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01:44<gbee_>huh, guess that explains the seemingly random zeros that I was seeing printed to the terminal
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01:54<clever>gbee_: ive been getting those too
01:54<clever>patched in trunk head?
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02:06<clever>is that a yes or a no:P
02:16<rooaus>clever: [17864] I believe
02:16<clever>ahh good:)
02:16<clever>i'll update on sunday maybe
02:16<clever>i dont think i have much scheduled for then
02:16<clever>is there any certain db table that the schedule is kept in or is it all in the ram of the master?
02:17<clever>after the scheduling is ran thru all the rules
02:18<rooaus>not sure
02:18<clever>i know the BUQ puts mysql to work to process the massive number of rows in program
02:19<clever>which spews tons of junk into temp tables
02:19<clever>but i dont know if it keeps any arround
02:21<rooaus>I guess it keeps it around, otherwise --printshed would require a reschedule which I don't think happens.
02:22<clever>i think that contacts the master thru the mythtv protocl
02:22<clever>just like the upcoming recordings list
02:22<clever>and -v network says YES
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02:27<clever>looks like its handled in mainserver.cpp
02:29<clever>which does it thru scheduler.h
02:30<clever>which has just a simple for loop, not a sql query
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07:42<gbee_>CC is broken for HD, positioned as though it were SD (i.e. half way up the screen and to the left)
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07:43<laga>gbee: like this?
07:45<gbee>no, higher up and they don't extend the full width of the screen, plus there are some character kerning problems but those might just be the font
07:46<gbee>little puzzled why BBC HD is using CC instead of the image based DVB Subtitle stuff they use on SD/Freeview
07:46<gbee>but they are and we're not drawing it correctly
07:47<laga>ah. okay. the screenshot i posted above is just an issue in the mythbnuntu (also in grayhem AFAIK)
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08:29<gbee>laga: what's wrong exactly in that screenshot? The banner is higher than it should be?
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11:13<brewmaster>i just did a fresh install of mythbuntu, and i can't get mythtv-setup to run without giving me "Can't connect to database?"
11:13<brewmaster>i can't seem to find any solution
11:13<brewmaster>tons of people have posted in various forums
11:14<brewmaster>i believe i have the proper qt / mysql packages installed
11:14<brewmaster>any ideas?
11:15<leprechau>brewmaster, read the topic...not the right place
11:24<gbee>brewmaster: there is a #mythbuntu channel too
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12:46<laga>gbee: yes.
12:47<gbee>ok, that's odd - it affects all themes, or could it just be that PG has defined positioning that high up the screen?
12:48<laga>gbee: blue is OK. i think it's just PG.. i guess someone will make a patch soon and i'll forward it to you guys..
12:49<gbee>guess Justin probably intended for it to be like that, but if it's going to annoy people then I'm sure we'll consider a patch
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12:52<gbee>fixing it should be easy, just need to change a single y coordinate in the theme
12:54<laga>go ahead then :)
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13:00<laga>or tgm4483 will do it later
13:01<laga>he complained about it ;)
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15:47<gbee>"Forget Previous" and "Record Anyway" aren't working on a programme which is marked as as "Previously Recorded
15:48<gbee>anyone else seeing this bug in trunk?
15:50<gbee>I had to delete the episode from "Previously Recorded" before it would let the recording go ahead
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19:31<joat>Does anyone have a schema map for the mysql databases (i'm being lazy)? I'm attempting to write a function that tells Myth to rescan the tv folder
19:31<GreyFoxx>"rescan" it ?
19:32<GreyFoxx>When does it ever scan it?
19:32<GreyFoxx>Or are you looking to have it find files it doesn't have a recorded entry for ?
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19:32<iamlindoro>or do you mean MythVideo?
19:37<iamlindoro>The more I try to figure out what he's asking the more my head hurts. I'm going to guess he means prevent the need to enter Video Manager or rescan MythVideo from a shell
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19:39<joat>GregFoxx: I sometimes delete files via non-Myth means which causes errors... it's a pain to have to create dummy files just so's I can then delete them
19:39<iamlindoro>joat: --dodbdelete?
19:39<joat>iamlindoro: mostly it's via MythWeb
19:41<joat>i'm both annoyed and pleased with that interface, btw
19:41<iamlindoro>joat: Is there something the find_orphans script doesn't do that you need?
19:42<joat>i'm still learning about the backend coding... was looking to write some custom interfaces and was trying to get out of having to map the schemas
19:44<joat>kinda got the idea that find_orphans did the opposite of what i was trying to do (finding orphaned files vice removing disassociated entries in the db)
19:44<iamlindoro>It does both
19:45<sphery>joat: You can delete recording entries even if the DB metadata isn't there. You just have to delete them one by one.
19:46<sphery>I'm adding functionality that will automatically find files in the recordings dir(s) without metadata and add them to Myth and that will, upon request, find metadata for which no files exist (and allow a "Delete All" functionality without prompting for confirmation for each)
19:46<joat>sphery: they return the next time I visit the web page... the only way to make them go away permanently is to give it a dummy video file to delete (i.e., touch 1018_20080717220000.mpg)
19:46<iamlindoro>or run --dodbdelete
19:47<joat>iamlindoro: i'll try that...
19:47<hads>Or don't delete files out from underneath it
19:47<iamlindoro>Or that :)
19:48<joat>can't help it... I just gotta tweak!
19:53<sphery>joat: If you delete the metadata from mythfrontend, it will go away after the prompt, "Recording Unavailable. The file for this recording can not be found," where you should select "Delete". Use the action menu to do the delete.
19:54<sphery>joat: And, of course, hads is completely correct--MythTV data files aren't yours to delete. Use MythTV (mythfrontend or MythWeb) to delete the files.
19:54<joat>Mythweb was what I was using...
19:54<sphery>joat: did you notice, also, that I said I'm already working on what you're asking for.
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19:55<sphery>Then, head over to #mythtv-users and ask for help properly configuring MythWeb. You have file/database permission issues in your MythWeb configuration.
19:55<joat>nah... it's cause by using non-myth tools to manage the files...
19:56*iamlindoro 's brain asplodes
19:56<joat>the regular setup works fine...
19:57<sphery>MythWeb /is/ a Myth tool. It properly deletes recordings. If you're saying that you're deleting them out from under Myth, then trying to use MythWeb to delete the recording metadata, just don't do the first part--use /only/ MythWeb to delete both the file and the metadata.
19:57<joat>i didn't like the stability of the media mvp interface so i'm working on some work-arounds... problem is that each new "fix" comes with two or three issues of its own
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20:16<superm1>Hum, what is "No more queue slots!" repeatedly in mythbackend.log indicative of?
20:17<superm1>a quick google search shows that it was fixed sometime back
20:17<superm1>but this is a fairly modern build
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