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02:05<aaacreol>no-one alive at mythtv-users anyone here wanna help?
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04:17<stuarta>morning all
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10:40<teprrr>btw, why the coreavc-for-linux patch is not included in svn?
10:40<teprrr>is it just because no one has stepped up to get it included?
10:41<stuarta>for me it's a fundamental objection to using pay for software when the free is almost there
10:41<GreyFoxx>and noone has added a configurable gui option to it to be turned on or off in the playback profiles
10:42<GreyFoxx>and it should be a compile time flag include it or not
10:42<laga>ubuntu intrepid will have a libmyth-coreavc package
10:44<laga>that's less scary than backporting ffmpeg ;)
10:45<teprrr>stuarta, yup, well, I'm usually against non-free software, but there may still be people who may want to use taht :)
10:45<iamlindoro>CoreAVC also has some fairly substantial drawbacks w/ internal
10:45<iamlindoro>ie, mythfrontend will go off into la-la land if the h.264 happens to be in certain containers
10:46<iamlindoro>requiring a kill
10:46<teprrr>but hopefully free alternatives are getting there. at least on my x2 4600+ coreavc works much better than the builtin decoder
10:46<GreyFoxx>iam: Oh? like mkv's and such ?
10:46<iamlindoro>GreyFoxx: yes, and mp4
10:46<teprrr>hmm, I had that kind of problem with my quick test. no idea what caused it, but ^C was enough to shut frontend down
10:47<GreyFoxx>with the upcoming ffmpeg work it should be almost moot anyway
10:47*iamlindoro crosses his fingers that A. Strange sticks out the ffmpeg patch approval process
10:48<iamlindoro>Those guys are *rough* or patch submitters
10:48<iamlindoro>er on
10:48<GreyFoxx>That the frame level multithreading ?
10:48<GreyFoxx>yeah I've been watching
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10:48<GreyFoxx>we have nothing on them :)
10:48<GreyFoxx>people think we are bitchy :)
10:49<kdub>i cant get the analog input on my nova-s card to work, any ideas?
10:49<laga>at least you don't have to solve riddles to get to the mythtv bug tracker.
10:49<GreyFoxx>kd: Try #mythtv-users :)
10:49<kdub>oh, sorry : [
10:49<GreyFoxx>laga: heh I didn't know they did that :)
10:50<laga>ah, you beat me to it.
10:51<GreyFoxx>lol nice
10:52<teprrr>haha, nice :)
10:52<teprrr>sounds like they're quite pissed for reason or another
10:52<GreyFoxx>nah. they just don
10:53<GreyFoxx>t suffer fools :)
10:53<laga>technical solutions to social problems. yay.
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10:53<GreyFoxx>It's a fairly simple thing to figure out, but I know many who would never understand or be able to do it :)
10:54<laga>gbee: btw, consider yourself nudged regarding the xmltv config path issue ;)
10:54<stuarta>that's nice of them, you can't even compress samples
10:55<laga>stuarta: most compressed video won't compress well AFAIK
10:55<gbee>laga: doh, yeah I forgot didn't I - could job I asked you to remind me
10:55<stuarta>no they dom't
10:56<gbee>I can understand, I hate compressed patches and logs in trac
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10:57<janneg>I don't consider binary only software only available for a single arch to be of any use
10:57<janneg>yes, I don't have the flashplayer plugin installed
10:58<teprrr>are you aware of wscan by the way, or has any of you already looked into that? could be nice for dvb-c/t users with no clue what those freqs and qams mean..
10:58<laga>you can use it on amd64, too :)
10:58<laga>teprrr: danielk is working on the channel scanner
10:58<teprrr>in case you think it'd be worth to thinking about that.. ahh, ok
10:58<laga>so you might want to talk to him about it
10:58<teprrr>/me is asking too many questions now and then, but wouldn't mind doing work if someone's already working on it
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11:00<teprrr>danielk22, what you're up to currently with the scanner? seen wscan already?
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11:07<sphery>teprrr: see
11:08<stuarta>there's even a tracking ticket somewhere
11:10<teprrr>okies, thanks. will check it out
11:10<sphery>yeah, ticket #2695
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11:14<stuarta>i really should know that as i'm following the channel scanner changes too
11:15<danielk22>teperr: nothing lately, the new scanner is close to working on the ATSC side, but the DVB side needs a of work.
11:16<danielk22>heh, yeah insert that between "a and "of"
11:16<danielk22>"a" and "of"
11:17<stuarta>so much to do, so little time
11:17*stuarta is busy every weekend this month
11:17<stuarta>off to munich tomorrow morning
11:20<teprrr>danielk22, ah, are you looking to have wscan-alike scan to it sometime?
11:21<danielk22>it will have a command line ui + a number of output formats
11:21<teprrr>ok, I may step up and start looking how it could be added when time permits
11:22<danielk22>more important right now is to work out the bugs & missing features when scanning DVB
11:22<stuarta>figure out why there are regressions from the current scanning
11:23<stuarta>got some ideas, but i need the time to work on it
11:23<danielk22>the command line ui is mostly a matter of filling in some stubs
11:23<teprrr>ye, I doubt I could be for any help with that
11:27<janneg>laga: yes, with an ugly hack using shared memory
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11:31<anykey_>is there any disadvantage over turning off deblocking? this reduces decoding load quite a bit for me, no need for CoreAVC now..
11:31<iamlindoro_>Yes, there are many disadvantages
11:31<iamlindoro_>better to talk about it in #mythtv-users
11:32<gbee>anykey_: depends on the encoding, on the really compressed stuff - downloads mainly - it will be unwatchable
11:33<gbee>disabling deblocking is best made part of the playback profile, which iirc, is what the patch in trac does
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11:35<anykey_>gbee: yes, it's a setting in the playback profile, and it works extremly good, at least for HD over cable...
11:35<gbee>broadcast HD is usually encoded with higher quality, less compression
11:35<anykey_>where do you get HD video downloads anyway ;)
11:36<gbee>h.264 isn't just used for HD, it's increasingly used for SD
11:37<anykey_>maybe in .uk, we barly have digital here... good old analogue
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12:01<laga>janneg: works for me.
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12:15<Dibblah>Feature request without a patch?
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12:17*Dibblah is considering spending an evening looking at tickets again :(
12:18<Dibblah>598 open :(
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13:51*clever looks over his tickets
13:55<clever>Dibblah: looks like a simple open&close case
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21:18<cythraul>hmm, does someone know why mythtv-users is +c?
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21:41<GreyFoxx>becaused colours text is annoying ?
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