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04:41<stuarta>gbee: card has arrived :)
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05:30<okolsi>hi all.. am I correct when saying that there is no 'oldrecord' DB-table?
05:31<okolsi>MythWeb Program.php updates values in that table.. which leads to an error.. Program.php should be updating 'oldrecorded' instead..?
05:31<okolsi>I'm not 100% sure about this since I'm running MythWeb TRUNK against 0.21-fixes backend/frontend
05:32<anykey_>okolsi: you just gave the answer to your question...
05:33<hads>okolsi: That's not supported and won't work.
05:33<janneg>no, there is no oldrecord table
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05:35<janneg>and I would assume that oldrecorded was meant since that is the only table with a column 'reactivate'
05:37<okolsi>this particular piece of code was introduced in [17583]
05:40<janneg>file a ticket, mention only the table names and the changeset
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05:42<janneg>I've just deleted ticket #5544. there was no readable description and it had an attachment with a binary file, a ar archive
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05:56<gbee>stuarta: cool
05:57<stuarta>i'm now suffering the agonizing wait of being in the office all day :(
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06:23<gbee> - wasn't that fixed a year ago?
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06:40<Dibblah>Is it trac week again? So soon? ;)
06:42<Dibblah>gbee: AFAIR, no. The issue that was fixed was that "off" channels never ended up being recorded, because at the time of the tune, they didn't have valid audio / video PIDs, just the MHEG data stream.
06:44<gbee>hmm, would have sworn that the MHEG banner remaining on screen was also fixed
06:45*Dibblah votes for a "report an error to Trac" button in the FE ;)
06:46<Dibblah>Opens a ticket with full BT (if available), SVN version / patch status / hardware / ... :)
06:46<gbee>seems like a regression
06:48<Dibblah>Yup. Full -v most logs on the backend should track it down, though.
06:48<Dibblah>Hmmm. It's a frontend issue.
06:48<Dibblah>A sample recording would do, then, I guess.
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08:52<anny__>hello all
08:53<anny__>i'm exploring the source code for mythtv-0.21
08:53<anny__>can someone point out
08:53<anny__>what gui technology is driven the front end
08:53<anny__>is it QT or custom made
08:53<anny__>like someone point out earlier in this room
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09:00<gbee>0.21 it's part custom, part QT, mostly custom - but that's the old UI code which is being replaced in 0.22 with a completely custom library
09:02<gbee>old UI code is all over the place, but libmyth/uitypes.*,libmyth/mythdialogs.*,libmyth/uilistbuttonttype.*,libmyth/virtualkeyboard.* and the list goes on
09:02<gbee>new stuff is in libmythui but although present in 0.21, it's changed a bit in trunk
09:13<anny__>thx gbee, I'm inspecting now the MythUIType class
09:13<anny__>which I suspect is the base class for widgets
09:13<anny__>in libmythui
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09:24<anny__>the MythPainter interface is responsible for the actual drawing and has 2 implementations either OpenGl or Qt-based
09:24<anny__>now i c
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09:28<gbee>GL painter is faster and for that reason supports animation
09:28<anny__>of course
09:28<anny__>so eventually i presume
09:29<anny__>everything will be gl based
09:29<anny__>by the way, the programming design of the application is neat
09:30<gbee>we'll keep the QT painter for systems which don't support hardware opengl, but effects such as animation are disabled with the QT painter
09:30<anny__>= professional :)
09:31<gbee>well thanks, credit goes to Isaac for the original work and design
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09:34<laga>danielk22: have you had a chance to play with the packaging for trunk?
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09:46<gbee> - ticket of the year
09:47<gbee>"Problem with Visualisations" - "Serious problem"
09:47<gbee>turns out to be spam
09:47<laga>heh, yeah
09:48<laga>that's weird spam, tho?
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09:48<gbee>very weird, since the subject made sense (albeit in Spanish)
09:49<gbee>but the attachment was a bunch of product keys for some application
09:49<laga>maybe he attached some "serialz" instead of his bug report
09:49<gbee>possibly, I deleted it anyway
09:50<gbee>next time I'll just delete the attachment and ask for more information (if it happens again)
09:50<gbee>given the spam earlier today I might have been a little rash
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10:04<gbee>switching views in mythvideo now works, I just need to let it remember the position in the tree on a switch
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10:05<janneg>gbee: I was going to delete it too since I suspected a similar attachment as in the #5544 I deleted earlier
10:07<gbee>still seems dodgy to me, the guy CC'd someone else, didn't give a description of the problem, attached product keys - looked more like an exchange of information between two software pirates than a bug report
10:09*laga wonders if occam's razor also applies to idiocy
10:12<gbee>heh, well you are probably right laga, he just submitted a bad report and attached the wrong file
10:12<gbee>my conspiracy theory was more interesting though ;)
10:14<gbee>aside from a couple of alignment issues, this is a reasonable facsimile of the mythvideo browse mode, no?
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12:41<MrGandalf>so, I thought I'd take a look at the slider position now showing >1 second for the first 50 seconds or so.. Odd, livetvchain->GetLengthAtCurPos() returns -50 when playback starts
12:44<MrGandalf>which is exactly how far off my frontend clock is from my recording backend.
12:45<MrGandalf>so, I suppose it's a requirement now to have the frontend and backend exactly sync'ed?
12:53<Anduin>gbee: Yes, looks like the old one, also looks like plot description has focus?
12:54<gbee>Anduin: no it doesn't (yet), that's just a random character in the IMDB data
12:55<gbee>but scrollable text areas are on 'the list', so in theory the plot area could take focus scroll
12:56<gbee>MrGandalf: does sync'ing the clock fix it?
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13:18<MrGandalf>gbee: it fixes GetLengthAtCurPos(), yes, but I can't test more than that remotely.
13:19<MrGandalf>in thinking of a fix, it could be messy
13:20<gbee>I've seen the problem before, but normally my machines are fairly closely sync'd so I'm suprised
13:21<MrGandalf>Well, I run ntp but I also run my own dvbdate on the backend so I suppose there are times when it can get out of sync
13:21<MrGandalf>I suspect it throws off seeking as well
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13:32<CDev>hum... just reading up on qt4 and noticed the following about threading and SQL support.
13:32<CDev>"A connection can only be used from within the thread that created it. Moving connections between threads or creating queries from a different thread is not supported."
13:33<CDev>How do we handle making sure we only use a connection that was created in our own thread if we use the connection pool?
13:47<janneg>per thread connection pools but that sucks
13:48<janneg>or checking if it is just not supported or if it doesn't work
13:49<CDev>Looking through the code, I don't see a per-thread connection pool.
13:50<CDev>I could be missing it... Would have to look closer.
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13:57<gbee>could we not attach a thread id to the connections in the pool? If a connection doesn't exist for the calling thread then create one?
13:58<gbee>I've never looked at the connection pool code, so I could just be talking complete nonsense
13:59<CDev>I was just suprised to see that limitation in the qt documentation. I'm not sure if what we do is a problem, or needs to change. Just thought I would bring it up.
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15:24<laga>hum. how can i currently get recordings from the backend? streaming via myth protocol of course, but i think there is also a way to request files over http using the backend
15:24<laga>i'm wondering how to make mytharchive more network transparent
15:25<gbee>whoops, forgot that signals aren't queued by default
15:27<CDev>beat me to it :)
15:27*laga hugs GreyFoxx
15:27<laga>and CDev ;)
15:27<GreyFoxx>You can get GetRecorded to get the list of recordings
15:28<GreyFoxx>Laga: Check out the MythXMLTest stuff in contrib
15:28<GreyFoxx>very handy
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15:29*GreyFoxx is writing a provisioning system <-> voip cluster configuration gateway. My brain hurts :)
15:30<stuarta>i'm not surprised
15:31<laga>GetRecorded doesn't seem to work for me. is it supposed to work on -fixes?
15:31<GreyFoxx>the two systems were developed independantly and It's like pulling teeth getting each side to agree on what data means what
15:31<laga>never mind. i need to click stuff.
15:31<GreyFoxx>It returns and xml list I believe :)
15:34<laga>GetRecording seems to take a while..
15:34<laga>http://screwless:6544/MythXML/GetRecording?ChanId=56103&StartTime=2008-07-15T19:58:00 - does that looks correct?
15:35<GreyFoxx>looks about right, not in a position to test right now though
15:36<laga>MythXMLTest looks incredibly handy.
15:36<laga>it should be a breeze to make mytharchive more useful that way
15:37<laga>i probably killed my backend :)
15:37<GreyFoxx>I certainly hope not, if so then that needs to be fixed ;)
15:38<laga>it's chewing on 100% CPU
15:38<GreyFoxx>Wow, just from tjhe GetRecorded or GetRecording ?
15:38<laga>it's still filling up the log file with recording related stuff..
15:39<laga>GreyFoxx: it seems it stopped responding when i did the GetRecording
15:39<laga>let me restart the BE
15:43<laga>yes, GetRecording seems to kill it.
15:44<laga>is this upnp stuff? i wonder what verbosity switch i need to use
15:44<GreyFoxx>-v upnp
15:44<GreyFoxx>Just checking my home sutff now to see if the wife is watching something from the backend before I try it :)
15:45<laga>2008-07-15 21:45:40.619 MythXML::GetRecording - GetProgramFromRecorded( 56621, 2008-07-15T18:37:34 ) returned NULL
15:45<laga>2008-07-15 21:45:41.795 HTTPRequest::SendResponse(xml/html) () :404 Not Found -> 2
15:45<laga>okay, i probably got something wrong
15:45<laga>and it's not gone to 100% now
15:46<GreyFoxx>hmmmm I'd love to know what triggered it
15:47<laga>i wonder if it's related to the logging
15:47<GreyFoxx>If anything it should log more detailed info
15:49<GreyFoxx>hmmmm ok it worked as a POST using the GetRecording methd in MythXMLTest
15:50<GreyFoxx>but 404 when calling directly from a browser
15:50<gbee>I'll lay money it's the same old BufferedSocket bug
15:50<laga>i can't reproduce it now.. maybe it was related to the recording that was going on. i don't have enough data to tell for sure
15:51<laga>GreyFoxx: how do you do that?
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15:51<laga>i only see "todo: describe FORM post"
15:51<laga>GreyFoxx: i'll keep an eye on the 100% issue
15:51<gbee>matches the symptoms of that bug, including the inability to reproduce through certain actions
15:51<GreyFoxx>When I click on "Media Retrieval -> GetRecording"
15:51<GreyFoxx>I just enter a starttime and chanid
15:54<laga>back to 100%
15:54<GreyFoxx>Using the XMLTest tool ?
15:54*GreyFoxx fires off another and lets it run for a minute
15:55<CDev>Are you using fixes or trunk
15:55<laga>it's not always reproduicble here.
15:55<GreyFoxx>Hmmm not using 100% here (trunk from 2 weeks ago)
15:56<GreyFoxx>But I find it odd that using a GET returns 404, but a POST works fine
15:57<gbee>depends on system speed and other factors as to how easy it is to reproduce
15:58<laga>okay, GetRecorded seems to have triggered it now.
15:59<laga>GreyFoxx: so, the GetRecording stuff in MythXML works for you?
15:59<laga>i always seem to get a 404
15:59<GreyFoxx>laga: yeah
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16:00<laga>i wonder if that also causes those "100% CPU usage with UPnP" problems
16:00<gbee>there are probably more, they all describe the same problem, gdb always points at a loop in BufferedSocketDevice, but no-one had any ideas when it was looked at six months ago
16:02<gbee>I was looking at it, without success, until we fixed mythweb always re-requesting previews which was the most common trigger of the problem
16:03<laga>i wonder if those "lost requests" mentioned in buffereddevice.cpp are related
16:03<laga>err, bufferedsocketdevice.cpp
16:04<gbee>laga: iirc that's what I was looking at and I even had a patch, but this was just days before the 0.21 launch and once we had a solution which avoided the bug I had other things to work on so it was lost in the sands of time
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16:06<gbee>laga: try uncommenting that block and see if it makes any difference
16:07<laga>good idea. that's something for tomorrow, i've rebuilt myth too many times tonight ;)
16:14<gbee>I was wondering the other day whether BSD was a workaround for a QT bug or similar that QT4 resolves? CDev?
16:15<gbee>since getting rid of it would a nice easy solution ;)
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16:30<CDev>gbee: The bufferedsocketdevice class was created to allow for line processing of a QSocketDevice (doesn't require an event queue) . I copied the code from the QSocket class (at least I think that was the class...)
16:31<gbee>ahh, ok
16:31<CDev>With non-gui event queues now available. This code can, and will be, re-written to use standard qt classes.
16:34*gnome42 points to the patch on #5268 for one source of the backend pegging cpu at 100% (especially during previews)
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16:46<MrGandalf>hmm, first segfault in weeks from mythbackend and it's in QMutex::lock().
16:47<gbee>my QT4 backend has gone down a couple of times in the last month, before that it was up for months
16:48<MrGandalf>I've finally found the secret to stability.
16:48<MrGandalf>mine's only been stable for maybe 2 months now.
16:49<MrGandalf>though I still get a lockup in the scheduler somewhere while trying to lock reclist_lock
16:49<MrGandalf>I added a whole bunch of debugging - now I'm just waiting for it to happen again.
16:51<gbee>wish I'd kept a series or two back from earlier in the year, nothing on at the moment and there is nothing in my recordings list that I want to watch :(
16:56<gnome42>gbee: Yeah, nothing on but ... Jeopardy :)
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16:57<gnome42>BTW: thanks for the heads up about the scheddirect coupon. It worked great!
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17:21*stuarta does the happy dance
17:21<stuarta>gbee: card is working a treat
17:21<gbee>great :) BBC HD?
17:22<stuarta>dunno, haven't got the cpu for it
17:22<stuarta>i'll try it anyway
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17:22<gbee>well you've always got the crappy porn ;)
17:25<stuarta>lots of promo channels so far
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17:40<gbee>there is a lot of rubbish and regional programming, once you'd weeded all that out it doesn't offer much more than Freeview but I expect things will improve
17:44<stuarta>i'm not fussed. i just want to work on improving setup & EIT
17:44<kormoc>Heh, I'm running out of mythweb stuff :P
17:45<stuarta>ooo i can watch stuff in welsh :)
17:46<gbee>kormoc: what's your C++ like? ;)
17:46<kormoc>non-existant! :)
17:46<janneg>kormoc: have you already fixed the oldrecord vs oldrecorded stuff
17:46<kormoc>janneg, haven't heard of it?
17:47<janneg>[17583] use oldrecord but there is no such table
17:47-!-okolsi [n=mythtv@] has joined #mythtv
17:47<janneg>you probably wanted oldrecorded
17:48<kormoc>oh bloody hells, aye!
17:48<janneg>okolsi: hi, you joined in the perfect moment
17:48<kormoc>teach me to test before expanding
17:48<janneg>I told kormoc just about the oldrecord error in [17583]
17:48<gbee>kormoc: is the timezone pixmap bug fixed yet? :)
17:50<kormoc>janneg, okolsi, [17809]
17:50<stuarta>we aren't pulling in any default authority descriptor from freesat
17:50<kormoc>gbee, heh, not yet, waiting for that to get pushed to trunk first :)
17:51<gbee>stuarta: meant to mention that, but guess I forgot
17:51<kormoc>gbee, I do keep meaning to hop on a few smaller c++ stuff, I know c fairly well, it's mainly just qt that's been giving me headaches attempting to figure out :)
17:53<stuarta>hmmm, i thought we had EIT working on freesat
17:53<gbee>I actually liked QT having done a lot of work with PHP, dunno why ...
17:53<gbee>stuarta: we do? at least for Freesat channels, FTA channels which are not part of the Freesat lineup only have now/next data
17:54<gbee>which oddly includes some of the C4/E4/More4 +1 channels
17:55<kormoc>I think most of the stuff is all the weird extra stuff I'll never use, but I'm reading bout
17:55<gbee>kormoc: yeah, might be easier to just get stuck in and learn as you do along
17:56-!-renato_ [n=renato@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
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17:56<kormoc>I should rig up a vm so I can test without killing my main install
17:57<stuarta>ah crap. i've overwritten the log file from the dvb-s scan
17:57<stuarta>i wanted to analyze it :(
17:58<gbee>QT puts a prettier face on a lot of ugliness in C/C++ and STL, but the biggest plus for me is the excellant documentation which I suppose it shares with PHP
17:58*stuarta heads to bed
17:59-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
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18:10<sphery>gbee: regarding your MythWeb-preview-timezone bug, kormoc's comment "waiting for that to get pushed to trunk first" was talking about . (Though when I return home, I'll be finishing up the have frontends/slave backends require proper timezone patch that would go with it. I'm leaving the MythWeb stuff for him, though.)
18:10-!-_gunni_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:10<janneg>kormoc: thanks
18:10<gbee>sphery: ok, thanks for that
18:11<sphery>yeah, the length of the comments on that probably means he may be waiting a while (as no one is going to want to figure out what I was trying to say :)
18:13-!-gustave_ [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070206]"]
18:14<gbee>lost track of whether that fixes the bug I had in mind, where recordings created during BST (DST) done get pixmaps in mythweb because it requests the time one hour off
18:14<kormoc>heh, yeah
18:15<sphery>pretty sure your bug happened because one machine was set to BST and one to GMT (or something).
18:15<gbee>nope, I know that wasn't the case
18:15<sphery>That patch would allow MythWeb to request the time zone ID from the backend, then apply it to the PHP code.
18:15<sphery>so the same rules would apply.
18:16<gbee>just that the code in mythweb converted all times to GMT but not back again to BST when making the request to the backend, or something
18:17<kormoc>it should fix it
18:17<gbee>guess I should have put it all down in a ticket when xris and I debugged it months ago
18:17<kormoc>we do convert everything to unix timestamps and then count on php converting it back to the correct time
18:17<sphery>20080307 12:24:46< gbee> sphery: think you've hit the nail - there was no timezone given in php.ini, when I check phpinfo() it thought the timezone was UTC instead of GMT/BST (I blame the French)
18:18<gbee>sphery: doh, well I blame my memory this time ;)
18:18<sphery>So, it wasn't your machine config, but your PHP config (and PHP's not picking up the right time zone config from the machine)
18:18<kormoc>this should fix that, as the conversion back will go to the correct timezone
18:18<sphery>No, you were right. PHP was wrong.
18:19<gbee>ok, but at least we had it figured out and it's probably fixed, I just haven't use mythweb lately to notice :)
18:19-!-Chutt [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:20<sphery>I just had a partial recollection of the actual problem (but not the source of the problem, so my from-memory description wasn't accurate).
18:21<kormoc>gbee, it's not fixed in mythweb yet, but will be easy-sauce once sphery's patches go in
18:21<sphery>Only reason I remembered any of it is because your debugging and the slew of other users with the same problem got the time zone stuff on my TODO list. :)
18:21<gbee>whereas I had no recollection of reaching the conclusion that it was config related at all
18:21<kormoc>it's actually a php 5ism
18:21<kormoc>php 5 changed how php does time, and I seem to recall it's a php 5.1+ specific change as well
18:22<kormoc>go PHP!
18:23<gbee>time and timezones are one thing that PHP has never done well, I remember that the phpBB devs flat refused to implement daylight savings support in their software because it was a nightmare
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21:15<GreyFoxx>laga If you see this later, I was wrong, it's host:6544/Myth/GetRecording NOT /MythXML/GetRecording
21:15<GreyFoxx>Ive just used it to watch a recording in VLC :)
21:16<GreyFoxx>still no 100% here though
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