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05:37<stuarta>morning all
05:37<janneg>morning stuarta
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06:28<gbee>how did mythsystem end up in libmythui?
06:30<gbee>depends on MythMainWindow ... seems ugly though :(
06:32<danielk22>it only uses it for HasMythMainWindow(), that could prolly be moved to MythContext.
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07:00<gbee>I think I was suggesting the other day that we could get rid of QCodecs since the only bits we use are now in QT4
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07:34<svip>I have a Plextor ConvertX PX-AV200U which is connected to an old VideoHIB machine, I need to get the contents of these old tapes through this. While I have found no support for PX-AV200U on Linux, though I read someone said it worked flawless on MythTV, I still cannot figure it out, as it lacks the /dev/video link. Any help?
07:34<laga>svip: /topic
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08:45<gbee>still going to use the English flag in my themes, so there :p
08:45<laga>have fun doing that screen for the subtitle selection screens...
08:46<laga>i think there's even klingon in that list
08:46<laga>okay, mrgandalf's merge patch doesn't build because he forgot to svn add lots of files. oops.
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09:35<gbee>can't people read?
09:38*stuarta vanishes in a puff of logic
09:40<gbee>not sure I'd agree with Baylink that the wiki should become a dumping ground for outdated articles, the Internet is already littered with old, incorrect and irrelevant articles/howtos etc from ten years ago, it's arguably one of the biggest problems when trying to find information through a search engine
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10:39<MrGandalf>janneg: have you noticed a significant increase in ringbuffer transition errors since your merge?
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10:41<laga>MrGandalf: your merge patch is missing files.
10:41<laga>like imgconvert.h in libavcodec/
10:46<MrGandalf>laga: hmm, I'll need to either play with svn or create a patch differently.. I'll give ya another link before the end of today.
10:46<laga>MrGandalf: laga AT please - i'll upload it to my webspace then for everyone to use
10:46<laga> is scary
10:58<janneg>MrGandalf: maybe, mythfrontend takes a huge amount of sys time
10:59<janneg>I blamed the nvidia driver since I've seen also visual errors
11:01<MrGandalf>janneg: visual errors.. odd you should say that.. h264?
11:02<janneg>not related to video playback
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11:02<janneg>also on the desktop
11:02<MrGandalf>I see
11:03<Chutt>gbee, lirc + screensaver needed myth_system
11:04<laga>MrGandalf: you probably need to "svn add" those files. i believe "svn status" will give you a list of unknown files
11:05<gbee>Chutt: reading further I put 2+2 together, my first instinct was just that it didn't belong
11:05<Chutt>i didn't like it either
11:05<MrGandalf>laga: thanks :)
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11:19<MrGandalf>laga: sent
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11:34<laga>uploaded at
11:34<laga>uploaded at
11:34<laga>less fail this time ;)
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11:36<MrGandalf>I cheated a bit.. the new libavcodec/liba52.c was giving me constant segfaults so I used an older version. As soon as a proper merge is complete, I'll create an updated patch for -fixes.
11:40<laga>is liba52.c the normal decoder? or used to use the external one?
11:41<MrGandalf>it's the external lib support
11:41<laga>ah. that's not supported anyways AFAIK
11:41<MrGandalf>"not supported"?
11:42<laga>by mythtv devs
11:42<laga>let me digg up that email
11:43<MrGandalf>I know a few people still use it due to the poor gain in the internal decoder
11:43<laga>yeah, it's pretty low :(
11:44<MrGandalf>the external lib sucks as well, just not as bad :)
11:47<gbee>still? They haven't fixed that yet?
11:47<laga>i need to turn up my amp half way to get decent sound
11:48<MrGandalf>gbee: haven't tried the internal yet after the merge
11:49<laga>okay, i can't find the mail, but mark spieth (AFAIK) told me that liba52 isn't supported with multichannel audio
11:50<janneg>MrGandalf: it's even quieter
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11:53<MrGandalf>perfect.. what a fix
11:54<janneg>I had to remove our hack to make it louder due to a conflict and forgot to add it again
11:54<laga>is it easy to fix?
11:55<laga>MrGandalf: i'm building with your patch now. i'll let you know if it works
11:55<laga>gah, eskil's shoutcast patch is segfaulty
11:59<janneg>laga: probably just multiplicating in ff_ac3_downmix_c
11:59<janneg>oh and in the SIMD version
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12:45<laga>MrGandalf: i get this error when building with your patch on amd64:
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12:48<laga>MrGandalf: interesting.
12:48<laga>MrGandalf: ffmpeg trunk only has one reference to X264_ME_TESA, too
12:50<laga>MrGandalf: i'll try to build ffmpeg trunk
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13:00<MrGandalf>laga: -march=k8?
13:01<laga>i'm trying to compile ffmpeg with libx264 now
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13:02<laga>MrGandalf: okay, i can reproduce it with ffmpeg trunk.
13:03<laga>on the other hand: why do we compile the mythtv packages with --enable-libx264?!
13:03<laga>on ubuntu
13:03<laga>i would report a bug in the ffmpeg bug tracker, but i'm not going to solve that riddle
13:15<laga>#ffmpeg is ├╝ber-helpful. exactly what i expected from people doing stuff like that riddle
13:25<laga>i'll take that back, it's probably caused by my outdated version of libx264.
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13:37<dragonian>has anyone seen any (moderatly) frequent deadlocks recently?
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13:37<dragonian>i'm seeing this in fixes.. (with a few backported patches for hdpvr)
13:38<dragonian>it looks like a deadlock w/ the db lock in MDBManager
13:38<dragonian>and the verbose lock
13:39<dragonian>i don't think the hdpvr patches caused this
13:39<gbee>no-one has reported deadlocks as far as I'm aware
13:40<dragonian>the other thing i've changed recently.. is switching the cpu from dual to quad
13:40<dragonian>which implies that more threads have a chance to run at the same time
13:42<dragonian>incidentially faster too (amd 4400+ -> c2q Q9450)
13:48<laga>MrGandalf: the merge looks pretty good. takes less CPU than coreavc and skipping works
13:52<laga>although it seems that coreavc did the deinterlacing, that might explain why it takes less cPU
13:53<MrGandalf>could be
13:54<MrGandalf>I'm pretty impressed with ffmpeg's h264 decode support.
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13:54<laga>yes. although i'm getting some stuttering right now..
13:55<MrGandalf>let me know if you see ringbuffer switching problems (like between programs)
13:55<laga>these tend to happen with plain -fixes as well
13:55<laga>although i don't use livetv at all. tino keitel however is very interesting in fixing these problems, so he probably wants to try your patches if you have some
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14:07<gbee>laga: with, or without deblocking?
14:07<laga>um. how can i check?
14:09<gbee>well I'm assuming unless you've patched myth with the skiploop filter patch that it's still enabled, so your question has answered mine ;)
14:10<gbee>I only wish there was a change which would make h.264 HD playable on my laptop ... but that's wishful thinking
14:11<laga>i'll take back what i said about skipping working correctly. it works a lot better, but it just skipped back like 10 minutes when it was supposed to do 30s :)
14:14<MrGandalf>laga: Yes, livetv does that.. but that happens on all my LiveTV ATM.
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14:16<laga>MrGandalf: i'll have to try that tomorrow. right now i'm battling "prebuffer pause" messages with h264 HD content. it happens when CPU goes above 100%
14:16<MrGandalf>laga: try the skiploop patch.
14:17*laga cries
14:18<gbee>laga: what CPU? just for reference
14:19<laga>gbee: core 2 duo E6300, nvidia 7600 GS
14:19<clever>i rarely find anything that can tax my c2d
14:19<clever>its blazing fast compared to everything else
14:20<teprrr>are those ffmpeg changes merged back to trunk or is it a patchset somewhere in trac?
14:20<clever>i had installed ffmpeg trunk at one point and its headers caused mythtv to stop compiling
14:21<clever>its fixed for now but i thought id mention it
14:21<laga>gbee: it's really almost there. smooth playback except for the occasional stuttering. i'll try the skiploop patch
14:21<MrGandalf>my E6750 can handle any h264 content on one core. I do occasionally get hickups on progressive content without the skiploop patch (non key-frames)
14:21<laga>MrGandalf: interesting. how many gigahurtz is that?
14:23<gbee>my X2 3600+ can handle 1080i h.264 with deblocking disabled, almost with it enabled - but it stutters for a couple of frames every ~10 seconds
14:24<laga>gbee: overclocking?
14:24<gbee>so it's sounding like this improvement would let me re-enabled deblocking
14:24<MrGandalf>laga: 2.66, 1333 fsb
14:24<gbee>laga: no overclocking
14:24<MrGandalf>laga: no oc
14:24<laga>gbee: try it ;)
14:24<laga>gbee: are you running trunk or -fixes?
14:25<gbee>-fixes on that machine
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14:25<laga>then you should try the merge patch
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14:25<gbee>the 3600 is a 2Ghz, not that you can really compare on clock speed anymore
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14:30<laga>now i broke my build. argh
14:30<MrGandalf>laga: the settings portion of the patch is screwed.
14:31<laga>of yours?
14:31<MrGandalf>no, the skiploop patch
14:31<laga>it doesn't work without that patch either.
14:32<laga>i'm using FWIW
14:33<laga>i wonder how i broke this.
14:35<MrGandalf>do you need to re configure??
14:37<laga>i build packages. these always clean up. let's see if something got stuck
14:40<laga>never mind
14:40<laga>i reverted configure
14:40<laga>that probably caused it
14:41<MrGandalf>I'm sure it did.. those were added for the merge.
14:41<laga>i had a flaky patch, thats why i revert it
14:42<laga>filterdiff to the rescue! :)
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14:55<danielk22>anyone else having problems pulling up ?
14:56<MrGandalf>danielk22: yes
14:57<MrGandalf>there it comes
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17:35<laga>the skiploop filter doesn't have improved things, it seems
17:36<gbee>laga: did you enable it in the settings?
17:37<gbee>it's disabled by default, even with the patch applied
17:37<laga>um, my skiploop patch didn't have a setting.. oh.
17:37<laga>where is it? playback profile?
17:37<gbee>checkbox under play ..
17:42<janneg>the skiploop patch as it is in the ticket disables the loop filter only if one uses threads
17:44<janneg> enables also other speedups which result in a different decoded frame
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17:48<laga>thank you
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17:49<laga>janneg: i'll try that, too. if it's necessary
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20:30<zelda1>hello people
20:31<zelda1>is there anyone here?
20:31<iamlindoro>zelda1, you probably want #mythtv-users
20:32<iamlindoro>(this is the development channel)
20:32<zelda1>depends... what do I have here?
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20:47*stuarta sighs
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23:55<jpastore>hi, I'm not getting to much help in mythtv-users so I'm someone can just point me in the right direction. I'm looking to build a system to act as a data repo/mytv box. was looking for some recommendations
23:56*stuarta points back at #mythtv-users
23:56<iamlindoro>That is *not* a reason to ask here
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