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11:21<janneg>Cardoe: splitted qt4 dependencies: qtcore, qtnetwork, qtgui, qsql and qt3support. qtopengl should be optimal. qtwebkit might be needed soon. I'm unsure about qtsvg and qtxmlpatterns
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11:28<Cardoe>janneg: cool
11:28<Cardoe>we're going to qt 4.4 in Gentoo I think
11:28<Cardoe>since we've broken apart qt 4.4 into different pieces
11:28<Cardoe>so I think we'll make that operate better.
11:28<Cardoe>I'll have more info by the end of the week
11:32<stuarta>debian has already broken it into bits
11:32<stuarta>works okay on my dev box
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11:46<janneg>Cardoe: yeah, I read your mail (through so answering here is easier for me
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11:52<Chutt>gbee, hey
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11:53<gbee>oh good, you can make the call on this blocking dialog stuff :)
11:53<Chutt>i just closed the bug as invalid
11:54<Chutt>ie, rewrite stuff to be non-blocking
11:54<Chutt>anything with processEvents in it is *bad* =)
11:54<gbee>ok :)
11:54<Chutt>i can't send anything to the dev list right now
11:55<Chutt>(i'm travelling)
11:55<gbee>np, if you want me to pass on a message I'd be happy to do that
11:55<Chutt>hopefully they'll see the bug update
11:55<gbee>if processevents is bad then everything that uses the progress dialog will need to be threaded
11:56<Chutt>processEvents leads to unintended consequences - like, recursing into the code you called it from
11:56<Chutt>but, yeah, anything using the progress dialog should be threaded off
11:56<gbee>I wasn't too comfortable making the call on the dialogs issue, so thanks for that
11:57<Chutt>do you agree on the blocking/non thing?
11:57<Chutt>it's not too hard to rewrite things, IMO
11:58<gbee>I agree it should be non-blocking, but I arrived at that point without really developing strong arguments for it :) So I didn't really fancy having to try and justify that extra work to Nigel/Paul
12:01<gbee>calling processevents to update the UI, even with the old UI never felt right, it seemed hacky
12:03<Chutt>a lot of the problems in the playback selector screen are because of processEvents and bad recursive things happening
12:04<Chutt>we should be able to write some helper functions to make threading off little things easy
12:05<gbee>initially I probably would have sided with Paul/Nigel, converting over screens to use non-blocking dialogs did create more work :)
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12:05<gbee>but it's a small price to pay for keeping the UI snappy
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12:08<gbee>if anyone wants a job, I've got a simple feature request - the option somewhere in the frontend to copy settings from another frontend
12:09<stuarta>i've a simple request. one of those time turner thingies from Harry Potter
12:09<gbee>ooh, that's a good one
12:09<stuarta>then i could fit in everything i want to do :)
12:10<gbee>ffs, the desktop I turned into a backend and now back into a desktop is freezing constantly and 2/3 times it doesn't even get past post
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12:13<janneg>gbee: cpu cooler running?
12:13<SHADOW__X>mem issues/
12:14<gbee>yep, no obvious issues like overheating, it's been running fine as a headless backend for the last year or more, so the issues are probably related to the video card - although that was pulled from a working machine just two months ago
12:15<gbee>since I just burnt myself on the GPU heatsink I think it's very likely to blame
12:16<stuarta>that'll cause no end of lookups
12:17<SHADOW__X>what kind of vid card
12:17<SHADOW__X>or better yet what card
12:17<gbee>GF4 MX440, low profile no fan - but we should probably move to -users
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12:19<Chutt>guess i should go into the office
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13:50<danielk22>janne: since I added debugging for the DB EIT problem I haven't seen any problems; i'm guessing this is rare, whatever it is.
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14:09<janneg>danielk22: I see it only occasionally, maybe once or twice in week
14:11<janneg>have you done anything with the ffmpeg sync patch? I'm cleaning and refreshing it now
14:14<danielk22>no haven't touched it
14:15<danielk22>guess I'll need to keep it running a bit longer.. maybe add more debugging if it is this rare...
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14:15<janneg>ok, I might commit to a svn branch when I'm done
14:16<danielk22>i'm happy that i'm getting pretty reliable hd-pvr recordings now...
14:17<GreyFoxx>Does the driver work well if there is more than one hd-pvr connected at a time?
14:17<GreyFoxx>I'm considering dropping my firewire cable box, and going for a cheaper sat service but no firewire on those :/
14:18<danielk22>gf: report from john poet is that it works, but you can't yet tie a /dev/videoX device to a particular hd-pvr device yet.
14:19<GreyFoxx>Star choice locally is like $34 a month and includes 28 hdtv channels, so I'd be gaining channels and lowering month cost :)
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14:20<janneg>that driver bug should be fixed soon
14:25<gbee>somewhere along the line we started displaying the Teletext related entries in the OSD menu for streams with no teletext
14:25<gbee>was that intentional?
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14:27<danielk22>I don't think are detecting whether there is teletext or NTSC captions, so we just offer the option to enable/disable them whether they are there or not.
14:28<danielk22>This is unlike say ATSC captions where we get a header with the caption description and language for each set of captions, and so only list the available options.
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14:28<MrGandalf>has there been made any effort to backport the HDPVR support to -fixes?
14:28<gbee>we didn't used to show those entries, at least I don't remember them
14:28<danielk22>I had planned to write an analog CC detector, but never got around to it.
14:29<danielk22>gbee: there are some tickets on teletext captions not working, but I made any intentional teletext changes in a long time.
14:30<gbee>I'll take a look
14:30<danielk22>that ticket is 22 months old and has a patch
14:31<danielk22>the patch doesn't look correct at first blush, but it may provide a clue
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14:35<abqjp>danielk22: are *you* seeing these memory corruption crashes? I have made a dozen recording since yesterday, I an it has not crashed once.
14:35<iamlindoro_>abqjp: You didn't ask, but none here :)
14:36<abqjp>I wonder what the difference is.....
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14:38<abqjp>I wonder if has to do with the size of the DRB buffer? iamlindoro what do you have the HD ring buffer size set to?
14:38<iamlindoro_>It's set at the default
14:38<iamlindoro_>(as I've never touched it) :)
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14:39<abqjp>I bet those reporting the crash are also at default, so that is probably not it.
14:39<iamlindoro_>hmm, speaking of all this, it's probably time for me to update the wiki
14:39<iamlindoro_>In probably-unrelated news, I have also still not tried CBR
14:41<abqjp>iamlindoro: just a note: if you try and set the peak less than the avg, it will trigger the CBR flag, BUT you will get an error from the ioctl call for the peak, because the driver insists that it is ALWAYS greater than the avg. Daniel thinks that should be fixed in the driver, but I don't get the inclination that Janne is going to.
14:45<janneg>well, ignoring max bitrate if cbr mode is active is a valid fix
14:46<abqjp>janneg: seems reasonable to me. Of course, you could also argue that Myth should try to set the peak, if CBR is set.
14:47<abqjp>should not
14:48<MrGandalf>janneg: don't want to bug, just curious if you ever made headway with your ffmpeg merge. I have a backport in limbo.
14:48<janneg>MrGandalf: I'm cleaning it up atm
14:48<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks.
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15:13<GreyFoxx>Hmmm anyone know of any problems sending audio with a samplerate of 24000 to alsa rather than 48000? I've got 2 files I ripped a long time ago, and using OSS output they work, but with alsa I get a alsa error and audio is disabled.
15:14<GreyFoxx>mplayer works for both, but seems to convert the 24000 to 48000 before sending to alsa
15:15<kormoc>alsa without the rate plugin doesn't really support multiple rates
15:15<kormoc>least, from what I remember
15:16<kormoc>but that might have been related to dmix
15:21<sphery_>That's pretty much true (though it's really only certain sound card hardware that doesn't support other than 48kHz--most do software conversions, but some, like SB Live! have hardware). Using the plug plugin to do rate conversion should make it work.
15:21<GreyFoxx>hmmm ok
15:22<GreyFoxx>"plug" plugin ?
15:23<GreyFoxx> that's some info on the file I'm trying to play. It definately works fine with myth set to OSS
15:23<GreyFoxx>I could look at resampling the audio and change the file itself, but wondered if this affects others :)
15:25<GreyFoxx>I've never even looked at alsa plugins before
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17:06<janneg>Cardoe: qtwebkit dependency was added earlier than expected [18140]
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17:15<sphery>janneg: in theory qtwebkit isn't required though the user will get some, "Requires Qt 4.4.0 or higher," message where the web browser stuff would be.
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17:21<Cardoe>janneg: cool. thanks
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17:29<janneg>sphery: I assume the check is based on the qt verion so it wouldn't make a difference for the splitted qt4.4 gentoo ebuilds
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17:52<sphery>janneg: Oh, yeah, now I get what you were saying. When using QT 4.4 or above, qtwebkit is a dependency.
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19:55<danielk22>janne: I got a hit on the EIT problem
19:55<danielk22>it appears that there is a problem with the existing listings, overlapping programs...
19:57<danielk22>news runs from 0400-0700, and two morning shows run from 0500-0600 and 0600-0700, resp.
19:59<janneg>ah, the error happens if we want to change one of those?
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