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01:39<kreat0r>the output on my videocard appears to be DVI-I and my TV appears to be DVI-D
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01:39<kreat0r>am i just going to have to get a DVI-D to DVI-I cable?
01:40<kreat0r>oh crap DVI-D works in DVI-I
01:40<kreat0r>im a fool
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09:40<JoshL>So, while I was busy with other things, it looks like MythMovies has been enhanced and actually gotten a few users. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to the devs that have worked on it.
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12:44<reynaldo>guys. that adds on-when-pushed image rollover capabilities to pushbuttons
12:45<reynaldo>gbee said it was ok, I'd like to know if you think thats good way of implementing such change
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13:18<reynaldo>guys ?
13:20<reynaldo>Lud7773: would you be kind enough to review
13:20<Lud7773>reynaldo: I'll take a peek!
13:20<reynaldo>Im trying to get some eyes on it before sending it ml's way
13:20<reynaldo>it adds on-when-pushed image rollover capabilities to pushbuttons
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13:21<reynaldo>he, spanish speaker
13:21<Lud7773>quien habla espanol?
13:23<reynaldo>tu al parecer
13:23<Lud7773>lol... si trato un poco... hay algo especifico que quieres que revise?
13:25<Lud7773>reynaldo: C++... no creo que te voy a poder dar buen consejo... no se C++... lo siento!
13:25<reynaldo>nop, just it overall correcteness
13:25<reynaldo>oh, np then. will keep waiting
13:26<Lud7773>sry... take it easy!
13:26<reynaldo>thanks anyway
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13:40<sphery>reynaldo: Your best bet is to just post the patch to Trac. When the appropriate dev (and in this case, it's probably gbee) gets time, he'll review it and commit it or ask for changes.
13:44<reynaldo>ok, will do
13:44<reynaldo>wheres trac ?
13:45<sphery>Please also read
13:45<sphery>(and, if you haven't, you may want to read )
13:47<sphery>reynaldo: Also, you should go to and set a name and/or e-mail first to make sure your ticket has reporter info
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14:05<reynaldo>sphery: thanks for the info
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14:28<gustave_>Any ideas why this is failing on Fedora 8? I have lame-devel installed
14:28<gustave_>configure --enable-libfaad --prefix=/usr/local
14:28<gustave_>ERROR! You must have the Lame MP3 encoding library installed to compile MythTV.
14:28<gustave_>If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
14:28<gustave_>version from SVN. If the latest version fails, report the problem to the
14:28<gustave_> mailing list or IRC #mythtv on
14:28<gustave_>Include the log file "config.err" produced by configure as this will help
14:28<gustave_>solving the problem.
14:29<gustave_>what could I be missing. Latest trunk
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14:46<reynaldo>sphery: would MythUI do as 'component' for this patch ?
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14:48<reynaldo>humm, can't find it on the list
14:49<sphery>Probably just mythtv is fine
14:55<reynaldo>went mythtv way
14:55<reynaldo>sphery: looking good ?
14:55<reynaldo>oh, damn .. forgot to check the coding style doc
14:58<sphery>reynaldo: Looks pretty good. In the future, though, you may want to add the ticket number to the patch filename, especially for patches gbee will handle (he prefers it that way). BTW, you should join #mythtv-users.
15:04<reynaldo>thanks for the invitation but I dont think I'd be able to handle yet another chan of idleness
15:05<reynaldo>thanks for your kind comments, will write down your numbering suggestion for next one
15:19<sphery>reynaldo: #mythtv-users isn't generally idle. I just figured I could be a bit more descriptive in my answers there.
15:20<reynaldo>no. I mean. I'm the one idling in far too many places
15:20<reynaldo>makes me feel guilty
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15:55<kiu112>hi, is there any official doku how to get dvb-c channel config into mythtv ? It seems completely broken (failing to tune channel, etc) ? any pointers/hints ? tia!
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15:59<kiu112>ah, sorry, mythtv vs mythtv-users
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17:56<kormoc>Cardoe, you got your backport
17:57<Cardoe>kormoc: woot
17:58<kormoc>Heh, I tend to avoid the -stable tree as much as I can. I think it's the first -stable commit I've done other then preping for release stuff
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18:32<mjsilva_>ppl need help, dunno what else to do, i've configured my sound in mythtvfronend setup @ all different ways as possible, but I still can't control the sound with mythtv, It's all perfect just this annoyiance missing
18:32<mjsilva_>anyone can show me the light?
18:34<mjsilva_>pleasee!! O:)
18:34<hads>It's in the topic
18:35<mjsilva_>ups sorry
18:35<mjsilva_>it's the second time I do this grrr
18:35<mjsilva_>shame on me
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22:06<Chutt>trac's php browsing is fixed, if anyone cares =)
22:08<jpabq>trac is a wonderful tool. Glad myth uses it.
22:08<jpabq>So, when are you going to switch to git ;-)
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22:18<Chutt>trac's a horrible tool
22:19<Chutt>it leaks memory like a sieve
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