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03:30<Randal>I want MythTV
03:30<Randal>for porn
03:30<Randal>how can I do it?
03:31<Randal>I was looking into stealing cable
03:31<Randal>my local box can have the bolts removed on the outside cover
03:31<Randal>I just need that cable termination tool they sell on eBay
03:31<Randal>Can MythTV do digital cable?
03:31<Randal>I want to steal Hustler TV
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03:33<Varak2>I'm so sick of Myth TV and all of its bullshit
03:33<Randal>I hear it's the best
03:33<Randal>I hope you shut your pie hole so I can get some help
03:34<Varak2>Relax, sizzle-chest
03:34<Varak2>I need help too
03:34<hads>You could both read the topic.
03:34<Varak2>I'm trying to pirate satellite signals
03:34<Randal>I don't appreciate your douchebagery
03:34<Varak2>Calm down, dick nose
03:34<Randal>Hey, heads up hads
03:34<Randal>I can't read
03:34<Randal>I'm illiterate
03:34<Randal>you jerk
03:34<Randal>I got disabilities
03:35<Randal>Wait, I just realized. I should be in #mythtv-users
03:35<Randal>my bad
03:35<Varak2>All I want to know is how to decrypt the transvestite porn channel
03:35<Varak_>Randal im going to invite them all to your channel
03:36<Varak2>Is anybody alive in this fucking place
03:36<Varak_>i think they are all watching free porn
03:36<Randal>I got head tonight from this girl I used to date
03:36<Varak2>No you didn't
03:36<Randal>she had too many caesars
03:36<Varak2>Stop lying you idiot
03:36<Randal>my dick still burns
03:37<Randal>too much tobasco
03:37<Varak2>Why don't I believe you?
03:37<Randal>you shouldn't
03:37<Varak2>I don't
03:37<Randal>but I even dipped it in milk
03:37<Randal>it doesn't help
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04:52<xtknight>how do i switch between inputs on the frontend? i want to be able to see my hd channels and analog-cable channels at the same time, but im only seeing my hd ones. they have both been autoscanned
04:54<xtknight>yikes. sorry, again wrong channel
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07:34<Meijito>Hello, i installed MythTV succesful, but i can't start it. I have connect to mysql or something. So, i installed Mysql, maked user, Database, but i still can't connect to that mysql. Can anybody help me?
07:35<Meijito>Ouh, rules. Sorry.
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13:20<edman007>hi, mythtv 0.21 fails to build because it puts the include path for things like freetype and arts before the relative paths such as ., .., and ../.. this causes it to attempt to use the system ffmpeg headers instead of the included ffmpeg headers (its including ../libavcodec/avcodec.h so specifying *any* folder on /usr/include such as -I/usr/include/artsc before -I. will cause the build to fail), is there a known fix for this?
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13:22<laga>what version of mythtv are you using?
13:22<laga>0.21 release?
13:23<laga>try the release-0-21-fixes, maybe it's been fixed there.
13:23<laga>err, the release-0-21-fixes branch
13:23<janneg>iirc I've fixed it
13:23<janneg>I'm not sure if it's fixed in release-0-21-fixes though
13:26<janneg>edman007: you need following change
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13:27<janneg>but you should use instead of the tarball
13:27<edman007>janneg, thanks, checking out right now
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14:57<gbee>mythvideo theme has been reduced in size by 50% :D
15:00<laga>re XML or re images?
15:01<gbee>mostly through the use of inheritance, so reducing the duplication
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15:48<stuarta>having fun with the mythui conversion?
15:52<gbee>yeah, for now at least :)
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16:37<abqjp>gbee, It would be nice if metallurgy allowed wrapping in the menus. Is this possible? Is that controllable in the xml, or would cpp code have to be modified?
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16:39<gbee>code would have to be modified, it will be possible in 0.22 with mythui, but I don't think the old myththemedmenu has support for wrapping with a multicolumn layout
16:40<abqjp>Cool. I figured if it was easy, you would have already done it. I am really looking forward to mythui. Thanks.
16:41<gbee>actually it never even occurred to me before now
16:41<abqjp>BTW, I would be really cool, if the wrapping could be in a zig-zag pattern. In other words, hitting the right-arrow from the top-right, would take you to the first item on the second row.
16:42<abqjp>Hitting the up-arrow from the top left, would take you to the last item, on the last row.
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17:00<gbee>heh, we're trying to strip the mythvideo scripts
17:04<Chutt>gbee, it used to support wrapping
17:05<Chutt>i might've gotten rid of that when i did the initial mythui version
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17:09<gbee>grid view in mythui used to wrap but looks like I might have changed it for some reason, guess I'll add that back
17:10<Chutt>it's a bit tricky when you don't have balanced grids
17:13<gbee>oh wait, now I remember why it was removed - if you want to switch focus to another widget you need to be able to exit the grid through left/right/up/down and you can't do that if it wraps
17:14<gbee>can make wrapping an optional setting so that it can be used where it's the only focusable widget
17:21<clever>where did that come from?
17:22<clever>whoa, the progress bar!
17:23<clever>nice changes in that last upgrade!
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18:00<gbee_>my connection has finally been upgraded to 10Mbits, now what can I download?
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18:19<bkero>gbee_: linux isos
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18:22<gbee_>grab the latest a month ago :(
18:26<iamlindoro>porn at higher resolutions and bitrates
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18:29<gbee>now why am I getting an undefined symbol error for the VideoDialog dtor when it's clearly there
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22:35*Captain_Murdoch wonders if could have been done a lot easier by just having a backend command to return the current number of connections to the backend.
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22:39<Chutt>yeah, that's horribly ugly. =)
22:46<Captain_Murdoch>and possibly wildly inaccurate. one of my frontends that is used daily (but hasn't been used since this morning) had 0 DB connections until I just reentered the Watch Recordings screen. "show processlist" also includes the current 'mysql' instance, so that will throw off the count.
23:12<iamlindoro>Can anyone take a quick look at this backtrace with tonight's trunk to make sure I'm not doing something ttoally retarded before I file a bug? This is reproducible 100% of the time for me... I have two firewire tuners, one on the MBE, one on the SBE. Any one of them can record at any time. Whenever the second attempts to record simultaneously, the Master backend crashes. I think that this is a deadlock rather than a segfault. h
23:13<iamlindoro>erm, excuse me, it is a Segfault :)
23:13<iamlindoro>and seems like it may have something to do with DB access
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