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02:26<leo_myth>got a compile issue
02:26<leo_myth>libmp3lame IS at /lib
02:26<leo_myth>ERROR! You must have the Lame MP3 encoding library installed to compile MythTV.
02:26<leo_myth>If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
02:26<leo_myth>version from SVN. If the latest version fails, report the problem to the
02:26<leo_myth> mailing list or IRC #mythtv on
02:27<leo_myth>Include the log file "config.err" produced by configure as this will help
02:27<leo_myth>solving the problem.
02:27<leo_myth>I'm only bothering people here because the output directs me here
02:27<leo_myth>any ideas?
02:32<hads>leo_myth: It's likely not the configure script that is at fault. You'll probably receive some help in #mythtv-users
02:35<leo_myth>nobody there....
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04:00<jeffery>when I exit out of mythtv-setup, it says "Path live/ doesn't exist." ... where should I create the path?
04:02<hads>jeffery: Read the topic
04:02<jeffery>ah oops
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04:59<candyban>hi guys
05:00<candyban>I'm have started to backup a lot of DVDs to my mythtv backend (using dvdbackup) ... but now I would like to convert them to a smaller size (without losing quality)
05:00<laga>candyban: read the topic
05:01<candyban>laga, sorry
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05:30<gbee>Captain_Murdoch: nice to have you back
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06:10<gbee>any objections to committing
07:08<janneg>gbee: I think we should change the existing profiles in the database, there were problems after I added the cpu number setting
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07:11<janneg>and it would be nice to have at least AVDISCARD_NONKEY as extra value
07:12<janneg>not sure if AVDISCARD_BIDIR or AVDISCARD_NONREF make sense
07:12<gbee>yeah, ok I'll write a new patch when I have the time
07:13<gbee>NONKEY didn't seem to make much of a difference for me, but it may give better results for other people
07:15<janneg>gbee: have you tried the other twos?
07:15<gbee>janneg: no, I will though
07:16<janneg>I suspect AVDISCARD_NONREF won't skip the loop filter for many frames on h264 video
07:17<janneg>BIDIR might be better but could still result in glitches
07:18<gbee>the problem right now is that even with the filter enabled BBC HD plays just fine, I guess they changed things since the DVB-T trial where all my samples were recorded
07:19<gbee>gives me less material to test with
07:22<janneg>it should still ease decoding
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07:48<gbee>Chutt: sorry if I'm being dense, but what's the reasoning behind MythThemedMenuPrivate?
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07:53<gbee>I mean as opposed to having it all as protected/private members of MythThemedMenu
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08:19<gbee>oh nevermind, it's just as easy to leave things the way they are as it is to change it
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09:43<Dibblah>Are the widget focus issues on the setup pages known? (trunk)
09:43<Dibblah>LRUD don't move focus - only tab seems to...
10:00<gbee>some issues after the QT4 update, not sure if that's a known one
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10:27<stuarta>gbee: emailed you the details re dvb-s card
10:27<gbee>stuarta: cool
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12:51<reynaldo>gbee: thanks a lot.
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14:01<gbee>this myththemedmenu rewrite is either good or really really bad, I don't think I can tell the difference anymore
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17:36<Chutt>gbee, less recompiling when the api changed
17:37<Chutt>and the other class was to make it easier to have one instance of myththemedmenu for all screens and not re-init on new menus
17:38<gbee>yeah, myththemedstate made sense once you pointed it out the last time, I was just curious about the private one
17:38<Chutt>it also pulls in fewer headers in the .h
17:39<gbee>this whole thing is going sideways at the moment, I really didn't plan it out and making it up as I go along is probably not the best idea ;)
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17:41<gbee>I've got something which will probably work, but it's evolved into a different creature
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17:45<gbee>2/3s done and the diffstat says a lot - 2 files changed, 333 insertions(+), 1982 deletions(-)
17:49<gbee>anyway, hopefully a couple of additional benefits will come from this - plugins won't create load their own copy of the menu theme, they'll use a single template stored in the global object store so no more delays accessing plugin menus
17:51<gbee>the other one is that I'm breaking up the button defs so each plugin/app has their own buttondefs.xml or similar, which will reduce the memory usage if plugins aren't installed or even when those menus aren't displayed
17:53<gbee>which has meant a compromise on what I wanted to see possible with the menu theme, but it's hopefully worthwhile
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18:33<xris>anyone know if there is a mythproto to flush all deleted recgroup file?
18:38<gbee>somehow I doubt it, but I can check
18:41<xris>my concern is that deleting something from the deleted group manually in mythweb might override that it was marked to rerecord when it was marked as deleted
18:44<gbee>really don't know about that, think you'd have to ask whoever implemented the deleted group stuff
18:45<xris>whoever that is. heh.
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18:49<gbee>I can't remember :)
18:49<xris>no biggie
18:49<gbee>at worst you'd have to peek at the database to see whether it should be re-recorded
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19:06<gbee>if we weren't short of devs and time I'd suggest a review of the protocol to add in all the things it should do, but doesn't
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20:11<sphery>xris: When you delete a program that's in the deleted recgroup, the oldrecorded table isn't touched. As a matter of fact, it isn't touched if you delete a recording using DELETE_RECORDING (or FORCE_DELETE_RECORDING), regardless of recgroup. "Delete and allow re-record" = DELETE_RECORDING + FORGET_RECORDING (2 commands).
20:14<sphery>xris: However, if a recording is autoexpired and it's not in the Deleted recgroup and it's not LiveTV and RerecordWatched is not set and it's not been watched, it will be automatically marked to allow re-record (LiveTV is created with duplicate = 0, so it doesn't need changing--as if we did, just surfing past a show you'd already watched would lose the history).
20:15<xris>sounds good, thanks
20:15<sphery>xris: So, basically, you can delete shows from Deleted recgroup and whatever duplicate value they had (i.e. when put in the Deleted recgroup or when changed since they were deleted) stays.
20:16<sphery>Hope it helps. I had looked all that up once when tracking something else down. :)
20:16<xris>yeah. at least I don't have to worry about messing up the re-record schedules I've set up
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21:58<Chutt>tv_play can start a ton of different threads
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