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02:48<RungeKutta>Hi. I've been doing some modifications to MythVideo and before I go much further into what I want to do I want to make sure things won't be changing a lot soon. So basically, I'm wondering how soon myth will be moving to Qt4.
02:51<clever>the trunk branch is allready deep into qt4
02:52<clever>ive seen some talk of nearly clearing out all references to the qt3 helper libs
02:53<RungeKutta>right now I'm working with the mythbuntu packages... maybe I should stop and use the trunk branch?
02:53<clever>that would help:)
02:53<clever>less stuff to redo when you try to get it to work on trunk
02:53<RungeKutta>most of my changes are in videogallery.cpp for now
02:53<clever>may also want to setup a seperate mythtv network(database master backend ...)
02:54<clever>so you dont have to upgrade and posibly break the existing one
02:54<RungeKutta>you wouldn't happen to know of any ubunutu packages built from that recently, would you?
02:54<clever>ive got trunk on all my systems and its a bit buggy
02:54<clever>but half the devs blame all my problems on my distro and patches:P
02:54<laga>how could they? ;)
02:54<RungeKutta>well I usually blame bugs on my compiler
02:55<clever>several of my transcode jobs have gone past 100%
02:55<RungeKutta>it's never me :P
02:55<clever>how can it posibly get 150% done?
02:56<clever>it appears to be stuck in an inf loop and just repeats the same peice over&over
02:56<RungeKutta>clever: in your opinion, how soon will trunk be stable enough for a major release?
02:56<clever>its stable enough for me to use but i dont know about others
02:56<RungeKutta>if it's soon, I might be willing to just hold out a bit
02:56<RungeKutta>but if it's going to be weeks and weeks, or months, I guess I'd be more apt to use that instead
02:57<clever>i dont know exactly
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02:58<RungeKutta>well... I suppose moving to that would probably be best anyways
02:58<RungeKutta>hacking around on old stuff, while stable, will mean me porting my changes to the new version anyways
02:59<RungeKutta>I don't have a tuner card and so I mainly use myth as a video server for video I already have
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05:21<gbee>RungeKutta: mythvideo is completely changing in trunk, videgallery.cpp doesn't even exist anymore
05:22<anykey_>gbee: but the gallery is still there? ;)
05:23<gbee>yeah, but now using mythui and merged with the other screens :)
05:25<gbee>effectively none of the old code for the gallery really exists anymore
05:26<anykey_>is there any advantage for the user already?
05:27<gbee>hmm, well it should be fully mouse compatible for one
05:28<gbee>touchscreens make more sense ;)
05:29<gbee>a lot of the settings dealing with gallery style and behaviour are gone since they make no sense with mythui
05:29<anykey_>hm, nice to see progress with mythui, hope it will make my life easier once I start theming ;)
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05:40<clever>yeah that progressbar change is very noticable
05:40<clever>looks alot better then what i had
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06:51<gbee>danielk_Zzzzz: when you added the profile build was mythplugins made aware of it? Seems it's being built as release instead
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08:33<danielk_Zzzzz>gbee: I added that a number of years ago. I really don't remember. It wrote it because mythtv couldn't handle HD at the time and I needed to find the performance bottlenecks in decoding. The plugins were not a target for the optimization.
08:34<gbee>ok, that explains it then
08:35<gbee>I was experimenting with 'profile' instead of debug, but just discovered that the plugins lacked symbols
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08:44<danielk_Zzzzz>sorry 'bout that
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08:46<gbee>nah, no hassle just thought I'd ask whether it was intentional or a bug/mistake
08:47<danielk22>Probably just an oversight. It may be a regression, but if so it might be quite old since I haven't used that feature for the plugins.
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10:29<gbee>odd, somewhere between testing and committing mythuibuttonlist I completely broke it
10:33<gbee>wait, no I didn't, I'm just an idiot
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11:39<gbee>heh, my guess is that someone over at sourceforge is an XBMC dev - in the sourceforge awards they've secured nomination in almost every category, even some that don't make a lot of sense
11:40<RungeKutta>"best scientific distributed computing application" - XBMC wins!
11:43<gbee>they've definately got a chance of winning the "Most Likely to Get Users Sued" category
11:44<iamlindoro_>especially when the sole sponsor is Microsoft
11:44<laga>ah, the SF wards?
11:45<laga>err, +a
11:45<gbee>these awards things are all pretty worthless though, I mean most sourceforge users will only vote for the projects they've heard of and projects which manage to whip up their community to voting can sway things in their favour
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13:36<gbee>trying to think of a more user friendly name for "video_root" in mythvideo, Home maybe?
13:39<iamlindoro_>Didn't the "video Source" debate of '07 teach you anything? Never ask for opinions! ;)
13:40<gbee>thanks for the reminder ;)
13:41<clever>i dont remember that
13:42<clever>shall we start another?:P
13:42<iamlindoro_>ignorance is no excuse
13:42<iamlindoro_>it's in the archive for posterity anyway
13:42<laga>indeed, there is no excuse for that thread
13:42<clever>thought so but the archive is a large beast:P
13:42<iamlindoro_>just look for the name calling :)
13:44<iamlindoro_>gbee: indeed, almost anything seems awkward sounding (ie "Video Home," "Top Level," etc.) Maybe just "Previous" for all levels?
13:45<gbee>I chose "Video Home" for now, maybe "Previous" is best though
13:51<danielk22>hmm, does SliderSetting no longer have a label? It's used extensively in the Recording Profiles.
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14:12<Vaelys>win 33
14:12<Vaelys>distinct lack of win there
14:14<stuarta>gbee: video root seems to be what a lot of devices present via upnp
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14:14*stuarta nips off to restart x
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14:15*stuarta comes back
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14:17<gbee>as iamlindoro_ put it, it sounds akward, a little geeky and not at all user friendly
14:18<gbee>plus it's not currently a translated string
14:18<stuarta>i'd say thats a good internal name for it
14:18<stuarta>which we can translate to "My Videos" or something
14:18<stuarta>and use the internal name to present via upnp
14:19<gbee>for an internal name it's fine, for external we need something better - I have to ask myself what Win MCE might call it
14:19*stuarta suspects "My Videos"
14:21<Anduin>Those actually seeing video_root is probably a somewhat small number
14:21<gbee>I suspect you are right ;) I quite like Video Home though, it seems to describe the idea of a root folder better and doesn't obviously just copy the windows naming scheme
14:22<stuarta>which is a good thing
14:23<gbee>Anduin: I'm not sure how it worked previously, but right now I've got the folder name appearing underneath the 'up dir' item in the gallery
14:23<gbee>I think "Previous" might work just as well there for all levels and avoids the question of what to call it altogether
14:25<gbee>I need to fake a bunch of videos so I can test and take a few screenshots
14:27<clever>i could give you torrents to fill the drive with 100gig but half of them probly arent even legal and i'll stfu about torrents now:P
14:28<stuarta>blimey, new X drivers finally support ATI GL on dual head with open source drivers
14:28<clever>no dual head ati cards here
14:29<gbee>clever: I just need to "touch Some\ Film.mpg" a few times :)
14:29<clever>that would work
14:30<clever>i could give you 200 filenames to just make it look more real
14:30<clever>but then people may question why your screenshot has copywrited content in it:P
14:30<laga>clever: if you grep -v xxx
14:30<laga>will it still yield 200?
14:30<clever>i dont save pron:P
14:31<clever>counting the filenames...
14:31<iamlindoro_>and he only ever watches it in 15-30 second increments
14:32<clever>find /media/mainlv/videos/|wc -l
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14:32<clever>i think theres a source dir in the middle of it all
14:32<clever>posibly a couple linux ones
14:32<iamlindoro_>Dear Diary, today I pirated some stuff and found a perfectly good 286 in the dumpster. Dad was mad when I didn't get home in time for dinner. xoxo, clever.
14:33<clever>i have carried a 286 home before
14:33<clever>and i tried to boot linux
14:33<Anduin>gbee: You could never really get to the top node before, no up link to video_root, you would see it if there were no videos or in the wide layout for the list view. I, of course, don't actually care about the name though.
14:33<clever>error, no math co processor
14:33<clever>thats how old the damn thing is!!!
14:33<iamlindoro_>ummm that's because it's a *286*
14:34<clever>i should build a kernel with math emulation to get that thing going
14:34<stuarta>the coprocessor was the 287
14:34<clever>now that ive rebuilt a few kernels
14:34<clever>maybe put mythtv on it:P
14:34*stuarta rofl
14:34<clever>i know
14:34<Anduin>(oh and for multiple video directories...)
14:34<clever>now wheres my shirt
14:35<iamlindoro_>Tomorrow's question, how can I transcode y recordings to 80x60 hercules graphics?
14:35<clever>the comp allready has win 3.11
14:35<clever>and a cd drive with an aol cd:P
14:35<clever>but yes ive allready transcoded shows to something like 50x50 pixels
14:35<clever>by mistake
14:36<clever>and it realy kills the OSD which then trys to render itself at 50x50
14:36<Anduin>I respect my old hardware by never exposing it to electricity and occasionally paying a nice man to recycle(/hide it in China)
14:36<clever>which perfectly demo's the hd themes being poor quality when used on sd shows
14:37<clever>i recycle the hardware myself by using the thing till the wheels fall off:P
14:37<danielk22>Hmm, AFAIK Linux proper doesn't run on 286.. the 386 and 486 sx also didn't have math co-processors... BTW a 486 couldn't really handle small JPEG images very well, so video is pretty much silly to even attempt.
14:37<clever>danielk22: i have a 486 laptop and it cant even handle mp3 decoding in realtime
14:38<gbee>Anduin: well it was being exposed because I was using the 'string' from the node for naming directory/up level entries, so the up level from a sub directory of the main directory would be "video root", I've already decided though that it would be better for up level entries to use "Previous" instead
14:38<clever>i had to mplayer -ao pcm to get a wave file
14:38<clever>and even then if the sample rate of the wave was too high it stuttered
14:39<clever>i also tryed to play an avi but the Xv cant even get half the colors right
14:39<gbee>that said, whereever else it gets exposed it would be nicer for it to be "Video Home" or similar
14:46<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, I was just explaining that it isn't always "video root" depending on settings it is often harder to see, simply having "Previous" is a step back though, currently you get the parent folder's name. I think renaming with but keeping the current parent name for up would be better.
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14:50<clever>this 286 is a compaq presario cds 510
14:51<clever>google cant even find a pic of it
14:51<clever>the monitor is part of the pc
14:51<stuarta>sounds a bit like the old vt100's with the 3 inch thick keyboard
14:51<iamlindoro_>Was pretty sure linux wouldn't run on less than 32 bit architecture, no?
14:52<clever>no builtin keyboard
14:52<stuarta>iamlindoro_: the embedded stuff will
14:52<clever>iamlindoro_: ive seen how linux can run without virtual memory
14:52<stuarta>but linux proper no
14:52<clever>fork() needs virtual memory
14:52<clever>but vfork doesnt
14:54<clever>stuarta: i also have a vt100 compatible terminal:P
14:54<clever>the keyboard plugs in with a phone type plug
14:54<stuarta>i used to
14:54<iamlindoro_>All of this junk is going to be a real barrier should you ever desire to intercourse an actual woman
14:54<clever>green&black screen
14:54<stuarta>good as a room heater
14:55<clever>i had mythtv's stdout going to the terminal once
14:55<clever>sitting beside the tv
14:55<stuarta>crazy man
14:55<clever>ive also hooked it up to my headless router when i screwed the firewall up and blocked ssh
14:56<clever>and i could probly hook it to the cisco switch for the admin interface:P
14:57<gbee>Anduin: ok, I'll stick with renaming it then
15:00<gbee>maybe we can even prefix it with "Back to " in case the up level icon isn't clear enough for wives, girlfriends and family :)
15:01<Anduin>gbee: Ok, I'll try to flatten the tree when I look at it (if you switch to a single video directory you will see the "videos" hidden magic folder as well), I'll remove that.
15:06<iamlindoro_>I have *never* heard of a 286 with SIMM slots
15:06<iamlindoro_>even my 386s needed chip ram
15:07<iamlindoro_>though evidently such a thing existed, I guess I just didn't have a fancy enough machine :)
15:07<laga>define "chip ram"? eg onboard?
15:07<clever>i remember one of my old systems had a massive(foot long) isa card COVERED in chips
15:07<iamlindoro_>laga: yes
15:07<iamlindoro_>meaning me inserting by hand and cutting the crap out of my skin
15:09<iamlindoro_>not to be confused with the summer job I had inserting network cards into Macintosh classics, also tearing open my hands
15:09<clever>this isnt a 286
15:09<clever>this is a 486
15:09<iamlindoro_>ummmm that's a difference :)
15:09<clever>i486 sx
15:10<gbee>iamlindoro_: yeah my Amstrad 286 was like that, upgrading meant yanking the chips off the board with a pair of pliars
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15:10<iamlindoro_>gbee: \o/ Yay for the time I learned to use a chip inserter :)
15:12<laga>iamlindoro_: i have a 286 board which has pluggable RAM... at least i believe these are ram slots
15:13<clever>my Pii has 2 types of ram slots
15:13<clever>normal desktop ram slots
15:13<clever>and what looks like a laptop ram slot, for the onboard video ram to be expanded
15:13<iamlindoro_>laga: I'll assume you still have it to keep from polluting the landfills :)
15:14<laga>yess. ;) no, it was given to me. i'm not old enough to have used 286 boxen
15:14<Anduin>everyone in #mythtv-users and the logs are losing this valuable information
15:14<laga>Anduin: oh noes
15:14<clever>i have logs:P
15:15<iamlindoro_>The fry's I bought my first tube (that's right, tube) of RAM from is now a Sports Store :)
15:15<iamlindoro_>It also was the first Fry's
15:23<gbee>they should put you in a museum iamlindoro_ ;)
15:23<iamlindoro_>with a plaque marked "superhuman physical specimen?"
15:25<iamlindoro_>Been there, seen it, owned it, threw it out when appropriate (see that last part, clever)
15:29<Chutt>gbee, at()'s slow, isn't it?
15:31<gbee>docs claim it's faster than [i] but it'll be slower than using the iterator
15:32<Chutt>java style might be easier
15:32<gbee>I was having a mind freeze at that moment and realising the mistake I just went for the first thing I thought of
15:34<gbee>I've been staying away from java style because of a discussion we had in here a while back where the concensus was that we stick to the one style and that it should be STL
15:34<Chutt>i used it in mythmainwindow.cpp
15:34<Chutt>was easier
15:34<gbee>well that's good enough for me
15:35<Chutt>especially for something like deleting
15:35<Chutt>ie, see ClearKey
15:40<gbee>this is what I've got, let me look at ClearKey -
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16:14-!-clever_ is now known as clever
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16:21<gbee>doh, so deleting a child to let another override it works well except that the draworder gets mixed up
16:24-!-adante [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:26<Chutt>how 'bout just replacing it?
16:26-!-noisymime [] has joined #mythtv
16:26<gbee>that's what I'm now thinking about
16:26<Chutt>I assume you're doing a Delete, then an Add
16:28<gbee>better to actually just re-parse the original - new values from the xml will replace the old, but you'd get to keep any pre-existing configuration which works out better for our purpose
16:36-!-majnoon [] has joined #mythtv
16:39<gbee>need to compare types as well as names though, don't really want an image and textarea getting mixed up
16:43-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
16:43<kormoc>Can anyone confirm #5534?
16:46-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has left #mythtv []
16:46-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
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16:47<joshman09>can i get some help with first time setup of mythtv on ubuntu?
16:47<danielk22>kormoc: you might have better luck asking in #mythtv -- digital conversion is probably in less full swing there...
16:48<stuarta>joshman09: please read the topic
16:48<kormoc>danielk22, yeah, but I figured I'd get higher quality reports from here :)
16:50<danielk22>heh, i have an analog card .. somewhere..
16:52<kormoc>I don't think it's a mythweb problem to be honest given we request it from the backend, but it'd be nice to know for sure
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17:04<gbee>Chutt: how about this, look sane to you?
17:06<Chutt>i guess?
17:10<gbee>well it works which will do for now
17:14<Chutt>it also preserves children
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17:22<sphery>kormoc: It's definitely regenerating previews and displaying them in MythWeb for my transcoded to NUV recordings. Used rm recordings*/*.nuv*png to get rid of mythbackend's copy and rm data/cache/*nuv* to get rid of MythWeb's copy and all recordings have good previews. I have early 0.21-fixes, though, so if he has recent 0.21-fixes or trunk...
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17:25<gbee>kormoc: another useful point would be whether preview images exist for those recordings at all
17:25<kormoc>Good thought
17:26-!-joshman09 [] has joined #mythtv
17:27<joshman09>what's the channel where i can get user support?
17:27<sphery> /topic says #mythtv-users...
17:28<joshman09>thank you
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17:44<Chutt>does the hd-pvr output .mts files?
17:45<jpabq>The HD-PVR outputs .ts files
17:45<danielk22>mts ?
17:46<Chutt>maybe not, then =)
17:47<iamlindoro_>yeah, they're AVCHD... MPEG-2 TS container, h.264 video and AAC audio
17:47<Chutt>AAC, not PCM?
17:47<iamlindoro_>yeah, AAC
17:47<danielk22>chutt: if you are asking if they are blu-ray disk compatible, they are with the 2004 spec
17:48<Chutt>naw, just saw a request for a .mts reader/writer
17:48<jpabq>When I try to watch most 1080i captures from the HD-PVR, mythfrontend crashes in "/libs/libavcodec/utils.c : int avcodec_close(AVCodecContext *avctx)"
17:48<iamlindoro_>allegedly AC3 audio (just muxing from the original) will be supported in an upcoming firmware
17:48<jpabq>It tries to call "avctx->codec->close(avctx);", but avctx->codec is null
17:49<iamlindoro_>supposedly the 1.0B firmware added AC3 support for the analog audio inputs, but we haven't seen that in linux yet (and I'm not sure it works in Windows properly either)
17:50<jpabq>iamlindoro, stoth took that statement back. 1.0B does *not* have any AC3 support in it.
17:50<iamlindoro_>ah, didn't see him say that part, ok
17:51<jpabq>They are still testing the AC3 in-house, because they discovered that the PS3 would not play the files generated with AC3.
17:52<iamlindoro_>oh well, eventually :) The passthrough will be a bigger deal for me anyway
17:54-!-Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:54<sphery>danielk22: was the situation you mentioned in [17757] really a crash or was it an "exit so that we fix the query" due to ?
17:56<danielk22>hmm, probably 16720
17:56<danielk22>i guess [16720] should be reverted now...
17:56<sphery>OK, just wondered if the regex needed fixing (again--it was improved in [16724]
17:57<sphery>are we sure we've got all of them?
17:59<danielk22>i dunno, is repeated use of a binding really an issue with Qt4, or was it just this patch?
18:00<danielk22>i'd prefer to revert the code i just checked in if it's not a real problem....
18:02-!-joobie [n=joobie@] has joined #mythtv
18:03-!-iamlindoro_ [n=iamlindo@] has quit []
18:07<sphery>danielk22: I don't know what the original issue is. We have [16720] (and [16724] ) for multiple bind value usage and [16769] for value bound, but not used. I'm sure janneg would remember the why's, but I can't find anything.
18:09<gbee>QT4 doesn't support the same bind value being used twice in a query, but it fails silently making it hard to find the broken statements so janneg made them more visible
18:10-!-S2 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:10-!-purserj [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:10-!-purserj [] has joined #mythtv
18:11<sphery>BTW, should #5130 be assigned to Bruce or David Engel (with a reference to [16769] and programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp starting around L2214 )? It seems to be one of (or the) last place where placeholders are not bound/not used, but it seems no one wants to touch it since it's the BUSQ.
18:12<sphery>s#not bound/not used#bound/not used#
18:12<gbee>QT4 justs maps named bind values to static positions in the query, it's a one to one mapping and not one to many as in QT3
18:13-!-beavis [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:13<clever>sqlite could only refer to the binds by number
18:13<clever>and had a 2nd function to get the number for a named bind
18:14<clever>could be similar things happening internaly with qt4
18:16<gbee>yeah it's due to them changing things so bound values can be used with any driver
18:18<gbee>I mean that alone doesn't entirely explain the regression, it's hard not to wonder why named bind values can't be used more than once even if you are having to emulate the functionality for certain engines
18:20-!-joobie [n=joobie@] has quit [Operation timed out]
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18:26-!-danielk22 is now known as danielk_dinner
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18:40<gbee>mythvideo is the first plugin where core themes have overridden the defaults, there is no way I'm re-writing every theme for the new format
18:41<gbee>so what's the preferred solution - stick .old on the filename or just delete them outright and let people start from scratch, writing to the full potential of the new library?
18:41<stuarta>put a call out
18:42<stuarta>someone might wanna help
18:43<gbee>I'll definately do that, but I don't want to hold off making the changes in trunk while waiting
18:44<gbee>it'll only get worse as I move from the plugins into mythfrontend and then converting themes is going to slow things right down
18:45*kormoc peers for justin
18:46<jpabq>gbee, as long as metallurgy is updated, I am happy ;-)
18:47<gbee>heh, I'm keeping metallurgy mostly in sync because it's my theme too :)
18:47<kormoc>gbee, I keep meaning to mention. I love metaliurgy, but the thing that's driving me batty is I can't see the highlight on menus/mythvideo, Would you consider a patch to make that more pronounced?
18:47<stuarta>i've noticed the navigation within pages is no longer consistent between 0.21 and head
18:47-!-joobie_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:47<gbee>kormoc: sure, let me make a note otherwise I'll forget again
18:48<gbee>it works well on a TV/monitor with good contrast, but I can see how it might be a problem elsewhere
18:48<Anduin>gbee: No way to make the new theme parser use defaults when a theme file doesn't conform to the new style?
18:50<gbee>Anduin: it could fallback to using the default theme, but it's not going to match the old styling, images etc
18:51<gbee>whatever happens those screens are still going to be usable, they just may look different to how they used to and probably fail to match the colour and style of other areas
18:52<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, just thinking of something that would be nice to have anyway, presumably the default will always match what trunk expects, then themes can be worked on until they match and work.
18:52-!-MavT [] has joined #mythtv
18:52<gbee>assuming none of them were updated you'd get a slow convergence where all the themes end up identical as they fallback to the default
18:52-!-eharris_ is now known as eharris
18:53<gbee>Anduin: yeah, I'll definately allow for that to happen because it will ease the transition for a lot of people, especially those using third party themes
18:58-!-MaverickTech [] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
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19:02<GreyFoxx>gbee: Metallurgy support that "miniplayer" stuff where you still see thej playing mp3 info when you exit mythmusic with a mp3 left playing ?
19:03<GreyFoxx>Do I have to do something to turn it on somewhere? Mine doesn't show it
19:03<GreyFoxx>I checked the music settings and couldn't see anything that seemed relevant to it
19:04<gbee>GreyFoxx: it pops up on track changes and when you press F12
19:04<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok. I'll map a key to F12
19:05<gbee>on track changes it stays on screen for a few seconds, with F12 it stays permanently but steals focus so it has to be hidden again before you can do other things
19:06-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit [No route to host]
19:06-!-dekarl1 [] has left #mythtv []
19:06<gbee>when it's converted to mythui I'd like to change it so that when it's in use it stays visible all the time (theme dependant) and F12 just toggles focus
19:07<gbee>with metallurgy I might even make it so that it switches between visible but compact, and focused but larger with more info
19:07<gbee>slides up from the bottom on the screen when you press F12 or something
19:07<GreyFoxx>Hmmmm looks like a bug or something on mine
19:08<GreyFoxx>when navigating the 3rd colum I get a moving triangle on top of the item rather than the green button moving
19:09<gbee>hmm, yeah I never did properly test that multi-bin mode as I don't use it
19:09<gbee>I'll fix it, or try to
19:11-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
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19:27<GreyFoxx>You know, I know it sounds odd.... but I'd swear that playback starts faster since I switched to metallurgy from mythcenter-wide
19:41-!-|gunni| [] has joined #mythtv
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