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04:18<gbee>Chutt: nothing's broken that I'm aware of, it might be a rough time for people using third party themes as things get switched over but I think we can downgrade the "don't use trunk" to "caution, trunk may have issues"
04:19<gbee>I need to release a trunk version of mythui ...
04:20<gbee>err, metallurgy
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04:30<gbee>I'd like to backport things like the Freesat EIT decoding to -fixes, that means users are forced to use trunk unless they really want to
04:32<janneg>the HD PVR support is also planned to be backported (it's currently developed against -fixes)
04:33<janneg>a 0.21.1 realease after that would make sense
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05:07<gbee>janneg: any idea when you expect that to happen?
05:09<janneg>gbee: depends how much time daniel and I have
05:09<gbee>janneg: ok, I'm away for a week from Saturday, so I'll backport the EIT stuff tomorrow just in case
05:10<janneg>and my time is currently limited, I'm moving end of the month
05:10<janneg>gbee: I doubt that we are finished before you are back
05:11<janneg>and since the HD PVR support is a larger change we need also time to test
05:12<janneg>backporting freesat eit soon wouldn't be bad though
05:14<gbee>the freesat eit changes shouldn't break anything, but I wanted to give people a chance to test them in trunk first just in case
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06:11*stuarta pokes laga
06:11<stuarta>laga: the bug linked off 5336 isn't correct
06:11<stuarta>for what is described in the ticket
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07:26<laga>stuarta: ill take a look
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07:40<gbee>converting playbackbox to mythui is going to be Fun, liberal use of contexts and containers :(
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10:20<rizzy_rinn>is this a mythtv user support chat?
10:21<GreyFoxx>Try #mythtv-users :)
10:21<rizzy_rinn>is #mythtv-users support?
10:21<GreyFoxx>yes it is user to user support and help
10:21<rizzy_rinn>ok thank you
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11:08<cskowronnek>Hi! I want to inform you, that my company is going to build some completely new mythv frontend with serveral new featues. Stay tuned
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11:11<laga>cskowronnek: based on clutter? ;)
11:12<cskowronnek>maybe ;-)
11:12<laga>cskowronnek: so are you just going to be all mysterious or actually gonna give out some facts/code?
11:13<cskowronnek>maybe I am, maybe I'm not (flute whistling starts in here=
11:14<laga>what are you going to improve?
11:14<cskowronnek>It will be based on gloss
11:15<cskowronnek>do you never wanted mythtv
11:15<cskowronnek>do you ever wanted mythtv having a intuitve user interface and a nice gui like apple's frontrow or something like that?
11:15<cskowronnek>we do ;-)
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11:17<cskowronnek>eventually some improvements on the backend if we have tested it enough
11:17<cskowronnek>I can tell you, that 4-5 full time developers will start working on it
11:18<cskowronnek>and the results will be given back to the project in all or most parts
11:20<laga>cskowronnek: foxbuntu has been working on packaging gloss for ubuntu. he'll be excited to hear about your efforts.
11:20<cskowronnek>thanks for this information, I'll contact him
11:20<laga>i should note that i'm not a mythtv developer, just an interested individual :)
11:21<laga>it'd be a very good idea to let other people look at your code from early on, eg have a public VCS
11:22<foxbuntu>cskowronnek, we have registered a team @ LP for Gloss and I have the packaging _working_ but the project needs some help getting some things banged out before it gets submitted to revu
11:22<cskowronnek>packaging for what distro?
11:24<cskowronnek>the question is how we could help this gloss-packaging-project?
11:24<cskowronnek>give me some link and we can look what your issues are and how we can help you
11:26<laga>foxbuntu: is it functional?
11:27<laga>cskowronnek: what's wrong with just patching mythfrontend to suit your needs better?
11:27<foxbuntu>laga, yea...its _infant_ code but its functional
11:27<GreyFoxx>I'm sure gbee would love the assitance in pushing mythui further and making the changes to mythfrontend
11:27<GreyFoxx>especially with 4-5 fulltime devs working on it
11:27<foxbuntu>oh we go again
11:28*foxbuntu rolls his eyes
11:28<GreyFoxx>fox: He indicated he was going to start from scratch, so why not try and direct the efforts to something alreayd partially completed?
11:28<laga>please, no flamewar. kthx. i was just wondering why cskowronnek's company decided to go with gloss.
11:29<GreyFoxx>did he? All I saw was a "maybe" to clutter and others start talking about gloss
11:29<GreyFoxx>maybe I missed that bit
11:29<foxbuntu>GreyFoxx, just jerkin your leg...they should put the effort where they want to
11:29<laga>17:05 < cskowronnek> It will be based on gloss
11:29<GreyFoxx>ahh I did miss it
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11:30<GreyFoxx>I still think the efforts should go toward improving the existing stuff, but in your time to spend as you wish :)
11:30<gbee>let them knock themselves out
11:30<foxbuntu>GreyFoxx, I agree functionality wise mythui/mythfrontend is far superior to Gloss atm, but that doesn't mean gloss should die or get no help either
11:31<gbee>we'll have a much improved UI for 0.22, by the time they've written a frontend with the same level of functionality no-one will care
11:31<GreyFoxx>I haven't said it should, nor maligned the guy for writing gloss
11:31<GreyFoxx>Doing something as an learning exercise I'm all for
11:31<laga>foxbuntu: so, gloss only supports music right now?
11:32<GreyFoxx>but a converted effort for improvement is not a "learning exercise" and seems more logical to apply to an existing infrastructure :)
11:32<foxbuntu>laga, no, videos, music, pictures
11:32*cesman wonders if #gloss exists....
11:32<foxbuntu>laga, but it was built so plugin's can be easily created like mythfrontend
11:34<laga>well, it doesn't really work here. i'll play with it more when i get more time
11:34<cskowronnek>I don't want to argue about our decision, we decided to take a GPL licensed product so everyone can have an effort of this
11:34<cskowronnek>If he/she wants to
11:37<laga>cskowronnek: that's a great decision then. looking forward to seeing the code :)
11:37<gbee>actually I'm going to get more work done if I don't have to explain mythui and the direction it's taking to a bunch of people who haven't work on the MythTV code, help would be nice but not at the expense of having to endlessly debate and explain things
11:37<cskowronnek>In some months you can choose between a lightweight, performant GUI with an easy interface and the full-featured, mighty mythtv-frontend which is some kind of slow and a bit kafuffle
11:38<gbee>unless 0.22 is out by then ;)
11:38<laga>gbee: well, 0.22 will still have way too many settings. ;)
11:38<GreyFoxx>Hence the problem of letting users weigh in on development :)
11:38<GreyFoxx>everyone wants everything to be an optional thing
11:38<cskowronnek>we want something like elisa on mythtv-backend, so not a digital video recorder but a full featured TV-centric media center
11:39<GreyFoxx>yet none want to deal with the settings :)
11:39<foxbuntu>gbee, where do you need help on 0.22? I am glad to help out where I can, I pretty much throw my hat in everywhere
11:39<gbee>true, depends on time as to whether the improvements I have in mind there come to pass before we release 0.22 ;)
11:41<gbee>foxbuntu: personally I could use a hand with converting over old themes to the new format, converting screens to mythui, maybe the addition of more animation stuff
11:42<foxbuntu>gbee, that I might be able to help with...I am pretty familar with the old themes
11:42<foxbuntu>gbee, I will pull down the svn for mythtv later today and catch up with you then
11:43<laga>foxbuntu: i can offer some trunk builds
11:43<laga>or you get to build them yourself, but it'll be nicely packaged ;)
11:43<foxbuntu>laga, oh right, you have that branch dont you
11:43<foxbuntu>laga, yeah...I will pull it from LP then
11:48<gbee>I also need help with documenting the various widget that can appear in each screen and which ones are optional
11:50<foxbuntu>gbee, ok...well I will be glad to jump in...I have been spending more and more time in the MythTV code anyways so it works out
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14:48<abqjp>If I setup a separate backend computer for development (running trunk), Is there an easy way to toggle my frontend between my 21-fixes backend and the trunk backend? I assume I would have to have both 21-fixes mythfrontend and a trunk mythfrontend app installed.
14:50<stuarta>funnily enough i wrote a web page on that the other day
14:51<Chutt>i'm running trunk in production, so you may not need to go to the effort
14:51<abqjp>Thanks stuart
14:52<abqjp>So, trunk is stable again?
14:52<Chutt>has been for a while
14:52<Chutt>the only thing that may be changing in the future is theme stuff
14:52<abqjp>Cool. So, it is just a matter of getting qt4 all updated on my f8 machines.
14:52<Chutt>there may still be random little things broken
14:52<Chutt>but, nothing that i've seen
14:53<abqjp>Not much to record this time of the year anyway ;-)
14:53<stuarta>i must try cancelling an in progress recording again
14:53<stuarta>that failed last time i tried
14:54<abqjp>Daniel started committing some of the HD-PVR support code, so I am sure he doesn't want me to continue sending patches against 21-fixes.
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15:43<gbee>stuarta: just cancelled an in-progress recording from the upcoming recording screen, it didn't update to reflect the change until I exited and re-entered the screen though
15:49<stuarta>k, last time i tried it it kept recording
15:49<stuarta>that was 1-2months ago tho
15:49<gbee>could be broken if done from other screens, I just know it worked for me just now on that particular screen
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18:28<mjsilva>what's the saffest way to install mythtv in fedora 8?
18:29<mjsilva>ups sorry wrong channel
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22:49<jpabq>I just upgraded from fixes to trunk, and am having a lot of DB problems. I am getting a bunch of messages like "rying to bind a value to placeholder :NR11RECID without occurance in the prepared query. Ignoring it."
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