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02:04<asathoor>I have made a danish translation of /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/_shared/lang/Danish.lang - but where should I upload it? The present version is very incomplete.
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02:26<danielk22>asathoor: create a ticket on trac ( and make sure it is in the mythweb category.
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02:38<asathoor>thanx daniel
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12:30<danielk22>woot! I just got a generic DB load working with MythUI! :)
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12:32<janneg>stuarta: hey, the schedule problem yesterday evening was a hostname as master backend
12:33*stuarta reads back up
12:33<janneg>it's good that trunk finally resolves hostname
12:33<stuarta>yes it is
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12:36<abqjp>It does? This means I can use a hostname instead of IP for the "master backend IP"?
12:37<janneg>I think so, probably also in the server ip setting
12:38<abqjp>That is nice.
12:38<janneg>you might even have to since the master backend might not detect that he is the master if those settings don't match
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12:43<GreyFoxx>danie: Generic DB Load ?
12:44<danielk22>Basically where I just need to define the table, wanted column, key column + key value
12:44<danielk22>instead of writing out a db query manually
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13:04<gbee>lots of news sites carrying an item about a new "Open Souce, Code Quality Checker" - when I dug into what this tool actually does it seems to amount to little more than a bunch of metrics, number of lines, % of comments, number of commits - that sort of stuff
13:05<gbee>not really what I'd call a "Code Quality checker" and certainly nothing new
13:07<gbee>heh, plus their website seems to be down
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15:32<gbee>we need a better way of linking MythDialogBox buttons to actions, button numbers just don't work very well
15:41<danielk22>gbee: If I inherit from another window, it should contain all the children the inherited from window contains, right?
15:41<danielk22>hmm, that doesn't appear to be the case.
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15:42<danielk22>are there any examples of that somewhere?
15:42<gbee>not at the moment
15:43<danielk22>ah, so it may just be a bug..
15:43<gbee>are you using CopyFrom? or 'from=""' in the theme?
15:43<danielk22>How would I use CopyFrom ?
15:43<danielk22><window name="cardinputeditdigital" from="cardinputedit">
15:44<gbee>yeah, that won't work as we don't tend to load all windows in the theme at once, it has to have been loaded and still exist for from="" to find and use it
15:45<danielk22>IC so I would load "cardinputedit" but not Create it then load the window I want?
15:46<gbee>that should work ...
15:47<danielk22>and so it does :)
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15:47<gbee>from= (& copyfrom) look for child of the same name belonging to the immediate parent, then it literally copies them
15:47<gbee>if they don't exist then it will fail
15:48<danielk22>and fail silently..
15:50<gbee>shouldn't fail silently, that's a bug - should be an error something like "Couldn't find object 'windowa' to inherit 'windowb' from"
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15:50<danielk22>and LoadWindowFromXML() should probably return false rather than true when it fails :)
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15:56<gbee>I'll take a look later to see if I can find out why it's not triggering an error
16:00<gbee>to let windows inherit from each other properly I might just have xmlparsebase do the loading of the first window, for normal widgets it's not a big issue as you are generally only going to copy from siblings or base definitions both of which will have been loaded
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16:46<danielk22>The most convenient thing would be to have it follow the "from" tags and load any parent windows in turn. That way we're not loading windows we don't use, but do load the windows that we need.
17:02<gbee>yep, that's what I'm thinking
17:03<gbee>just a little sidetracked on the issue of adding callbacks or similar to mythdialogbox
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17:08<gbee>Chutt: was there any particular reason why MythDialogBox uses events with button numbers instead of the slots used by the old MythPopupBox?
17:09<danielk22>gbee: Wouldn't hooking up a slot for each button become tedious when you have a lot of small dialog boxes with dynamically generated buttons?
17:10<gbee>it would be a lot less tedious than dealing with dynamically generated lists where you've no idea which button is going to be number 5 for example
17:11<danielk22>well if you add the button, you know exactly where it will be...
17:11<gbee>the current code assumes that the list is static, that button number 0 will always be the same, that the same number of buttons will appear in the list etc
17:13<danielk22>Plus having a slot for each button could bloat the code considerably and make the classes really ugly, filled with lots and lots of slots.
17:15<gbee>it's far from ideal, I'll agree, I'd welcome other ideas
17:16<gbee>consider the following, fairly simple example -
17:16<danielk22>why emit both types of signals?
17:17<danielk22>Then the dialog implementer can pick whichever is best in each case..
17:18<gbee>depending on the context, the menu either has 5 or 2 buttons, some menus are much more complex, every other item depends on some condition being true and organising that becomes messy
17:18<gbee>danielk22: that's what I'd propose
17:19<danielk22>k, i don't see any problem with that...
17:20<gbee>I like the customevent model for relatively static lists, but where the contents of the lists is context dependant it's harder to manage
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17:21<danielk22>btw had you given any thought to how to handle help text for settings?
17:21<danielk22>I'm thinking of just adding a QString help to mythuitype ... any better ideas?
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17:24<gbee>maybe that's not a bad idea, I can't think of anything else right now
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17:29<gbee>are you thinking about reimplementing the settings wizard for mythui, or laying out each settings page in the theme?
17:30<danielk22>gbee: I dunno, I'm just trying to emulate some of the functionality of the settings wizard for a single pane screen right now.. I'll try to generalize it a bit later.
17:31<gbee>I've given some thought to how the settings wizard might work if it was kept, specifically allowing themers to layout the page but requring a set amount space for the widgets to be laid out 'automatically'
17:31<gbee>so they'd have control other the background, style of the next/prev/cancel buttons, font of the help text and that sort of thing
17:31<danielk22>It's really ugly and non-functional at the moment; when I get it to the really ugly and half-way functional point I may have some idea of how best to organize things.
17:32<gbee>heh, yeah, it's not a task I envy
17:33<danielk22>Heh, it feels a bit 1970's to lay out widget locations by hand.
17:34<danielk22>oh, you said area is now respected by button graphics, right? I'll give that a try -- maybe I can see some of the button text then :)
17:36<gbee>depends, I can't actually remember what I said ;)
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17:41<gbee>currently a button scales to the size of the background image, I'm not sure if it should actually be the other way around, that the image scales to the button <area>
17:41<danielk22>ah, ok, so it's still "broken"
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17:42<danielk22>yeah, I'd want it to scale to the <area> since I don't want to create an image for each of the hundreds of configuration buttons...
17:45<gbee>ok, no problem that's easy to fix
17:45<danielk22>cool :)
17:45<gbee>by button you mean MythUIButton?
17:46<danielk22>For instance the "Fetch channels from listings source" button
17:47<gbee>ok, done
17:48<gbee>suppose I should test it first though
17:48<danielk22>i'm going to need to sync from trunk anyway before using it, so take your time :)
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17:51<gbee>I think the original logic was that certain button images wouldn't scale well without looking a bit ugly, but at least this way themers can define larger images if they need to but don't have to spend hours working on it if they don't
17:55<danielk22>gbee: is there any way to set hot keys, like "Ctrl-B" for back, "Ctrl-N" for next, like in the old settings code? Also what about TAB And SHIFT-TAB, should those also be handled by mythuiscreen ?
17:59<gbee>tab and shift-tab should be handled by mythuiscreen, hot keys could also be handled there but emit signals that can be connected to whatever makes sense for that particular screen?
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18:00<gbee>I didn't even know there were keys for back and next in the settings screens, so I've not thought about it
18:00<danielk22>gbee: well the hot keys should just be directed to the button that defines them.. then the button can handle it from there on out.
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18:02<danielk22>yeah, any buttons with an underlined character have a hot key.. I forget how Qt defines them, but most ui toolkits just look for ~C~ in the button label where C is any character. This also allows i18n to be used to define different keys in different locales..
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18:06<gbee>well I can add that functionality, mythuibutton can register hotkeys with the screen etc, I'll add it to the list
18:07<danielk22>gbee: not a high priority..
18:23<gbee>tired of dealing with themedmenu conflicts, I need to get that finished
18:29<danielk22>heh, gbee where is that xml doc, I sorely need to specify focus order for these screens.. :)
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18:33<gbee>focus order runs in according to the order in which the widgets are defined, I can see that being a problem where windows are inherited though?
18:34<danielk22>there is no way to set focus order yet?
18:34<gbee>ok, well there is currently no way to define a different order, I'll have to add that as well
18:34<danielk22>heh, I'm making a lot of work for you it seems :P
18:34<gbee>can have that done tomorrow maybe? It shouldn't take very long
18:35<danielk22>yeah, that would be great, I should have most of the DB stuff fleshed out by then
18:35<gbee>it's getting late here otherwise I'd do it tonight
18:38<reynaldo_>gbee: did you got the mythexp.h stuff I just wrote ?
18:39<reynaldo_>cant build external plugins, error I get is: /usr/local/include/mythtv/libmythui/mythmainwindow.h:8:21: error: mythexp.h: No such file or directory
18:39<reynaldo_>Im thinking I might be missing a copy of that file under mythtv/libmythui
18:40<gbee>it's in libmythdb
18:40<gbee>re-run "svn up" and then "svn stat" if it isn't fixed
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20:00<gbee>does anyone know the sorting behaviour of QMap when you have identical keys? Would they be iterated in the order added, or randomly?
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20:01<danielk22>hmm, i didn't know it did multimap at all.
20:02<gbee>it does from QT4
20:05<gbee><quote>However, you can store multiple values per key by using insertMulti() instead of insert() (or using the convenience subclass QMultiMap). If you want to retrieve all the values for a single key, you can use values(const Key &key), which returns a QList<T>:</quote>
20:05<gbee>ah-hah, just below that it answers my question
20:06<danielk22>i dunno, but it's not good practice to depend on the order even if it is set.. you might want to convert to another container later.
20:08<gbee>yep, I just want to avoid breaking focus order on screens where it isn't explicitly defined (most of them I expect)
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20:11<gbee>if I complicate things a little I could assign values in a reserved range (negative maybe) for widgets without an explicit draw order
20:20<gbee>I think for now I'll just add a //TODO comment about that and I can revisit it later
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20:30<gbee>ok, you can now use a <focusorder> element, no explicit focusorder means a value of zero putting these at the front of the list, values don't have to be sequential so you can leave space
20:31<gbee>only focusable types are added to the list by default, as before
20:33<gbee>if you need to hardcode focus order, though type->SetFocusOrder() then it should be followed by a BuildFocusList()
20:34<gbee>lastly I've not tested the use of <focusorder>, just that it doesn't affect the status quo
20:34<gbee>I'm off to bed
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23:48<reynaldo>gbee: doesn't seem to work. same problem.
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