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10:07<gbee_>what happened to the native aac decoder for ffmpeg that someone was working on last year?
10:12<janneg>it is being reviewed
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11:24<gbee_>janneg: thanks
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13:08<janneg>does anyone remember what the problem was in
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13:24<laga>xris: so, it looks like you can improve mythweb load times *a lot* by letting the browser cache the javascript:
13:24<laga>xris: is that a safe modification? of course, one year is a bit long.
13:24<xris>didn't know the browser *didn't* cache the js.
13:24<xris>but yeah, that would help.
13:24<xris>I suppose I could force an "expires" date way in the future
13:24<xris>kormoc and I have been pondering just using google's cache, too
13:25<laga>google's cache? does it download a .js file from the intarwebs?
13:26<xris>google is offering a service now to host a bunch of the popular javascript framework files
13:27<xris>only annoyance is that both prototype and scriptaculous (used by mythweb) requested that google *not* offer compressed versions.
13:28<gbee>what about mythweb installs which aren't on internet connected networks?
13:28<laga>yeah, i was just going to say.
13:29<xris>we were going to offer an option for either.. for those people who don't trust one or the other
13:29<xris>or for offline isntalls
13:29<gbee>or those who would rather google didn't track their IP
13:29<gbee>sounds fair
13:30<laga>maybe offer the "expires" date as a third option?
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13:43<danielk22>hmm, have all the mythtv tables been converted to utf8? I'm seeing a lot of ".utf8()" stuff in the plugins..
13:43<danielk22>mostly for DB access
13:46<janneg>danielk22: are you sure you're looking at the right branch?
13:47<janneg>the plugins were completely ported during the qt4 port
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13:51<janneg>danielk22: mythplugins/mythgallery/mythgallery/thumbview.cpp is the only file I see grep which uses *utf8() in db queries
13:52<danielk22>latin1() is used for the phone stuff, not quite the same though.
13:53<janneg>there is a bunch of .utf8() in mythmusic used for file metadata parsing
13:54<danielk22>yup, that's probably the biggest user of utf8() in the plugins.
13:57<janneg>danielk22: has_library() in configure causes troubles for cross-compiling. do you know a reason not to use check_lib() from ffmpeg?
13:58<janneg>the latter tries to compile and link
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15:21<gbee>mythvideo in a couple of places uses 0 and 9 as hotkeys, they seem to be generally applied to mean 'Next/Done' and 'Cancel', it's the only plugin these keys are used in this way
15:23<gbee>does anyone use these? If we want hotkeys for certain actions I think they should be consistent across the whole of myth, which really means moving it to mythscreentype and emitting "done" and "cancel" signals that screens can hook up to actions
15:24<kormoc>I'm for that
15:24<gbee>of course lots of people also use 0 & 9 for other things, in some screens it means pgup/pgdown for example
15:24<kormoc>but doesn't mythmusic use the same keys?
15:25<danielk22>even if anyone uses these they shouldn't be mapped by default; the "normal" binding for 0 & 9 are pgup/pgdown
15:27<gbee>kormoc: aye, it's a bit messy, a lot of these things were added for users who had no arrow buttons on their remote - I'm not sure that's a valid argument anymore since new remotes are cheap and easy to obtain, but I'd suggest a setting to enable such number based navigation which would also prefix all buttons using them with the number - e.g. "0. Done", "9. Cancel)
15:29<gbee>danielk22 was asing for hotkey support for the settings, I've a feeling those two ideas could be combined in a remote friendly manner - the current QT hotkeys are useless unless you are using a keyboard
15:30<gbee>I'll give it some thought but I'll go ahead and remove those 'bindings' from mythvideo for the moment
15:30<gbee>it's only two screens and seems more like a legacy thing
15:42<clever>2008-07-22 16:42:06.417 MSqlQuery::exec() "SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'UseVirtualKeyboard' AND hostname = 'theP4' ;"
15:42<clever>i seem to be doing that 10-15 times in a row when flipping thru the settings pages
15:42<clever>cant be helping the speed
15:45<gbee>not using the settings cache
15:49<clever>took 5mins to find it:P
15:49<clever>'lieutenant obvious'
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17:50<mikegrb> /win 22
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18:13<gbee>includes Trac integration
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21:34<KungFuJesus>hello, I'm having some serious mythtv issues, and I'm not sure why
21:34<KungFuJesus>this machine worked perfectly until I updated nvidia drivers and updated xorg to 7.3
21:35<KungFuJesus>can anyone help me? My frontend's log is crowded with prebuffering pauses
21:35<KungFuJesus>mplayer works fine with xvmc. It has to be mythtv because it even gets screwy without xvmc on
21:37<hads>Please see the topic
21:38<KungFuJesus>gahhh, it goes to far over my buffer for irssi to read it, I'm in an ssh session
21:38<KungFuJesus>what's the channel?
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21:40<KungFuJesus>ah I see, well does this problem seem familiar to you?
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21:41<KungFuJesus>have you guys tested the .21 builds against xorg-7.3?
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21:50<KungFuJesus>ok that channel is pretty much worthless at the moment, there doesn't seem to be anyone in there who can help me :(
21:51<GreyFoxx>Don't be an ass
21:51<GreyFoxx>I told you to use -v playback and check the output
21:54<KungFuJesus>oh, where do I specify this verbose flag at?
21:54<GreyFoxx>whereever you are launching mythfrontend
21:54<GreyFoxx>or just open and xterm and run it manually there
21:55<GreyFoxx>might wanna ensure you are logging the output to a file as it will bea lot of stuff
21:55<GreyFoxx>these are still -users questions so we should continue over there
21:55<KungFuJesus>k, hold on
21:57<GreyFoxx>add playback to the end of that file
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