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00:18<Mandriva2008user>ok so when i click whatch tv it flickers for a second like its trying then goes back to the menu any ideas?
00:19<Mandriva2008user>oops wrong channel
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10:17<gbee>sphery: or xinerama and select the display from the settings
10:28<gbee>the nvidia FAQ you referenced refers to splitting a video image across two screens at the same time
10:28<gbee>video wall-ish
10:30<gbee>even then it seems the driver will actually do it, at least it works here - but it might be automatically switching to blitting instead
10:45<sphery>gbee: I may be totally wrong, then. I haven't tried it in a lot of years. Might want to respond to my post so the reporter knows.
10:46<sphery>wondering, also, if its working be due to the new cards' use of the 3D pipeline for Xv.
10:46<sphery>s/be/might be/
10:50<gbee>the bug he's reporting is genuine, we're not passing the display information when creating the video window
11:54<stuarta>afternoon all
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12:56<janneg>lol, the social media center
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12:58<laga>it's lovely that you need to register to download their GPL'ed app
12:59<laga>their terms of use for the alpha test are absolutely hilarious
13:00<laga>if you want an invitation - i got mine from michael larabel (?) in #phoronix
13:03<janneg>if I had still my vserver with unlimited traffic I would mirror it
13:04<janneg>no, I've very little interest in xbmc
13:08<gbee>find_orphans isn't storage groups compatible?
13:09<sphery>The "theme, icons, and the layout of Boxee [are] much cleaner than the default theme with MythTV..." Just wait 'til gbee gets done with the mythui conversion... ;)
13:10<sphery>gbee: The current version should use storage groups. Are you sure you're running the copy you think you're running?
13:11<gbee>sphery: I'm sure yeah, but it's looking in an old and unused storage location - the files originally kept there were moved when I created the storage groups
13:12<sphery>it also looks in the dir listed in RecordFilePrefix
13:12<gbee>well it's failing because it can't find that directory
13:12<sphery>but, it only uses dirs from SG where hostname is current host's name
13:13<gbee>s/failing/exiting without finishing/
13:13<gbee>cannot open directory /myth/tv: No such file or directory
13:13<janneg>gbee: iirc it looks also for the old record directory
13:13<sphery>In other words, it really needs to be converted to use the Perl bindings (and/or just replaced with backend functionality ;)
13:13<gbee>hmm, should be a non-fatal error?
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13:14<janneg>gbee: &dir_lookup("SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value='RecordFilePrefix' AND hostname=(?)");
13:14<sphery>yeah, the "exit 1" is probably a bit harsh
13:15<janneg>didn't the db update for the storage group converted RecordFilePrefix and deleted it
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13:16<sphery>it left it in place, though the code in MythTV proper no longer uses it.
13:16<gbee>I'll check, but for now I've deleted the setting and it finishes as it should
13:16<jams>gbee- just blame perl, it's what i would do =)
13:16<sphery>and the fact that the script is basically unmaintained...
13:18<janneg>indeed. the db update left RecordFilePrefix in place
13:18<gbee>sphery: FWIW the layouts shown in those screenshots are easily achieved with mythui
13:18<sphery>think it was left per the usual default of waiting a version or so to do "destructive" updates
13:18<gbee>but someone always wants to re-invent the wheel
13:19<gbee>I think it's fair to assume that the script in 0.21 will only work with 0.21
13:20<sphery>Yeah, but XBMC doesn't record, does it? Does Boxee add recording to it? So, they're really only re-inventing part of the wheel.
13:21<sphery>Yeah, but the DB setting was left in place because deleting it would be destructive.
13:21<gbee>oh right, but the script doesn't need to look at it though?
13:21<sphery>I'd agree.
13:22<gbee>"Among the dependencies for Boxee are SDL, libfaad, libmad, and libvorbis" :D
13:22<gbee>well as they add dependancies we're getting rid of them ;)
13:22<sphery>though it is the default fallback when no dirs can be found in the default storage group
13:23<gbee>didn't the storage group update add old storage locations to the default group?
13:24<janneg>yes, but it left the setting in place
13:24<gbee>oh doesn't really matter, not that important - I'll just fix the script so it doesn't crap out at that point
13:24<sphery>Yeah, but Captain_Murdoch still has fallback (to RecordFilePrefix, then /mnt/store ). Guess that's for people who explicitly break their configs and ignore the mythtv-setup warning about no dirs in SG...
13:25<janneg>and that's a reason why find_orphans should use the bindings
13:25<sphery>yeah, guess it's not an exit 1, it's the line: opendir(DIR, $this_dir) || die "cannot open directory $this_dir: $!\n";
13:26<gbee>always thought die was a more interesting name for assert
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13:27<sphery>could probably replace it with a message saying it's skipping missing dir $this_dir and continue
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13:27<gbee>that's what I'd do
13:28<gbee>tell you what, I'm going to steal their theme for mythui :p
13:28<sphery>Gotta turn it blue, though. :)
13:30<gbee>as a way of demonstrating the flexibility of mythui I think it would be be great to have a theme that not only mimics the colour/style of another media centre but actually behaves similarily too
13:31<laga>would be cool to have that for all major media centres..
13:31<laga>hilarity and law suits ensue
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15:25<gbee>something definately wrong with the connection pooling, second time that my frontend has been trying to use dead connections
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15:59<zippytech_>and one here using a d12 directv
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