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02:13<Pavl1>i got a mainboard asustek a7n8xe deluxe, 1 gb of ram, 200 gb of hard drive maxtor, and one svga ati 9550 with 256 mb of ram, the question is
02:14<Pavl1>which svga for tv can i use for my pc ?
02:14<Pavl1>which one ?
02:14<Pavl1>if you know anyone, please suggest me, thanks
02:15<hads>Pavl1: Please see the topic
02:15<Pavl1>i am arrived here from links to URL of free software
02:16<Pavl1>just you are developer i thinked to asked you, why you are certenly the better that could help me
02:17<Pavl1>awaiting for a reply, my best faithfully to you, paolo associated member of and
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04:00<the-FoX>hi, i would like to know if some one is implementing coverflow in mythaudio? will this feature be implemented? mp3s id3v2 supports saving covers/Images in sound files
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07:13<rooaus>the-FoX: Trunk is currently being ported to the new mythui library, there has been a lot of user interest (myself included) in coverflow functionality. It would need to be implemented with the new mythui (I guess). The dev doing the bulk of the mythui work is normally in here.
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08:14<teprrr>hi, a bit offtopic question, but is anyone here familiar with lcdproc? particularly writing drivers for vfd screens
08:17<teprrr>and regarding to lcdproc issues, why mythlcdserver wants to display both channel and program name on the same line even though there's two lines available? is this intentional or just a bug?
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08:32<sphery>teprrr: IIRC, Paul Harrison does most of the mythlcd* stuff and he doesn't hang out here. You may have better luck on the lists.
08:44<teprrr>sphery, ok, thanks
08:56<gbee>you've got a fantastic memory sphery
09:10<clever>sphery: ive got a new lcd panel here with a ps2 like connector on the end
09:10<clever>no idea how to interface with it
09:10<clever>power&data go over that line
09:13<clever>just found the pinout
09:13<clever>+24v rd td gnd rts cts
09:16<clever>sounds serial
09:16<clever>which fits perfectly with where it connected
09:17<clever>ea kit320-8
09:20<rooaus>clever: Touch screen perhaps?
09:21<clever>rooaus: no touch panel on this unit
09:21<clever>but the company does seem to sell touch panels
09:21<clever>i found a pdf explaining the pinout of the whole thing
09:21<clever>looks to be plain serial to control
09:41<clever>laga: this isnt 4chan:P
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12:41<reind>I currently have an Asus P5e-vm-hdmi and i have over/underscan problems. I'm thinking of buying a vid card with hdmi output. Are nvidia or ati cards better supported (and no overscan issues - im a bit worn down trying unsuccessfully dealing with these on onboard intel)
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12:47<gbee>reind: IMHO Ati, but this isn't the right chan - #mythtv-users
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13:26<reind>thanks gbee
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14:21<stuarta>Snow-Man or Chutt website looks a bit sick,
14:23<gbee>xris is working on a new one :p
14:23<stuarta>current one isn't even responding
14:24<gbee>dunno if it's within bkero 's power to help
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14:47<gbee>heh, whoever wrote this had fun with the comments - "I be leaf", "Bad tree, bad!" etc
14:52<Snow-Man>restarted apache
14:52<stuarta>that's better :)
14:54<stuarta>bad apache
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15:21<gbee>pretty disappointing that any webserver can be so unstable even after years of development
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15:45<janneg>gbee: I suspect the server would be much more stable without mod_php
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16:32<xris>gbee: "was" working on.. been too busy to touch it in ages.
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18:09<jpabq>I just noticed that my SBE is deadlocked. Anyone around to help me analyze it?
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18:15<jpabq>In ThreadedFileWriter::DiskLoop, size equals 0, however in ThreadedFileWriter::Write, count > BufFree()
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