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06:13<CpuID>hey ppls, ive got a mediapc setup outputting over vga (temp, will be dvi sometime soon) at 1920x1080@60hz, using mythtv, myth starts and works fine, crisp as...but im using mplayer for media playback, and it seems to sit itself in a top left aligned window instead of fullscreening, ive got -fs -zoom in my mplayer options in myth already...any ideas? on my old setup playing at 480p it was fine, fullscreen worked as expected
06:15<hads>CpuID: Please see the topic
06:16<CpuID>oh...oops :P
06:16<CpuID>sorry haha
06:16<CpuID>my bad
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08:37<gbee>GreyFoxx: Paul is talking about mythgallery, were you as well when you mention the scaling patch?
08:39<gbee>mythgallery actually scales the thumbnails in the background, caching them and then posting an event back to the UI where we update the list to include the thumbnail - might be worth generalising that code and using it for all plugins
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08:42<elkin>hi, editing osd.xml I was wondering if there was something like valign for fonts (to align a font within the menu but vertically
08:44<GreyFoxx>gbee: No, I was focused on mythvideo
08:45<GreyFoxx>I just woke up and hadn't even considered mythgallery heh
08:45<GreyFoxx>But I like the generallizing but
08:45<GreyFoxx>My patch places the code to do the scaling/caching and retrival in mythui
08:45<GreyFoxx>and mythvideo just calls it
08:46<GreyFoxx>so it could be easily put in mythgallery too
08:46<GreyFoxx>with very minor changes
08:46<GreyFoxx>makes a huge difference when navigating the video gallery with a couple hundred files in a directory all with cover files
08:51<gbee>ahh, well we need scaling/caching code in mythui, it's somewhere on the list to replace the basic caching that I added last year to the old code
08:51<gbee>thanks for that
08:52<GreyFoxx>Cool, when you are done with mythvideo I'll update it, and do a mythgallery patch for it too
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09:56<gbee>GreyFoxx: depending how it's implemented it might need some changes, with mythvideo I've removed all scaling code from the plugin, mythuiimage knows what size it needs to be for the theme and rescales it when the image is assigned, so mythvideo is completely unaware of the scaling side
09:57<gbee>the hooks for caching need to go into mythimage and we will probably have a shared image cache location
09:59<gbee>putting the caching in mythimage, where the scaling is also done, means that the caching, sharing and storage of images becomes transparent - all places in a theme where images are scaled will automatically benefit from it
10:00<gbee>but we can discuss it when I'm finished and you've had a chance to take a look
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11:40<gbee>my laptop is slower than Paul's machine, I've experimented in the past with far larger lists with 50 buttons on screen and it's still fast
11:43<gbee>has anyone tried mythgallery in trunk on a machine slower than 1.6 Ghz?
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12:13<Anduin>MythThemedDialog has done clipping as of the 0.21 release with no complaints that I've noticed, of course it doesn't solve the problem of people invalidating larger regions than needed.
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12:35<gbee>mythui gets around that, sort of - the widgets themselves set the redraw area, only if a widget has changed or it's area intersects with one that has is it redrawn
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12:36<gbee>the whole container redrawing has gone, if you update a single textarea only that textarea is redrawn
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12:37<Anduin>What is done about the visible layers below that control?
12:38<gbee>all visible widgets below are redrawn, which is where the image clipping may help
12:48<gbee>hang on, testing a patch now to enable the image clipping, it's just been a while since I worked on this so my memory is a little hazy
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13:03<gbee>hmm, this isn't going to help the QT painter which should already have clipping for images, it uses QPainters built in support for defining a clip rect which affects all draw operations
13:04<gbee>what I was adding to mythui was supposed to add clipping to the GL painter (not that it's really needed)
13:06<gbee>we could do with clipping of hidden areas, in addition to simply clipping areas which aren't dirty
13:10<Chutt>need to enable some debugging to see what it's redrawing
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13:11<Chutt>in mythgallery - in _general_, stuff using mythui and qt should be faster than non-mythui
13:14<gbee>a couple of months ago in order to debug a redraw issue I added a heap of debugging to spew out the areas and widgets that were being redrawn, it was working well at that point
13:16<gbee>maybe further back than that
13:18<gbee>I'd like to know if anyone else is having issues
13:19<gbee>maybe I broke something since then ...
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13:34<gbee>would I be right in remembering that an often requested feature for mythvideo is the ability to lookup/edit metadata etc from anywhere, without going to the manager?
13:39<gbee>#include "parentalcontrols.h"
13:39<gbee>err, oops
13:54<Anduin>gbee: Yes, at some point I plan to remove the video manager, the only thing it does better than the other views is actually scan. Editing the metadata would be the first part of that
13:56<gbee>Anduin: ok, I've just got a little carried away and I've removed it, merging it with the other views - so editing/scanning can be done from a submenu of the popup menu
13:58<Anduin>Yeah, that isn't carried away, just what I had planned to do in stages, already done.
13:58<gbee>cool, wanted to be sure that I was doing something that was desired, rather than making a mess ;)
13:58<Anduin>I may add a view manager like view back in though, it is flat but for smaller collections not too bad
13:59<Anduin>fist view = video
14:00<gbee>Anduin: well the way I'm designing it the flat view will still be there, if desired, but the UI is just using the same code as the other views - so you can change between flat/directory, and various list layouts
14:03<gbee>gallery, manager and browser are all the same screen but with the theme xml deciding the layout and displayed information, and m_isFileBrowser/m_isFlatList to toggle list content
14:04<Anduin>careful, you are only a wiki edit away from being the MythVideo maintainer :)
14:05<gbee>hopefully it should make maintaining mythvideo a little easier, but that's easy for me to say ;)
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14:15<gbee>it's impossible to convert to mythui in some cases without making big changes, at least if you are going to take advantage of it fully and for my own sanity I have to follow a format which I can easily read and debug
14:16<gbee> the last thing I want is to trample all over somebodies toes by doing it
14:18<gbee>where I've renamed variables or refactored something it's only so I can keep it straight in my head and not because I'm trying to impose my ideas or methods on everyone so I hope no-one gets the wrong idea
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14:31<Anduin>I'm not offended, all work I don't have to do and probably would have taken me forever to get to.
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