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04:11<gbee>Chutt: patch appears to work fine
04:28<stuarta>morning gbee
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05:10<rooaus>I wonder if this will be a problem for users with mythweb and avg 8 installed:
05:23<gbee>completely fouled up my main fe/be and I've no idea just what I did to cause it :(
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05:43<rooaus>gbee: bummer :(
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07:07<clever>rooaus: allways backup!
07:07<clever>ive pushed that to the extreme on my router
07:07<clever>/ is a checkout of my own svn repo
07:07<clever>the entire fs is under svn:P
07:08<clever>i can revert ANY change to ANY config file or binary!
07:09<laga>you are so awesome
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07:16<rooaus>clever: Except persmissions and ownership :P
07:17<clever>which doesnt change much
07:17<clever>i also tar'ed the entire filesystem up arround revision 7
07:17<clever>to catch all the perms&ownership and the files i didnt svn add
07:17<clever>so i could just untar and svn update
07:17<clever>and its instantly recovered
07:18<rooaus>svk is meant to solve that problem, have never really looked at it properly though.
07:18<clever>but for some reason the tar unpacked to 1/3rd the proper size when the drive did go tits up:P
07:18<clever>so i had to connect the dying drive to the usb enclosure and tar it up again
07:18<clever>then untar it onto the partial restore on the new drive
07:19<clever>and update
07:19<clever>then recompile a few packages
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09:43<gbee>hmm, libmythsoundtouch is whinging about size_t not being defined
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10:14<gbee> any ideas?
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10:15<danielk22>gbee: that looks like a problem with the c library...
10:16<danielk22>string.h should bring in any headers it needs...
10:16<lyricnz>Have you built on this machine before? looks like it's missing libc headers
10:16<gbee>should have all the right packages installed, at least I can't find anything obviously missing
10:16<danielk22>mm alloca.h and stdlib.h too..
10:17<lyricnz>yeah, they're all ususally in the same package
10:17<danielk22>what distro?
10:17<lyricnz>you tell me!
10:17<danielk22>+ compiler?
10:17<lyricnz>hehe ;)
10:17<danielk22>is gbee gone?
10:18<gbee>mandriva and gcc 4.3
10:18<lyricnz>I use redhat/fedora, 'cause I'm too lazy to chance, since 10 years or so :)
10:18<danielk22>gbee: did this mandriva ship with gcc 4.3?
10:18<gbee>I've had no problems using that combination on two other machines
10:18<gbee>danielk22: yep
10:18<lyricnz>But you've never built on this machine?
10:19<danielk22>huh, weird.. maybe AAFilter.cpp is bringing something in that disables the include of types.h
10:19<gbee>well I have, but I just formatted and reinstalled - so effectively no
10:19<lyricnz>looks like you're missing a -devel package
10:19<lyricnz>glibc-headers or something
10:19<lyricnz>I don't know what your distro calls it
10:20*lyricnz wishes his cards had better kernel support :(
10:20<danielk22>lyricnz: but it's not complaining about a missing header .. gcc 4.3 spits out a warning about that before telling you that it can't find some types...
10:21<lyricnz>did he look back through the errors, not just the last one?
10:21<gbee>that's the last error
10:22<danielk22>gbee you always want to look at the first error/warning first
10:22*lyricnz nods
10:23<danielk22>one warning will often be the cause for thousands of errors later on...
10:23<gbee>sorry I meant to say first and last error
10:23<gbee>not my first compilation issue ;)
10:24<danielk22>ok, in that case I'd go with the AAFilter.cpp includes/defines something that prevents a header from being loaded theory.
10:25<gbee>if that's the case I can't see why it wouldn't be affecting the other machine running the same distro and package versions, I'll keep looking for differences there first
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10:26<danielk22>maybe the install was borked somehow
10:28<gbee>last thing I really needed, I only formatted to fix a bizarre X/video driver related problem that I couldn't pin down
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10:41<gbee>might just try a reboot, might just be some environmental variable defining the alternate location of certain libs which wasn't set when I installed gcc 4.3 (default is 4.23)
10:42<GreyFoxx>man these R5000 mods certainly looks interesting :)
10:43<GreyFoxx>gbee: I'm curious, with the new progressbar. Would that be visible already at FE startup or does something need to be changed first ?
10:43<GreyFoxx>I updated this morning, and I see the what I assume to be old progressbar in mythvideos video manager
10:44<GreyFoxx>but nothing at FE startup
10:44<gbee>I've not replaced/re-enabled the prescaling progress dialog yet
10:45<gbee>the new widget is not currently used anywhere, except in my local tree where I'm using it in mythmusic
10:48<gbee>I'll sort out the prescaling dialog soon, my preferred solution would be to parse base.xml for the theme before prescaling so those initial dialogues can still be themed
10:55<gbee>might just be able to move the creation of themebase *shrug*
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11:27<gbee>damn, fixed the compile issue
11:27<gbee>user error
11:28<gbee>symlink'd against the wrong g++ executable
11:34*lyricnzzzzzzzzzz chuckles
11:34<lyricnzzzzzzzzzz>Oh well, you found it, be happy :)
11:38<gbee>GreyFoxx: want to test a patch which re-enables the scaling progress bar?
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12:38*GreyFoxx compiles
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13:01<gbee>GreyFoxx: I managed to test it myself and it's been committed
13:02<GreyFoxx>ahhh I was too slow heh
13:02<GreyFoxx>does it look the same as the previous one ?
13:03<GreyFoxx>Still compiling on my work machine :)
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13:05<flabr>hi there...just bought a WinTV Nova Hauppauge T 500... does that work with linux?
13:05<gbee>no it looks something like this -
13:05<gbee>at least until themers override the defaults
13:07<laga>i also like that it's not in the middle of the screen
13:09<gbee>it could be in the middle, but we've currently no base.xml for wide themes, so it's positioned where the center of the screen would be for 800x600
13:09<gbee>though I take it your point was that it's a good thing that it can be positioned whereever the themer wants
13:09<flabr>do u guys know if one can connect an anthena (normal tv) to that card Nova t 500 and watch normal channels?
13:10<laga>flabr: /topic
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13:29<mattwire>gbee: nice work on the progress bar for mythui. Any idea how easy it would be to add a cancel button to it like I did for the icon import?
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13:30<gbee>very easy
13:30<gbee>I'll do that tonight
13:30<mattwire>no rush :)
13:30<gbee>might as well do it while I remember ;)
13:31<mattwire>been kind of waiting for the progressbar before I start playing with mythui a bit more so bring on a rainy day..
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14:31<GreyFoxx>hmmm the progress bar isn't showing up for me
14:31<gbee>any errors?
14:31<GreyFoxx>the background shows and stays that way until the menus get written
14:31<GreyFoxx>2008-07-04 15:30:51.561 The theme (hdd) is missing a themeinfo.xml file
14:31<GreyFoxx>DisplaResX: Unable to XRRgetScreenInfo
14:31<GreyFoxx>DisplaResX: Unable to XRRgetScreenInfo
14:31<GreyFoxx>2008-07-04 15:30:51.782 Switching to square mode (MythCenter)
14:31<gbee>nothing there to explain it
14:31<GreyFoxx>that's the only thing out of the ordinary
14:32<gbee>current trunk?
14:32<GreyFoxx>lemme empty my theme cache dir and try again. I'm using -geometry to try several sizes
14:32<GreyFoxx>yeah updated after you commited the changes
14:34<gbee>I tried various sizes and the core themes (blue/gant) in addition to metallurgy
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14:34<gbee>maybe I missed a file ...
14:34<GreyFoxx>jus tried it with no -geometry, and wiped my cache and still nothing
14:34<GreyFoxx>I do see 14 seconds of "something happenning" before iut sais it's loading the base.xml for my theme
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14:41<GreyFoxx> Still no progress bar after flipping to blue, but Lots of painter errors now
14:41<GreyFoxx>Went from MythCenter to Blue with no FE restart
14:42<GreyFoxx>now all draw operations do draw but I get those errors in my log
14:42<GreyFoxx>Those errors do not happen from a fresh restart, only if I change themes without a restart
14:42<gbee>those painter errors are caused by mythui
14:47<gbee>this is what I see:
14:48<gbee>is it broken for anyone else?
14:52<gbee>GreyFoxx: hang on, you said "14 seconds of "something happenning" before iut sais it's loading the base.xml"?
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14:53<GreyFoxx>gbee: Yes, Where it's just sitting showing the background only but I can see the drives doing something
14:53<GreyFoxx>I checked a -v all and it was logging the generation of the theme cache elements
14:53<gbee>that's not what it should be doing with 17705 - I switch the order of those events, so base.xml should be loaded before the scaling
14:53<GreyFoxx>just not onscreen progress bar
14:53<gbee>mythfrontend --version
14:53<GreyFoxx>Revision: 17706
14:56<GreyFoxx>My copy of programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp matches the patch
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16:19<MrGandalf>hmm, I thiink I found a nasty lock condition when the scheduler runs as a recording is finishing and another starting.
16:21<MrGandalf>Scheduler::RunScheduler() calls nexttv->StartRecording(nextRecording) while reclist is locked which forces Scheduler::getAllPending() and Scheduler::UpdateRecStatus() to wait for reclist to get unlocked.
16:55<gbee>finally got my frontend working again, that probably counts as the most frustrating two days in recent memory
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16:57<gbee>and I still don't know what exactly was wrong, other than I can infer it was some weird confluence of driver versions, compilers, libs and bad karma
17:00<gbee>so has anyone else upgraded their frontend to trunk today? Are the progress bar dialogs visible?
17:01<Anduin>I'll let you know in a few minutes
17:02<gbee>Anduin: thanks
17:03<gbee>Chutt: in case you don't check scrollback, the audiooutput patch works fine
17:21<gbee>stuarta: current Freesat BBC HD seems to have lower CPU requirements than the test samples from the Freeview trial, now that I'm actually able to watch it I can pretty much get away with leaving the deblocking enabled
17:22<Anduin>gbee: seems to work fine, MythCenter, music/video scan to test
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17:23<gbee>Anduin: it's just the "prescaling" ones which have been replaced so far, although I've a patch for the music scan too
17:27<gbee>committed the mythmusic patch just for the sake of it
17:29<Anduin>ah, wasn't following close enough (my test setup is 1280x720, so don't see it often), changing and yes, it still works
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18:52<reynaldo>gbee: hey there ;)
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19:32<GreyFoxx>Weird, the progress bar works on my home machines, just not works
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