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04:14<stuarta>danielk22: yes that was me looking at the QT4 port of MHEG
04:14<stuarta>did the port
04:14<stuarta>discovered it was broken in trunk now anyway
04:14<stuarta>with or without the port
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05:25<gbee>vss there is no Virtual Keyboard for mythui yet, but it will be added soon
06:22<jarle>!seen xris
06:25<gbee>danielk22: romedit.h:26: error: ‘class StorageUser’ has no member named ‘GetValue’
06:25<danielk22>Hmm, should have been renamed to GetDBValue in the commit
06:27<danielk22>umm, did you do an svn update on the plugins? I don't have 26 lines in romedit.h
06:27<danielk22>and "svn st" shows no outstanding changes
06:27<gbee>hmm, I did, let me try something
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06:28<gbee>ok, deleted mythgame and re-ran svn up, it's now ok
06:30<gbee>had this problem once before, I might try updating subversion
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06:32<gbee>sorry for the noise
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07:47<gbee>everyone wants blocking dialogs :(
07:48<gbee>Paul's suggesting moving the progress dialog to another thread because it's easier than moving everything that might use it
07:50<gbee>both issues are above my pay grade (read I'd rather not have to deal with it)
07:57<danielk22>i don't want blocking dialogs ;P
07:58<danielk22>They are convenient and all; but generally UI and blocking should never be used in the same sentence.
08:02<gbee>and I'd rather thread off anything that might be blocking the UI updating - e.g. the progress dialogs, even if it is more work/hassle
08:04<danielk22>yeah, the only major obstacle is communicating with the thread. Pass a QString to between threads and things are prone to go boom! I just had a QString segfault this morning with a non-varying QString..
08:05<gbee>for progress dialogs all that is really needed are ints, at least once the thread is running
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12:13<gbee>the big question mark for me with re-writing myththemedmenu has been how to deal with button icons - to do it natively with mythui would probably mean a statetype in the buttonitem listing each filename for the state etc
12:14<gbee>and that would have to be done twice, once for each button state (selected and unselected)
12:14<gbee>on top of a third statetype for any watermarks
12:17<gbee>which remains the most flexible way from a theming perspective, but it would also mean a huge theme.xml
12:19<gbee>the alternative would be to keep those image definitions in a second file - using something similar to the existing <buttondef>s which we then load into the uitypes defined in theme.xml
12:20<gbee>any thoughts?
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13:08<ugnius>hi, is there a way to move live tv programms i just watched to Default recording group so they are shown in mythfrontend (I've disabled autoexpire on them via mythweb)
13:12<ugnius>or i can only view them via mythweb now and stuck with it?
13:23<cesman>ugnius: please read the topic of the channel
13:23<ugnius>oh, terribly sorry, just noticed, sorry all over the place
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13:29<DerDracle>Is anything with a width > 720 and a height > 576 considered to be 'High Definition'?
13:29<DerDracle>What exceptions exist to this?
13:30<danielk22>DerDracle: please read the topic of the channel
13:31<DerDracle><.< Where would I direct questions about digital media in general?
13:35<DerDracle>Hm.. A bit fuzzy on information about HDCP content protection enforcement unfortunately- apparently not a strong suit of anyone here either. Alright :) Thanks for your time anyways.
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13:50<roi1979>Hi all. I have a HP Pavilion M9055 with a "147a:e018 Formosa Industrial Computing, Inc." USB IR receiver.
13:50<roi1979>... that isn't working ...
13:51<roi1979>I've tried starting LIRC with: sudo /usr/local/sbin/lircd -n
13:51<roi1979>And running irw on another console - but this kills the lircd process.
13:51<roi1979>It says: lircd: could not open /dev/lirc
13:51<roi1979>lircd: default_init(): No such device
13:52<danielk22>roi1979: please read the topic of the channel
13:52<roi1979>danielk22: Thanks - sorry, I'll be on my way.
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14:11<gbee>that's got to be a record
14:15<styelz>olympic fever..
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14:53<danielk22>stuartm: is #4427 still an issue with Qt4.x?
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15:09<gbee>I'll check
15:15<gbee>seems to be fixed with QT4
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17:02<jgoo>Hey people. I am looking for satellite resources, i.e., making your own lightweight 3 meter satellite dish - has anyone undertaken such a project?
17:02<danielk22>jgoo: please read the topic of the channel
17:03<gbee>transitions seem faster with the rewritten themedmenu, don't know if I'm just imagining it
17:03<jgoo>Right, I guess you get this a lot, considering most channels work on a mythtv mythtv-dev style of naming. My bad.
17:04<danielk22>yeah, unfortunate naming.. historic reasons :P
17:05<danielk22>has anyone 1/notices pvr-x50 framecounting is now _sometimes_ off, and 2/ noticed any pattern too it other than it is 20% over when it's off?
17:06<Chutt>not here
17:06<Chutt>but i haven't updated my backend in about a month
17:06<danielk22>It must have something to do with the new frame-counting, but I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this and seen any pattern.
17:13<Chutt>are people really discussing the office 2007 interface on the users list?
17:14<danielk22>wah? hehehe
17:15<danielk22>and it springs from a perpetual slashdot troll article to boot
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17:19<Chutt>that beagleboard devkit is rather lame
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17:34<danielk22>It looks like the new ivtv key frame problem is the same as the old #799. Just different data. Gotta look at how avlib does it..
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17:42<abqjp>danielk22: This has nothing to do with the "H.264 frame parsing", right?
17:44<danielk22>nope, it's just our mpeg-2 frame counter, it needs to skip over slices the very at least.
17:45<Chutt>it used to be easy - did the ivtv driver stop producing 1 frame per read?
17:45<danielk22>right now we find magic bytes within the data segments
17:45<danielk22>chutt: it may still do that, but I'd like a general solution. The other ivtv like devices may not be as kind
17:46<danielk22>plus, i might as well fix #799 once and for all..
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18:40<janneg>danielk22: re #2342 (eit duplicate keys) I suspect a bug in eit.cpp but I failed to find it yet
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19:02<gbee>popscreen transition is broken and probably has been for a long time, we aren't drawing the screen being deleted while it fades
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19:23<gbee>"// Should we care if non-top level screens need redrawing?" << yes ;)
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19:48<gbee>server down?
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20:00<Chutt>gbee, appears to be running fine
20:01<gbee>yeah it came back just after I asked
20:07<Chutt>oh, cool, you figured out the popscreen thing
20:07<Chutt>i had noticed that but hadn't bothered to debug yet =)
20:11<gbee>yeah, I might remove the fading of the old screen on add screen too, it causes the background image to flash through briefly, most noticable on metallurgy
20:12<gbee>looks fine without it IMHO
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22:39<quentusrex>How do I get mythtv to transcode from a dvd iso to an avi file?
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