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00:56<reynaldo>golden enough ?
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03:57<janneg>gna, who broke installing 0.21-fixes in ~/local
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04:16<janneg>mythtv-setup behaviour is strange with wrong runtime prefix, it exits immediately
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04:31<laga>janneg: i blame nigel.
04:33<janneg>yes, it was nigel
04:34<janneg>I'm watching atm live-tv over the HD PVR
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04:35<janneg>laga: it's fixed in -fixes, probably needs to be fixed in trunk too
04:45<janneg>bah, nigel was faster in fixing it in trunk
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04:55<laga>ah, so it's a bug after all
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05:29<janneg>of course
05:30<janneg>it seems nobody was brave enough to complain
05:47<janneg>bah, h264 standard is to complicated
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10:32<jjwin2k>is mythtv gplv2 compatible?
10:46<iamlindoro>if by compatible you mean "actually under the GPL v2," then yes
10:47<jjwin2k>iamlindoro: with compatible i mean "so i can use the code in a gpl v2 app"
10:48<iamlindoro>well, if you're smart enough to make the distinction about what GPL code you can use, then my answer has already answered your second question
10:50<jjwin2k>i just asked because i couldn't find the "this software is under gpl"-bla in the source
10:54<gbee> mythtv/COPYING
10:54<jjwin2k>ah! thx
10:54<jjwin2k>i was blind but now i see..
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12:57<MrGandalf>is DiSEqC broken in some way in trunk?
13:09<MrGandalf>nevermind.. stupid
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13:21<Chutt>anyone ever see crashes while playing a file back while it's being commflagged?
13:24<Andreaz>Hmm... irc i got crashes while playing a file that is recording same moment. Commflagger is maybe also the cause. But shame i can't reproduce it.
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13:55<MrGandalf>yeah, something seems broken with trunk & DVB.
14:01*stuarta updates to have a look
14:04<MrGandalf>so far what I've found it is that EIT idle timeout setting seems only to be used by the first DVB card, the rest seem to use a value of 3600. Also, PAT reading looks to be broken.. all I see is garbage in the PAT.
14:04<MrGandalf>I'm downgrading to a known working version to ensure my sanity now.
14:05<MrGandalf>sorry, left out that the first PAT/PMT seen look good and are parsed correctly.. every one after that (PAT that is) contains garbage.
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14:19<jthomas__>Does anyone here know where I can get a list of common frequencies for Indian DD Direct satellite?
14:20<janneg>MrGandalf: 24h old version works here
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14:25<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks.. reverting back to a stable version to check my sanity. This is on a dev box so I want to ensure the config.
14:36<stuarta>looks like the scanning page of mythtv-setup is beter now
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14:51<stuarta>MrGandalf: seems to be working here too
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15:11<gbee>jthomas__: lyngsat
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15:39<jthomas__>gbee, What's lyngsat?
15:41<iamlindoro_>google knows
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15:45<jthomas__>Ah, yeah, I've been looking at this page. I've tried tuning to several of these channels to no avail.
15:45<iamlindoro_>jthomas__, This is probably not the place for your line of questions, try #mythtv-users
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16:00<MrGandalf>um, are we not using HasDVBCRCBug() anymore?
16:01<gbee>jthomas__: those figures are in Ghz or Mhz and Myth expects Khz, so you need to add some zeros - but ask about that in #mythtv-users
16:03<jthomas__>gbee, Well, I'm having an issue, I figured it was either Mhz, or Khz-- it just doesn't work..
16:03<jthomas__>gbee, I've traced it all the way to the dvbsec_set call.
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16:03<jthomas__>gbee, It returns 0, if the freq is set to one of these indian frequencies. If I set it to something like what I expect here in the states- it doesn't complain.
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16:04<jthomas__>gbee, The only difference is the frequency I give it.
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16:04<jthomas__>gbee, 3725000 INVERSION_OFF H 26665 FEC_3_4 will fail, if I modify the frequency to something like 121000000, it's happy.
16:05<jthomas__>It doesn't matter if I treat it as Khz, or Mhz.
16:07<jthomas__>Could this be a hardware issue? The driver tries to tune and fails?
16:07<jthomas__>Or- a driver issue?
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16:24<Dibblah>jthomas__: I would guess that you don't have a universal LNB.
16:26<jthomas__>Dibblah, Ah.. It's a 'Quad' LNB
16:26<Dibblah>Quad or quattro?
16:26<jthomas__>Erg, Quattro.
16:26<Dibblah>Right. Quattros are strange.
16:27<stuarta>they make sense for the right situation
16:27<Dibblah>Each of the 4 cables outputs a different combination of H / L and H / V.
16:28<Dibblah>High - Low local oscillator and Horizontal - Vertical polarisation.
16:28<Dibblah>I'm guessing you actually didn't want a quattro.
16:28<Dibblah>And this should really be -users ;)
16:28<jthomas__>Erg, sorry :0
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16:37<MrGandalf>stuarta, janneg: looks like I may have a bad card, though dvbsnoop shows good tables, but even PES packets are failing CRC. Anyways, the EITCrawIdleStart db setting is still getting to me. It only seems to effect cardid 1. Every other card takes an hour to start regardless of the EITCrawIdleStart setting.
16:40<MrGandalf>hold on, think I did it again.. inputgroup gets me again
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17:56<MartinCleaver>Mythtv on macos - can I use or must I use ?
17:56<MartinCleaver>seems software is the only difference. That and 2x price
17:57<gbee>MartinCleaver: that's a question for #mythtv-users
17:58<MartinCleaver>fair enough
17:58*MartinCleaver asks there
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19:08<gbee>just been playing with dasher and it's pretty fun, briefly considered how it might work in Myth but if we were to introduce predictive text it would have to be rather more mundane
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20:38<Chutt>gbee, any reason not to email and remove the 'don't use trunk' suggestion?
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20:48<dracflamloc>hi folks bit of a problem here
20:48<dracflamloc>shoudl be easy
20:48<dracflamloc>i setup myth to display via opengl
20:48<dracflamloc>bad idea as my nvidia drivers dont seem to work
20:48<iamlindoro>dracflamloc: You probably want #mythtv-users
20:48<danielk22>chutt: I think all the basics are working
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21:11<Chutt>danielk_dinner, my production box hasn't really seen any major issues in a while
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22:19<danielk_dinner>chutt: I'm not sure if the IPTV recorder is working.. haven't checked it since the switchover. It uses some socket stuff which has changed in Qt4.
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