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00:35<wagnerrp>iamlindoro: that was beautiful...
00:36<wagnerrp>oh, this actually is the dev channel... nevermind
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08:02<sonicman66>guys I cannot find any information on using 5 birds with my mythtv setup
08:02<sonicman66>any clues
08:02<sonicman66>I am using two switches
08:03<sonicman66>sorry wrong channel
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11:44<sap2>hi, i have an epia mii 10000 running the backend and the frontend running on my laptop (1.4 Ghz) and whilst watching TV the picture pixelates every few seconds, the sound and image become out of sync in a short amount of time.
11:44<sap2>i'm using a nova t in the epia machine
11:44<sap2>i've been trying to get mythtv setup off and on for a while and always seem to get these types of problems
11:45<sap2>i thought it was the signal but i'm using a booster now
11:45<sap2>does anyone have an idea about what the problem could be?
11:47<gbee>sap2: you want #mythtv-users
11:48<sap2>ah, sorry
11:50<gbee>fwiw it definately sounds like a signal problem, signal boosters only amplify signal strength, not quality - in fact the opposite occurs
11:53<sap2>gbee: do you know whether people have success with indoor aerials?
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12:01<notjoe>hey guys, i got a bit of a problem. I am using the removecommercials script to cut the commercials otu of my programming. The new files get encoded in mpeg4 but still have the mpg extension. when i try to play the files with my ps3 over upnp it says theyre corrupted because it thinks theyre still mpeg2 videos
12:01<notjoe>so i renamed the video file to .mp4
12:01<notjoe>updated the basename field in the recorded table
12:01<notjoe>and my mythtv client plays the video file
12:01<notjoe>but the ps3 thinks it doesnt exist
12:01<notjoe>my guess is that the upnp server is still looking for the mpg file
12:02<notjoe>any suggestions on how i can point the upnp server to the right file?
12:06<gbee>notjoe: #mythtv-users
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12:07<notjoe>gbee: thanks, asking in there now :)
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13:38*janneg adds yasm to our build system for the new simd fft in ffmpeg
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13:39<mouseclone>Good afternoon everyone
13:39<mouseclone>I have decided to get off of my lazy ass and get my myth box going
13:39<mouseclone>What distro of myth would you recommend knoppmyth or mythbuntu?
13:40<janneg>mouseclone: please read /topic
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13:50<gbee>mouseclone: #mythtv-users
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13:54<gbee>janneg: Yet Another asSeMbler?
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14:01<janneg>gbee: yes
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14:07<mouseclone>sorry about that
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14:27<janneg>grrr, qmake tries to be smart
14:28<janneg>ffmpeg contains which just defines a symbol and includes another c file
14:29<janneg>qmake decides now that it doesn't have to build this file
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14:30<Solaris444>hi guys.
14:30*janneg point to /topic
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15:40*janneg slaps qmake with a very big trout
15:42*laga does the same to HP
15:42<laga>i didn't get a driver disk with my laptop. instead, i got a picture of one saying "oh, it's all on the hard disk".
15:43<gbee>same for my laptop, of course I then formatted the drive and installed Mandriva ...
15:44<laga>yes, but you probably didn't find out months later you needed windows ;)
15:45<gbee>actually I did, so I ended up borrowing a laptop from a friend for a couple of days - if I'd needed it longer then it might have been a problem ;)
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15:57<janneg>I created another file which includes the c file qmake doesn't want to build
15:57<janneg>ugly but working
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16:03<clever>janneg: i cant even get qmake to work right on SUBDIRS things for my own project
16:04<clever>i gave up and went back to my hand made Makefile and added some more -l and -I flags
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16:08<janneg>I would be glad if we could replace qmake with something better
16:09<clever>a completly custom Makefile isnt exactly portable
16:10<janneg>we have configure for being portable but I don't want to write custom Makefiles for a project as big as mythtv
16:11<clever>yeah, normaly the Makefile is made by something like configure
16:11<clever>some of the stuff i do in my makefile i dont know how to even try in qmake
16:11<clever>non compiler based cmds that have to be ran while compiling
16:12<clever>start: start.o
16:12<clever> ccache g++ start.o -o start -Wall
16:12<clever> ./setuid
16:12<clever>and compiling/linking into several binarys from a single dir, qmake just explodes when it trys to link all the .o's and the main()'s colide
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16:15<janneg>qmake can be customized. I just added rules to use yasm for some sources
16:15<janneg>but I would use qmake for a new project or convert a project to qmake
16:17<clever>something id like to be able to do in qmake but havent figured out yet
16:17<clever>cross compiling, static linking
16:17<clever>im trying to build a .dll which uses some qt stuff, wiht a linux build system
16:18<clever>i586-mingw32msvc-g++ works to compile/link but convincing qmake to use it AND produce .dll is another thing
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16:26<MadsRH>Hi :) ´╗┐How do I get my PVR-150 TV-card and remote working on Ubuntu 8.04?
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16:27<MadsRH>Sorry wrong room!!
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17:53<gbee>heh, the wiki page for installing MythTV on OpenSuse 11.0 reads like an advertisement for Opensuse
17:54<gbee>well it doesn't read like one, it _is_ an advertisement for Opensuse, complete with opensuse colour scheme, images and a full sales pitch
17:59<janneg>mythtv wiki or opensuse wiki?
18:00<danielk22>i get the impression moosy may be a novel employee looking at his webpage:
18:01<janneg>gbee: it's not only the 11.0 page but it looks like it's copied from the opensuse wiki
18:01<gbee>either that or a really, really big fan
18:02<gbee>janneg: I didn't really look around, just stumbled across the 11.0 page, made me smile at least
18:04<janneg>no, from the opensuse wiki are only links to our wiki
18:04<janneg>but we are on the opensuse black list
18:04<janneg>for implementing potentially patented algorithms
18:06<gbee>umm, yeah, just point a big arrow at us ...
18:06<gbee>but then this is Novell ...
18:07<laga>"This page just lists the applications and does not explain the reasons because even this could be used in court against us." heh
18:08<laga>hahaha, they don't allow edonkey clients
18:08<gbee>yeah, by the applications they are potentially accusing
18:09*gbee adds a page to the MythTV wiki blacklisting OpenSuse for potentially landing MythTV users in court
18:10*janneg wonders which trivial patent lastfm potentially violates
18:11<gbee>seems unlikely though, they wouldn't be stupid enough to use an unlicensed codec, surely?
18:12<danielk22>mp3 is 20 years old, how could it possibly still be covered by patent?
18:13<janneg>patent coverege is 25 years
18:13<danielk22>where? germany?
18:13<danielk22>in the us at the time it was 17 years, now it's 20
18:13<gbee>actually the longest living patent on mp3 is in the US, according to wikipedia anyway
18:14<danielk22>but those wouldn't be on mpeg itself, rather on some specific compression/decompression hardware that was published later.
18:15<janneg>it's 20 but can be extended to 25 years
18:16<gbee>danielk22: possibly, I just know that lame in particular is still frowned upon - no distro includes it in their official packages
18:16<danielk22>this is in germany? wikipedia shows 17 years for patents granted prior to june 8th, 1995 in the US.
18:16<janneg>afaik germany and europe
18:17<danielk22>gbee: i think it may just be a historic carryover for US based distro's, like people avoiding GIF.
18:17<danielk22>or maybe to avoid some german patents?
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18:19<gbee>does our copy libavcodec infringe any patents that we know of?
18:20<gbee>forget I asked
18:20<janneg>not to my knowledge but I don't know any software patent
18:22<gbee>we can at least make the dependancies on lame etc optional, so that given a choice people can run something that doesn't infringe
18:22<danielk22>New patents are granted every day, people are still getting patents on "inventing" linked lists and arrays. Someone may very well patent something in MythTV now, 50 years from now.
18:23<janneg>gbee: there are probably even hundred patents on ogg and theora
18:23<laga>you could fight that. prior art. but that'd be.. annoying
18:24<danielk22>laga: the cost of defending yourself against someone who patents your idea and sues you is estimated at 2 million.
18:25<gbee>oh I agree that software patents and even a fair number of 'hardware' patents are utterly rubbish
18:25<gbee>the whole concept and process is flawed
18:27<danielk22>heh, gandi freed a nation protesting the salt patent
18:28<gbee>don't feel I have the knowledge or authority to speak on the subject of patents and patent law, so I'll leave it there - except to say that I'll join any fight to rid the world of software patents
18:29<gbee>you can't patent constructs of the English language, you might copyright the exact wording, but not patent it - software patents seem just as insane as patenting certain phrases
18:29<gbee>ok ... I'll leave it there ;)
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18:37<falstaff>hello, how do i build mythvideo from mythui_mythvideo branch?
18:38-!-clever_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:39<gbee>not easily, that's my fault I'm afraid - I should have made it a full branch
18:39<janneg>MrGandalf: did you get the ffmpeg merge running?
18:40<MrGandalf>janneg: you finished the trunk merge?
18:40<gbee>probably the easiest way would be to checkout the branch, then copy it into an existing checkout of trunk replacing the old mythvideo
18:40<janneg>falstaff: cd mythplugins/mythvideo
18:40<falstaff>gbee, i copied mythui_mythvideo back to mythplugins and used the ./configure there...
18:40<janneg>and than a svn swith with the right urls
18:40<falstaff>gbee, thats what i have done, but i get an error
18:41<gbee>what's the error?
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18:41<falstaff>main.cpp:32:26: Fehler: videomanager.h: No such file or directory
18:41<janneg>MrGandalf: not fully, I have still av_find_stream_info errors on some files
18:42<MrGandalf>janneg: that's where my merge sits.. I was waiting for yours before I finish mine :)
18:42<gbee>falstaff: "make clean"?
18:43<gbee>otherwise I suspect that you didn't overwrite all the files
18:43<janneg>I thought you pasted something which solves this last week
18:44<gbee>falstaff: I'd like to have the mythui_mythvideo branch merged back into trunk by the end of next week, but I can't really guarentee that - I've no idea how much free time I'll have
18:45<MrGandalf>janneg: no, don't remember that :)
18:45<falstaff>gbee, make clean runns, but after that i have the same error again when i build it with make
18:46<falstaff>gbee, hm okey, so its better to wait till then?
18:46<gbee>falstaff: might be easier, though it should build now
18:46<gbee>the copy of main.cpp in the branch makes no reference to videomanager.h
18:47<gbee>ooops, no I lie - it does
18:47<gbee>wonder why it was building for ne
18:47<clever_>ugh, why is libmythupnp trying to link with Xxf86vm?
18:47<falstaff>gbee, :-)
18:48<janneg>MrGandalf: I must be wrong then. unfortunately
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18:48<gbee>just greping for any other broken includes
18:49<ab0oo>anyone using an HVR-1800? I'm closing in on 18 hours with minimal success with it.
18:50<sphery>ab0oo: #mythtv-users
18:50<clever_>gbee: no idea about why my linking would be so abnormal?
18:52<gbee>clever_: not off the top of my head
18:52<MrGandalf>janneg: I investigated it a bit and pointed out a couple thing, but that was a couple weeks ago. It quicky got in over my head. :(
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18:55<gbee>falstaff: remove the "#include videomanager.h" from main.cpp, then make distclean, ./configure and it should build
18:56<gbee>at least until the next broken header I've left lying around ;)
18:57-!-clever_ is now known as clever
18:59<gbee>I've committed the fix
18:59<ab0oo>sphery, tnx. sorry for the intrusion. I know better.
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19:00<gbee>falstaff: planning some mythvideo development then?
19:01<falstaff>gbee, yes, i told you a few weeks ago of that, one idea i have is a star in mythvideo which tells how old/new the video is...
19:02<gbee>falstaff: oh yeah, sorry I've a poor memory for nicknames or names generally
19:02<gbee>I remember now :)
19:02<janneg>MrGandalf: the problem is that nb_streams is 0 for those files
19:03<falstaff>gbee, thx, seems to work
19:03<falstaff>never praise the day befor evening :-)
19:03<falstaff>videotree.cpp:13:28: Fehler: videoui-common.h: No such file or directory
19:03<MrGandalf>janneg: Yes, that's what I found out as well. They are mpegps.
19:03<gbee>it's not complete btw, mostly works though - tree/list view doesn't, might be one or two bugs
19:05<gbee>fixing that is going to take a couple of minutes longer, I need to revert my local changes to videotree first
19:06<janneg>MrGandalf: ah, transcoded files, mpegts still works
19:06<MrGandalf>janneg: no, pvr files
19:07<falstaff>bee, you dont have to do it right now, i can wait....
19:07<MrGandalf>(in my case, anyway)
19:08<janneg>transcoded in my case
19:08<gbee>falstaff: done
19:12<falstaff>gbee, moc_fileassoc.cpp:(.text+0x1e1): undefined reference to `FileAssocDialog::removeExtensionPopup()'
19:12<falstaff>gbee, this time a linking error
19:13<gbee>just spotted another problem caused by my recent generictree changes, I might have to fix these in the morning - I'm getting tired :)
19:14<falstaff>gbee, okey, no problem, i will retry to compile it... :-) have exames next week anyway, so i will have not have time to work on it then anyway...
19:16<falstaff>One question i asked myself, do you debug mythtv sometimes, and if yes, how? gdb in console?
19:17<janneg>MrGandalf: I'm pretty sure I found the problem
19:18<gbee>gdb in console, with a commands file which is pretty much the same as the one found in the docs here -
19:18<MrGandalf>with ffmpeg or how we're opening the stream?
19:18<gbee>strace and valgrind if necessary
19:19<gbee>falstaff: now builds for me with the changes I've just committed
19:19<janneg>MrGandalf: sync issue in ffmpeg
19:19<gbee>whether it works, well I haven't tried it in the last week so who knows?
19:20<MrGandalf>janneg: I see
19:23<falstaff>gbee, not yet for me moc_videodlg.cpp:(.text+0x393): undefined reference to `VideoDialog::OnVideoMenuDone()', as i said, you dont have to fix it right no, no problem for me!
19:26<MrGandalf>janneg: that's a sync error?
19:26<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks for taking a look
19:27<MrGandalf>I probably won't get to it until tomorrow though.. stuck working this weekend - or at least tonight, anyway
19:29<janneg>yeah, mpeg.c wasn't completly mergeable and missed the struct AVFormatContext.pb change
19:29<MrGandalf>janneg: Ah, that would explain why I was finding that the file appeared to be zero byte for some reason.
19:30<janneg>MrGandalf: you're welcome and I needed to find the error for main ffmpeg sync
19:30<janneg>native AAC decoder is close to being committed
19:31<MrGandalf>janneg: :)
19:31<janneg>a native AAC encoder too and that one might even go first
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19:34<iamlindoro>Frustrated that the E-AC-3 decoder is always asymptotically close to being committed
19:34<iamlindoro>but just never...quite...gets....there
20:06<MrGandalf>janneg: just patched my merge.. works great
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20:34<janneg>MrGandalf: yeah, here too
20:39<janneg>MrGandalf: you were seing segfaults in hl_decode_mb_complex? I saw just one
20:39<MrGandalf>janneg: sec
20:40<MrGandalf>janneg: in h264.c, replace: deblock_top = (s->mb_y > 0); with: deblock_top = (s->mb_y > !!MB_FIELD);
20:42<MrGandalf>that's in xchg_mb_border() but is called from hl_decode_mb_internal() which is called from hl_decode_mb_complex().
20:43<MrGandalf>there's a ticket in ffmpeg for that. I don't know if that's the proper fix or not, but it does prevent the segfault. Also, if you turn off any level of deblocking I believe you'll prevent the segfault as well.
20:44<janneg>is it reproduceable it with ffplay?
20:45<MrGandalf>janneg: that's the million dollar question.. I don't know.
20:46<janneg>here not
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20:48<janneg>at least not at the same position
20:48<janneg>enough for today, good night
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21:17<SirFunk>what is the recommended digital/analog cable tuner card nowadays?
21:17<SirFunk>everyone i look at seem to not work so hot
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21:49<sphery>SirFunk: #mythtv-users
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