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03:14<justinh>gbee: I'm having a slight problem with Retro & its watermarks. I think it's because of the 'default' type. just gonna check by removing it
03:15<justinh>nope. it's not that. seeing some watermarks being left on screen
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03:17<justinh>not down to the painter either. hrm
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03:20<justinh>ahh. what it looks like is happening is that if a state isn't defined in menu-ui.xml the previous watermark is being left onscreen. the 'DEFAULT' type is still drawn but behind the last watermark
03:21<justinh>all the same this wouldn't happen if Retro had more watermark icons
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03:25<justinh>whoah I didn't know you could do that! normal menu text & selected item can have different positions
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04:00<stuarta>morning justinh
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04:14<gbee>justinh: ok, I'll fix that
04:16<gbee>justinh: watermarks can have different positions too etc, different text alignments, button dimensions and even button content etc
04:16<gbee>the sort of stuff which makes things like this - possible
04:17<justinh>ooo when did inkscape get a 3d button gadget?
04:17<justinh>gbee: kinawesome :D
04:18<gbee>justinh: it did? Missed that one
04:20<gbee> is a better example, the selected button is larger than the normal and contains the image name in addition to the image
04:21<gbee>that's the theme currently being used in trunk btw
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04:24<gbee>justinh: the 3d box gadget? or something else
04:24<gbee>don't think I've seen the box gadget before, at least I've never used it
04:25<justinh>yeah 3d box gadget
04:26<gbee>this could be very cool ...
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04:36<stuarta>gbee: feel free to backport the MHEG changes if you want
04:37<stuarta>i won't have time over the weekend
04:37<gbee>stuarta: ok, I'll see if I get a chance
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04:38<stuarta>there's only a few QT3 classes that'll need rolling back to their QT3 equivalent
04:40<justinh>damn, forgot I can only ftp my webspace from my ISP
04:40<gbee>since Dave is using -fixes he might come up with a patch against it, but failing that I'll work with what was committed
04:41<stuarta>he did say he'd originally written it against 0.21
04:41<stuarta>probably still has that patch lying around
04:44<stuarta>it's pretty :)
04:44<justinh>typed all that into the wrong window tho
04:45<stuarta>figured that from the arghh
04:45<justinh>sick of mythcenter's icons being 256x256 scaled up from the original 128x128 pngs
04:45<justinh>found most of them in svg, and where they ain't available.. redraw
04:47<justinh>fancy doing away with that vignette too
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06:37<justinh>oh yeah gbee somebody put paid to my menu navigation laziness. no more wrap-around :(
06:37<justinh>I can have a look at that at some point, I'm not moaning
06:38<gbee>justinh: wrapping is on it's way
06:39<justinh>oh ok cool :)
06:39<gbee>it's actually very simple, but it's has to be optional because it would otherwise break screens where you want to move focus to another widget when at the extremes of a list
06:40<gbee>well maybe optional, I'll think about it
06:40<justinh>I can see how moving to more common widgets would have that kind of effect
06:40<gbee>grid layouts the tricky one
06:41<gbee>yep, not a bad thing though, since you gain the ability to wrap on all lists if that's what you want
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06:58<janneg>native AAC decoder is committed to ffmpeg trunk
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07:26<gbee>janneg: cool
07:27<gbee>just need the ffmpeg re-sync then and we can remove 3/4 external deps for mythmusic
07:28<janneg>I think we will have to live a moment with libfaad since the native decoder doesn't support HE AAC yet
07:28<janneg>it will be supported, hopefully soon
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07:52<justinh>woooo these icons look much nicerer now. all I need to do now is make a suitable border (or maybe not) & output em as 256x256
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08:19<justinh>prolly won't ask the -dev list for opinions on screenshots though ;)
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08:37<gbee>please don't ;)
08:40<justinh>I might start a rout of ethnic cleansing or something <shudder>
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09:04<gbee>I've had to readjust my view of how open source works, I used to think involving the community in decisions was a good thing, but it's not, not if you want to get anything done at least
09:05<justinh>benevolent dictatorships ftw
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09:07<gbee>can't treat users in opensource like I would customers :)
09:08<danielk22>most definately not, and you don't want them to think of themselves as customers, nothing good will come of it :P
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09:09<danielk22>And that whole flag thing is silly, yeah I think the union jack would be better understood but for an external theme the decision is up to the theme designer alone.
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09:14<gbee>honestly I probably would have used the Union flag if no-one had said anything, but comments like "I'm Australian and I didn't know what the George Cross was" have got me thinking that it's not such a bad idea after all ;)
09:14<justinh>btw where's the Geordie translation for mythtv? :P
09:15<stuarta>gbee: well i was going to point that out
09:15<gbee>this i only for the english translation anyhow, the American English one will of course use the Stars and Stripes
09:15<stuarta>but couldn't be arse
09:15<justinh>translation.. oof that reminds me. sidetracked alert. AGAIN
09:16<gbee>and if you don't know your flags, then you've still got the language name helpfully written underneath ...
09:16<justinh>nah mythui is more important than fertling with mythmovies
09:16<justinh>gbee: ahh but you assume the user can read
09:17<danielk22>oh, right. I noticed that some languages didn't have text written, is that just because you don't have the fonts installed for Japanese, Korean, etc?
09:18<gbee>danielk22: yeah, since that was a just a mockup ... I didn't have the fonts and didn't bother looking them up just to complete it
09:19<danielk22>k, just wanted to make sure it wasn't a mythui problem we need to fix.
09:20<gbee>nope, at the time that was created - beginning of the year, mythui didn't even support that layout - I was just toying with the idea and collecting flag images to implement it
09:22<danielk22>looks nice :)
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09:36<gbee>particularly touchscreen friendly I think ;) However like all things it's upto the themer how it's done, could just as easily be themed to look like it does now (popup with vertical list)
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09:38<gbee>Paul told me the other day that he could finally see where I was going with mythuibuttonlist and I think justinh finally twigged today
09:38<justinh>only by accident too
09:39<justinh>helps to eat some xml to understand ;)
09:40<justinh>btw I'm not sure but I think the button area in buttonlist2 is clipping the uparrow but not the downarrow
09:41<justinh>I was messing about with arrow positions last night & actually had only the left hand side of the up arrow visible but only the right hand side of the down arrow was visible
09:42<justinh>might not be anything. it was late & was kind of randomly poking it
09:44<gbee>screenshot and xml would help debugging any problem
09:45<justinh>I'll see if I can reproduce it
09:49<justinh>yeah looks like only the up arrow is being clipped by the buttonlist2 area
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09:52<justinh>nah never mind. I'm talking cack
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10:19<danielk22>gbee: you've been rewriting mythmusic for mythui, correct?
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10:22<gbee>danielk22: yes and no, started rewriting part of the UI last year but with the old ui code - that's what prompted me to get involved in the whole mythui port to start with
10:22<gbee>no part of mythmusic has been ported to mythui yet
10:23<danielk22>ok, I'm trying to do some qt3 removal in libmyth, and mythmusic is giving me troubles. I was hoping something was near merging..
10:23<gbee>the other week I made a small change to mythmusic so that it uses our ffmpeg libs for decoding various formats, but that doesn't touch the UI
10:24<danielk22>ok, i'll just move some qt3 things from libmyth to mythmusic for now..
10:25<gbee>it should come next after I've finished mythvideo, that's being held up because I have to complete the tree widget first
10:26<danielk22>np, i expect the plugins will be the last things converted to qt4 anyway
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10:36<gbee>my portable frontend has finally arrived :D
10:39<gbee>justinh was talking about the possibility of doing another Linux World, but this time travelling light - laptops etc
10:40<gbee>well this thing is definately light, not sure a 8.9" screen is great for demo purposes though ;)
10:40<stuarta>i'd would be fun, tho i can't be making it this year
10:41<stuarta>i'd be more tempted by linuxtag next year
10:42<gbee>yeah, I did say I'd make it this year, but maybe next year
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11:12<justinh>still haven't heard anything from the LWE in london yet
11:15<justinh>might be a good thing anyway since it clashes with my wedding anniversary again ;)
11:16<justinh>I did have a plan for that this time which involved going to a show & stuff but hey - saves money!
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13:40<iamlindoro_>Jeez, gotta give it to the MythTube guy, he's certainly taken the plugin and run with it-- RSS support now, Yahoo feeds, Extensible by script, etc.
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13:45<laga>let's hope it'll be more usable than mythstream
13:47<justinh>I hope youtube don't get upset at people saving their videos to HDD
13:49<iamlindoro_>laga: Have been testing and tweaking it as he's gone along, it's soooooo head and shoulders about MythStream IMO
13:49<iamlindoro_>er above
13:50<laga>mythstream is very powerful, but i never understood how to use it
13:50<justinh>does mythstream still work, even?
13:50<justinh>laga: it was never very well documented. I made it work once. damned if I know how
13:51<laga>it's shipped in mythbuntu and it works AFAIK
13:51<iamlindoro_>Yeah, still works, it's just really awful to use
13:52<laga>it also has scripts to parse websites, so it's not too hard to update
13:52<justinh>another case of a guy not getting yelled at for trying paying off ;)
13:53<iamlindoro_>The only thing I fear, from trying to keep the trac ticket on-topic, is that he seems a little easily swayed by suggestion, and that some retard will tell him it needs BT integration
13:53<iamlindoro_>and that he'll go off and implement it and spoil the chances for it becoming official
13:53<justinh>that can be kept tabs on ;)
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13:56<justinh>hmmm do you think the carrot of it being made official would be enough to keep him on the right track?
13:58<iamlindoro_>Maybe-- he actually seems very nice and motivated-- easy to like.
13:59<justinh>it's a miracle mythstream is still going. the only unofficial _real_ plugin left AFAIK
14:00<justinh>as in, a plugin which is actually a plugin - not what people call plugins ;)
14:00<justinh>aka scripts :P
14:00<iamlindoro_>*cough* Apple Trailers *cough*
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14:13<iamlindoro_>Heck, it's already better than Mythweather ;)
14:15<iamlindoro_>hahah, the wink is for joke! :)
14:16<iamlindoro_>Now that I've insulted you, I have a question for you gbee ;)
14:17<gbee>no insult really, I didn't write Mythweather, just cleaned it up
14:18<iamlindoro_>There was discussion re: horizontal scrolling menus in themes in -users, was wondering if the ability to do so (where the menu is more or less on an infinite "strip") existed in MythUI... also curious if similar "infinite strip" support was planned a la (bad example, don't shoot me) the MCE menus where the selector stays centered but the menu loops
14:19<iamlindoro_>ugh, I worded that question horribly
14:19<iamlindoro_>The second bit was meant to be about vertical version of same
14:20<gbee>iamlindoro_: yes it's in mythui
14:20<iamlindoro_>gbee: I was looking at the MythUI wiki but couldn't seem to suss it out-- is there a set of tags you can point me at?
14:20<gbee>we having centre scrolling on both horizontal/vertical lists, wrapping (i.e. infinite) isn't implemented yet but it's planned
14:21<iamlindoro_>ah, okay, fair enough-- and good enough to make a start on some ideas
14:21<gbee>iamlindoro_: it's not on the wiki yet, I just haven't had time to write it up
14:21<iamlindoro_>gbee: okay, thanks. I look forward to seeing how it's done. Have some tweaking to do on graphics anyway
14:22<iamlindoro_>with the last tag unimplemented as yet
14:22<gbee>last one I made up, because like I say it's not implemented ..
14:22<iamlindoro_>awesome, thanks
14:23<justinh>iamlindoro_: told you it was possible in mythui
14:23<iamlindoro_>justinh: in fairness you told someone else, and I believed it, I just wnated specific on *how* to do so :)
14:24<iamlindoro_>and FWIW no movie imagery in mine ;)
14:25<justinh>woo that aeon effort for XBMC is reckoned to do background blurring
14:25<gbee>remembered it incorrectly
14:25<gbee>currently just values of free (normal), center (fixed center position)
14:26<justinh> - subtle but worth the effort?
14:26<iamlindoro_>That BG fade *is* a neat effect
14:27<gbee>layout has values of vertical,horizontal and grid
14:28<iamlindoro_>justinh:probably not given you can use transparency to achieve same
14:28<justinh>iamlindoro_: not blurring you can't
14:28<gbee>actual screenshot of horizontal + center in action
14:29<justinh>that's a distortion effect, not an alpha thing
14:29<iamlindoro_>justinh: oh, I see, I was thinking the fade, duh
14:46<justinh>anybody like this for a scheme compared to the current?
14:48<iamlindoro_>gbee: how do you accomplish the foreground/background effect in the mythgallery2 example? Any chance you would share/pastebin the xml?
14:48<gbee>green highlight is maybe a touch too bright?
14:48<gbee>iamlindoro_: sure, if I've still got it
14:48<iamlindoro_>also, I assume motion paths are unimplemented?
14:48<justinh>gbee: aye maybe, but that's easy tweaked. just looks better than the current button IMHO
14:49<gbee>it's actually a pretty simple illusion, the selected button is just larger than the normal ones and has a negative X position causing it to overlap both sides
14:49<iamlindoro_>ah, that makes perfect sense
14:50<gbee>oh and it's moved lower on the Y axis
14:52<justinh>iamlindoro_: why the sudden interest in theming anyhow?
14:52<gbee>motion paths are unimplemented right now, yes
14:53<gbee>but the underlying code is there and when I get time ...
14:53<iamlindoro_>justinh: I've worked on a few ideas on and off, but I'd like to spend a little time working on something with a little bling to silence some of the UI complainers, and it just seems a fun project-- between that and trying to help improve the mythtube thing a bit, I'm just enjoying getting my hands dirty a bit more
14:53<iamlindoro_>gbee: thanks much
14:54<justinh>iamlindoro_: it's more the code than themes which bring the bling
14:54<justinh>though now it's actually possible ;)
14:55<iamlindoro_>justinh: understood, I know my part wouldn't be much, but it would be nice to showcase some of the fun new stuff
14:55<justinh>heh. steal my thunder would ya? :P
14:56<iamlindoro_>I doubt I will/can, but I can have a little fun anyway :)
14:58<gbee>aww, impressing the proles with flashy stuff was going to be my reward for the hard work! ;)
14:58<justinh>actually there's more than enough to keep 3 people busy
14:59<iamlindoro_>I've done lots of work tweaking the stuff, but this is still my first from scratch, so I've got a lot of catching up to do, I'll be following in your wake
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16:06-!-dpick [] has joined #mythtv
16:07<dpick>is it possible to have myth continue to scrool if one of the arrow buttons is held down on a remote?
16:08-!-dpick [] has left #mythtv []
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20:07<iamlindoro>gbee_, Is it a known issue that the new progress bar is only correctly oriented in 4:3 (it goes to the upper left in -wide themes)
20:07<gbee_>iamlindoro: yeah, there isn't a -wide version of the base theme yet
20:07<iamlindoro>ahhh, I see
20:08<gbee_>I don't plan on creating it until things have settled down since constantly modifying two themes is that much harder
20:08<iamlindoro>yeah, fair enough. Thanks.
20:10<gbee_>I may adding a special positioning attribute which will centre dialogs if the themer wants, I've not decided yet
20:11<Chutt>that'd be a good idea
20:11<Chutt>ie, all popups should generally just be centered, right?
20:11<Chutt>it's the common case
20:12<gbee_>yep, but I don't want to force it if the themer has other ideas, there are some popups, like the music miniplayer which you want elsewhere on the screen, so I'll think about the best way of handling it
20:12-!-briand [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:13<Chutt>oh, right
20:13<Chutt>but having it available (and having the base theme default to it) would make sense, IMO
20:13<Chutt>i just got the awesomest email ever
20:13-!-larson999 [] has joined #mythtv
20:13<Chutt>about myth and "business opportunities"
20:13<gbee_>"Congratulations, you are the lucky winner!!!" ?
20:14<Chutt>"We like thinking "outside of the cage", most people say box, i call it a cage.."
20:14<Chutt>I" asked the question once, "who owns the internet" and never got an answer.."
20:16<Chutt>and it ends with:
20:16<Chutt>"We can change the world.. are you in?"
20:16<larson999>i'm sending svideo from an nvidia mx 4000 to the tv. at first it's in color but as soon as a change the channel it's black and white from then on. any idea what i've dorked up?
20:16<gbee_>oh, that's just beautiful - you should frame it
20:17<larson999>Chutt, if a few choice people have their way we'll soon enough have an answer. not a pretty one.
20:18<gbee_>just be glad it's an email and you haven't just met this guy in person
20:18<Chutt>gbee_, it's worse when they call me out of the blue
20:21-!-abarber [] has joined #mythtv
20:22<larson999>wow. this wga54g thing sucks
20:27<gbee_>the lame dependancy really sucks, never appreciated until now just how hard it is to satisfy with some distros
20:28-!-briand [] has joined #mythtv
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20:37<abarber>hey all
20:38<abarber>i need to troubleshoot some problems i'm having with live tv
20:38<abarber>i get a black screen when i click "watch tv"
20:39<sphery>abarber: /topic (i.e. #mythtv-users)
20:41-!-huhlig [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:43<abarber>sorry, wrong channel
20:43-!-abarber [] has left #mythtv []
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