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00:04<intx13>hmm well I'd appreciate some feedback from a dev on this before I go submitting a bug report to mythtv or mythbuntu (whoever does mythprime I guess?).. leave a message (even if you're just saying I'm off-base).
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03:38<stuarta>intx13: just drop an email to the -dev list to start a discussion
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04:02<justinh>"NIT authorities tested using simulated Crystal Palace signal". wowser. somebody has access to stuff mere mortals ain't got ;)
04:03<stuarta>well he does work for the BBC
04:03<stuarta>R&D i'd expect
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06:24<quentusrex23>How is the current ATI support for mythtv?
06:25*stuarta points to the topic
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12:59<gbee>bugger, seems that despite placing my order over a month ago I still wasn't allocated my Aspire One out of the first batch :(
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14:21<danielk22>hey, who was looking at the qt4 port of mheg? It looks like Dave Matthew's just posted a patch in #5606
14:25<Chutt>the patch doesn't do a qt4 port, though
14:28<danielk22>I assume if it makes it work again this will aid in the porting...
14:29<danielk22>I made some qt3->qt4 transforms already, but couldn't apply the patch because it was untestable.
14:31<gbee>yeah it will help, some things were broken in the initial qt4 port which just made it harder for stuarta to test things
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20:14<teprrr>is it intentional that pressing play when the playback is paused only saves the position? shouldn't it just continue the playback? just wanted to ask before starting patching :)
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20:15<danielk22>huh? for me it resumes play...
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20:20<teprrr>hmhh, for me it does actually the same as select/ok, saving and clearing the position... hrm, perhaps I need to check out my lirc config...
20:20<teprrr>ahh, sorry, looks like it's my fault.. Play button is binded to return..
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20:35<sutula>teprrr: What should it be bound to? (mine is wrong also)
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20:47<teprrr>sutula, no idea, yet.. apparently binding it to P (as in pause) wouldn't work for menus..
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20:49<sutula>teprrr: Seems like it needs to be state-sensitive, or myth needs a new key that does the toggle
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21:01<teprrr>sutula, yeah, though this discussion should be moved to -users, I think :P
21:05*sutula nods
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22:13<vss>how do i link a MythUITextEdit to virtual keyboard?
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22:25<vss>how can i detect enter key in the MythUITextEdit?
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22:58<vss>can I create theme with MythLineEdit?
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