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02:01<reynaldo>/usr/local/include/mythtv/libmythui/mythmainwindow.h:8:21: error: mythexp.h: No such file or directory
02:01<reynaldo>problem gets fixed if I copy mythexp.h over to libmythui
02:02<reynaldo>your bug or me been an idiot ?
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03:49<hads>erm, excuse me.
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07:43<gbee>reynaldo: where are you copying it from?
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08:54<MrGandalf>janneg: how's the ffmpeg effort?
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09:10<janneg>synced to ffmpeg r14442, broke AC3 passthrough with natice decoder, added a couple of hacks to make it compile, reverted almost all mythtv modifications in libavformat/mpegts.c
09:11<janneg>and I still see H264 decoding errors, probably not strictly PAFF related
09:14<janneg>but related to an encoder/encoder options change by the broadcaster
09:20<danielk22>janne: ffmpeg's mpegts.c doesn't work with DVB/ATSC streams, it breaks on practically any stream change, but it should work with the HD-PVR.
09:24<janneg>danielk22: a change in the number of audio streams in one of my DVB recordings worked iirc
09:25<danielk22>what about resolution changes, video/audio pid changes, aspect ratio changes ?
09:25<janneg>and it was unfortunately umergeable
09:25<danielk22>i remember it being especially bad with changes in the pid the current PMT sits on
09:26<stuarta>what about PMT changes (adding, removing streams etc)
09:26<janneg>aspect ratio changes shouldn't be a problem, we're handling them in libmythtv
09:26<danielk22>to test you can just take a few seconds random videos from different broadcasters and append them together
09:27<stuarta>that happens when they drop in and out of encryption and other similar events
09:27<danielk22>janne: if we can't keep our mpegts.c then we shouldn't do the merge it will just break mythtv too badly
09:27<danielk22>we'll need to fix these problems upstream first.
09:30<janneg>danielk22: no intention to merge it now and we can probably keep our copy instead of importing the new version
09:33<danielk22>oh ok, then we don't need to worry about this now, eventually we'll have to fix upstream in a manner they will accept.
09:34<janneg>and we shouldn't try to fix ffmpeg mpegts.c since they want to replace the ts demuxer
09:34<danielk22>really? Are they planning to address all the problems? :)
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09:35<janneg>I don't know
09:35<MrGandalf>janneg: (sorry, was in a meeting) Did you see any segfaults in xchg_mb_border()?
09:37<MrGandalf>janneg: The fixes Michael put in weren't specifically related to PAFF either.
09:38<janneg>MrGandalf: no segfaults, just reference frame error resulting in artifacts. I'll post the patch / git tree later today
09:39<MrGandalf>janneg: does your patch include a lot of changes to configure? I'm on an older trunk still.
09:39<janneg>MrGandalf: well, he didn't know that he fixed that issues
09:39<janneg>yes, it's a full merge
09:40<MrGandalf>hmm, I'll give it a stab, but likely I'll stick with what I have.
09:40<MrGandalf>hand patching configure is not my idea of fun :)
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10:20<anny__>can someone plz point out the class/module responsible for rendering the Live TV stream?
10:21<danielk22>On Linux it's VideoOutputXv
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10:28*gbee needs an album art grabber for emusic
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10:33<reynaldo>gbee: /usr/local/include/mythtv/
10:34<reynaldo>sorry for the delay, I was asleep
10:34<gbee>reynaldo: should be present in the source libs/libmythdb, if it's not there then you've got a corrupt/broken checkout
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10:42<reynaldo>rverdejo@segfault-delly:~$ find /usr/local -name mythexp.h
10:43<reynaldo>I have updated several times to lattest HEAD with the same result
10:43<reynaldo>haven't tried a full co though
10:45<gbee>it shouldn't be trying to link against an installed header, it should be looking within the source tree
10:47<GreyFoxx>Does mythmusic have a definable albumart location for storing art like video covers in mythvideo? Or is it just assuming an image in the same dir as the mp3 is the album just like mythvideos folder.jpg ?
10:49<sphery>reynaldo: did you remove all Makefile (s) since the changes to the prevent library circular deps? find . -name Makefile -delete
10:49<sphery>first do a make distclean, then the find, above
10:49<sphery>then reconfigure
10:50<gbee>GreyFoxx: both IIRC, also supports embedded albumart in ID3 tags
10:50<clever>and svn update can replace missing makefiles that shouldnt have been deleted
10:51<gbee>might not have a definable location on second thoughts ...
10:51<sphery>I think #5029 should be closed as invalid because Myth's behavior is to always record unidentified (generic) episodes and users must specifically exclude them from rules. and
10:52<sphery>reynaldo: clever's right--you'll need another svn up after the find to replace some Makefiles
10:53<clever>but it can be to the same revision as your allready at
10:53<clever>svn update -r something
10:53<reynaldo>sphery: yes I did
10:54<GreyFoxx>gbee: Ok. I need to find some app to cleanup my mp3 collection. Fixing names, finding duplicates and inserting Album art or something
10:54<reynaldo>gbee: that's not while building myth but while building an outree plugin
10:54<GreyFoxx>We use mythmusic a lot more now and my wife wants to have album covers available just like in mythvideo
10:54<clever>GreyFoxx: i need that too, i have 20gig of music
10:55<gbee>wrote my own a couple of years ago to do something similar
10:55<clever>ive been thinking of writing up just a generic identical file finder
10:56<clever>if i md5 every file and store the path hash and lastmod in a database i can quickly find dups
10:56<clever>and test the lastmod to see if the hash needs an update
10:57<clever>and ive writen a single long bash command before to list all duplicates but it has to rehash on every run
10:57<laga>clever: use fdupes?
10:58<gbee>fixed filenames, sorted files into directories according to album/artist, found duplicates that sort of thing - didn't download album art unfortunately because at the time I didn't want to waste space on album art :)
10:58<clever>find -type f -print0|xargs -0 md5|uniq something|sort -n
10:59<gbee>but since I'll be placing a greater prominance on album art in the mythui version of mythmusic it seems like the right time
11:00<clever>hashing away
11:00<clever>find -type f -print0|xargs -0 md5sum|uniq -c -w32|sort -n
11:02<gbee>oops, looks like I broke the emusic site ...
11:05<clever> 3 e85eaeb6e61ac7f8ab057ad5bae73553 ./Brian McKnight/Back at One/04 Back at One.mp3
11:05<clever> 6 c3d5d17246c150c23ae1bc167e79c55d ./Alison Krauss & Union Station/New Favorite/03 The Lucky One.mp3
11:05<clever>woot 6 duplicates for a single hash!
11:06<clever>still have 3 files even after deleting the identical dups
11:07<clever>diff sizes
11:11<clever>my next plan to diff the raw audio is to convert to raw pcm and diff!
11:13<laga>that's not going to work too well
11:13<sphery>Should be re-closed as "building from lndir tree" can be seen as a new feature, so shouldn't be included in a released version?
11:13<reynaldo>more like 'not at all'
11:15<clever>i know
11:15<clever>but it cant hurt to try
11:15<reynaldo>I know you know, you are the clever one ;)
11:16<clever>ive made mp3 files play backwards before
11:16<clever>just convert it to raw headerless pcm
11:16<reynaldo>It wont work if the audio was encoded with a loosy codec and I'd bet more of your stuff is lossly encodec anyway
11:16<clever>flip it over byte for byte
11:16<clever>then reencode
11:17*sphery thinks his comments about mythtv dev stuff (closing tickets #5029 and #3568) are being lost in the non-mythtv discussion
11:17*stuarta chuckles
11:17*clever thinks he saw dev comments:P
11:17<reynaldo>sphery: sorry, shuting down the noise.
11:18<clever>yeah i saw the comment on that bug
11:18<clever>didnt get lost
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11:20<koenvi>Hi all!
11:20<gbee>someone just give sphery trac and/or commit access already ... :p
11:21<koenvi>Any Belgian MythTV experts in here?
11:21<stuarta>i thought he already had it
11:21<reynaldo>gbee: I'm checking out clean mythtv & mythplugins trees. been avoiding it but what the heck.
11:22<reynaldo>guess there is something fishy going on there
11:22<gbee>koenvi: #mythtv-users
11:22<koenvi>thanks gbee!
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11:25<gbee>sphery: can't make judgement calls on those tickets right now, neither deals with a subject I know much about + my http access seems to be down at the moment (damn ISP proxies)
11:26<clever>3568 looks like something i tried before
11:26<clever>i tried it using unionfs over nfs
11:26<gbee>oops, looks like DNS on my router instead (damn netgear firmware)
11:26<clever>it hardlocked my box
11:27<clever>lndir sounds like it may work better in theory but the ticket sudjests that it wouldnt work that well
11:28<clever>i solved my problems by syncing all systems to the same distro version
11:28<clever>and the cpu's are compatible enough to share binarys
11:28<laga>unionfs + NFS is teh suck. i recommend aufs.
11:29<clever>whats aufs do?
11:29<clever>my http is also crapping out
11:29<clever>ahhh tha
11:29<laga>aufs is "another unionfs"
11:30<sphery>clever: lndir works with trunk, IMHO, the changes shouldn't be applied to 0.21-fixes, though, because of the problems it can cause--just ask Nigel about how much of a pain changing cpsvndir can be.
11:30<clever>dont need it anymore though since i can share a single compile between all systems
11:31<clever>also to solve my problem of needing a compiler just to 'make install'
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11:31<clever>i share the --prefix also
11:32<sphery>gbee: Thanks for looking. I was just mentioning it so that someone comfortable with those areas might see the comment and find the info they need more quickly than starting fresh. Maybe I'll just put a comment on Trac, instead..
11:33<clever>5281 appears to be fixed!
11:36<clever>#5497 is still being ignored:(
11:37<gbee_>none of the devs use mythphone AFAIK
11:37<clever>my patch isnt part of mythphone
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11:37<clever>my patch isnt part of mythphone
11:37<clever>oops, thought you talked from the other nick
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11:39<gbee>well same difference no? the caller id stuff and mythphone kinda go together unless I missing something
11:39<clever>im using the callerid without mythphone
11:40<clever>i have a plain dialup modem catching the callerid from an old analog phone line
11:40<clever>the actual convo cant go thru any computer
11:50<clever><<<<<<< .mine
11:50<clever>void UDPNotify::incomingData()
11:50<clever>void UDPNotify::ReadPending(void)
11:50<clever>>>>>>>> .r17928
11:51<clever>the changes to the file as so big that svn is mixing whole functions up when trying to hilight conflicts
11:52<stuarta>that looks more like a conflict
11:52<clever>i made minor changes
11:52<clever>the functions i changes dont even exist in the new version
11:53<clever>so svn is hilighting half the function as a conflict
11:54<stuarta>mega merge, aka rewrite time :)
11:54<clever>then its peicing the { from 1 function and the } 5 functions later
11:54<clever>i just cut out my own changes and its now identical to the server version
11:56<clever>now to recompile everything
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12:01<clever>the h264 stuff im watching is getting harder to decode
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12:25<clever>skiping loop filters still helps
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12:31<skamithi>hello gbee: if u have time can you add a "Please wait loading message or spinner in the mythvideo branch while a dvd is loading. this occurs when DVDRingPriv::OpenFile starts and the spinner should be killed when its done. some dvds take forever to load the dvdcss stuff the first time, and this notification would let them know mythtv is not hung. if u can't i understand. u've done great work already.
12:32<gbee>skamithi: sure I can do that
12:32<GreyFoxx>It would be neat if that screen for videos or dvd's was likne a clock or something spinning around . The sort of thing they use to show as movies start in the theatre couting down to 0
12:33<jams>or a movie reel spinning
12:33<GreyFoxx>Yeah that sort of thing
12:33<GreyFoxx>not sure how difficult that would be though
12:33<gbee>GreyFoxx: heh, well I've a patch I did ages ago that converts the tv_play windows to mythui which lets the themer put up anything they want in the time between the screen going black and the video showing
12:34<GreyFoxx>gbee: That would be very cool
12:34<abqjp>gbee: FYI: I just built a brand new backend. When I went to re-load my music, the spinner popped up and made a about 1 and 1/3 revolutions, then stopped. It just sat there doing nothing for the next 5 minutes, while it worked on scanning my music.
12:34<gbee>the screen going black currently is actually just a window filled with black, so it could be pink if you want but more usefully you can stick up a "Please wait ..." message or an animated image etc
12:35<gbee>abqjp: hmm, I'll take another look, might need to sprinkle some processevent calls in there
12:36<gbee>the mythui popups don't work too well with the old ui windows, so in some cases they aren't displayed and get processed as we exit those screens (import music etc)
12:36<abqjp>Cool. Just thought you should know.
12:37<GreyFoxx>Hehe it seems I have about a 30/70 chance of causing mythmusic to segfault if I hit I while playing a song to bring up the Info window :)
12:37<GreyFoxx>looks like this machine needs to be recompiled with debug symbols on :)
12:38<GreyFoxx>I'm wondering if it's something else I've noticed. I've had a couple segfaults that appear to be Database access related
12:42<teprrr>iye, ugly code detected inside PlaybackBox.. someone has used sprintf() + splitted strings for translation...
12:43<teprrr>or is that the way to go with qt's translation system? tr("abba %1 jee %2").arg(someVar).arg(anotherVar) can't be used?
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13:00<teprrr>btw, anyone willing to commit new translations to svn? if I upload the file and give url here?
13:00<teprrr>I can post it to trac, but wouldn't mind to have it rotting there for a long time..
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13:06<sphery>better posted to Trac, even if someone agrees to commit now (just for tracking purposes)
13:12<sphery>danielk22: you fixed #5382 with [17820] and [17637] . Though #5312 hasn't been applied (to trunk or -fixes), it's the only one for -fixes and we still have #5250 as a reminder, if we want. (Oh, and thanks for taking care of #3568, too. :)
13:14<sphery>I just compiled a clean trunk (r17961) and tested and database was created without any issues (or ugly errors in log).
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13:17<sphery>Has anyone run mythtv-setup lately? I'm only getting 4 visible options on the main menu: 1. General, 2. Capture Cards, 3. Video sources, 5. Channel Editor (no Input Connections or Storage Groups, but they are selectable by selecting the blank spaces)...
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13:18<janneg>sphery: which theme
13:19<sphery>G.A.N.T --I'll try some others.
13:23<danielk22>sphery: didn't nigel fix #5312 in [17637] ?
13:25<sphery>danielk22: oops... Too many ticket #'s. I meant, though #5314 hasn't been applied.
13:26<sphery>So, yeah, #5312 is fixed.
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13:51<sphery>gbee: Did you make some changes to the mythtv-setup main menu for mythui? It turns out that some options don't show if, after scaling, there's not enough room for the words.
13:52<sphery>gbee: So, for G.A.N.T and Titivillus with -geometry 800x600 , Input Connections and Storage Groups are missing. With -geometry 1280x720 (to make it wider), all 6 options show.
13:53<gbee>hmm, possible that some change I made a while ago affected text areas in that way
13:53<sphery>Seems all 4:3 aspects give a too-small area for the 2 options. I don't know if it requires a change to the themes, but if nothing else, it would be nice to log a message saying that the area is too small so themers can fix it... :)
13:54<sphery>Don't know if you can determine that from the code, though.
13:54<gbee>both painters?
13:54<sphery>not for you?
13:55<gbee>probably, haven't tried it yet
13:55<gbee>but I was going to blame the text rendering changes than Chutt made :p
13:56<gbee>does it happen with QT3 anyone?
13:56<sphery>Only on trunk (so Qt4)
13:56<teprrr>grghjm, any ideas why QString blah[534] is used instead of QValueList/QStringList?
13:56<gbee>wondering if it's not a QT4ism instead
13:57<gbee>teprrr: I don't think you meant to reference that changeset?
13:57<sphery>BTW, gbee , I love the new progress dialog.
13:58<gbee>sphery: cool, noticed the other day that I accidently sliced off part of the shadow for the background images, need to fix those
13:59<sphery>Well, we non-artistic types won't even notice that stuff... Takes a big change for me to notice.
14:00<gbee>wasn't my intent to do anything too special with those dialogs, since they are the defaults and should be overridden by themes - so they need to be pretty generic, but I've always hated the existing default images so I'm trying to make them a little prettier with the least amount of effort ;)
14:01<teprrr>gbee, hmm, which changeset? currently running through the translatable entries to verify the translation before doing anything else.. just seeing things like that when looking to source code. (that's a list of program types there, where something like that was used)
14:02<sphery>Well, it's looking good, so far. I can't wait to see what it will look like once you finish and someone starts writing themes to take advantage of mythui
14:02<teprrr>just wondering if that makes any sense.. at least if someone has been trying to optimize it :P
14:02<gbee>teprrr: sorry, I have my IRC client automatically expand to so I guess I didn't see what you actually wrote
14:03<gbee>err, [ 12345 ]
14:03<gbee>of course it works both ways ;)
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14:03<gbee>teprrr: can you give an example? File & line number?
14:05<gbee>just wondering if I can get away with merging the mythvideo branch back to trunk without doing the tree view first, I'm about 50% though the tree widget but it's boring and I'd rather be doing something else ;)
14:06<GreyFoxx>eeek :)
14:07<gbee>joking of course, the tree widget _is_ boring, but I will try to get it finished ASAP and before I merge mythvideo back
14:12<teprrr>gbee, ahh. sorry.
14:12<teprrr>gbee, just a minute, I'll grep the location
14:14<GreyFoxx>gbee: Is there a listbox equivalent in mythui, like those used for listing Video Sources in mythtv-setup ?
14:15<gbee>let me fire up mythtv-setup and see ...
14:15<GreyFoxx>same as the Capture card list
14:15<teprrr>gbee, in libs/libmythtv/mpeg/dvbdescriptors.cpp for example those genre listings
14:16<teprrr>gbee, ouch, sorry, those aren't qstring bla arrays..
14:16<teprrr>but nevertheless, those looks odd too :)
14:16<gbee>teprrr: heh, np
14:18<teprrr>gbee, in libs/libmythtv/cc608decoder.cpp - line 1346/1445 - static void init_xds_program_type(QString xds_program_type[96])
14:18<gbee>GreyFoxx: mythlistbutton would do it, how it looks depends on the theme but the listbox behaviour is really no different
14:18<GreyFoxx>cool, I'll play with that then
14:19<gbee>teprrr: no good reason to do it that way, you are right, it should really be QStringList
14:20<gbee>wasn't even aware that QString would support that usage, it's certainly not documented
14:21<teprrr>gbee, yup. also it's ugly to concat strings from separate tr()s to one :P
14:21<teprrr>for example if a newline is wanted.. somewhat like QString("%1\n%2").arg(tr("something")).arg(tr("and something else on the next line")) :P
14:23<danielk22>teprr: I converted a few vector<QString> to QStringList in the Qt3->Qt4 conversion last week.. You need to remember that string list used to be a linked list, so list[i] or were O(n)... but now they are actually vectors so they can be used in more places than they could before.
14:23<gbee>we'd accept patches for these issues, as you can probably understand we're normally pretty busy so issues like these normally only get fixed if we are already working on those areas of the code
14:24<gbee>danielk22: I had forgotten that, still vector<QString> would have made more sense than QString[] from the start, at least to me ...
14:25<gbee>doh, just ignore me
14:25<teprrr>gbee, yeah, I can see that :)
14:26<teprrr>perhaps I'll try to clean up something, after I've finished hacking lirc&lcdserver stuff
14:26<teprrr>anyways, here's the updated translation, if someone wants to commit it: -- no idea if it can be used for 0.21, but if that's possibly it's also nice
14:26<teprrr>that's based on trunk's ts file anyway
14:26<danielk22>Yeah, QString[] smells like a conversion from C code to C++ code.
14:35<teprrr>btw, is a lot of stuff in there static also for a reason? ie. should I use also static ones when making patches or can those be converted to members of classes if possible/feasible?
14:39<gbee>GreyFoxx: I'd like people to think twice about how they use trees following the switch to mythui, they make a good deal of sense for file browsing, or looking through a music tree, but they tend to be inflexible and pretty unthemable widgets
14:40<gbee>e.g. a couple of places stick in nodes at the root of the tree to switch views, change what the tree shows and that sort of thing which might be better done as a seperate list so it can be displayed as a horizontal selector above the tree
14:47<GreyFoxx>Honestly I really wouldn't mind scrapping the tree view in mythgame
14:47<GreyFoxx>but the listbox is just used on the setup screen to list /add players
14:49-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
14:53-!-immensewok [] has joined #mythtv
14:54-!-immensewok [] has left #mythtv []
15:01<janneg>qmake has a 'silent' compilation mode (ommitting the gcc command line) should I enable that for some compile-types as default
15:05-!-superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:05-!-superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #mythtv
15:08<gbee>what I have in mind is probably best illustrated, and no this isn't necessarily what mythmusic will look like, it's just an example of how things could look if grouping/views aren't injected as nodes into the tree -
15:09<janneg>and I need a better option name, --enable-silent is bad
15:09<iamlindoro_>--hush ;)
15:09<janneg>--enable-silent-compilation is too long
15:09<gbee>--disable-noise ? :p
15:09<GreyFoxx>gbee: hmmmm that kind of layout could be interesting for mythgame's current tree view as well
15:10<gbee>it's especially mouse/touchscreen friendly because the view options don't disappear as you navigate down the tree
15:10<sphery>I wonder why gbee's image is completely invisible in my FF3...
15:10<GreyFoxx>Got some example xml or anything I could look at for that ?
15:11<gbee>sphery: really? I'm viewing it with ff3
15:11<sphery>nvm... It just became visible.
15:12<gbee>GreyFoxx: not that example, especially since I haven't finished the tree widget and I don't know what it will look like yet - but I can whip up some basic example
15:12<sphery>maybe just a slow download (though I can't explain the "Done" in the status bar/non-throbbing Throbber)
15:12<GreyFoxx>gbee: No worries
15:12<gbee>ugh, too hot, should never have chosen leather for my new chair
15:13<laga>yeah, sticky leather geeks ;)
15:13<GreyFoxx>I think I should look at some sort of background scanning for mythgame. If yuo have a large collection it takes an insanely long time
15:14<GreyFoxx>and I've already reduced it to a fraction of what it was
15:14<gbee>GreyFoxx: that's not a bad idea, I want to do the same for mythmusic and mythvideo could use it too
15:15<GreyFoxx>process A from the gui grabs the file list and shoves it in, then background process B fills in all meta data?
15:16<GreyFoxx>that way users can't complain because we are waking up their drives all the time
15:16<clever>gbee: thats nicer then a leather chair i find:P
15:16<GreyFoxx>like they do now with thge upnp video scanning stuff :)
15:16<laga>clever: slacker. where are the cheetos?
15:16<clever>laga: dont have any atm but i still eat half my meals at that 'desk' :P
15:17<clever>and you can see mythtv in the background on 1 of the images
15:17-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has quit [Connection timed out]
15:18<GreyFoxx>can you see anything at the end of your logs? Both frontend and backend ?
15:19<gbee>GreyFoxx: that's one way, mythgallery does something like that with thumbnails - we load the filenames and UI then it generates the thumbnails, sending events back to the UI when the thumbnail is complete - the effect you get is that the screen loads then the images appear in sequence
15:19<janneg>it is --enable-silent-cc
15:20<janneg>if someone has a better name he is welcome to change it
15:20<gbee>clever: nice, might be a bit too soft though if I were sitting it in for long durations - not enough back support etc :)
15:20<gbee>plus I'd probably fall asleep
15:20<clever>gbee: i sit with my ass halfway down the seat and my back curved to shit:P
15:21<clever>the springs also seem to be going
15:21<clever>theres a concave dent in the thing when i get up
15:21<clever>like homer was sitting in it:P
15:21<iamlindoro_>janneg: did you see this one this AM? Dunno which fmpeg rev you are planning to merge.
15:21<iamlindoro_>(has been applied this AM too)
15:23<janneg>iamlindoro_: there is no target rev, the patch will be updated until it is committed
15:23<iamlindoro_>ah, neato
15:23<janneg>and I'm waiting for the native aac decoder
15:23<iamlindoro_>tons 'o work on h264.c/h this week
15:24<GreyFoxx>no more need for the faad/faac stuff ?
15:26<janneg>hopefully, I've not tested it with more than one sample
15:27<janneg>it's now only the decoder so libfaac would be still needed except that I don't know why it is needed at all for mythtv
15:27<iamlindoro_>I'm hoping you end up delayed enough for the e-ac3 patch to be applied
15:27<janneg>ah, yes, that's also pending
15:28<iamlindoro_>MLP's in there now, so if that goes in I can switch to Internal for all my Blu-ray HD-DVD rips
15:28<iamlindoro_>er that's Blu-ray/HD-DVD
15:28<janneg>yes, mlp is in
15:29<iamlindoro_>yeah, works well two... two channel only for now, though
15:29<iamlindoro_>er works well too
15:29<GreyFoxx>So now we need a brhddvdread lib to go along with dvdread :)
15:29<iamlindoro_>IIRC the E-AC3 patch is 7.1 though, yay!
15:29<iamlindoro_>the decrypthd guys had disappeared off the face of the earth last I checked
15:30<clever>maybe 'they' got ahold of them?
15:32<GreyFoxx>I'm just a little suprised at the lack of a generic dvdnav/dvdread type library so far
15:58-!-Cyrano-Octavious [n=cyrano@] has joined #mythtv
16:00-!-Cyrano-Octavious [n=cyrano@] has left #mythtv []
16:02<Dibblah>Looking at // TODO: This is opening card 0. Fix for case of multiple soundcards...
16:02<gbee>GreyFoxx: started to write a quick little demo xml of how that screen I showed earlier might work, it turned into more of a general screen design guide with long comments that I'll probably evolve and put in the wiki -
16:02<Dibblah>Err... #5342, even.
16:03<Dibblah>... I am not sure the ticket / TODO is correct.
16:03<gbee>so the comments aren't specifically for you, just some ideas I have
16:03<Dibblah>The second parameter is mode, not card #....
16:04<gbee>well really it's just that one very long comment blog ...
16:04<GreyFoxx>hehe cool
16:04<gbee>huh, freudian
16:05<Dibblah>As long as the device name for the mixer makes sense to ALSA, it should work, shouldn't it?
16:06<Dibblah>(audiooutputalsa.cpp, line 640 or so)
16:06<gbee>Dibblah: yeah, I was looking at that ages ago, we don't currently support using the mixer on the second card on a system - real pain if it means blocking modules to force your preferred device
16:06<Dibblah>I don't see how it doesn't work. The code is right.
16:07<Dibblah>As long as the devicename has a card # prepended, I think. I'm checking how ALSA is expecting it now.
16:07<gbee>never worked for me
16:08<gbee>I noticed that the comment didn't really match against the API - although one version of the API does have that argument down as the card id
16:11<stuarta>evening all
16:16-!-freak4u_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:16-!-freak4u_ [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving"]
16:17<gbee>GreyFoxx: if you don't already have this bookmarked -
16:17-!-jgarvey [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:17-!-skamithi [] has quit ["WeeChat 0.2.6"]
16:18<Dibblah>Not a good sign for an API when you have to dig through their source to find the correct usage :(
16:18<clever>make more docs!
16:19<stuarta>good code is self documenting ;-)
16:19<clever>27 08:02:26 <@Symphonics> it's stupid that I had to look through pages and pages of C++ to find tha tout.
16:20*stuarta suspects the sarcasm in my last comment was lost...
16:20<clever>cant hear that tone in your voice over irc
16:21<stuarta>hence the winking smiley
16:21<clever>still dont see it:P
16:22-!-jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
16:22<gbee>giveaway should have been the combination of "alsa" and "good code"
16:22<stuarta>i missed that bit
16:22<clever>dont see alsa
16:23<clever>got a bucket?
16:23<stuarta>chicken? no
16:23<clever>its raining
16:23<stuarta>give it 15mins
16:24<clever>i can see 1min of diff in my clocks
16:24<stuarta>ntp b0rke?
16:25<Dibblah>Our code is mixed up as compared to current alsamixer.
16:25<clever>ntpq> peers
16:25<clever>No association ID's returned
16:25<clever>the rain blew in the window
16:25<clever>wind doesnt normaly blow that direction
16:25<Dibblah>clever: -users...
16:26<Dibblah>snd_mixer_attach takes card_id as the second parameter in alsamixer.
16:26<clever>44 second offset
16:26<Dibblah>In our code, we're using device.ascii
16:28<Dibblah>No, it's right.
16:29<Dibblah>There's two settings - MixerDevice and MixerControl
16:29<Dibblah>MixerDevice would have to be card_id
16:29<Dibblah>MixerControl would be PCM / Master / ...
16:29<Dibblah>Let's look at our UI for setting it up.
16:31<Dibblah>(Sorry to be taking time over this - But it was the first ticket that came up in Trac out of the almost 600)
16:34<gbee>Dibblah: if you are looking to fix things then take all the time you want, I'll even fetch you food and drink until you are finished ;)
16:35<Dibblah>Personally, I think ALSA is a bit of a waste of time. But it's popular.
16:35<Dibblah>OSS4 is overhyped with only a few developers. Waaaay too much fragmentation with all of the audio servers, etc.
16:36<kormoc>It's popular cause there's no other alternative imho
16:36<Dibblah>I'd prefer to help triage than actually fix, but if fixing frees up time, then I'll do it.
16:36<stuarta>even triaging helps
16:40<gbee>I immediately liked OSS4 because in contrast to ALSA it seems to just work, the tools it came with were a little better etc - but I don't claim to have done a real comparison
16:42<gbee>I'm not one of these people who wants to do complicated things, I just want to plug in speakers and have sound come out
16:43<gbee>I'd love to see more user friendly sound setup in myth, nice device names and such
16:44<gbee>seems easier to achieve with OSS4 in the brief time I spent looking at the API
16:45-!-otwin [n=otwin@] has quit ["Caught sigterm, terminating..."]
16:52<stuarta>heh, i'm still using OSS
16:54-!-robthebob [] has joined #mythtv
16:56<clever>i think i have a mix of oss and alsa
16:57<kormoc>And clever has been officially blacklisted from getting any support or adding new tickets...
16:58<laga>tell news?
16:59-!-MrGandalf [] has quit ["home"]
17:00-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
17:03<clever>kormoc: why?
17:03<clever>i made a few working patches!
17:04<sphery>stuarta: probably ALSA's OSS emulation (I.e. OSS libs speaking to OSS-compat modules that speak to ALSA drivers), right?
17:04<stuarta>wouldn't surprise me
17:04<stuarta>been sooooo long since i set it up
17:05<sphery>Using the in-kernel OSS modules would be very archaic, but ALSA OSS compat isn't (and often works better than ALSA drivers directly), so nothing to feel self-conscious about :)
17:05<kormoc>clever, just poking fun at the fact that you basically said your setup is entirely broken
17:05<clever>kormoc: how did i say it was broken?
17:05<clever>some of my frontends are oss and some are alsa
17:07<stuarta>the implication was that they were both on the same machine...
17:08<clever>that thunder is getting louder
17:09<clever>mysql> select data,count(*) from settings where value='AudioOutputDevice' group by data;
17:09<clever>| /dev/dsp | 6 |
17:09<clever>| ALSA:default | 2 |
17:28<kormoc>First of all, there was no point in your copy and pasting that, it's a waste of space, and second, /dev/dsp != oss, it can be alsa's oss emulation layer
17:29<clever>yeah it is alsa emulation actualy
17:29<clever>but mythtv thinks its oss and is using the oss libs
17:36<reynaldo>gbee: same stuff, if I include, say, <mythtv/mythdialogs.h> I get /usr/local/include/mythtv/libmythui/mythmainwindow.h:8:21: error: mythexp.h: No such file or directory
17:36<reynaldo>this with clean checkouts of mythtv and mythplugins
17:36<clever>mythplugins wont compile until mythtv is installed
17:36<reynaldo>/usr/local/include/mythtv/mythdialogs.h:47 suggest I should move over mythexp.h otherwise It just doesnt work
17:37-!-gustave_ [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.1/2008070206]"]
17:37<reynaldo>clever: is installed
17:37<reynaldo>root@segfault-delly:/home/rverdejo# find /usr/local/ -name mythexp.h
17:38<reynaldo>maybe my include order is just fscked
17:38<reynaldo>I have:
17:39<reynaldo>#include <qnamespace.h>
17:39<reynaldo>#include <qstringlist.h>
17:39<reynaldo>//Added by qt3to4:
17:39<reynaldo>#include <QKeyEvent>
17:39<reynaldo>/* MythTV */
17:39<reynaldo>#include <mythtv/mythdialogs.h>
17:39<reynaldo>#include <mythtv/mythcontext.h>
17:39<clever>yay paste spam!
17:39*stuarta gets out the stick of beating
17:40<reynaldo>ok ok ok
17:40<reynaldo>bad bad bad boy
17:40*reynaldo bangs head against wall
17:40<clever>i get threatened for 3 lines:P
17:40<reynaldo>wont doit again
17:40<gbee>rm -rf /usr/local/include/mythtv/
17:40<iamlindoro_>Hmmm, stick of beating
17:40<gbee>then reinstall
17:40<reynaldo>gbee: I did that already
17:40*stuarta beats iamlindoro_ cause ya asked for it
17:40<reynaldo>just to be sure
17:40<iamlindoro_>My mom says if I mess with my stick of beating I'll go blind
17:41<clever>28 18:34:57 <+now3p> I hear ya.....I scream in pain every time I beat my meat now ;-)
17:41<clever>28 18:32:41 <+now3p> just a wee bit.....3rd degree burns all over my right arm :-S
17:41<gbee>hmm, why's mythexp.h being installed in three different locations I wonder ...
17:42<reynaldo>gbee: files get installed that way. as far as I know current include path ordering wont let a #include <mythtv/mythdialogs.h> work
17:42<gbee>reynaldo: which plugin? Your own?
17:42<reynaldo>gbee: yup
17:42<reynaldo>my own
17:42<reynaldo>and that obiquity thing gets repeated on several header files
17:43<reynaldo>I was about to barfle about it but thought it was just a temporary stuff while you guys fsked the libs
17:43<clever>i think the configure script for the plugins should -I the right path
17:43<gbee>mythdialogs.h is due to be removed anyway, but for now just do whatever you need to make it work, I really don't know why you are having problems
17:44<reynaldo>me neither. the is something weird going on there though, just try including #include <mythtv/mythdialogs.h> and see for yarself
17:44<gbee>can't wait to ditch all that old ui stuff
17:44<reynaldo>gbee: maybe its time to update my stuff too.
17:45<reynaldo>where should I get MythThemedDialog from then ?
17:46-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:47-!-Gillpy [] has joined #mythtv
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17:47<reynaldo>I need to get a crash course on the new stuff
17:47<gbee>virtually all the existing plugins which haven't been converted to mythui pull in mythdialogs.h and none have any problems
17:48<gbee>the equivalent of MythThemedDialog is MythScreenType - it's all in libs/libmythui, see mythnews, mythgallery (iconview), mythflix, mythcontrol etc for examples
17:55<reynaldo>I think I will be upgrading my stuff then. no point on loosing time making the past stuff work if its going to fly away
18:01-!-mattwire [i=84b9f07b@gateway/web/ajax/] has joined #mythtv
18:02-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:07<gbee>hmm, has anyone had problems with the connection pool in current trunk? Just had a instance where it was trying to use an obviously dead connection
18:11<reynaldo>necrophilia, nasty.
18:17-!-cattelan is now known as cattelan_away
18:23-!-cattelan_away is now known as cattelan
18:36-!-iamlindoro_ [n=iamlindo@] has quit []
18:44-!-MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
18:45<MrGandalf>Has anyone seen problems with Myth's OpenGL probing on ATI? Specifically XCloseDisplay() in get_glx_version()?
18:46-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
18:47<danielk22>afaik only via has problems with get_glx_version
18:47<MrGandalf>I think ATI (Xorg driver) now does too
18:48<danielk22>hmm, at least that driver should be fixable, it's OSS right?
18:49<danielk22>I'm sure they could fix it in 10 minutes if given a simple test app.
18:50<MrGandalf>I'll have to see about putting something together and submitting a bug report to Ubuntu.
18:51<MrGandalf>had to figure out why Myth was segfaulting with opengl turned on.. with it turned off Myth does wierd things.
18:52<MrGandalf>but that's likely due to Xorg not handling well the gl module not being loaded.
18:54<MrGandalf>what's the VIA hack, anyway?
18:55<gbee>MrGandalf: fglrx driver not support your card?
18:56<MrGandalf>gbee: nope :(
18:56<teprrr>danielk22, do you think your commit for ScanDTVTransport stuff could've broken dvb-c scanning? ioctl seems to fail here and just thinking whether those changes could have something to do with it
18:56<teprrr>danielk22, ew, sorry to bother.. found something perhaps..
18:56<gbee>MrGandalf: shame
18:57<MrGandalf>gbee: quite :(
18:57<gbee>too old or too new?
18:58<MrGandalf>too old (laptop)
18:58<danielk22>teperr: if you are referring to [17772], then no.
18:58<gbee>double shame, can't even look forward to support :(
18:58<MrGandalf>now you're depressing me
18:59<gbee>heh, sorry
18:59<danielk22>mrg: I think the VIA hack was to only check the version number once.
18:59<danielk22>After that you get segfaults
19:01-!-iamlindoro [] has left #mythtv []
19:09-!-dekarl [] has joined #mythtv
19:11-!-iamlindoro [] has joined #mythtv
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19:18-!-_gunni_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:19-!-joobie [] has quit [Success]
19:21<teprrr>danielk22, when ScanDTVTransport was firstly added.. but looks like it was in place for 0.21 also..
19:21<teprrr>and I didn't had libdvb-dev, though that didn't help either
19:22<teprrr>DVBChan outputs "new params: 370000000 qam_128 a auto auto a a auto a v", that should be correct? params do not include symbol rate or something?
19:23<teprrr>and that params stuff comes from DTVTransport's toString()
19:29-!-joobie- [] has joined #mythtv
19:34<teprrr>16838 from release-0-21-fixes works, 17963 from trunk is broken. or brokeness is caused by my gcc/ld or their flags
19:42-!-jamesd [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:43-!-joobie_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:45-!-toastaoven [n=david@] has joined #mythtv
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20:17-!-cattelan is now known as cattelan_away
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23:23<sphery>Heh... Nigel completely moves the DBMS version check just 6 hours after I update .
23:28-!-foxbuntu [] has joined #mythtv
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