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00:29<Moonstorm>hi. is anyone aware of mythtv boxes bieng sold in the US?
00:29<hads>Moonstorm: Please read the topic.
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01:02<reynaldo>gbee: this one should work:
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02:15<reynaldo>Ooops segfault.
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02:26<reynaldo>lines 32/33, guess that wasn't a good way to account for missing pushedon image. Will have to fix that tomorrow. way over 2AM here
02:27<reynaldo>gbee: it would be nice if you can take a look.
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02:27<reynaldo>cya all tomorrow then
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03:12<reynaldo>bookey, this one works:
03:12<reynaldo>now to get some rest for real.
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04:45<happyDaisy>Hi guys, have not done anything like this, but are there any good starting web sites for those wishing to write tv-card drivers?
04:46<anykey_>happyDaisy: linuxtv wiki/mailing lists (
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05:28<gbee>happyDaisy: #linuxtv maybe
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09:35<reynaldo>gbee: saw
09:36<reynaldo>gbee: it works, I'm now trying to find out if I'm missing something important
09:37<gbee>looks ok to me, you might want to make the fourth image optional so it doesn't break existing themes and code
09:37<reynaldo>I tried.
09:37<gbee>i.e. UIPushButtonType(const QString &name, QPixmap on, QPixmap off, QPixmap pushed, QPixmap pushedon=NULL)
09:38<reynaldo>I ran a test leaving it out and it works ok.
09:38<reynaldo>Oh, understand.
09:38<gbee>and then "if (pushedon_pixmap) { Do stuff }"
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11:31<CoreDump>greetings, I have a few remarks regarding the mythtv frontend and usability issues I have encountered. My issues aren't really bugs (so I shouldn't put them into the bug-tracker), nor are they feature requests IMO (so I can't put them in the wiki). Where is the proper place to post suggestions regarding usability issues=
11:34<iamlindoro_>usability issues = feature requests IMO
11:36<CoreDump>I personally don't really care how they are categorized ;) I just want to post my observations to the proper place.
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11:45<gbee>put them in the wiki, create a new wishlist page if you feel that's best "Usability wishlist"
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11:57<CoreDump>gbee: Will do, thanks
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16:26<jjwin2k>somebody here who is familar with the mythtv protocol?
16:27<iamlindoro_>jjwin2k, You'll probably need to ask a specific question to get any sort of response
16:29<jjwin2k>ok.. if i send the QUERY_FILETRANSFER command why would the backend won't send me any data?
16:29<jjwin2k>the backend log tells me "unknown socket"
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17:55<Anduin>jjwin2k: look at mainserver.cpp, one of those thin devices did some protocol documentation as well, also there is Google, the first hit for "mythtv protocol documentation" has a file transfer example
17:59<jjwin2k>Anduin: i'm already looking at the code /the wiki entry but what confuses me is that i'm producing an (in my eyes) correct REQUEST_BLOCK command and i don't get any response...
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18:40<Anduin>jjwin2k: my guess, I'd say you are probably trying with only one connection, though I've never been great at keeping the protocol details in my head (a quick check seems to verify with the FileTransfer object is created when an ANN FileTransfer is done)
18:44<jjwin2k>Anduin: yes i'm using one connection. i thought the QUERY_FILETRANSFER must be send after the ANN FileTransfer?
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18:56<jjwin2k>Anduin: ah i think i found my mistake..
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23:27<Quentusrex>Can I output from mythtv to HDMI? and audio to?
23:28<iamlindoro>Quentusrex: read the topic.
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