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00:40<grnmtn> does anyone know how to automatically load all metadata with mythvideo?
00:42<grnmtn>oops, sorry just saw the developers note thing
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01:45<alex1> Hi I get this when I run mythfrontend and click on watch TV. when I do it the screen goes black for a sec, then he menu pops back up.
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04:54<Quentusrex>How do I get my mythtv box to use my hdmi connection to output the video rather than use the vga connection
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05:22<laga>Quentusrex: /topic
05:24<xris>laga: (have to show off to someone who's awake ;)
05:25<laga>thanks for not using flash.
05:25<xris>the old app did. you can see it in use on sites like
05:26<xris>google maps is just so much more cool. :)
05:26<laga>some mainboard manufacturer uses flash to display images. if you zoom in, it doesn't load a version with higher res - you just get a blocky, scaled up.. oh the horrors
05:27<xris>that's probably the same thing. it's an app called TrueSpectra. who went out of business a year or two ago and got bought out by some new place that charges WAY more money than it's worth
05:27<xris>anyway, it's 2:30 AM.. I need to sleep.
05:28*stuarta waves
05:28<laga>i must say this is pretty cool.
05:29<xris>laga: believe me, my boss was impressed. :)
05:29<xris>*I* was impressed. it's slick.
05:38<Virindi>that's pretty neat :)
05:50<clever>xris: nice site
05:50<clever>i made a php based gps program awhile back
05:50<clever>it used php/gd to draw the lat/long into a raw jpeg when loading the 'image'
05:51<clever>i tried to tie it into google some by making it spew a javascript array for the google api to draw but it didnt work very well
05:51<clever>and ive since lost the half of the script to feed the serial->mysql so i cant log any new datapoints
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05:52<clever>it was 2-3 reinstalls ago
05:52<clever>i suspect its in a 3gig tar file but thats alot to dig thru
06:12<Virindi>only 3gb huh :P
06:12<Virindi>you don't keep much stuff on your system
06:14<clever>Virindi: that was the entire harddrive:P
06:14<Virindi>that must have been a really long time ago, then
06:14<clever>i made the whole php script system on that redhat9 install
06:15<clever>which i later tar'ed up and reformated
06:15<clever>it then became ubuntu 6.06
06:15<clever>which i upgraded several times
06:15<clever>then the hdd went tits up and now its running nfs root using the drive purely as swap
06:15<Virindi>I still have a fedora install that I want to get rid of but the data on it is too large for any single harddrive I have so formatting would be a pain
06:16<clever>happens alot
06:16<clever>i just shuffle the data out in peices and resize the partition to be smaller
06:16<clever>then uninstall every package i can and keep shrinking the partition
06:16<clever>then just image the whole thing and delete it
06:16<Virindi>it's raid5 on 300gb drives and I don't have any bigger drives than that, though I suppose I could buy a new one big enough to hold it all now
06:17<Virindi>that's how I've done every upgrade in the past, I've just waited for drive sizes to get so big backups are simple
06:18<Virindi>I want Debian though, fedora just sucks
06:18<clever>i think it was this 2gig home.tar
06:18<clever>or the other rootsystem.tar.bz2 which is 340mb compressed
06:19<Virindi>you zip everything? Why not just /home and /etc?
06:19<clever>i grabed the entire /
06:19<clever>most of my php scripts where under /var/www/
06:20<clever>and there may have been more scripts in places like /bin/
06:20<Virindi>better than losing something
06:21<Virindi>I still have programs I wrote in VB1 in 1992
06:21<clever>i still have a qbasic program i wrote:P
06:21<clever>3d rendering
06:22<Virindi>3D rendering in qbasic? That's impressive.
06:22<clever>it took xyz cords and drew them onscreen
06:22<clever>wireframe and solid colored faces
06:22<clever>no antialiasing
06:22<clever>i also had mixed text/graphic mode
06:22<clever>half the screen was graphic and half was text
06:23<Virindi>There was a way to do pixel graphics in qbasic?
06:23<clever>had a range of modes for every resolution
06:23<clever>including ones below 640x480
06:24<Virindi>well, back then everything used 'mode x'
06:25<clever>the lastmod on the files in home.tar are from 2005
06:25<clever>and 2006
06:26<clever>yep this root tar is redhat9
06:26<clever>thats the only distro i ran with a 2.4 kernel
06:27<Virindi>sigh, 2.4 was a huge pain
06:27<Virindi>and YAST...sheesh
06:27<clever>hasnt caused me much of a problem
06:27<Virindi>yes...on suse
06:27<clever>never heard of it
06:27<Virindi>I ran suse before redhat
06:28<Virindi>the first time I ran linux was on a 33mhz 486, it took a week just to get X to start
06:28<clever>i have a 33mhz 486 sx upstairs!
06:29<clever>4mb of ram i think
06:29<clever>duke nukem 3d wont even run:P
06:29<clever>lol, i found /proc intact in this tar!
06:29<clever>i can see every running process and every open file
06:29<Virindi>maybe ttyquake... :P
06:29<clever>it has 2 empty ram slots
06:30<clever>but the lack of a math processor will hurt the speed of the 3d stuff
06:31<Virindi>Doom always worked fine, even on a 386, though sometimes you had to make the window smaller
06:31<clever>didnt you allways run fullscreen back then:P
06:31<Virindi>yeah, in doom you can press -...
06:31<Virindi>yes it's fullscreen, but
06:32<Virindi>if your system is too slow you hit -, which adds a progressively larger no-render border around the outside
06:32<clever>gbee: it isnt even mythtv related:P
06:32<clever>yeah i remember that from dn
06:33<gbee>yeah, but I don't suppose I'll stop you two talking, I'd just rather it didn't clutter this channel :)
06:33<clever>then off to pm we could go:P
06:33<Virindi>bah, nobody else is saying anything more important :|
06:33<clever>lol yeah!
06:34<gbee>yeah, but those devs who are AFK like to read scrollback when they return and that's made harder if they have to read through non-dev, non-mythtv related chat
06:35<clever>gbee: i do that alot on many channels
06:39<Virindi>actually I've been thinking I might want to get involved in mythtv
06:40<clever>pick a ticket and try to patch it:P
06:40<Virindi>I've never worked on an OSS project before though
06:41<clever>mythtv also uses alsa and jack:P
06:41<clever>and arts i think
06:41<laga>i guess he meant open source.
06:41<laga>not open sound
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07:54<gbee>"The theme (home) is missing a themeinfo.xml file " << Err, somethings broken there
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08:52<lunaris>I need some help about mythtv
08:52<laga>lunaris: read the topic ;)
08:52<lunaris>and bye
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10:54<MrGandalf>has anyone put together a libavcodec patch from ffmpeg trunk with the latest fixes from Michael yet? (h264)
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11:56<janneg>MrGandalf: I'm syncing now, patch will be posted later today or tomorrow
11:56<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks.. I think I'm almost there on a patch myself.. if I can just get past the segfault.
11:56<janneg>if you're impatient you could try to just use the h264.c from ffmpeg
11:57<MrGandalf>nope, too many changes since -fixes
12:00<MrGandalf>are you going to backport the patch?
12:01<janneg>to release-0-21-fixes? no
12:01<MrGandalf>then my work is usefull :)
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12:03<MrGandalf>I'm close.. I can get it to play for a few seconds and it looks good, but I'm getting a segfault and the core dump is not helping me. suspecting bad cccache.
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12:36<gbee>h264 improvements?
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13:22<MrGandalf>gbee: yep
13:22<gbee>I'll have to take a look then :)
13:22<MrGandalf>got it working with -fixes, except for calls to xchg_mb_border()
13:23<MrGandalf>which doesn't matter to us (deblocking), but it should be fixed anyway I suppose.
13:26<gbee>I'd be interested in -fixes patches
13:30<MrGandalf>they may contain changes not necessary for the fix though
13:32<gbee>no worries
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14:46<MrGandalf>think I got it now..
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15:32<MrGandalf>hmm, nope
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15:45<MrGandalf>but calls to xchg_mb_border() are broken (dest_y gets out of bounds)
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15:58<MrGandalf>maybe janneg could take a look :)
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17:34<gbee>MrGandalf: thanks, I'll take a look tomorrow
17:41<MrGandalf>hmm, skiploop filter turned off seems to really same on CPU
17:41<MrGandalf>I really have to wonder what that's for.
17:45<gbee>uses less on mine, not by much but enough to make a difference
17:52<gbee>maybe 5-10% less on each core, can't remember exactly
18:09<Dibblah>MrGandalf: Skip loopfilter.
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18:09<Dibblah>... The h.264 specs include in-loop (ie inside the decode cycle) deringing / deblocking.
18:11<Dibblah>So the decoder is expected to do deblocking and deringing. With it turned completely off if I understand right, the video will diverge significantly from the intended content over time. Best to leave it on for keyframes.
18:13<MrGandalf>I still don't understand what that really means though\
18:13<danielk22>it's also a big part of what lets h.264 videos look better than mpeg-2 at the same bitrate
18:14<danielk22>with mpeg-2 you end up wasting more bits on correcting for these artifacts in the B & P frames
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18:14<danielk22>It's in the B & P frames where this processing gives you the most benefit.
18:14<MrGandalf>I can almost keep it on, but occasionally it takes too much CPU.
18:15<Dibblah>MrGandalf: It's not "On" or "Off".
18:15<Dibblah>Look at the other settings in that enum.
18:15<Dibblah>Deringing and deblocking were completely optional in mpeg2.
18:15<MrGandalf>besides, that patch I put together likely has deblocking broken anyway
18:16<Dibblah>For example, ffmpeg doesn't do deblocking as we are using it.
18:16<Dibblah>That's externally implemented in pp.
18:17<Dibblah>And it's outside the main loop - So you can turn it off without affecting temporal picture quality.
18:17<danielk22>dibblah: Which isn't as effective. As I understand it h.264 can depend on it and so correct for errors in the deblocking itself.
18:18<Dibblah>Yup. Like I said, it's integral to h.264 - Not an optional part of the spec.
18:18<MrGandalf>ok, what exactly does that skiploop filter patch do then?
18:19<Dibblah>Look at it.
18:19<danielk22>heh, I wonder if the work to support h.264 will end up making mpeg-2 look better with ffmpeg :)
18:19<Dibblah>It turns the in-loop deblocking / deringing completely off.
18:19<Dibblah>For all frame types.
18:19<Dibblah>(mpeg frames, not dispay frames)
18:20<danielk22>In short, it's an uglification hack. ;]
18:21<MrGandalf>dibblah: ok, then your statement " MrGandalf: It's not "On" or "Off"." isn't clear to me.
18:21<Dibblah>There are settings in between.
18:22<danielk22>***dtk wishes he could afford to dedicate some months to optimizing ffmpeg***
18:22<MrGandalf>as presented to the user, there is "On" and "Off". THe setting is a checkbox and gets passed as boolean.
18:22<Dibblah>MrGandalf: Yes, it's wrong.
18:23<MrGandalf>dibblah: ok, but I was talking about it as it is :)
18:23<Dibblah>It's simply a matter of exposing more of the enums.
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18:24<Dibblah>Aha -
18:24<Dibblah>That's a better description of all of the options.
18:24<MrGandalf>I would be happy if they managed to get progressive decoding to multithread better.
18:25<iamlindoro>The GSoC project for frame-based multithread should go a long way towards that
18:25<Dibblah>There's a SoC for that.
18:29<MrGandalf>what is the suggested compromise option?
18:30<Dibblah>Of course, it all depends on the source material - Some don't use the loopfilter. In which case the saving is 0,
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18:35<MrGandalf>I don't see any difference, but then again I'm not comparing them side-by-side nor over time.
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19:45<gbee>FYI some streams don't need it at all, some broadcast h.264 has a high enough bitrate not to require it
19:45<gbee>e.g. BBC HD
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19:47<gbee>using nonkey didn't yield enough of a performance gain in my experience
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20:15<MrGandalf>mine would skip every 10 minutes or so for a few seconds with AVDISCARD_NONE
20:15<MrGandalf>but is perfect with AVDISCARD_NONKEY
20:15<MrGandalf>interlaced content doesn't require it at all it seems (better multithreading in libavcodec)
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20:21<gbee>things have probably improved in the latest ffmpeg, my only reference is the snapshot used in 0.21
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20:33<MrGandalf>well, I have a pretty fast CPU as well :)
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