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01:48<el1te>sup everyone
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10:59<gbee>there are way too many buttons in the menus
11:10<gbee>well over a hundred I'd guess, I'd hate to the see the memory usage if someone themed every one individually
11:10<gbee>x2 if using icons (selected & unselected)
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11:40<jams>gbee- my theme uses images for the button text. There are 245 images
11:41<jams>so your guess was fairly close
11:43<gbee>one of the advantages for the new version is that you can define any number of images for a button or watermark and overlay them, so potentially saving memory and also making changes easier
11:43<gbee>no need to regenerate 200 images after making a single change to a background for example
11:44<jams>well in my case that wouldn't help any. I would still need to have that many images for the buttons.
11:45<jams>the curse of gradient text for a highlighted button
11:46<jams>it looks nice!
11:47<gbee>I'm sure it does :)
11:48<jams>in case your wondering the button making process is scripted
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11:57<gbee>that would make things much easier
11:57<gbee>wish Inkscape had some sort of scripting - iterate through layers 5-43 hiding/showing and save results to layername.png
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16:50<gbee>danielk22: could this have anything to do with recent changes? I added a new card to the backend earlier today:
16:54<gbee>shouldn't even be trying to use cardid 33 - that's the new card, DVB-S unconnected to any video source
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16:58<gbee>looking at the cardinput table it's completely mixed up the cards/inputs, deleted all entries and recreated them
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17:59<danielk22>gbee: there haven't been any recent changes in that code that I know of.
17:59<danielk22>looks like it might be a permissions problem with the dvb device
17:59<gbee>danielk22: ok, may be an older issue, if I get time I'll take a look
18:00<danielk22>A little over a month ago there was a change to support DVB cards with multiple frontends. But that's been pretty well tested by now.
18:00<gbee>seems like we weren't dropping or updating entries in the cardinput table following changes, but I was in a hurry to get the backend working again so I clear the table making debugging harder
18:02<danielk22>hmm, that could be a qt4 port problem.. a lot of settings.cpp stuff broke in the initial port, i've been fixing problems as i see them, or see tickets to fix em
18:02<gbee>adapter 0 used to be DVB-T, but became DVB-S after switching cards around - although I changed the input connections in mythtv-setup it seems some of the virtual tuners for adapter 0 were pointing at the DVB-T source
18:04<danielk22>Ah, well if you switch any non DVB-S DVB-x card to DVB-S, or vice versa -- you really need to clean out the cards first. The input stuff on DVB-S cards is completely different.
18:04<gbee>I've no doubt that if I'd deleted all the cards first it might have worked, but I'm guessing there is a case where you assign no source to a card where it doesn't update the cardinput table for all virtual inputs
18:04<danielk22>It's not virtual input specific.
18:05<danielk22>I'd really like to rewrite the DVB-S stuff, but rewriting the channel scanner is a higher priority.
18:06<danielk22>DVB-X cards do not support multiple inputs, and inputs on DVB-S don't have much in the way of DVB driver support.
18:08<danielk22>It's a huge deficiency in the DVB API on Linux.
18:09<gbee>maybe something as simple as distinguishing between DVB types in the cardtype column - if the cardtype changes then behave as though we've deleted that card before saving changes in mythtv-setup
18:10*gbee adds that to a list of things he'll never get around to doing
18:11<danielk22>It would need to be a bitmap. Cards can be DVB-C & DVB-T, and there even one card that does ATSC + all DVB-X standards + SCTE QAM + ISDB.
18:12<danielk22>still that would make a lot of things easier.
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18:20<kbrandt_>Hi All, I am trying to get my HVR-950 working, but with the channel scan all I get when any channel locks is no tables. Can anyone tell me what that means and what I might do to fix it?
18:21<danielk22>kbrandt: wrong channel, but "taskset -c0 mythtv-setup" + extend the channel lock timeouts -- ask any followups in #mythtv-users
18:22<kbrandt_>danielk22: K, thanks, tried that chan already :-)
18:25<thedarkon>danielk22 u there
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20:25<quentusrex>Does anyone know how difficult it would be to make modifications to mythtv?
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21:18<danielk22>quentusrex: depends on what you're doing. In general no, but there are some fragile bits in video playback.
21:19<danielk22>chutt: i looked at the ffmpeg code, it looks like all we have to do is skip the slice data after each slice start code and we will avoid seeing spurious start codes in the data.
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21:58<quentusrex>danielk22, I'm looking for something long the lines of adding and removing menu level features. Also adding menu plugins...
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