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07:09<chronographer>hello anyone around good with lirc fixing?
07:11<gbee>chronographer: #mythtv-users
07:12<gbee>Chutt: just how much slower would pulling images from the disk as needed be? Instead of preloading all images?
07:12<gbee> I'm thinking mythgallery/mythvideo etc where mythuibuttonlist might store image filenames instead of the actual images then just load as required
07:13<laga>are these images stored in RAM uncompressed?
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07:20<gbee>honestly don't know the behaviour of QImage/QPixmap, but compressed or uncompressed they still chew up memory
07:21<laga>yeah, but compressed would probably be a lot less
07:22<gbee>even if they are compressed, it won't be near the levels of the original image
07:23<laga>well, maybe you can cache the original image and decompress them on demand
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07:25<gbee>possibly - more work though and so it wouldn't happen that quickly
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07:43<EmleyMoor>I'm trying to get mythtv set up but when I try, I get that it can't log in to the database
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07:45<EmleyMoor>It could be the absence of a mythtv user, I guess - how would I sort that?
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08:29<EmleyMoor>How do I find out what port my mythtv backend is on?
08:31<rooau1>EmleyMoor: try asking in #mythtv-users
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12:59<gbee>Chutt: fixed my problem with high cpu usage caused by the gant alpha pulse, not sure why exactly but the moment I moved it from base.xml to the menu it suddenly became CPU friendly
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13:22<Chutt>that's kinda odd
13:22<Chutt>shouldn't be any different
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13:24<Chutt>it should be in base.xml, though, since that means it'll show up everywhere
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13:30<falstaff>Hello, is mythvideo with mythui back in trunk?
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13:42<gbee>Chutt: it's hidden from view on most pages though, behind the content
13:44<gbee>if you'd rather it stay in base.xml all the same, then I'll move it back
13:46<gbee>didn't actually move it because of the CPU issue, but noticed that it helped for some reason
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14:35<fyrmedic>Will mythtv run on an olderish machine or do I need to go for higher end cpu and and big ram to get it to work well.
14:49<gbee>fyrmedic: that's a question for #mythtv-users
14:51<Chutt>it'd rather it stay in base.xml
14:51<gbee>Chutt: np, I'll switch it back
14:58<fyrmedic>ok thanks
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14:59<gbee>it would be nice to have the clock on each screen too, it would need to be moved right up to the top/bottom though
15:03<gbee>I think you really have to design the theme with the clock in mind if you put it in the base window
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15:09<gbee>janneg: which theme are you using? Want to prevent overlap
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15:12<laga>gbee: would you be opposed to storing the complete path to the xmltv config file in the DB? the current setup breaks if mythtv-setup is run as a different user than the backend
15:12<laga>and the backend has its own daemon user on ubuntu/debian ;)
15:15<gbee>hmm, I don't suppose it would cause a problem as there can't be many people running mythbackend with different setup for different users, but everything was stored per-user for a reason originally
15:16<gbee>I'll fix it, give me a nudge if I haven't done it in a couple of days
15:16<laga>yeah.. or we just add magic to our wrapper scripts to copy the config file to /home/mythtv/, but that's ugly
15:16<laga>gbee: oh, nice. thanks
15:17<laga>i figure this will involve a DB change - any chance it'll be ported to -fixes?
15:18<gbee>I'll think about it, could do it without a db change - just treat the path as absolute and if we don't find what we're looking for then try it as a relative
15:19<janneg>gbee: currently retro
15:19<laga>the path is not stored in the DB, it's constructed in the code
15:19<laga> QString configfile = QString("%1/%2.xmltv").arg(MythContext::GetConfDir())
15:19<laga> .arg(;
15:19<gbee>laga: ahh, ok, I can't really remember ;)
15:19<laga>i need to dig out that paste script for irssi
15:20<gbee>janneg: I'll take Iulius next then
15:20<laga>that'd also assume the config file is world readable
15:44<laga>gbee: i see you're converting the themes. is the old format currently broken or does it still work?
15:44<gbee>currently works, won't be committing the change which breaks them until I've converted all the themes in svn
15:46<gbee>it's only the menu theme and I've not really figured out how to deal with button icons (as used in Blue/Metallurgy) yet so it will probably be another week before the old themes will no longer work in trunk
15:47<laga>that's good. i've finally figured out why my trunk packages don't work
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15:54<gbee>weird, I'm getting the wrong background in Iulius
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16:07*jams is not looking forward to converting themes
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16:09<gbee>I'm not looking forward to metallurgy, not sure whether it should remain the same since that's what everyone likes and has become used to, or whether it should make better use of mythui
16:09<gbee>probably end up converting metallurgy, then starting a completely new theme
16:10<jams>sounds like a plan
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16:22<gbee>if anyone can figure that out I'll buy them a beer
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16:41<sdubois92>is a 3Ghx 512M box fast enough for software encoding?
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17:28<gbee>umm, why are we prefering images in the users home directory to those from mythtv storage locations such as ~/.mythtv,/{prefix}/share/mythtv etc?
17:32<jams>I beleive it was done to make testing easier
17:32<jams>that has bitten me more then once
17:36<Chutt>feel free to change it
17:38<gbee>I was going mad trying to figure it out ;) So yeah, I'll change it
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17:40<Chutt>it was supposed to allow you to have a copy of the theme locally
17:40<Chutt>but, causes more problems than it solves
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17:52<Chutt>hey, so
17:52<Chutt>i'm going to be out of town for a week for work
17:52<Chutt>so if the server dies, just get em to reboot it
17:52<Chutt>or whatever
17:58<gbee>sure, one of the OSUOSL guys is now permanently hanging out in here
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