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02:09<dreamor>I'm just now setting up Myth, does anyone use the transmitted guide or does everyone use schedules direct?
02:10<dreamor>Sorry wrong channel
02:10<dreamor>Just noticed the heading
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08:22<gbee>Can we delete mfe/mfd yet? :)
08:24<laga>someone reported a bug against mythtv trunk in the ubuntu bug tracker. weird.
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08:40<gbee>feck, generictree is going to be a pig to convert to QT4
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09:02<anny__>can MythBrowser (which i read was based on the KHTML layout engine) display shockwave objects?
09:02<laga>can anything on linux display shockwave objects?
09:03<fred_basset>you are having a giraffe
09:04<fred_basset>tbh it can't even do html well
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09:04<fred_basset>which is why it is deceased pending a complete rewrite
09:04<Dibblah>Is it Friday already?
09:05<Dibblah>Well bugger me sideways with a fishwife, it is.
09:05<fred_basset>you can keep your fishwife
09:05<Dibblah>anny__: MythBrowser is probably not going to be Flash / Java / ... capable in trunk, when it's reimplemented.
09:06<Dibblah>Since webkit doesn't do plugins that I can see.
09:06<anny__>laga: firefox is able to
09:06<laga>anny__: on linux? i doubt that
09:06<fred_basset>firefox != webkit
09:07<Catbert>Dibblah: doesn't webkit? I'm surprised.
09:07<anny__>well i'm not sure what u mean, but i can browse youtube in firefox
09:07<laga>that's not shockwave
09:07<laga>that's flash
09:07<fred_basset>someone only started rewriting it last week
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09:07<anny__>ah sorry
09:07<Dibblah>Whups - Didn't realise we're in #mythtv
09:07<anny__>i meant flash
09:08<anny__>can MythBrowser display flash
09:08<fred_basset>mythbrowser is dead, deceased, it is an ex-parrot
09:08<Dibblah>anny__: And we should really stay in #mythtv-users unless you are developing a patch ;)
09:09<Catbert>who's working on mythbrowser?
09:09<anny__>sorry about that, but myth-usres don't seem to answer
09:09<anny__>so i tried here
09:09*janneg wonders when his isp thinks it would be a good idea to patch their dns-servers
09:09<anny__>anyway, one final question is there a browser plugin (based on gecko for ex)
09:10<Catbert>cant see your questions in #users..... everyone in here is also in users btw.
09:10<Catbert>janneg: ouch.... opendns time?
09:10<Dibblah>Okay, I lied. - There are patches.
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09:20<laga>Cardoe: i'm not :)
09:20<laga>err, ivor. sorry.
09:20<ivor>laga: sorry. switched again. :)
09:23<Cardoe>Dibblah: anny__: I've brought this up before. If mythbrowser is going to come back in 0.22, it should just require qt 4.4 and use webkit
09:24<Dibblah>Cardoe: See the discussion that happened not that long ago.
09:24<fred_basset>Cardoe: that started last week
09:25<Dibblah>"I'm fine with adding a dependency on Qt4.4. I think the benefits of having a webbrowser widget in mythui vastly outweigh the downside of a few distros without packages." - Isaac.
09:26<ivor>are there any thoughts/attempt to make the browser more remote friendly than just an embedded web widget?
09:26<laga>someone mentioned that it would be possible to disable mythbrowser if qt < 4.4 was found. that'd be a good idea
09:26<fred_basset>can you say "design phase"
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09:26<ivor>laga: agreed.
09:26<fred_basset>laga: that was me :)
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09:26<ivor>fred_basset: no, usually I just blunder ahead and hack away actually.
09:26<laga>because i really would like to see 0.22 backported to ubuntu hardy :)
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09:27<stuarta>what i meant was the new mythbrowser is only just being conceptualized so input at this stage might be welcomed
09:27<gbee>Cardoe: it will
09:28<stuarta>gbee: post turn up?
09:28<ivor>stuarta: ah. ic. I have ideas then. :)
09:28<gbee>nope :(
09:28*stuarta shoots royal mail
09:28<gbee>webkit does support the netscape plugin API apparently, at least the Apple version
09:29<stuarta>well that's a start
09:30<Dibblah>gbee: Only very recently.
09:30<gbee>ahh, ok, just read on a trolltech blog that it's missing from 4.4 but will be restored in 4.5
09:31<ivor>the reaktivate plugin for konqueror was quite a cute/neat/working-ish idea.
09:31<ivor>wonder what happened ti it.
09:32<ivor>used wine to run windows plugins inside konq on linux.
09:32<gbee>ivor: the plan is definately to make mythbrowser more remote and TV friendly, or at least that would be my plan but I don't know what Paul has planned
09:33<ivor>who's paul? is he starting the mythbrowser work? (I really should catch up with the mailing lists)
09:33<stuarta>don't think he's in here much
09:33<gbee>Paul Harrison, he's announced his intention to work on mythbrowser using webkit and mythui
09:34<gbee>I've never seen him in IRC, which is a shame
09:36<ivor>ok found the thread in mythdev. jul17th so I guess nothing actually happening yet.
09:36<stuarta>pretty much
09:36<ivor>I'm on qt4.4 though so I don't mind prodding about.
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09:37<ivor>always the trouble with choosing against gecko though isn't there... since all the queries will come in about various plugins not being available or working.
09:44<gbee>if you want to integrate gecko as tightly as we can webkit (qt4) then I'm sure no-one is going to complain, especially if the engine is switchable - but that means abstracting it much like we do with the painters
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09:45<ivor>didn't say I wanted to. :) I hate the gecko rendering engine. khtml rules. it was just an opinion.
09:45<gbee>fact is that we can't and shouldn't treat mythbrowser like a desktop browser, it's not and never will be the same thing - the uses for a TV based (10ft UI) and remote controlled browser just aren't going to be the same
09:46<ivor>gbee: indeedey. and the trouble is making sure that any widget lets you have full control of how you interract with it.
09:47<ivor>I've been impressed with using the latest opera mobile browser. lots of ideas for limited input navigation there.
09:47<gbee>shame that khtml and webkit aren't going to converge
09:48<gbee>I can understand some of the reasons though
09:49<ivor>different goals. not sure what the current khtml plan/direction is. haven't talked to anyone about it for ages.
09:55<gbee>in terms of browsers I can see where everyone would have different ideas, but a layout engine would seem to be the one place where having fewer would be an improvement
09:55<gbee>but I'm not the expert, you are, so my opinion doesn't really have much value ;)
09:57<ivor>indeed, that would be the sensible option... but if you've ever looked at the gecko code, you might have doubts about using that as the base for a common one. :) khtml was chosen by apple for a reason, but they needed to have full control of the source for their "ends", which was a shame.
10:00<ivor>should be able to make a nice mythbrowser interface off qt4.4 though. (just browsing the qt4 ref atm)
10:01<ivor>quite hookable
10:03<ivor>oooh, I've got an idea..... that's the weekend sorted then. :)
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11:19<andycas>Is there a online radio stream plugin for mythtv?
11:19<laga>andycas: /topic
11:19<andycas>oops, sorry :)
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12:46<gbee>agh, qSort is a pain
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13:07<danielk22>gbee: just use the STL sort function..
13:07<danielk22>stable_sort() is quick and allows for duplicate keys
13:17<gbee>more a matter of scope right now, the sort function used in GenericTree uses member variables, so can't be static
13:18<gbee>they used to use QPtrList::sort() where the compare function was just a member of the list
13:18<Chutt>danielk22, hah, you may think you're done, but try removing qt3support from the .pro =)
13:19<gbee>ahh, he's converted GenericTree
13:19*gbee goes to take a look
13:19*gbee ignores the wasted effort of the last couple of hours
13:20<danielk22>chutt: I know, a lot of things are pulled in from libmyth
13:20<Chutt>i'm talkin 'bout the qt3 support member functions/defines/etc
13:20<danielk22>oh, you mean the extra methods
13:21<gbee>or not
13:21<danielk22>yeah, I did try it.. but there was so much static from things in libmyth which will hopefully be replaced by mythui that I left it be.
13:21<Chutt>there's _lots_ :(
13:22<danielk22>yeah, once we get rid of the Qt3 classes we can start worrying about the methods,defines,etc. :P
13:22<gbee>danielk22: which is just one reason I was glad that I was copying GenericTree and not moving it, I can ignore everything in the plugins and libmyth
13:23<gbee>I've got it converted to qt4 except for the sorting
13:23<danielk22>gbee: I only patched GenericTree where needed for the libmythtv conversion.. libmyth needs individual attention...
13:23<gbee>I'm tempted to just drop the attribute sorting
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13:45<gbee>is it time to drop mfd/mfe? Doesn't seem much point porting them to mythui
13:50<gbee>nevermind, I forgot they aren't in built by default anyway so it doesn't prevent me removing old ui code
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14:04<CDev-m>gbee: have you looked at QtAlgorithms qSort?
14:04<gbee>CDev-m: that's what I was using, but it requires a static sort function, unless I'm missing some trick
14:05<gbee>which is entirely possible, hence why I've just commented it out for now so I can go back after I've had the chance to think it through
14:07<gbee>see the top of MythGenericTree
14:07<CDev-m>the static method shouldn't be a problem. and it should be fairly small.
14:08<CDev-m>on my phone. slow typing :(
14:13<CDev-m>doesn't look too bad, I'd just have a static method per sort-type and call qSort with the appropriate one.
14:14<CDev-m>sounds like you know what to do... don't need me giving you advise
14:24<gbee>it's not the sort-types which are the issue, it's the attribute sort - we sort based on an arbitary value from the m_attributes list, to do that we need to pass in the index of the value
14:25<gbee>mythmusic for example uses six attributes (ints) to define different ordering, by album, by artist, random, intelligent etc
14:27<gbee>each value is calculated once on the initial database load and assigned to each node (track)
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14:28<gbee>I'm not fond of the current stuff in mythmusic, so this could be an excuse to change things
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15:14<gbee>not just scrolling which is broken in the QT widgets with 4.4, some buttons/dialogs aren't working at all
15:16<gbee>hmm, they are working, but some of the "Don't Record", "Never Record" stuff isn't so it just looks like they aren't doing anything
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15:24<danielk22>FYI Editable Comboboxes are also broken after the port. Whatever text you enter is ignored and one of the default values is used instead.
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16:26<danielk22>Ref #5512. Anyone know if the "" call is really needed, are we relying on some side effect?
16:32<janneg>danielk22: unlikely, it's probably just copied from quotedPrintableEncode
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16:33<janneg>and I doubt the QByteArray::data() has side-effects
16:40<gbee>QByteArray has base64 support in QT4, is that part of qCodec still required?
16:42<gbee>I'm not sure which bits of qcodec we're actually using
16:45<janneg>gbee: base64 != quoted printable
16:46<gbee>janneg: so we're using the quoted printable stuff then ... ;)
16:46<janneg>I don't know
16:47<gbee>I was just looking at qcodec in general, wondering if it's even required with QT4 - but it was just an idle question, feel free to ignore me ;)
16:50<janneg>the only used function seems to be QCodecs::base64Encode(), so your question is valid
16:54<gbee>lucky guess, it seemed the most likely
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19:18<gbee>Anduin: err, sorry?
19:38<xris>hah. so I apparently *did* go to OSCON.. at least, a picture of me did:
19:49<Anduin>gbee: huh? Oh, xmlparse.cpp I assume, meh, can't stop progress because I refuse to let things die (and won't check them in)
19:49<gbee>heh, and a guy with no legs
19:51<gbee>Anduin: figured you didn't mean anything particular by it, just coincided with my changes so ... :)
19:52<gbee>I don't _have_ to start deleting stuff from libmyth yet, but it's cathartic
19:54<gbee>plus I figure that it might stop people using the old code instead of making the effort to convert to mythui instead, thus making my job a little easier
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20:30<iamlindoro>Mmmm... I think the QfG II remake is coming out this weekend
20:30<iamlindoro>gah, wrong channel, sorry
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