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02:35<edman007>hi, i'm running mythtv-0.21+fixes (from about a week ago) and mythfrontend very often crashes at this:
02:35<edman007>is there a known fix for that?
02:38<hads>see the topic
02:40<edman007>...a gdb backtrace for a segfault is user issue for a build from svn?
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04:29<squall>How to manually config the frequency for my channels? eg 175MHz
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07:33<gbee>mythplugins configure is broken in 0.21-fixes, --prev is being added to config.log which creates a loop if it's called a second time
07:37<gbee>hmm, seems it only happens if --prev is used in the very first run, which shouldn't happen that often
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07:53<gbee>wonder what libtiff gives us in mythgallery that QT doesn't
07:59<vss>is there a visualization plugin which can do a slideshow of pictures from mythgallery from a selected folder?
08:00<vss>when the mythmusic is playing...
08:18<vss>is there a bug tracking system?
08:34<mzb_d800>how do I verify (or debug) that EIT is working?
08:35<mzb_d800>oops... sorry ... wrong #
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10:48<danielk22>chutt, gbee: I think there is a bug in xmlparsebase.cpp in dealing with CopyFrom(). "if (typeid(base) != typeid(uitype))" appears to be intended to make CopyFrom always succeed, but it will always be false because both typeid's return MythUIType; but then when it get's into "MythUITextEdit::CopyFrom(MythUIType *base)" the dynamic cast will fail.. it won't crash in CopyFrom because a checked dynamic cast is done there, it just prints "ERROR, bad parsi
10:48<stuarta>danielk22: were you after dvb testing on the channel scan branch?
10:49<danielk22>question is how to deal with this.. the simplest option is to change the API slightly and have CopyFrom return a true false. But I don't know if the typeof problem is something that maybe should be addressed more globally.
10:49<danielk22>stuarta: yeah.. I've written the DVB scanning tie ins, but can't test here..
10:50<stuarta>i'll see what i can do
10:50*stuarta goes to fire up the dev box
10:50<danielk22>there are probably a few errors.. but probably not too hard to fix.
10:51<stuarta>i've got an hour or so atm, so i'll see how it goes
10:52<danielk22>chutt,gbee: sorry the problem is typeid not typeof
10:52<gbee>stuarta: card arrived?
10:53<stuarta>it'll probably turn up on monday when i'm at home on holidays :(
10:53<stuarta>at least i've next monday off as well
10:55<stuarta>i was thinking that we could make dvb-s scanning/setup easier
10:56<stuarta>by putting in some satellite groupings, like we already have for the different regions for the terrestrial freq's
10:57<anykey_>or add some common dvb-s setups, like dishpointer has
10:57<danielk22>heh, found a fix for the typeid problem, shortly after I wrote up the description.. you just need to do "if (typeid(*base) != typeid(*uitype))" rather than "if (typeid(base) != typeid(uitype))" ...
10:57*stuarta thought that was what he just said
10:57<stuarta>so "Astra 28.8" populates the initial frequency scan list
10:57<anykey_>stuarta: I mean preconfigured setups (including DiSeqC etc)
10:58<gbee>danielk22: was just about to suggest that
10:59<stuarta>what i was meaning is you setup the card, say it's pointing at "Astra 28.8" or "dishnet" etc.
10:59<gbee>the same fix needs to be applied to the same check I added the other day
10:59<stuarta>then it'll setup the rest of the scanning stuff.
10:59<stuarta>which will then pick up all the channels
10:59<anykey_>stuarta: what about cards that point to 4 sats (like the ones attached to a Technisat Multytenne)?
11:00<stuarta>that's where the idea needs thinking about
11:00<janneg>anykey_: let us fix the simple things first
11:00<stuarta>my thought was setups like that would be behind a diseq switch
11:00<stuarta>so you would technically say that input points to that sat group
11:01<stuarta>in the simple case card=input
11:01<danielk22>gbee: that turned up another bug, m_text is not initialized in MythUITextEdit, so the dtor segfaults... But I think Erik already wrote a patch for that, so I won't touch it..
11:02<anykey_>janneg: just suggesting, maybe it needs consideration to design the things correctly ;)
11:02<gbee>danielk22: I'll fix that now. Do you want me to commit the typeid fix too?
11:02<janneg>it should be possible to scan each sat after each other
11:02<danielk22>sure, i'm worknig in the channel-scan tree so I'd need to do a porting step first
11:03<stuarta>janneg: i'd be initially looking to make first time setup easier
11:03<stuarta>have card, it's connected to a dish which i know is pointing to X
11:03<stuarta>select X from the list and do a scan.
11:03<stuarta>tada, have channels
11:03<janneg>danielk22: compiling the channel-scan branch now
11:04<janneg>mostly settled after moving, I'll look later at the hdpvr
11:05<janneg>any progress on your device? if not I'll look after the mythtv patches before the driver
11:05<gbee>btw mythuitextedit isn't perfect just yet, I need to fix some quirks and more importantly add a mythui version of the virtual keyboard
11:06<gbee>if both janneg and stuarta are going to test channel-scan that frees up a little time to work on other things, but I don't know if janneg has access to DVB-S?
11:10<stuarta>danielk22: there are some moc_ files in the channel-scan branch
11:10<danielk22>stuarta: thx, I'll make sure to remove em
11:16<stuarta>there's an oddity with head, setup exited after scanning for channels
11:16*stuarta is still building channel scan
11:17<clever>ive found the on screen keyboard for the remote
11:17<clever>is a bit buggy if using the keyboard
11:17<clever>and the telnet interface
11:17<clever>if i hit space while typing something in the on screen keyboard pops up and eats the space
11:18<clever>the rest of the typing still works
11:18<clever>but i cant exit the keyboard thru telnet
11:20<Chutt>gbee, r17780 - just use x11colors.h
11:21<stuarta>hmmm, channel-scan doesn't build for me
11:21<gbee>Chutt: could do that, I personally prefer hex codes anyway as you then know exactly what you are getting
11:22<stuarta>it's worse for maintainence however
11:23<gbee>I'll add in x11colors where it's need though
11:24<gbee>mythimage and mythfontproperties for starters
11:28<janneg>stuarta: the branch? compiles fine here but I miss the commandline scan util
11:29<stuarta>yeah, the branch won't compile for me
11:29<stuarta>it's a bit of a strange error
11:30<stuarta>ccache g++ -c -pipe -g -march=k8 -g -Wall -Wno-switch -Wpointer-arith -Wredundant-decls -Wno-non
11:31<stuarta>-virtual-dtor -funit-at-a-time -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -I/usr/include/kde/artsc -pthread -I/usr
11:31<stuarta>/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/directfb -D_REENTRANT -D_REENTRANT
11:31<stuarta>pardon me with that last bit
11:31<stuarta>damn windows cut n paste sucks badly
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11:44<danielk22>stuarta : looks like you are using Qt3 not Qt4 ... check qmake --version
11:45<stuarta>hmmm, shouldn't be, although i believe both are installed, but head picks up the right one
11:45<stuarta>no differences between configures however
11:45<danielk22>this is a fresh check out?
11:45<stuarta>old checkout, distcleaned
11:46<gbee>add --qmake=/path/to/qmake to the configures args
11:46<stuarta>don't need to on head
11:46*stuarta goes to beat it up some more
11:51<stuarta>hmpf. distclean wasn't cleaning out the old makefiles
11:51<gbee>which ones?
11:51<stuarta>about 20 of them
11:52<stuarta>that's better
11:52<stuarta>makefiles rebuilt with qmake-qt4
11:53<danielk22>oh yeah, I do a "rm `find . -name Makefile` ; svn update" to get rid of those + then restore the non-generated makefiles.
11:53<stuarta>it was using the old qmake to rebuild the Makefiles as part of the distclean
11:54<stuarta>which perpetuated the use of thw wrong qmake
11:56*stuarta waits for it to build
11:56<clever>danielk22: i perfer find . -name Makefile -print0|xargs -0 rm;svn update
11:56<clever>that seperates the filenames with a null instead of a space
11:56<clever>which means spaces in the path wont screw it up
11:57<clever>it can also break it up into multiple rm calls if theres too many arguments
11:59<stuarta>i use the same thing, but don't use the -print0
12:04<clever>id also love to have a -print0 on locate since its faster
12:04<clever>but ive just been too lazy to find the source and rebuild it
12:04<janneg>I use find . -name Makefile -delete
12:04<clever>lol thats even better:P
12:05<stuarta>is used to use 'find . -name Makefei
12:06<stuarta>is used to use 'find . -name Makefile -exec rm -f {} \;'
12:06<clever>the -exec is tricky because some shells eat the {} or ;
12:08<Chutt>yay, gapless playback
12:09<gbee>-delete is faster than -exec rm -f {}\;
12:09<stuarta>yeah, would be
12:09<stuarta>good old unix, at least 15 ways to do the same thing
12:10<janneg>especially on OS with sucking fork()
12:10<gbee>Chutt: ok, I'll bite
12:10<janneg>yeah, wasn't live-tv already gapless?
12:11<Chutt>for work
12:12<Chutt>it's harder on an embedded system :p
12:22<clever>stuarta: but on windows you have 0 ways to do this:P
12:22*stuarta hates windows
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12:23*stuarta goes to test channel scan branch
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12:26<stuarta>hmmm, no worky so good
12:27<stuarta>it's lost all the UK LCNs (channel numbers)
12:28<stuarta>and is using the service id instead
12:28<danielk22>stuarta: I thought the LCN's were no longer supported. Wasn't the BBC transmitting bogus stuff last year and they said it was for good?
12:29<stuarta>nope, they have always worked fine
12:29<danielk22>ok, but it actually runs and finds channels without crashing ? :)
12:29<stuarta>well yes, but i did an existing transport scan
12:30<danielk22>can you try a scan of all channels too?
12:30<stuarta>which normally gets a lock, find the relevant tables, and inserts data within 3-5s per mux
12:30<stuarta>this one never gets off the 1st mux (that i can see)
12:30<danielk22>oh, so it's broken..
12:31<stuarta>hmpf, just shut itself down again
12:31*stuarta tries again
12:31<danielk22>if you can just make a list of all the things that are broken + pref with some -v channelscan,channel,siparser logs I'll look at each problem in turn...
12:32<stuarta>channelscan ? that's new
12:32<danielk22>yeah, new -v option..
12:32<clever>i think when that got added it confused svn because of my -v input
12:32<clever>2 changes to the same line area
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12:37<stuarta>this takes way longer than it used to
12:38<stuarta>it's like it keeps getting the same info over and over until it hits some internal timeout
12:45<stuarta>264 new channels? i think not
12:46<stuarta>grrrr. mobile phone style keyboard input thigs
13:07<gbee>weird font issues :(
13:09<stuarta>channel scanner seems to have created lots of dup channels
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13:21<gbee>Chutt: anti-aliasing on text is broken over transparent backgrounds with the GL painter
13:21<Chutt>what's it look like?
13:23<gbee>I'll grab a screen shot
13:24<stuarta>what the heck is a SCTE channel?
13:25<gbee>hmm, alpha pulse on the G.A.N.T logo screws up screenshots with kscreenshot in addition to making everything _very_ slow
13:25<Chutt>is your opengl busted?
13:26<gbee>seems fine in all other respects
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13:32<danielk22>stuarta: OpenCable
13:33<danielk22>you shouldn't have any of those in Europe
13:33<stuarta>no, but it thought it found some :-P
13:34<stuarta>now where did mysql put my output file?
13:45<gbee>gant's a better example, not least because it's a 4:3 theme -
13:46<gbee>the grey text in the menu, over the dark transparent image, over a light background seems the magic combination
13:49<Chutt>no idea
13:49<Chutt>unless it's just not blending right..
13:49<stuarta>danielk22: you have a ticket number you want this stuff attached to?
13:50<Chutt>text is being rendered to a transparent image
13:50<Chutt>so i don't know why it'd be messed up
13:57<danielk22>stuarta: #2695
13:57<stuarta>found it :)
14:08<stuarta>there you go, added some info
14:11<stuarta>it seems to find a PAT then go off looking at the PMTs
14:12<stuarta>you not looking at SDT's any longer?
14:12<stuarta>oh hang on there it is
14:12<danielk22>it's supposed to look at all the tables and then combine everything... probably the SDT/PMT matching function is missing/broken
14:13<stuarta>the PMT can vary, it's not supposed to be fixed
14:13<stuarta>hence the PAT
14:13<danielk22>yeah, well it looks for the PAT first of course.
14:15<danielk22>it's just trying to gather ALL the information so that the stage 2 "insertion of channels stage" can try to make sense of broken providers by looking at tsid and other info
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14:40*stuarta wanders off for dinner
14:40<gbee>imdb lookups broken again?
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14:52<gbee>nope, other lookups are fine and I seem to remember that I've mentioned the "The Hunt For Red October" search being broken a few months back
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15:11<Anduin>gbee: works here (trunk version)
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15:28<abarbacci1>´╗┐hey guys - anyone see the hvr-2250. it's shipping on july 21st apparently.
15:41<gbee>Anduin: just seems to be that one film which has problems here
15:41<gbee>I'll see if I can't fix the script to trim off the extra stuff
15:45<gbee>odd, if I run the script directly it works fine, no javascript included in the result
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16:09<gbee>Chutt: transparent images seem like a red herring, it affects any dark text on a light background, the areas of anti-aliasing are light in colour
16:09<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, seems strange, no chance of an older one being run (think it was 14989 that fixed it)
16:10<gbee>Anduin: checked that, only one is installed to a mythtv shared directory, the only other copies on the system are in source directories
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16:14<gbee>so grey doesn't really work well for labels with G.A.N.T. ;) Otherwise, that's the theme for the video manager more or less done
16:16<gbee>heh, we need to wipe textareas on button changes
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16:26<Chutt>gbee, what's different about the labels in that screen?
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16:40<Chutt>gbee, if i move the fading logo over so it overlaps the menu text in gant, i see no issues
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17:29<gbee>Chutt: it's not the fading logo causing problems, it's just any text on a light background, the labels in that screenshot all have a near white line around the text, it's much clearer with black text so let me get a shot of that
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17:31<gbee>the fading logo causes it's own problems, mainly very high cpu usage on this laptop which makes everything slow, I've disabled it for now just so I can get work done
17:31<Chutt>that really sounds like it's not doing opengl properly
17:32<Chutt>gbee, but that second shot, what's the definitino for the text?
17:32<Chutt>for the labels, is it grey with a white background?
17:32<Chutt>err, grey with a white outline, rather
17:34<gbee>no outline is defined, if I put the same text over a black background then there is no outline
17:36<gbee>well in fact you can see that in the image, the menu text is the same font definition as the label text
17:37<Chutt>it's grey text on the background causing it
17:37<Chutt>if i change the main menu text to be #666666, it's the same way
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17:44<Chutt>gbee, try this:
17:44<Chutt>hrm, one sec
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18:01<gbee>looks good
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18:01<Chutt>gbee: this one's a little better:
18:02<Chutt>it's still not going to be ideal
18:02<Chutt>i think it should work well enough
18:04<gbee>going to commit it?
18:05<Chutt>just did
18:05<gbee>heh, ok
18:06<Chutt>basically, it was just blending against the transparent color, which was white
18:07<gbee>thanks for taking a look
18:07<Chutt>no problemo
18:07<Chutt>it was my broken code =)
18:08<gbee>well I figured you'd know where to look at least :)
18:08<gbee>feck, just closed the wrong terminal and lost my history
18:09<gbee>or may not, konsole actually did the right thing for once
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19:03<gbee>danielk22: how's it going with mythui for the channel scanner?
19:05<stuarta>heh, probably only what's been merged from head
19:05*stuarta suspects
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21:09<Snow-Man>I hate that f'in bot.
21:20<clever>then /ignore it:P
21:22<danielk22>gbee: I have some basic screens, but I'm working on the DB component.
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