning
14:55<reynaldo>using a wron aspect ratio theme I mean.
14:56<reynaldo>damn, if i continue with this typo ratio I'd start considering choping a few of my fingers off.
14:56<gbee>not really, there are very good reasons for running a 16:9 theme on a 4:3 resolution, non-square pixels
14:56<reynaldo>yeah. that's why I said 'warning' ;)
14:57<gbee>well I'll think about it ;)
14:58<gbee>wouldn't be difficult to make it clearer than a theme aspect is wrong for that resolution as part of the themeinfo stuff
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15:05<reynaldo>gbee: I can probably doit myself and send you a patch
15:05<gbee>reynaldo: no need, all that stuff is changing for 0.22 anyway
15:06<reynaldo>just saying
15:06<gbee>thanks for the offer
15:06<reynaldo>thanks you for your time
15:06<reynaldo>and good mood ;)
15:07<reynaldo>so, back to my pushbutton fight
15:07<stuarta>evening all
15:07<reynaldo>howdy stuarta
15:12<reynaldo>gbee what's ->setLockOn() good for?
15:12<gbee>locks the button in the pushed state
15:12<gbee>until unpush is called
15:13<reynaldo>no focus signaling when locked ?
15:13<gbee>from memory, it's been a while since I wrote that and even then it was a bit of a hack
15:13<gbee>reynaldo: focus signal should work, but no change in image when it's focused
15:14<reynaldo>hmm, wont do then.
15:14<reynaldo>I need it to react to pointerovers*
15:14<gbee>mouse stuff hardly works, if at all, in the old ui stuff
15:15<reynaldo>no no, I was just saying I need the button to react to focus events visually
15:15<reynaldo>even when pushed
15:15<reynaldo>I'm kind of handicaped when it comes to english
15:16<gbee>ahh, yeah, it was a single purpose hack for mythmusic - there are only three images for a pushbutton and no image for pushed + focused
15:17<gbee>I'd fix it if that stuff wasn't obsolete
15:17<reynaldo>I think a hack could be done to invert on/off image pointers to achieve the needed functionality
15:17<reynaldo>that would be good
15:18<reynaldo>that way the button would visually appear to be pushed but otherwise (specially signaling wise) would work normally
15:20<reynaldo>guess I'll go use the two overlaping textbuttons hack I told you before.
15:20<Chutt>it takes a loooong time to compile these days
15:21<reynaldo>it takes less money to buy faster machines too, what a marvell
15:21<stuarta>especially if it's that file gcc-4.3 hates
15:21<Chutt>i'm about due for a new machine for myself
15:21<reynaldo>a guy I know once said that giving devs fast boxes was just wrong .-
15:22<stuarta>sadly it's *way* down on my shopping list
15:22-!-MaverickTech [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:23<reynaldo>gbee: do you think there is any other cleaner choice ?
15:25<gbee>reynaldo: you could modify pushbutton to add the fourth image ... otherwise no, not with the old stuff
15:27<reynaldo>I would but from what you said seems like a waste of time
15:28<gbee>it would at least give you the behaviour you want with 0.21-fixes, you'll have to update the plugin for 0.22 anyway
15:28<gbee>it's cleaner, especially from the themer perspective
15:28<gbee>but it's up to you :)
15:29<reynaldo>maybe I should give it to earn some brownie points
15:38-!-mib_v4tsdpg1 [i=d8137d78@gateway/web/ajax/] has joined #mythtv
15:38<reynaldo>it to/it a try to
15:44<reynaldo>gbee: still on it, sorry. Thinking about it twice I came to the conclusion what's needed is not a new image but a hook to allow the 'on' image to be used when focus is places over a pushed button
15:45<reynaldo>does that sound like a plan?
15:46<gbee>really depends on the images used as to whether that looks ok, at least if you add a fourth image you can just point to the on.png or whatever in themes
15:47<gbee>honestly I don't care much about what happens with that code
15:50<reynaldo>I understand, adding a new state and image would at least be harmless for the stuf currently built against the old code
15:52<reynaldo>gbee: do you remember where does these states get defined ?
15:52-!-czth__ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-936b82b298def525] has joined #mythtv
15:53<gbee>err, uitypes.cpp, no myth
16:06<Chutt>heh, yeah
16:07<Chutt>none of the qt windows show up when using the opengl painter with qt4.4
16:08-!-mib_v4tsdpg1 [i=d8137d78@gateway/web/ajax/] has quit [" ajax IRC Client"]
16:09-!-czth_ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-4620b097378173ec] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
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16:19-!-gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
16:35<Chutt>gbee, it's been reported a couple times on the dev list
16:36<gbee>ok, missed that
16:37<gbee>wonder why it would have trouble drawing the QT windows over the opengl rendered stuff
16:37<Chutt>only with the opengl painter
16:37<Chutt>qt's fine
16:37<Chutt>yeah, they're separate widgets
16:44-!-robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
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16:48-!-foxbuntu [] has joined #mythtv
16:49-!-Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
16:50<Chutt>gbee, heh, it's just not raising the new widgets :/
16:50<gbee>yeah, that'll do it
16:51-!-jpabq [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:53<Chutt>how odd
16:54<gbee>wander over to #qt?
16:55<Chutt>i'm still debugging
16:58-!-jpabq [] has joined #mythtv
17:00-!-MrGandalf [] has quit ["home"]
17:03<gbee>heh, love the topic in #qt - "we're still not #kde"
17:12-!-famicom_ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:15<Chutt>it's last in the children list
17:18-!-famicom [] has joined #mythtv
17:24-!-foxbuntu [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:30<Chutt>gbee, heh
17:30<Chutt>so for whatever reason
17:30<Chutt>if i put "child->winId();" in MythMainWindow::attach()
17:30<Chutt>it works.
17:35<Chutt>my guess is that the Qt widgets weren't getting created as their own X11 windows
17:35<Chutt>by default, at least
17:35<Chutt>but the opengl one was
17:35<Chutt>so raise() on them raised them logically, but not at the X level
17:35<Chutt>and raise() on the opengl widget worked on X
17:35<Chutt>ah well
17:37<gbee>at least you've found a fix for now, I'll just work even harder to eliminate those QT widgets :)
17:39-!-beandog [n=steve@gentoo/developer/beandog] has joined #mythtv
17:41-!-MrMunkily [] has joined #mythtv
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17:45-!-|gunni| [] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies"]
17:46-!-MavT [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
17:46<gbee>trying to restore some of the auto-scale/layout stuff to the mythuibuttonlist, by far the best idea I've had is to allow percentage values for <area> and <position>, which would allow textareas to expand to the new width of the list in inheritance scenarios
17:48-!-MrMunkily [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:48-!-robthebob [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:48<gbee>still wrestling with the actual changes required for that though, I might switch m_Area from QRect to something custom but I'll sleep on it first
17:54-!-wibbit_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:54-!-wibbit_ [] has left #mythtv ["Ex-Chat"]
17:59<gbee>or maybe I'll just push ahead with it now, I won't remember half of it by morning
17:59<gbee>oh the drama
18:01-!-purserj [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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20:47<conathan>if I have a compilation problem, which was only uncovered when qt was installed to /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib, should I go here, or support?
20:53<conathan>oh, here we go, your configure script does not check the default gcc search paths
20:54-!-XChatMav [] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:25<reynaldo_>gbee: do you think would do ?
21:25-!-reynaldo_ is now known as reynaldo
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21:57<reynaldo>humm, it borks SelectorType
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23:53<reynaldo>gbee: this one is updated
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