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00:00<jpastore>fair enough ...
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08:03*stuarta decides to test the mheg update patch
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08:31<porcodildo>no one have green screen problems?
08:31<clever>oh know, the green screen of death!
08:32<stuarta>blue & purple i've heard of
08:32<clever>take off the green tie, it messes with the green screen overlays:P
08:32<porcodildo>see here
08:32<clever>that doubling effect ive seen before
08:33<clever>its something to do with the deinterlacing
08:33<porcodildo>with tvtime i can see the tv perfectly
08:33<clever>showing both fields as seperate halves of the frame
08:33<porcodildo>I suspect it can be an ati problem
08:33<clever>and i dont see any obvious errors from mythfrontend
08:33<porcodildo>i have an ati x160
08:34<clever>try playing the resulting file outside of mythtv(mplayer maybe)
08:34<clever>im guessing it will leave them laying arround near /var/lib/mythtv/
08:35<porcodildo>you mean try to play mythtv stream outside mythtv frontend?
08:36<clever>it will just be a normal .mpg file after mythbackend records it
08:36<clever>or .nuv
08:36<clever>depending on what card you have
08:39<gbee>try the Catalyst 8.4 drivers, I've heard people having problems with later versions and earlier versions almost definately won't work
08:40<porcodildo>well, with vlc there is no audio/video, with mplayer I can see only a green screen
08:40<porcodildo>(nuv file)
08:41<clever>now test the same player on a file you know is valid
08:42<porcodildo>mmm I don't have nuv file to testing -.-
08:42<porcodildo>but with other formats it works
08:43<porcodildo>i'll try to downgrade catalyst drivers
08:45<clever>sounds like the capture isnt working
08:46<porcodildo>i tried the same card with an other pc, and there's the same problem
08:46<porcodildo>with ati x1250 card
08:46<gbee>like clever said, it sounds more like capture is failing for some reason - lets move this to #mythtv-users
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09:20<MrGandalf>janneg: remember this: i386/h264dsp_mmx.c:1891: error: can't find a register in class GENERAL_REGS while reloading asm
09:21<MrGandalf>I guess is resolved by removing -fPIC from gcc..
09:21<MrGandalf>is there a check in configure for that?
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09:24<janneg>i386? debug or release build?
09:24<MrGandalf>i386, yes
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09:28<janneg>MrGandalf: yes, removing -fPIC -DPIC will probably help
09:29<MrGandalf>janneg: do you remember there being a check for that in configure?
09:30<janneg>MrGandalf: just remove it in as it is done for debug builds
09:31<MrGandalf>janneg: trying to fixup my merge patch.. I'll poke around a bit. Thanks.
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10:37<janneg>MrGandalf, laga:
10:38<laga>ooh. so there was some duplicated effort?
10:40<laga>it would have been nice if he told someone.
10:40<janneg>he did today
10:40<MrGandalf>I don't know if he's been maintaining configure though
10:40<laga>yes, today. would have been nice to have yesterday when i was patching my packages
10:41<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks for pointing that out
10:43<MrGandalf>janneg: do you have some place where I can look at commit logs for your merge git tree?
10:47<janneg>MrGandalf: I haven't set gitweb up yet and I'm using a different tree now and manage it with topgit
10:49<MrGandalf>janneg: it's just easier for me to keep up with your ffmpeg-related changes.
10:50<MrGandalf>I can't get to Paul's website to look at his tree.
10:57<janneg>MrGandalf: I'll try to set it up soon
11:11<MrGandalf>janneg: thanks, much appreciated :)
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12:24<MrGandalf>laga: I created a new patch fixing PIC for libavcodec and containing a configure script which is much closer to what it needs to be, if you're interested.
12:34*MrGandalf compiles the frontend as release to see if there really is a difference between debug and release for h264 decode.
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14:17<anykey_>gbee: your the mythgui, correct? Is the MainMenu already ported?
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14:25<sandal_>I have just come across this
14:25<sandal_>I was wondering waht people thought?
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14:39<Dispader>Hey, there. Does anybody know anybody who's doing maintenance on the MythGame part of the trunk?
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14:39<Dubstar_04>Has anyone seen this?
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14:40<Dubstar_04>I thought the cover flow might be a nice touch with the advent of QT4
14:40<gbee>anykey_: it's in the process of being ported
14:41<kormoc>Dubstar_04, you know, repeating yourself doesn't really help much...
14:41<anykey_>so no theming for now ;)
14:42<gbee>Dubstar_04: already in 0.22, but not we aren't using QT
14:42<Dubstar_04>I just got a bit excited
14:42<gbee>Dispader: GreyFoxx
14:43<Dispader>gbee: Thanks, man.
14:44<Dubstar_04>Thanks gbee. I've not seen those before. Looks like there is some potential there
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14:47<Dubstar_04>Are these screenshots or mockups?
14:47<gbee>although not final themes, just temp themes to demo a few things
14:48<Dubstar_04>I love the quality of the reflection in the mythgallery2.png
14:49<gbee>it's better now, there were scaling problems resulting in a blocky image at the time I took that screenshot
14:49<Dubstar_04>Is it possible to specify the parameters of the reflection, scew, distance?
14:49<gbee>reflections, like everything else are themable - angle, length shear etc
14:51<Dubstar_04>The reason I posted the coverflow like is because of the widget for the motion path not the reflection
14:52<gbee>well again, that's in the pipeline
14:55<gbee>whether it makes it is another question, there are many higher priority jobs, but a lot of the underlying framework is already there
14:56<gbee>and has been for two/three years
14:56<gbee>i.e. before the switch to QT4
14:58<Dubstar_04>It would be good to see some of the features fully implemented, and I expect that it would entice new user to mythtv along with some adventurous theing!!
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15:01<gbee>at the back of my mind is giving users the ability to continually improve the UI through the theme alone, a lot of people complain about the interface and mythui actually allows them to change a _lot_ more than it used to
15:01<high-rez>I'm trying to figure out. Where is the mythbackend code to handle tasks when a tuner is idle? Specifically, I want to modify the behavior when it does it's passive scans.
15:02<high-rez>(for eit data)
15:03<Dubstar_04>I best get back to my QT4 book. cheers
15:10<Dispader>GreyFoxx: If you get a second, I have a couple of questions.
15:10<Dispader>Also, is anybody here "justinh" in the MythTV main repository?
15:11<laga>Dispader: justinh in #mythtv-users
15:11<laga>beware, he can be cranky ;)
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15:13*Dispader grins.
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15:36<Dispader>GreyFoxx: You the MythGame man, sir?
15:37<GreyFoxx>Generally yeah
15:38<Dispader>GreyFoxx: Very cool... sorry to bug you, but I'm looking for a little advice.
15:39<GreyFoxx>I'll answer if I can, in the middle of some conference calls :)
15:39<Dispader>GreyFoxx: Heah, I hear ya...
15:40<Dispader>GreyFoxx: So, I'm pretty much done writing a utility that is able to get a lot of game metadata fairly reliably by culling it out of soures (Wikipedia, etc.) using XQuery.
15:41<Dispader>GreyFoxx: It can also take ROM names or files as input sources for MAME (test case, there) to get the base data.
15:42<Dispader>GreyFoxx: My next thought was to expand the CLI part of the application to auto-populate the MythGame tables, and that won't take too long. But now, the question I have is: well, I'd like to make it available for other users, seeing as it seems fairly useful.
15:43<Dispader>GreyFoxx: But I have no idea what to do with the thing... source it up on SourceForge, and offer it up for the contrib directory, etc.
15:44<Dispader>GreyFoxx: Also have no idea if a CLI interface is the best way, or if there's something that's more preferred for fitting this into the architecture in general.
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15:45<Dispader>(And now I've got to run off to a meeting, myself... hope I've got a big scrollback buffer.)
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16:16<gbee>stuarta: backport!
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16:37<kormoc>Dispader, contrib isn't a bad choice at all
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16:48<gbee>if the script were abstracted in the right way then it could be used directly, even automatically from within mythgame, similar to the way mythweather scripts work
17:07<stuarta>gbee: feel free to backport
17:07<stuarta>it's the first commit i've managed in months
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17:09*stuarta goes to bed
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17:42<abqjp>danielk22 ?
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18:35<MrGandalf>janneg: have you tried dvb-radio with your merge branch yet?
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18:40<janneg>occupied with the hdpvr atm
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18:41<MrGandalf>ic, thanks
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20:46<kernel_ghost>gday people.
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20:48<kernel_ghost>i have a strange issue, my dvb-t card is tuning channels, showing their names correctly, but when i try to watch tv, I get no lock, and in messages i see this
20:49<iamlindoro>kernel_ghost, you probably want #mythtv-users
20:50<kernel_ghost>woops, sorry
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21:23<roothorick>this is development related so... in terms of embedded systems, what does the hardware need to have to support a MythTV frontend?
21:26<roothorick>I'm talking about processor capabilities, RAM, storage/speed, etc.
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22:25<foxbuntu>roothorick, depends on its role as a mythtv system
22:29<roothorick>I already said frontend
22:29<roothorick>but it's a moot point, I already worked it out in -users
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