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01:20<janneg>reynaldo: gbee is this week away
01:23<famicom>quick question
01:23<famicom>will mythtv crash ofton if cable signal is weak
01:27<reynaldo>janneg: oh. ok
01:27<reynaldo>thanks for letting me know
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07:09<famicom>Rozza debian
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07:49<GreyFoxx>Hmmmmm. Ever since yesterday afternoon when I updated from 174xx to latest trunk all of my dvb recordings on my QAM tuner are detected as encrypted
07:49<GreyFoxx>Now what are the odds that my cable source moved stuff around at the exact same time heh
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11:55<danielk22>is there an example of MythUIButtonList use somewhere? I can't find any in the current codebase..
11:55<danielk22>mostly i need to know the xml ...
12:17<sphery>danielk22: Do you have logs of this channel from 20080613? gbee posted a "demo" ( ) with XML at . I think that's a part he's been actively working on, lately. Also, I think he's keeping pretty well up to date.
12:18<sphery>Also posted shots at: and
12:18<sphery>(though the screen shots probably aren't too helpful :)
12:21<danielk22>thanks, the XML pastebin may be helpful :)
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14:41<MrGandalf>can anyone tell me which theme is the most up-to-date for the new mythui?
14:44<abqjp>Since gbee is doing most of the work on mythui, I would assume his theme would be the most up-to-date. Metallurgy. But that is just a guess.
14:44<MrGandalf>I would have thought one of the included themes..
14:45<abqjp>gbee or justin would know, but I don't think either one of them is around.
14:52<clever>im waiting for GreyFoxx to fix udpnotify
14:52<clever>i finaly got arround to fixing up cidbcast only to find its disabled in myth:P
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15:10<MrGandalf>great, just spent several hours compiling trunk on Windows and all any executable does is open a shell window for about 1 second and close.
15:18<clever>exactly like any dos like program that errors
15:18<clever>open a dos window normaly then run the exe
15:18<clever>youll get an error msg
15:19<clever>winblows prints the error msg then helpfully closes the window:P
15:19<clever>youd get the same thing if you xterm -e mythfrontend
15:19<MrGandalf>it's segfaulting
15:19<clever>windows doesnt have that error
15:19<clever>it just calls it something else
15:20<MrGandalf>I'm running it under gdb in msys
15:23<clever>ive been wanting to cross compile it
15:23<clever>so i wont have to install a ton of toolchains to winblows
15:23<clever>my linux is able to make useable dll and exe files
15:24<MrGandalf>no core dump, no stack in gdb, no easy debug :(
15:24<clever>my stacks in gdb on linux where a mess
15:24<clever>until i installed the qt debug package
15:24<clever>which now lets me see every local variable in every qt function in the stack
15:25<clever>but it also now eats 200mb of ram to load it into gdb
15:25<clever>and 200mb of disk
15:26<clever>since you probly built qt from source you could rebuild it with debug symbols
15:26<MrGandalf>I did
15:26<MrGandalf>and myth is linked against those libs
15:27<clever>sounds like you know what your doing
15:27<MrGandalf>heh, I wish :)
15:29<MrGandalf>since it won't even print out the version with --version, and won't create a log file, I'm thinking it's something with the build.
15:34<MrGandalf>mythtvosd is the only exe that works
15:34<clever>i beleive that one is allmost totaly seperate
15:35<clever>like the cidbcast and mythudprelay
15:36<clever>i was using those recently but bug #5281 has broken it
15:39<MrGandalf>heh, load gdb, "file mythfrontend.exe" then "break main" then "run --version" and it segfaults.
15:40<MrGandalf>how can it segfault before it even gets to main()?
15:40<clever>thats messed up
15:40<clever>main isnt the first thing to run
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15:40<clever>theres a ton of prep work before main can run
15:40<clever>ive debuged it before
15:40<MrGandalf>yes, but I have to assume all that's fine since other stuff works.
15:41<clever>my visual c++ ide/compiler would put a nag msg BEFORE main()
15:41<clever>to say that i didnt pay for the compiler and cant sell my program
15:41<clever>i debuged before main to try and disable it:P
15:41<clever>but it seems it was using a precompiled file so any change i made to the source had no effec
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19:22<roothorick>bare minimum for a frontend-only machine doing only 480i, anyone?
19:23<jjwin2k>roothorick: myhtv-users
19:23<roothorick>GAH. sorry!
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19:52<Chutt>QTimeLine looks interesting
19:53<Chutt>might be a good replacement for the limited alpha pulse/movement/animation stuff in mythui
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19:55<monkeyBox>Odd. mythfrontend is crashing every time I try to watch live tv on my PVR-150. I have a PCHDTV-5500 tuner and a PVR-150, When I select Menu -> Switch Input , I hear the audio from the tuner for a second and then mythfrontend crashes. Has anyone else experienced this?
19:55*monkeyBox meant to ask #mythtv-users.. sorry
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19:59<danielk22>chutt: what's the equivalent of a combobox in mythui ?
20:00<Chutt>just a list with one item visible
20:01<danielk22>and text entries/buttons, is there any way I can size them other than having a different background for each one?
20:01<Chutt>you'll have to ask gbee
20:01<Chutt>he's reworked things since i've last touched it
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20:07<sphery>With a new-hardware restore ( ), the user loses all the plugin data. I have new-hardware restore supported by the restore script for #4760 , but I was thinking of allowing plugin data restore, too.
20:08<sphery>Any thoughts for a way to identify tables by plugin name without adding a schema version dependency to the script? All I can think of is having host a list of table/component names (with current and historic names). I welcome other ideas.
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20:10<Chutt>why would you not just grab the entire db?
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20:10<sphery>I use the new-hardware restore for "spring cleaning"
20:10<Chutt>blacklist instead of whitelist
20:11<sphery>The script does support a full restore and (now, but not the one on the ticket, supports) changing hostname, so the new hardware might not be that useful.
20:12<sphery>I guess, though, for systems whose configuration needs a lot of changes, it may be easier to start with defaults than to undo old host settings and change to the correct new host values.
20:13<sphery>I figured the whitelist would actually require less frequent changes, so I kept it the same as the HOWTO.
20:15<jjwin2k>why not replace only the values a new installation would create?
20:16<sphery>The blacklist would allow keeping plugin data, and probably wouldn't change that often--and even if it does and a user has an old-version script, it shouldn't cause issues.
20:17<sphery>Chutt: Thanks, I think I'll change it to a blacklist. Only thing we lose that way is the ability to selectively import data by component, but I can live with that.
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20:18<jjwin2k>sphery: you could add a second mode that only copies the "known" values.
20:19<sphery>so, whitelist for mythtv data only, and blacklist for mythtv + plugin data... Guess since the whitelist code is already written...
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20:29<newpers>where should i go for tv reviews?
20:29<newpers>i need a new tv
20:29<sphery>newpers: /topic
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20:30<newpers>i have a box w/ mythtv and it needs a new tv
20:30<newpers>any recommendations
20:30<jjwin2k>newpers: #mythtv-users
20:30<sphery>by that I meant, "please read the topic, which says, 'For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users.'"
20:31<newpers>you all have it backwards
20:31<newpers>this should be #mythtv-dev
20:31<newpers>and #mythtv should be for users
20:31<Chutt>we'll take your thoughts under consideration.
20:31<newpers>or they should be together
20:31<newpers>Chutt: lol
20:31<jjwin2k>or the other way round if it pleases the devs..
20:31<newpers>ok... thanks for the help
20:32<Chutt>we treat user complaints about the IRC channel layout very seriously. =)
20:32<newpers>that's good to know
20:32<jjwin2k>anybody knows how long it takes till they set up my project after i recieved the "approved" mail?
20:32<newpers>Chutt: i like you
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20:47<atlanta800>Why would mythtv seg fault when trying to play a dvd?
20:47<atlanta800>woops, wrong channel, sorry
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23:05<Chutt>qt4 has all the stuff necessary to get rid of the opengl code
23:05<Chutt>but it's slower :(
23:07<GreyFoxx>massively slower ?
23:07<Chutt>10% cpu used when sitting on the main page of gant vs 2-3%
23:12<Chutt>actually, it's worse than that
23:12<Chutt>50% cpu vs 3% if i replace the text rendering with the qt equivalent
23:13<Chutt>ah well
23:14<Chutt>i was just hoping to get rid of an extra code path
23:18-!-cecil is now known as cesman
23:22<clever>GreyFoxx: still about?
23:23<clever>got any progress done on the udpnotify class?
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