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08:30<gbee>svn diff isn't very smart, if you include a file twice in the command it's included twice in the output
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10:22<Chutt>gbee, give up on the themedmenu for now?
10:23<gbee>just wanted to take a break, I'll go back to themedmenu later in the week
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10:32<gbee>may even go back to it tomorrow, mythvideo is just mindless busy work, I can go on autopilot which suits me fine on a Monday ;)
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10:49<gbee>Anduin: concerned that I might break or remove something from mythvideo which people might miss, hence the branch, would you be able to look at it when I'm finished? I don't use mythvideo much
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11:06<GreyFoxx>sweet, using what you do with mythvideo I should be able to do mythgame.
11:07<GreyFoxx>Mainly a tree class like in mythvideos Video List :)
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11:08<GreyFoxx>I use mythvideo a lot :)
11:08<Chutt>we'll need a tree class in mythui first
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11:14<gbee>yep, I'm not too sure what that should actually look like
11:16<gbee>important bit of a tree widget is really just the data storage, ui side of it wouldn't be much different from having two or more lists side by side, as you traverse left/right (up/down the tree) those lists just get updated for the current levels
11:18<Chutt>can copy the old ui tree
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11:18<Chutt>it was just a number of listbuttons
11:22<gbee>GreyFoxx: starting with the gallery/browse modes and manager since they don't require new widgets
11:24<gbee>tree widget shouldn't take long, especially if I do as Chutt suggests and use the existing tree as a guide
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11:26<gbee>thinking that I'll combine all three browsing screens into one, they are essentially all the same thing just themed different, so we might as well make them a single class which loads a different window definition depending on the type
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11:58<Anduin>gbee: Yes
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12:39<cougar_h>does anyone here know was it intentional that MYTH_BINARY_VERSION changed from "0.22.20080629-2" to "0.22.20080305-1" in 17709 ?
12:40<GreyFoxx>I suspect that 3 should be a 7 heh
12:42<cougar_h>I guess there are only string comparisons ath this doesn't affect anything in real life..
12:42<Chutt>oh, wait, that wasn't my change =)
12:43<Chutt>it'll get fixed next time it changes
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12:49<cougar_h>have to change it locally then because otherwise previous package version is bigger than new one ;-p
12:50<gbee>whoops, sorry my typo
12:50<gbee>shouldn't be using that value for any external versioning so it's not that important
12:51<cougar_h>I use <MYTH_BINARY_VERSION>.<MYTH_PROTO_VERSION>-<SVN> as version string in RPM
12:51<gbee>I'll suspect it will be changing it again sometime this week for another API change
12:53<gbee><SVNBRANCH> - <SVNREVISION> will always give a unique and accurate version number
12:55<cougar_h>bad thing is that with such number you have to update all plugins every time together. right now I require that "<MYTH_BINARY_VERSION>.<MYTH_PROTO_VERSION>" should be the same but SVN version itself does'nt matter
12:56<cougar_h>as long there is no changes in plugin directory and these numbers are not changed, there is no need to build new plugin rpm
12:56<cougar_h>actually the same is troe for every component
12:58<gbee>it's a good point, I'm just reluctant to change it again unless there is another API change as it forces everyone to rebuild plugins
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12:59<cougar_h>no problem. I just changed it only in spec file
12:59<janneg>unless we change the API and forget to change MYTH_BINARY_VERSION
13:00<gbee> might be an excuse to change it
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13:02<gbee>ok, bumped it, sorry for the extra work everyone ;)
13:03<GreyFoxx>The joy of typos :)
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13:23<gbee>it's an interesting typo, 3 is not next to 7
13:26<gbee>Anduin: are there any behaviour differences between the three view modes aside from the layout which would prevent those being merged? or at least complicate it?
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13:42<Anduin>gbee: Not really, there used to be but I've been eliminating them (or working toward that), the UI code and popups are as close as I could make them easily, and it looks like originally VideoDialog was trying to bring the UI stuff together (until VideoTree)
13:44<Anduin>Currently it is just UI code on top of VideoList, and the views have such basic functionality I wouldn't worry too much.
13:44<gbee>ok great
13:45<gbee>what I'm doing right now is to remove all the old UI specific stuff and merge gallery and browser together, videolist seems to have more to it so I'll get the first two working before I merge that in as well
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13:47<gbee>I think having them all handled by the same screentype class makes a lot of sense, especially when viewed in terms of mythui - the central aspect of each one is a list, in this case MythUIButtonList but in three different modes (vertical, grid and horizontal with a single list item per page)
13:49<Chutt>makes sense
13:49<Chutt>helps for the eventual 'put ui logic in a script' =)
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13:54<gbee>cleans up things a bit and should make maintenance easier which is always good, at this stage the figures aren't very meaningful, but I've eliminated 1150 lines on my first pass of removing old UI specific code and combining the two
14:02<gbee>... 1600 ...
14:04<gbee>8 files reduced to 2
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14:14<Chutt>assuming it, ya know, works. =)
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15:19<gbee>work? what do you mean it has to work? :p
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16:54<gbee>hmm, the 'list view' isn't a list at all, it's a tree which puts a dent in the idea of merging all three screens
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17:00<Chutt>so the other thing about QThread is the priority stuff
17:01<Chutt>ie - the 'realtime priority video threads'
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17:59<gbee>QThread::TimeCriticalPriority doesn't equal real-time on real-time enabled systems?
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18:10<MrGandalf>Is it normal for the frontend to take 30 second (forward jump amount I assume) to start showing a position > 1 second?
18:10<MrGandalf>I just tried the h264 frame count patch.
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18:27<gbee>live or recorded? There is a delay with live which I've never bothered to investigate, it's normal but probably still a bug
18:28<MrGandalf>livetv, but my newer trunk version doesn't show that
18:28<MrGandalf>I'm thinking it's effecting my seeking ability
18:29<gbee>still there with livetv in trunk for me, but I don't use livetv often enough to consider it a high priority
18:30<MrGandalf>Hmm, I wonder if it's a setting then
18:30<MrGandalf>is it always 30 second?
18:30<gbee>never timed it
18:30<gbee>but that sounds about right
18:31<MrGandalf>hmm, sounds like an interesting puzzle
18:31<MrGandalf>but at any rate, that h264 frame count patch works great
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18:31<abqjp>MrGandalf: that is good to hear. Thanks.
18:33<gbee>might even be deliberate, something to do with channel change speed and not wanting to update the players copy of the seek table before the user has settled on a channel and they aren't channel hopping
18:33<gbee>30 seconds does seem like a long time though if that is the case
18:34<MrGandalf>like I said, it works on my newer trunk..
18:34<MrGandalf>which makes me think it may be a setting
18:36<gbee>don't remember seeing such a thing when poking around tv_play or tv_rec in the past, but it's possible I guess
18:36<MrGandalf>patch tested on both progressive and interlaced content
18:37<MrGandalf>gbee: I'm thinking it's not a deliberate thing
18:37<gbee>oh ok, yes, then you could be right
18:42<MrGandalf>I'll see if I can't track it down tomorrow if I have time.
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18:48<gbee>might have saved Paul the trouble, I've got a patch which converts all the busy/progress dialogs to the mythui versions
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