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04:31<Quentusrex>I'm trying to rip a dvd with mythbuntu. But MythDVD and libdvdcss 1.2.9 are failing. Is there any hope?
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04:32<Quentusrex>It's failing on 2 different movies.
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05:17<laga>Quentusrex: /topic
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05:29<Quentusrex>laga, there isn't anyone in mythtv-users who is able to answer the questions
05:30<Quentusrex>laga, is there a bug with libdvdcss2?
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11:42<reynaldo_>would SelectState(MythUIButton::Disabled) do for hide+forbidfocus ?
11:43<GreyFoxx>Hmmm...... I wonder, since we have user jobs to execute a script or whatever when a recording finishes.... wonder if a second option to add a job when a recording is deleted would be useful
11:45<reynaldo_>guess that for evey functionality you can possible think of there is always at least one desperate soul wanting it to be implemented
11:47<reynaldo_>I'd like a OWNERISTHINKINGONWATCHINGSOMETV signal handler to warm a couch and do some pcorns
11:47<GreyFoxx>Well in this case I might be that soul :)
11:47<GreyFoxx>Just wondering if it would be useful to others
11:47<reynaldo_>book an scrot would be nice too but guess thats goin too far
11:47<reynaldo_>scrot/scort :D
11:48<reynaldo_>GreyFoxx: What do you want to do upon record deletion ?
11:52<Greenback>reynaldo_: no, Disabled is visible but meant to represent a non-functioning state (e.g. greyed out)
11:52<GreyFoxx>rey: I'm considering a autotranscode script for some stuff to convert it for use on my n810
11:52<GreyFoxx>and wanted to remote the encoded one when I delete it from myth
11:53<Greenback>SetVisible(false); followed by BuildFocusList(); would give you hidden and no focus
11:53<GreyFoxx>basically keeping 2 directories in sync
11:53<GreyFoxx>I could do it with a shell script and some sql fu
11:53<GreyFoxx>but was just wondering if a delete job would be useful
11:53<reynaldo_>Greenback: thanks!
11:54<reynaldo_>GreyFoxx: Sounds a little bit too tied to your personal needs
11:54<GreyFoxx>so? :)
11:54<GreyFoxx>That's how most of myth got to where it is :)
11:54<reynaldo_>but loocking at the brightside, nice you are of the ones who can actually implement what you want :-)
11:55<reynaldo_>GreyFoxx: oh, didn't know that.
11:55<reynaldo_>congrats then.
11:55<GreyFoxx>I don't mean me doing the work, I meant it go there because someone did something to fulfill their needs :)
11:55<iamlindoro_>GreyFoxx: I've often thought of that same thing, sort of similar to the Subversion pre-post-during commit actions... there have been a few occasions where it would have come in handy
11:59<jams>GreyFoxx- i don't see it appealing to the masses, but yes i would find it useful.
12:02<GreyFoxx>might not be worth adding a gui option for
12:02<GreyFoxx>jams: I've been playing with the dvd changer
12:02<GreyFoxx>and playing videos via mythprotocol from a changer on a backend works pretty well
12:03<GreyFoxx>but dvd's are gonna be a lot more effort heh
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12:09<GreyFoxx>Is there a cracker for WPA? I've only read about the WEP cracks
12:09<GreyFoxx>oops wrong channel
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12:26<teprrr>what do you think about scrolling the lcd text from the far right side to the left side? it'd make it much smoother than it's currently, ie. now it starts to scroll from the left edge to the left and when it's complete it'll reset itself to start from the left edge again..
12:26<teprrr>lcd text for the program name/subtitle.. I'll make a trac entry for it :P
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12:34<teprrr>actually thinking whether I should couple this to a same trac ticket as changing some other lcdserver related "nitpicking" thinhgs or just to separate everything to different tickets
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13:18<sphery>GreyFoxx: Users often request a lot of "run a script at some time" functionality--like before/just after a recording starts or when a recording finishes or when transcoding finishes or (now) when a recording is deleted... Could always implement an "event" based approach--when some event occurs, call a script with the event info as argument(s). Then the script can choose whether to run or not using a case statement or whatever. ...
13:18<sphery>... Nice general purpose approach (without any new single-purpose options) that can be extended as far as people like...
13:22<sphery>Hard part is--if you just change the user job scripts (UserJob#) to fulfill that purpose--informing users to change their scripts to only run on the proper event. Could change the setting name (and hide/remove the old settings) so it doesn't cause problems.
13:23<laga>would that be a synchronous event or an asynchronous one? eg wait for the script to complete or not?
13:24<sphery>I'd say a blocking event. If the script wants to run in the background, it could kick of another backgrounded script...
13:27<danielk_Zzzzz>I've thought about adding a "background" checkbox for the channel changer which just wraps your script in a simple "flock -x /tmp/ ; exit 0"
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13:29<danielk22>w/ command line args passed, of course :)
13:30<sphery>I did the channel-change script calling a backgrounded script for a while (back when I was using channel-change script) and it worked well
13:30<sphery>the checkbox would have been more intuitive, though
13:32<sphery>For the general-purpose script, though, I can imagine a single script being called. That script has a simple case statement and executes other scripts in /usr/{,local/}share/mythtv/scripts/<eventname.d> . Would be easy enough to flag background scripts with a naming convention (similar to init-style S/K scripts).
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15:01<gbee>yay, more changes to merge
15:07<gbee>if I didn't think people would complain I'd merge back the mythvideo stuff to trunk minus the tree view, just until I can get that done too
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15:35<abqjp>gbee: fine with me
15:36<gbee>abqjp: don't think it will fly with everyone ;)
15:38<abqjp>What? Are you saying people expect TRUNK to be stable? ;-)
15:44<gbee>if the screen was there but crashed a lot they'd probably complain less than it not being there at all :)
15:47<GreyFoxx>the lack of it being there would likely just make them fear it wont return :)
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15:59<gbee>it will probably be at a week or two before I can complete it since I have to finish the tree widget and test that thoroughly first
15:59<gbee>just don't want the branch bit rotting because of QT4 changes being made in trunk
16:05<abqjp>How experimental is branches/mythtv-vid? In other words, why is it a branch instead of just being part of trunk?
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16:07<danielk22>abqjp: Last I checked there were still some mythtv-vid only segfaults, but stanley has checked in a bunch of stuff there since then.
16:07<abqjp>okay. just curious. Thanks.
16:10*GreyFoxx ponders tonight/tomorrow morning being an update time along with trying the new mythvideo stuff
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22:03<IceWewe>hello, I'd like help with mythtv and svn
22:04<IceWewe>svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/!svn/vcc/default'
22:04<IceWewe>svn: REPORT of '/svn/!svn/vcc/default': 400 Bad Request (
22:08<iamlindoro>Might be worth mentioning what it is you're trying to do, but IIRC that's commonly an error when you're using a proxy
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22:25<vss>where can I find information how to write plugin-ui.xml
22:25<vss>i am planning to work on plugin for youtube...
22:26<iamlindoro>vss: You mean like this?
22:28<iamlindoro>Is that your plugin, or do you want to write your own seperate from that?
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22:31<vss>it's not mine. if someone has started working on it. I would rather leverage... I will go through it and see what's in there...
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22:31<iamlindoro>It pretty much works as adverticed, why not just improve that one?
22:31<iamlindoro>er advertised
22:32<vss>let me check...
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23:37<Gimpy>Hi all, I need help partinging extra physical hard drive for storeage, I have tied to formate the entire drive as ext3 and when I write the partion to the drive the partition seems to disapear
23:39<iamlindoro>Gimpy: #mythtv-users, or even better, ##linux or #yourdistro
23:48<Gimpy>Im band form my distro for another week for a voulnrable router as odd as that sounds so thats why I came here, so try mythtv-users ok, but I do also have e a mythTV question? when setting up mythtv web is there a way of settin it up so that if the login is more then say 50 attemp is more than 50 feet from the server that you are requiremto login but if you're within 50 feet of the server that you bypass a login prompt?
23:49<Gimpy>I'm trying to stream though a dlink dsm320, do I need to set a hardware profile?
23:52<iamlindoro>That is also a #mythtv-users question
23:52<iamlindoro>this is the devlopment channel
23:53<iamlindoro>like it says on the topic when you come in
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