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00:57<jeeves__>good evining all
00:58<jeeves__>can anyone reccomend a good site to look up digital/analoge TV tuners as well as Satellite tuners for FTA?
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06:26<justinh>mornin all
06:27<justinh>heh nice welcome message. doesn't leave anybody in any doubt ;)
06:28<justinh>just starting to look into doing a UK translation for mythmovies.. the wiki has a page about translation but there's no i18n dir within the mythmovies plugin dir. where would I start?
06:39<justinh>ah. just looking around it doesn't look like it'll be hard
06:40<justinh>all this just to turn 'theater' into 'cinema'. heh
06:46<stuarta>what about theatre
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07:21<justinh>since it's about film times, I thought cinema would be a better word to use
07:22<justinh>but, a correct UK spelling of theatre would be ok still
07:31<gbee>cinema is the more usual term
07:31<justinh>anyway I'm willing to put in a bit of graft rather than hack my own local copy. I mean, it'll be nice to start the ball rolling for other translations too, should they ever be needed
07:32<justinh>teh lernin fings is gud :)
07:32<gbee>justinh: copy and, modifying them as necessary to an i18n directory in mythmovies
07:33<gbee>add i18n to the list of directories in mythmovies
07:33<gbee>run lupdate etc on the pro files, might need to go through the source and add tr() in the right places
07:34<justinh>ahh it's that last bit wot I needed. cheers
07:35<gbee>looks like a lot of the strings are currently hardcoded in the theme, they should be moved to the code and given the tr() treatment
07:36<gbee>or run themestringtools on the theme - might be a better solution
07:37<gbee>dunno which I prefer actually - hardcoding at least stops creative themers breaking translations
07:47<justinh>I'll see what I can do
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08:01<justinh>heh looks like m_currentMode can't be translated directly since it's used in decision making. much more work than it first appears. not to worry, I like a challenge
08:04<gbee>that's just nasty
08:05<justinh>nothing that can't be undone
08:05<justinh>good exercise
08:06<gbee>could use an enum instead, even though there are just too display options more might be added later - e.g. By Film
08:07<gbee>intend to redesign that plugin a little when it's converted to mythui
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09:08<justinh>lol. why is it I have this knack of thinking "ooo I wouldn't mind working on that" then finding out it'd be fairly pointless cos it needs converting to mythui
09:08<justinh>then again maybe I could have a go doing that too
09:08<laga>it's called laziness ;)
09:08*laga hides
09:08<laga>why is it that i lose interest in doing something once i get it working?
09:11<justinh>because you're human?
09:11<laga>yeah, probably
09:13<justinh>it might've been cool to be able to extend mythmovies to pull the film details down too, maybe posters but we're all aware of the implications that brings along
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09:14<justinh>anyway FWIW I'll continue to play with mythmovies as it is. it needs the translation stuff anyway by rights
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09:19<sphery>justinh: I don't know MythMovies, so this may not apply, but in MythTV proper, where we use a string identifier for decision-making (i.e. the LiveTV and Deleted recording groups or the LiveTV and DB Backups storage groups), we simply just translate the display string and do not translate the "internal" string (when using in code or when writing to the DB).
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09:24<GreyFoxx>hehe anyone happen to look at any of the Make files QT4 is generation ? :) -pthread appears in the LIV'
09:24<GreyFoxx>hehe anyone happen to look at any of the Make files QT4 is generation ? :) -pthread appears in the LIB value like 23 times in all mine
09:24<GreyFoxx>err generating
09:29<justinh>sphery: ahh
09:29<justinh>been too busy doing real work to pick it up again right now anyway so it can wait til I get home
09:39<gbee>justinh: what you are proposing doesn't really get in the way of converting to mythui, unless I'd already started converting it, which I haven't
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09:40<gbee>I'd tie in mythmovies with the scripts used by mythvideo - if one is legally dubious then so it the other and at least only one set needs to be maintained
09:41<gbee>btw I'd use enums instead of strings, but that may just be me
09:43<GreyFoxx>Hehe Just found a hacked box in our colo network, using the myth port to hide their backdoor :)
09:45<laga>were you scanning for mythbackends in your data centre? ;)
09:45<GreyFoxx>nope massive bandwidth spike from boxeswhich normally have very little
09:46<GreyFoxx>so an nmap of the boxes reported 6543, customer gave me root and sure enough, it's a backdoor pretending to be mythtv :)
09:47<GreyFoxx>and it appears to be a storage place for italian dvd rips and who knows what else :)
09:48<sphery>GreyFoxx: I noticed the plethora of -pthread, but didn't look into it--Nigel and danielk22 seem to be doing a lot of changes to that stuff lately, so I figured it's just in flux.
09:50<gbee>how do people feel to me moving author/license information from large comment blocks at the start of each and every file to AUTHOR and COPYING?
09:50<gbee>this is in the plugins
09:51<gbee>my personal view is that having it in every file just gets silly as people add their names to an ever growing list and you end up with more comments than code - but I appreciate that it might be a touchy subject
09:52<justinh>never really bothered adding my own name. what's the point?
09:52<justinh>well, not in the code anyway
09:53<gbee>neither have I, at least not that I can recall
09:55<sphery>gbee: Did you see [18063] ? Perhaps it will fix your connection pooling issue.
09:55<gbee>having author's names in AUTHORS, where it's not cluttering up code is great by me but keeping the original authors name in the file even if that particular code has be rewritten and changed a hundred times since does seem pointless to me
09:56<gbee>sphery: saw it, waiting to see if I still have problems
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10:17<janneg>for me svn log is enough
10:19<janneg>GreyFoxx: I doubt the backdoor tries to hide behind mythtv's port. 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 is just a regular easy remembered number
10:29<GreyFoxx>Actually I sniffed the port for a bit, and it "handshakes" just like the myth protocol
10:29<stuarta>oh that is nasty
10:29<c4t3l>hello all. is there any "developer documentation" available specifically pertaining to mythosd? And if so, could one of you be so kind as to point me to the url... :)
10:29<stuarta>now we are gunna get tarred with the backdoor brush and our stuff is gunna start getting A/V'd. This isn't going to be fun
10:30<GreyFoxx>after the handshake it basically opens a bash shell
10:30<stuarta>how rude
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10:30<GreyFoxx>the customer already has the drive out and a clean clone in it
10:30<stuarta>soon there will be a snort rule that detects "malicious" mythtv
10:31<GreyFoxx>I gotta say, I've never seen a customer replace a drive so fast
10:31<stuarta>well done them
10:31<GreyFoxx>They are located in a neighboring building so he was over here within minutes from my initial call :)
10:32<stuarta>our datacentre is 1.5hrs away from the office
10:32<GreyFoxx>he apparent kept a ready to go spare on his desk for just such a thing hehe
10:32<stuarta>at least he's expecting it
10:33<stuarta>we however keep a very tight control on our boxes (plus they are mainly linux)
10:33<stuarta>was it on port 6543 or 6544?
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10:35<stuarta>not much really
10:36<GreyFoxx>yeah, hopefully it wont become common :)
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10:51<gbee>GreyFoxx: how far from completion is your caching stuff? There is a mythui 'bug' that could really use caching for a proper fix
10:53<gbee>I want to keep a global list of in memory images, their dimensions, transformation effects etc, as MythImage is created it would add itself to the list and we'd check their first when load()ing
10:55<gbee>when resizing a mythimage, or applying transforming effects e.g. reflection, rotation then we'd copy to a new image to avoid modifying an image which may already be in use elsewhere
10:58<gbee>anyway, all that would be best integrated with what you are working on
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12:08<gbee>with the new youtube plugin we don't really need the video stuff in mythnews?
12:11<stuarta>news sites often have video
12:11<sphery>Might want to mention to Kevin Kuphal on the lists. He might even take the lead on the YouTube plugin--or the merging of it with MythNews.
12:12<danielk22>it would be nice if it were merged with the mythflix plugin too
12:14<laga>is the youtube plugin sane?
12:15<gbee>would it make sense to merge it with the flix plugin considering it's not just a simple rss reader?
12:16<justinh>laga: you mean, does it do stuff like sudo wget / sudo mplayer? ;)
12:16<laga>yeah ;)
12:16<justinh>I don't think it does, & the author said he's going to make it work with streaming soon
12:17<justinh>not even XBMC's plugin can do that IIRC
12:17<gbee>merging the plugins from a code duplication point of view makes a lot of sense, I'm thinking about it in terms of theming and how different layouts might suit text or video better
12:18<laga>well, the themes do quite different things so some clear distinction or even different menu entries would be good
12:18<justinh>laga: still doesn't rule out merging though IMHO
12:19<danielk22>yeah, have different themes but get rid of the code duplication.. of course this is conditioned on someone being interested in the task...
12:20<gbee>I was thinking about having the sites in a list on the left (or even as a horizontal list up top) with the articles in a magazine style grid layout
12:20<justinh>I need to ressurect my dev box so I can do this fettling with mythmovies & start playing with other things
12:20<gbee>videos obviously tend to come with thumbnails, so a gallery with titles would work better there
12:31<justinh>wow. made the cinema name field 1200 pixels wide & it's still not big enough to fit these in
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13:12<gbee>heh, multiline it?
13:14<justinh>nah smaller fonted it
13:15<justinh>otherwise it'd mess up the otherwise uniform look I've cultivated
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13:40<gbee>GreyFoxx: what do you think to hash based caching instead of strings? right now we need to cache files individually based filename, size, reflection (axis,shear,scale,length),gradient (colours,alpha) and in future transformations such as shear,rotation
13:40<gbee>all of which would make for very long strings and filenames :)
13:41<gbee>if that information was hashed (md5?) then it would be more managable
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13:47<GreyFoxx>gbee: Something like "video-file.jpg-800x600-reflection.png" | md5sum = e30d9dfff4bb95dcff846bb8ab1ccffa.png or some such ?
13:47<GreyFoxx>That'sfine by me
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13:49<gbee>yeah, I'd just put a little hashing method somewhere which would spit out a value based on all those factors, which would then be used for the lookup
13:51<gbee>although it's just occured to me that it's not perfect - e.g. "video-file.jpg-800x600.png" could be used to create "video-file.jpg-800x600-reflection.png"
13:52<gbee>having that ability is of more value, so the hashing idea goes out the window
13:54<GreyFoxx>I'll look at cleaning up my patch tonight and put it somewhere for you to take a look
13:54<gbee>ok thanks
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14:16<joomla_user>is mythtv under sharia ?
14:17<GreyFoxx>What is that ?
14:17<joomla_user>Islamic law
14:17<GreyFoxx>I don't understand the question, or I'm just not getting the joke if it's a joke :)
14:17<joomla_user>oh wrong channel
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14:29<gbee>well that was odd
14:30<gbee>BAT? Never heard of it ..
14:32<danielk22>It's a DVB table that tells you about multiple channels from a single headend.
14:32<gbee>huh, learn something knew :)
14:33<gbee>guess it must be in the DVB specs, but I don't remember seeing it
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14:34<gbee>Bouquet Association Table - well it's there, between SDT and NIT
14:34<danielk22>yeah, it's one of the major tables like NIT and SDT
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14:35<danielk22>One of the our outstanding patches for eit adds parsing of that table; or at least did the last I checked.
14:36<gbee>heh, well shows just how poor my memory is considering I read the specs cover to cover just two years ago
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14:39*stuarta ponder why the first thing he thought of was that tobacco company
14:39<laga>it's under the GPL
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15:05<gbee>ugh, one of the fans in my desktop is failing
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16:22*stuarta builds the OSX frontend for the first time in a while
16:25<clever>gbee: yeah thats never fun
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17:05<stuarta>oooo 5603 looks interesting
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17:24<gbee>BBC guy
17:25<stuarta>yes that's the ticket
17:25<gbee>wonder what happened to the iPlayer plugin they said they were making
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17:27<gbee>stuarta: yeah, but they have their own drm implementation which would have worked just fine on linux
17:27<gbee>arguably that's exactly what they'll be using when the promised linux client is finally released
17:28<stuarta>i'm not so fussed if it ever comes out or not.
17:28<gbee>assuming they don't ditch that client for the flash based service
17:29<gbee>I'm not really bothered either, I record everything so it's of no real value but it would be a nice addition all the same
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23:03<brewmaster>has anyone had any luck getting a pchdtv 5500 card working with mythbuntu hardy?
23:03<brewmaster>wrong room :)
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23:06<intx13>I have a question relating to firewire nodes and channels... I think it's a bit too internal for mythtv-users.
23:07<intx13>Specifically, plugreport indicates that my STB sits on port 0, node 1, channel 0, but firewire_tester (and mythtv, as far as I can tell) only try to access the same channel as the port number.
23:07<intx13>For example, firewire_tester.c explicitely sets channel = port. Is this MythTV behavior as well?
23:08<intx13>err channel = node
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23:27<intx13>I've ascertained that firewire_tester.c assumes that the firewire channel is always the same number as the firewire node. This is (I think) a bad thing, as it causes devices which appear with different node and channel values to not work with firewire_tester.
23:27<intx13>As far as I can tell, mythtv does the same thing... but I haven't the slightest clue where to start to look for that in the source.
23:28<intx13>test-mpeg2 does NOT do this, and works fine with the aforementioned STB.
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