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04:58<gbee>firefox dictionary is useless, missing hundreds of standard words and mis-spelling lots
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05:10<famicom_>are there any developers here
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05:14<famicom>I got some serious DVB prbolems
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08:25<sphery>gbee: Do you remember (or have a copy of the log showing) which binding issue you were reporting in #5317 (pastebin post has expired). Wasn't it the one fixed by [17827] ?
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08:30<gbee>sphery: could be, let me check
08:33<gbee>doesn't seem to complain anymore so I'll mark it fixed - actually fixes both binding issues, binding values we don't have and using the same placeholder twice
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11:23<Juhser> Hello can someone help me to config my xconfig file for my 6600 graphiccard and tvout? please?
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11:40<laga>Juhser: try #ubuntu-mythtv
11:41<Juhser>ok thanks i try
11:44<Juhser>they dont answered me :(
11:44<Juhser>pherhaps you can help me, laga?
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12:20<stuarta>afternoon all
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12:50<jpabq>I have noticed that if I have "autoexpire instead of delete recordings" set, that the jobqueue doesn't seem to get notified that it should not perform the job on a "delete" show. Is this on purpose? Personally, I would prefer the queue skip "deleted" shows, and move on to something more important.
12:51<stuarta>sounds like a patch you could write.
12:54<jpabq>Okay. I have never messed with the jobqueue. Can you save me some time and tell me what file needs modifying and what flag is set whan a show is "deleted"?
12:55<stuarta>no idea. not played in that area at all
12:55<stuarta>that's what's fun about open source.
12:56<stuarta>get to dive in and work out what does what and how to fix it
12:56<danielk22>john: prolly the easiest thing to do is to keep things in the queue, but before we start working on it, check if it is slated to be deleted...
12:57<jpabq>heh, just as long as long as those "in charge" agree that the change should be made, so I don't waste time on it....
12:57<jpabq>danielk22, okay
12:58<danielk22>jpabq: i think this was just overlooked when the autoexpire instead of delete functionality was added.
12:59<jpabq>That was my guess, but you never know...
13:00<jpabq>I have created a LOT of small recordings testing the HD-PVR stuff.
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15:04<danielk22>anyone know if there is a Qt4 replacement for setBackgroundOrigin?
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15:51<gbee>anyone know what the default compression level is for JPEGs in QImage::save() ? It's not documented as far as I can seen
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16:07<scrutr>hi, ive been encountering this weird issure when playing back recordings or live tv. What happens is that the video freezes (but the sounds continues to play)
16:07<scrutr>I can *unstick the video by pressing pause, waiting a while, and then unpausing it
16:08<scrutr>but i was wondering if there is a way to prevent this issue altogether
16:09<scrutr>woops, sorry
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16:30<gbee>ffs, the QT jpeg encoder is completely useless
16:42<gbee>left is Gimp with a filesize of 56kb, right is QT with a filesize of 85Kb
16:42<gbee>QT is on it's maximum quality setting
16:43<gbee>Gimp is at just 90/100
16:44<GreyFoxx>that's kinda gross
16:51<gbee>hmm, actually something else is wrong ... I swapped it to PNG and the images look just as bad
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16:53<danielk22>gbee: scaling maybe?
16:53<gbee>same scaling we use everywhere else, e.g for the theme images which turn out just fine
16:54<gbee>wondering if we are scaling twice to different sizes
16:57<gbee>ahh, I know what's happening
16:57<gbee>nope, on second thoughts that doesn't account for it
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17:06<gbee>right, solved it - if exif support is enabled we pull the screenshot from the exif data but don't check whether it's smaller than we want, so we're scaling up a small image and introducing more compression artifacts when it's saved again too
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17:17<gbee>QT still sucks at jpeg though, even at 95 the quality is still worse than GIMP :(
17:23<GreyFoxx>oooooh I like that
17:23<GreyFoxx>is this new stuff you are adding ?
17:23<GreyFoxx>Or some mythgallery mode I've missed ?:)
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17:24<gbee>that's just a small theme change to mythgallery as it exists in trunk
17:25<gbee>a sort of demo of how different you can make the same screen appear by changing the theme alone
17:26<GreyFoxx>I kinda like that
17:27<GreyFoxx>I wouldn't use it with mythvideos gallery view, but I'd definitely use it with mytgallery
17:28<GreyFoxx>do the images actually "move" into place ?
17:29<gbee>yeah, in mythvideo I've used the same screen but you can toggle different views (manager, gallery, browser) - all using a single screen type but a different window definition from the theme
17:29<gbee>GreyFoxx: not yet - eventually I'll add list animation
17:30<GreyFoxx>Tomorrow is gonna be a house myth update day, and I'm gonna try the mythvideo stuff you'd been working on
17:30<GreyFoxx>did you ever get the ffmpeg update working?
17:30<gbee>shouldn't be too hard, most of the code is already there - we have movement animation etc
17:31<gbee>no, it's not working yet
17:31<gbee> is how mythgallery currently looks in trunk
17:31<GreyFoxx>k, I'll hold of on that right now
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17:46<reynaldo>humm, do we still have an activateCurrent()?
17:47<reynaldo>I was also wondering if maybe there is any way I can register* a 'default' action handler for, say, arrow up/down events
17:50<reynaldo>I mean, is it really need for one to do: NextPrevWidgetFocus(false); on UP/LEFT and NextPrevWidgetFocus(true) on DOWN/RIGHT, sounds like most screens would react similar to those same events
17:51<reynaldo>gbee: you around ?
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17:53<reynaldo>do you understand my question?
17:53<gbee>what did activeCurrent() do? I can't remember
17:53<reynaldo>guess it activated* the curretly selected widget
17:56<gbee>heh, well I'm not sure what activated means in this context - selected it? set a list or button to be active?
17:56<reynaldo>Im also interested in the navigation issue, I don't know if I made myself clear, I was asking if maybe there is a way to let some default navigation event - action pairing system take care of ordinary navigation kind of events like arrow up / down
17:56<reynaldo>gbee: I seem to remember it, for instance, 'pushed' the button if you were over it
17:57<gbee>reynaldo: by default, unless you handle them yourself they behave like you described - left/up moves focus back, down/right moves focus forward
17:57<reynaldo>oh, then I have a fsked up event handlong loop
17:58<reynaldo>now I know for sure :D
18:05<gbee>well you need to pass the keypress events down to the base class, it's not quite 'by default'
18:06<gbee>see this example
18:07<reynaldo>gbee: if(!handled && MythScreenType::keyPressEvent(e))
18:07<reynaldo> handled=true;
18:07<reynaldo> return handled;
18:07<gbee>the relevant bit is the if (!handled && MythScreenType::keyPressEvent(event))
18:07<reynaldo>hehe, I have guessed that far
18:07<reynaldo>thanks a lot
18:07<reynaldo>now to see if it works
18:09<gbee>the base class handles LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN & ESCAPE
18:09<gbee>each widget handles it's own keypresses e.g. SELECT, PGUP, PGDOWN etc
18:10<gbee>that would be the if (GetFocusWidget()->keyPressEvent(event)) part
18:11<gbee>so it will pass the event to the current widget first, if the widget doesn't handle the event then the screen handlers are tried and then the base screen
18:14<reynaldo>thanks a lot
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18:20<black_13>my mc.sql is missing on fedora core 9
18:26<reynaldo>gbee: do you know whether SetVisible(false) also makes the widget unfocusable ?
18:27<gbee>you have to call BuildFocusList() after setting it invisible
18:28<reynaldo>I'm calling BuildFocusList() too but what I'm seen suggest invisible items are been focused all the same
18:28<gbee>but yes, non-visible widgets cannot take focus
18:28<gbee>hmm, let me check
18:28<reynaldo>humm, I will double check
18:30<gbee>no, it's a bug/mistake - I'll commit the fix now
18:31<reynaldo>you rock
18:31<gbee>done, you'll need to svn up
18:32<gbee>just had a better idea for the fix
18:33<reynaldo>will you commit right away ?
18:33<reynaldo>I can give you a few minutes if you as politely ;)
18:39<gbee>done, you no longer need to keep calling BuildFocusList, we now add all focusable widgets to the list once and then just skip hidden ones when nextprevwidget is called
18:41<gbee>so just call BuildFocusList in Create() and SetVisible() should hide prevent widgets accepting focus as well as hiding them
18:49<gbee>btw are you using trunk or 0.21?
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19:52<reynaldo_>gbee: thanks
19:52<reynaldo_>sorry for the delay
19:52<reynaldo_>I was having some tea
19:52<gbee>ok, just checking since mythui in trunk looks a lot different from 0.21 and backporting the fix wouldn't be straightforward
19:53<gbee>I'm off to bed :)
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19:54<reynaldo_>gbee: have a nice night
19:54<reynaldo_>and thanks again
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20:22<CDev>Is the 80 character line length enforced that stongly that all my code need to change for no other reason than to wrap the lines!
20:28<reynaldo_>I would hope so
20:29<reynaldo_>but i don't really have voting right :)
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20:35<hads>Who uses an 80 char term? :)
20:37<CDev>I know my monitors can handle editors much wider than 80, and when I need to use a term, it's always 132 or wider.
20:38<CDev>I just am very protective of my code, and when changes are made only to reformat, no bug fixes, no enhancements, It bothers me.
20:39<CDev>oh well, I just need to learn to get over it. More important things in life to worry about... (damn OCD!!! :) )
20:40<reynaldo_>hads: loads of ppl
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21:16<jeeves__>can anyone tell me more about how to add meta tags to Video files for MythTV? I'm looking @ adding ALL of the data to the video files on my NAS so I Can search the NAS for what I want to watch.
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22:52<danielk22>Sorry cdev, I really did try to be gentle on the reformatting with the extra spaces and such -- but where I had to rewrite stuff for Qt4 I just did it in Myth style, because that's what my emacs does when I hit the tab key. There was one header file which I did a wholesale reformat on, I believe there were a lot of tabs and trailing spaces there and it was just too frustrating to work with. When working with MythTV code I set tab expansion to 20 char
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23:17<[mbm]>anyone know hot to get mythtv to play nicely with the ati drivers?
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