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00:50<dramman>What does "GetEntryAt(-1) failed" mean?
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14:35<sphery>kormoc: Since you've been all MythWeb-motivated, lately, I noticed that in mythweb/modules/tv/tmpl/default/detail.php the $page_title is create using $program->title , which works fine for viewing details from listings. However, when viewing a schedule (from Recording Schedules), it's empty.
14:36<sphery>kormoc: If I change it to $schedule->title, it works for both, but I don't know if that's a correct fix or if it should check $program->title for empty before reverting to $program->title. Figured you would know how it's supposed to work, so...
14:36<sphery>s/reverting to $program->title/reverting to $schedule->title/
14:37<sphery>I can create a ticket, but if you know off the top of your head how it should work, I can do a patch with the ticket.
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14:38<kormoc>Heh, yeah, I tend to do bursts :)
14:39<kormoc>That's actually a tough one
14:39<kormoc>If you're viewing a custom schedule that matches a show, do you want to see the schedule title or the show title...
14:39<kormoc>I would lean towards the schedule title personally, as that's really what you're viewing
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14:40<sphery>I'm getting completely blank. Let me figure out the exact place where it's appearing.
14:41<sphery>Yeah, if I go into Recording Schedules and click on any rule, it uses a title, "MythWeb - Program Detail:" (with nothing else).
14:42<kormoc>yeah, cause it's not matching a program, I'd be cool with the patch to use the $schedule->title
14:42<sphery>So, just blanket change to $schedule->title (no check for blank $program->title)?
14:43<kormoc>Aye, I think that'd be the best
14:43<sphery>Cool. I'll make a ticket and post my patch. Thanks.
14:43<kormoc>you're welcome :)
14:55<sphery>kormoc: One more thing. You know how occasionally someone's entire list of recordings disappears because they left MythWeb open to the world and a bot deleted everything? I'm assuming something like: would prevent that.
14:55<kormoc>Yeah, I've been debating how to handle that
14:55<sphery>Since the default template requires a JavaScript confirmation, the bot must be getting the lite template. The patch just tries to identify a bot and ensure it gets default, instead.
14:56<sphery>Unfortunately, the list of bots (see ) is staggering.
14:57<sphery>Oh, I should say that I haven't actually tested my theory. :)
14:58<kormoc>I've also pondered a sorta deadman's switch, if the init detects a bot, disable mythweb with a (helpful) message requiring someone to say, delete a specific file to reenable it, and of course some simple way to disable the feature
14:59<sphery>Though that's "rude" to the bot (serving different content from what a user sees), the bot (or any unauthenticated user from the Internet) shouldn't be allowed on there in the first place... Seems like a good idea.
14:59<sphery>Must have just started looking at the list of bots... :)
15:00<kormoc>I remember a day when looking for a substring of bot or crawler would get practically everything :P
15:00<sphery>I wasn't exaggerating. staggering: Causing great astonishment, amazement, or dismay; overwhelming: a staggering achievement; a staggering defeat
15:00<kormoc>Well, I mean disable it to everyone that hits it until the 'lock' file has been removed
15:01<kormoc>that way it requires some level of admin access to unlock
15:01<kormoc>and forces the folks to secure or disable the feature, and signing their own death certificate so to speak
15:01<sphery>Yeah. I understood. I like the idea since it allows you to explicitly tell the user to read the instructions for configuring authentication.
15:02<kormoc>Seems a /little/ rude, but it's better then what we have methinks
15:04<sphery>Yeah. And my approach would allow the bot to actually index the site so that someone could use Google or whatever to identify unsecured MythWeb hosts and go out and do bad things.
15:04<sphery>So your approach is better.
15:04<clever>but you dont want the entire mythweb locking down every time google starts to index it
15:04<kormoc>googling for mythweb "requests pending" is a staggering amount of open installs....
15:04<kormoc>clever, actually, I would
15:05<sphery>BTW, you do realize that the list at the first page of is only A-F . There are a /lot/ more-especially in the Mozilla page.
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15:05<clever>kormoc: i just run my mythweb on a vpn'ed virtual host
15:05<clever>so theres no way to access it from the outside and no need for a pw
15:05<sphery>so if you keep the bot out, you won't have problems
15:05<kormoc>clever, and thus a bot should never index it and then you won't trigger the lockdown
15:06<sphery>and, it provides a bit of a test of your perfect security. :)
15:06<kormoc>or you can disable the lockdown with define('Yes_I_want_the_world_to_mess_with_my_mythtv_install', true);
15:06<clever>what if i wanted to give read only access to mythweb?
15:07<kormoc>then you disable the lockdown and live happy
15:07<clever>that would give read/write access:P
15:07<sphery>clever: you write the support for application-level authentication/authorization
15:08<sphery>during which you can take out the lockdown on your own. :)
15:08<clever>id have to heavily edit mythweb
15:08<sphery>well, if you really want read-only access...
15:08<clever>i could use url match rules on apache
15:08<clever>to simply 403 any url that edits things
15:09<clever>but the list is long enough that id probly miss a few
15:09<kormoc>read-only is left as a exercise to the reader
15:10<sphery>clever: Yeah, you could "add a feature" by configuring your own system with a complicated set of rules rather than write a patch that adds a new feature that everyone can use...
15:10<sphery>And, BTW, I have a feeling the patch would be the easier approach.
15:11<clever>a patch to mythweb would be better
15:11<clever>some urls can be both
15:11<kormoc>the easiest way would be to setup mythweb to connect to a mysql user that has readonly access to the db
15:11<kormoc>application logic isn't needed
15:12<clever>i allready thought of that
15:12<clever>and it may delete shows thru the mythtv protocol
15:12<kormoc>and you can setup your apache config or htaccess file to swap between the readonly user or the readwrite user on any number of ways
15:12<clever>to let the master handle the actual deleting
15:13*kormoc shrugs
15:13<kormoc>still limits the work needed to do
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15:53<ChrisC35>how do I get my svideo out to work?
15:53<ChrisC35>is that how I should get the output to my tv?
15:53<kormoc>try reading the topic
15:54<ChrisC35>you guys should setup a mythtv-dev
15:54<ChrisC35>would save you a lot of trouble
15:54<kormoc>horse... long dead...
15:55<ChrisC35>must get tiring
15:59<kormoc>sphery, [17580] for the lockdown :)
16:00<sphery>Yeah, just saw the commit log. Impressively fast.
16:00<sphery>Sorry my "one more thing" turned out to cause you so much work.
16:01<kormoc>Heh, no worries, I've been wanting to do it for awhile :)
16:02<sphery>kormoc: did you forget part of the commit? I don't see any detection code.
16:03*sphery forgot that new files don't show in the Trac changeset except as a link to the file
16:03<kormoc>seems to get all the big name search engines that I saw on the user agent list
16:03<kormoc>I just noticed that viewing php files doesn't always work too... hrm
16:03<sphery>me too
16:03<kormoc>that's new iir
16:04<sphery>Guess I'll see it when I svn up. Might be from Chutt's upgrading Trac this week.
16:04<kormoc>yeah, it's bloody simple
16:05<kormoc>I wonder how soon till the first "HELP! I've BEEN HAX0R3D" message to hit the dev list
16:05<sphery>I wouldn't be surprised if we see one or two with trunk. Probably a /lot/ when 0.22 goes live. :)
16:07<kormoc>Heh, yeah :)
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17:26<javatexan>hey guys...I am getting far enough along on this project that I might need to start pinging on you guys a little. I now have a new source (hopefully) for myth BE that is in a PES Audio/Video stream and now I want to add this stream with program information (XML) to the mythbackend recordings. Could someone point me to the right area of Myth to start figuring out how to add the shows to Myth and getting the input streams setup?
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18:03<javatexan>i see several entries in the mythtv dev mailing list, but nothing that seems to indicate whether other inputs other than hardware inputs were ever finished...does anyone remember what happened to the idea of streaming content into the BE to be saved as a recording?
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18:15<sphery>javatexan: If all you need is IPTV support, see and ask for more help in #mythtv-users
18:16<sphery>(and feel free--once you figure it out--to put useful information in )
18:25<javatexan>well it looks like that might work....I only need one channel
18:25<javatexan>though...for now
18:26<javatexan>It looks like he used VLC as a streaming server
18:27<javatexan>I wont need the DVB, because all my shows are already on the machine
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18:29<javatexan>I don't have a .mythtv/iptv.m3u fils
18:31<sphery>javatexan: Right, that page isn't right for you, but it's the only page I could find with a half-decent description of configuring an IPTV recorder. That's why I recommend you edit the IPTV page once you figure it out. :)
18:32<javatexan>LOL...i see
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18:33<javatexan>that's cool...I thought there might be a way to just make a mpeg2 source in there?
18:35<javatexan>something where I could use basically pipe the contents of a video file into a socket or something that mythtv saw as a raw mpeg2 source or something
18:35<javatexan>lots of somethings ;)
18:36<javatexan>with the IPTV recorder, i will have to use the VLC streaming server to wrap the raw video/audio data in RTSP.
18:43<javatexan>I guess I dont understand much right now as to how mythtv takes a signal off of a card. It sounds like in this guys case he is assuming that it is using QAM256....I am assuming that mythtv converts that signal using a codec into a "fill in file type here, I guess mpeg pes or mpeg2". I am not sure what mythtv does with this file, if it assumes that it needs to demux the signals (video PES or mpeg and audio PES or mpeg) into a single mpe
18:44<sphery>javatexan: All those questions are good questions for #mythtv-users.
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18:46<el1te>hi all
18:47<el1te>can someone help doing a project that turns my tv-card into an oscilloscope and it requires btaudio....ive tried 4 linux live cds and cant seem to find btaudio
18:47<el1te>does mythtv come with that module
18:48<cesman>el1te: I attempted to help you with this in #knoppmyth
18:48<cesman>el1te: you however never responded to me
18:48<kormoc>el1te, first, wrong channel, second, mythtv doesn't ship with audio or tuner drivers, that's up to the distro
18:48<cesman>el1te: this is the mythtv developers channel
18:48<el1te>cesman if i didnt respond i probably didnt see it
18:48<cesman>el1te: this is the mythtv developers channel
18:48<kormoc>el1te, and third, google has plenty of information on the module and where it is
18:48<el1te>well can you be kind enough to help me cause no other channels seam to be able to
18:49<el1te>wow nice ppl here
18:49<el1te>you dont think i checked google?
18:50<el1te>can you recommend a channel where someone might be able to help me
18:50*cesman carries on...
18:51<el1te>hah must be having problems of your own
18:51<cesman>dude, what is your problem?
18:51<el1te>im right arent i
18:51<cesman>yes, I have my own shit to deal with...
18:51<kormoc>el1te, try #oss
18:51<el1te>thank you
18:51<cesman>however this isn't the place to keep asking for help
18:51<kormoc>el1te, it's a oss driver, so try the oss channel...
18:51<el1te>im kind of new so i been getting the run around for a bit
18:52<cesman>as far as I'm aware, non of the MythTV devs have anything to do with a live cd and what it is you want to do...
18:52<el1te>at least that should help me in the correct direction
18:52<cesman>again I _told_ you I tried to answer your question in #knoppmyth
18:52<el1te>cesman if i have knowledge that can help someone i help
18:52<el1te>again i said you must have not have put my nick in front
18:52<el1te>im gonna turn away help....not
18:52<cesman>the devs in here want to stick on topic
18:52<kormoc>el1te, this isn't the channel to bicker, let's move on folks
18:53<cesman>what you want to do has NOTHING to do with MYTHTV DEVELOPEMTN
18:53<cesman>GET IT?
18:53<el1te>ok going there now...thanks man....and this channel name dont say for devs
18:53<kormoc>el1te, the topic does
18:53<el1te>well i bet the devs could help
18:53<el1te>but thanks again
18:53<el1te>ill go oss
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18:54*kormoc yawns
18:55<sphery>or he doesn't feel like repeating himself. (Perhaps if you actually read his/kormoc's responses. Hint, hint.)
18:55<cesman>I don't usually like to comment on idiotic behavior...
18:56<cesman>but what idiotic behavior...
18:56<sphery>Guess I was way late on my response. (Happens when you're not at the bottom of your scrollback buffer... :)
18:56<kormoc>heh, yeah
18:56<kormoc>no worries
18:56<cesman>I was willing to help him when he asked in #knoppmyth, but he didn't respond
18:56<kormoc>I find it funny, he'll likely give up when he has to compile his own kernel to get OSS support now-a-days
18:57<cesman>then when I tell him in here, you'd think he come back into #knoppmyth
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19:37<kormoc>running out of fatal errors to fix
19:40<foxbuntu>kormoc, if your really desperate, I am great at creating new ones!
19:40<kormoc>foxbuntu, mainly limited to mythweb :P
19:41<foxbuntu>funny, because I am actually working on a patch for it to support lighttpd in the package
19:41<kormoc>vs the support it currently has?
19:41<foxbuntu>included with
19:42<foxbuntu>oops you meant vs the current lighttpd support?
19:43<foxbuntu>yes then, it has support but I want to allow the user to actually do the install automagiclly
19:43<kormoc>heh, so you're doing distro magic then :P
19:43<foxbuntu>yea....for Ubuntu
19:44<foxbuntu>been a long day forgot im not in the ubuntu-mythtv channel
19:45<foxbuntu>actually its going to be in Ubuntu but should work in all debian glory
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19:49<kormoc>foxbuntu, there is one known issue with lighthttpd,
19:50<foxbuntu>kormoc, I recall this, I am actually working this into my patch
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19:52<kormoc>[17587] should fix it
19:53<foxbuntu>oh, well that will help then
19:53<foxbuntu>I will just start with the support and work from there then
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20:39<Nostahl>hi all
20:39<Nostahl>i can get a free hp laptop ir remote
20:40<Nostahl>is there any sort of ir receiver i could use with that remote?
20:40<Nostahl>or what remotes do you guys use?
20:40<Nostahl>i cant find the remote for my ati allinwonder 9600 graphics card
20:43<cesman>Nostahl: #mythtv-users
20:44<Nostahl>blah heh
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