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00:31<gregbrady>I'm looking to replace my software based ATI tuner card, which seems of little value, and I was wondering what the best card to get was?
00:31<gregbrady>Standard Definition
00:32<gregbrady>AMD 3500+
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00:35<Anduin>gregbrady: You want #mythtv-users
00:35<gregbrady>Sorry about that
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01:45<pablo>hi, do i need any special service from my tv provider to be able to use mythtv? form where does it gets the channels schedule?
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03:27<anykey_>Is the coreavc patch still working?
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13:51<danielk22>Has anyone looked at QMap::operator[] lately? See:
13:54<danielk22>Valgrind is telling me that it leaks-a-lot... This is just one example, it's reporting this in a number of places where map[key] = newvalue is done where there already exists a value in the map for that key.
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13:57<janneg>danielk22: what exact QMap type is it? I wouldn't expect it to free the oldvalue if a new value is assigned to the same key
13:58<danielk22>actually in this case QMap<uint,int>
13:58<janneg>that shouldn't leak memory, both
13:58<danielk22>it appears to be leaking RB-tree nodes, not data.
13:58<danielk22>i.e. not application data
13:59<danielk22>rather qt library data appears to be leaking.
13:59<danielk22>It may just be Valgrind lying.. I'm downloading the qt sources...
14:00<janneg>s/lying/being confused/
14:04<danielk22>FYI Other than this, I can't seem to find any real leaks...
14:07<stuartm>frontend or backend? There is the often reported backend leak somewhere in the PES packet stuff
14:08<danielk22>I'm only looking at the backend.
14:08<danielk22>The only apparent leak in the backend PES packet stuff is the QMap::operator[]
14:09<danielk22>Of course it may only be in the DVB side of the code and not the ATSC side, in which case I wouldn't see it.
14:09<janneg>stuartm: that's probably caused by valgrind being confused by our custom memory allocator
14:09<janneg>no, I haven't seen apparent leaks in the DVB side
14:10<stuartm>janneg: possibly, but users are reporting a real growth in memory when recording back to back over a compressed period
14:11<stuartm>I took a look at it for a couple of hours a while back, I couldn't see anything - QMap wasn't showing up in valgrind at all, the only question mark I had was over a particular corner case when we discarded incomplete packets
14:11<danielk22>stuartm: true, which is why I looked today.. I wish I had found something so I could fix it.
14:11<stuartm>but then I became distracted by other things - mpeg stream parsing isn't my area of expertise
14:12<danielk22>I did find two small leaks, which I'll be patching shortly.
14:15<danielk22>hmm, maybe it's some particular EITFixup code?
14:19<janneg>maybe, I can test only a small part of the fixups
14:23<danielk22>k, looking at qmap.h it looks ok to me, so I'll ignore valgrind on that one..
14:24<gnome42>danielk22: Does always using _pat_version.insert(tsid, version) do the right thing? Quoting qt3/4 docs, "If there is already an item with the key key, that item's value is replaced with value."
14:24<gnome42>oh, ignoring it now, ok. :)
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19:48<danielk22>heh, after running mythbackend for several hours valgrind reports 1,106 bytes lost. I don't think I'm doing whatever triggers the leak.
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20:23<Chutt>danielk22, heh
20:23<Chutt>when i first read that, i thought "that's huge!", quickly followed by "oh, this is for a real computer"
20:24<danielk22>hehehe, yes for a PIC it be huge :)
20:25<Chutt>i'm so used to embedded crap these days
20:27<danielk22>Honestly I don't know if those bytes are even really leaked I looked at the code in question it looked ok.
20:28<danielk22>But I didn't spend that much time on in, since these are obviously not the source of the big leak people are seeing.
20:32<Chutt>what about big chunks of potentially lost/still reachable data?
20:32<Chutt>well, abnormally large chunks of that, rather
20:33<danielk22>2,247,419 bytes in 18,940 blocks.
20:34<danielk22>but I had disabled the MPEG allocator, so anything lost there would have shown up as really being lost.
20:35<danielk22>possibly lost: 124,628 bytes in 3,582 blocks.
20:35<Chutt>nothing major, then
20:35<danielk22>Of the possibly lost: 117,440 bytes are just thread local storage which I know isn't really lost.
20:36<danielk22>yeah, I expected more than 2MB considering buffers, etc.
20:37<danielk22>there must be some code path I'm not exercising...
20:38<danielk22>well I was collecting ATSC EIT. And Janne said he's not seeing leaks with DVB EIT
20:38<danielk22>But there are also the fixups, those are specific to broadcasters or even channels..
20:39<danielk22>And it tends to not be the best code because there is usually only one or maybe two people who contribute to each one.
20:40<danielk22>We review them by reading em... but things can slip through
20:40<danielk22>anyway, dinner is ready... ttyl
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20:42<Nostahl>hi guys
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