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07:05<cojonuo>this is the developer channel, it's ok?
07:05<justinh>for development related stuff, yes
07:06<cojonuo>ok, i never use irc .... :-)
07:06<justinh>the welcome message is pretty hard to miss, I think
07:06<justinh>are you the guy who's been doing mythtube by any chance?
07:08<cojonuo>i join to irc list for it
07:09<cojonuo>i like discuss about mythtube
07:09<justinh>looks good so far. I haven't tried it yet though. I only realised I'd be able to try it last night
07:10<justinh>anyway, the _real_ devs hang out in here too, so just fire away
07:11<stuarta>we are just asleep most of the time :)
07:11<stuarta>or at lunch...
07:11*stuarta lunches
07:14<cojonuo>i would like talk about bittorrent politict on mythtv proyect
07:16<cojonuo>I read about it on wiki and read the new york time article
07:17<cojonuo>and I respect the development position
07:18<cojonuo>first time I think add bittorrent support for plugin but now i don't do it
07:19<justinh>fair enough
07:19<teprrr>what's wrong with a bittorrent plugin?
07:19<justinh>not here. not now please
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07:19<teprrr>just wondering, a lot of .. ok
07:20<justinh>policy. I don't make it. I can understand why the stance has been taken & I'm not going to try to change it. A good few people feel the same way
07:20<GreyFoxx>That reminds me, I wanted to install mythtube to try it out today
07:22<justinh>mythtube is a lot nicer than the last attempt I saw at a youtube plugin ;)
07:22<justinh>no 'sudo wget' or 'sudo mplayer' in your plugin cojonuo :D
07:22<GreyFoxx>iamlindoro: seemed to like it
07:23<justinh>I bet it'll be a really popular feature
07:23<GreyFoxx>and frankly I have the time on my hands today and need a mental distraction
07:23<laga>you can rip out the h.264 parts out of the ffmpeg merge and backport them to -fixes ;)
07:24<teprrr>I tried to 5th tarball, but it didn't seem to fetch anything.. was pretty busy back then and didn't try to debug that more :p
07:24<justinh>cojonuo: if BT support was in mythtube I don't think it would stand a very good chance of becoming an official plugin. Of all the 3rd party plugins there have ever been - only one still exists now ;)
07:24<teprrr>laga, hmm, is internal now in sync with ffmpeg? or for how big parts?
07:25<GreyFoxx>No trunk hasn't been sync'd yet
07:25<laga>teprrr: no. -fixes won't be sync'ed, and janneg is still preparing the merge for trunk AFAIK
07:25<teprrr>laga, ye, was talking about trunk. ok, thanks
07:25<GreyFoxx>A couple of people have their own updated trees which some people are using
07:25<teprrr>yup, saw those tarballs flying around earlier :)
07:26<justinh>sounds like a nightmare to support though
07:27<cojonuo>i like mythtube becoming an official plugin :)
07:27<laga>cojonuo: that'd be great.
07:27<justinh>cojonuo: does it use mythui ?
07:28<justinh>cool. that's important ;)
07:28<cojonuo>i use mythui
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07:29<teprrr>someone said on the trac comments that you can't use virtual keyboard, has that been already implemented? :)
07:29<justinh>teprrr: might just need a lineedit changed to a remoteedit
07:30<cojonuo>now i need fix some bug and then add more features
07:30<laga>i think the keyboard isn't ported to mythui yet
07:31<justinh>cojonuo: I can't speak for the project as a whole but I think as long as there is no BT stuff in there, or links to anything which could be seen as associated with piracy (e.g. feeds of unofficial TV streams) - it should be ok
07:33<justinh>I think I'll build it after lunch & see what all the fuss is about ;)
07:33<stuarta>i can't even be arsed with youtube
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07:37<teprrr>justinh, ah. okies
07:37<teprrr>justinh, what happens if the plugin uses external scripts to catch the data? if I understood correctly mythtube uses a perl script or something like that to catch the urls for streams or something
07:38<cojonuo>a simple question, all devs are American??
07:38<cojonuo>yes have two channel type
07:39<cojonuo>the search channel use external script now i code 3 script, youtube youtube2 and alpacine
07:39<cojonuo>the feed channel use a simple feed engine to get video
07:40<teprrr>high resolution stuff, was it?
07:40<cojonuo>youtube2 equal youtube script but order by date
07:40<cojonuo>is a test script
07:40<teprrr>ahh, ok. the youtube script can show both the highres and regular ones?
07:41<cojonuo>alpacine is a spanish film web with films info and trailers
07:41<teprrr>hm, perhaps I'll take a look at it after I get some kde work done first
07:43<cojonuo>the script is soo easy code
07:44<cojonuo>my idea is use it to add more video search site
07:46<cojonuo>i would like add more search site like yahoo video, google video, daily motion, etc
07:46<cojonuo>but i don't have time now to code they scripts
07:50<gbee>no virtual keyboard in mythui, yet, give me a chance ;)
07:51<gbee>cojonuo: we have devs from USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada (in no particular order)
07:51<gbee>oh and Sweden
07:52<gbee>lest I forget Oscar ;)
07:52<cojonuo>ok, thanks
07:52<cojonuo>aaah is Spanish?
07:53<gbee>Swedish :)
07:53<cojonuo>i ask it becaus i don't talk english very well
07:53<gbee>better than my Spanish ;)
07:54<cojonuo>and if are one spanish developer i can talk with he more fast ;)
07:57<gbee>I can read Spanish much better than I can speak or write it
07:57<stuarta>i can catch a train, eat, sleep and order drinks in spanish
07:57<stuarta>not much more
07:57<laga>sleep in spanish?
07:57<stuarta>yes, find a place to
07:58<stuarta>hotels etc
08:01<gbee>spent two years learning Spanish, I should really remember more
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08:04<gbee>last year my new years resolution was to improve my French and Spanish by reading some books in those languages, 18 months later I'm just three chapters into Le Comte de Monte Cristo
08:05<gbee>3 pages into Don Quijote
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08:08<Dubstar_04>Could someone answer a quick question?
08:08<laga>try #mythtv-users
08:08<Dubstar_04>There is no one in there
08:09<laga>try asking a real question in there
08:09<cojonuo>im sorry
08:10<laga>cojonuo: hum?
08:10<cojonuo>i have a cuestion about mythphoto
08:10<cojonuo>i don't have if is a mythui problem
08:11<cojonuo>why don't update the images on new uibuttonlist??
08:13<gbee>cojonuo: not sure I understand, if there is a display bug then maybe a screenshot would help to explain?
08:14<cojonuo>on mythphoto and on my mythtube plugin use new mythUIbuttonlist with images
08:15<cojonuo>when you navegate on mythUIbuttonlist only update the selected button image
08:16<cojonuo>you understand now??
08:17<gbee>sorry, no :(
08:18<cojonuo>see this image
08:18<gbee>yes (looks good!)
08:19<cojonuo>when i navegate to right on button list and select the last button (number 8) its all ok
08:20<cojonuo>but when navegate to the next right (number 9 off-screen) only the last button is update and other images no move to left
08:20<cojonuo>only update if i reselect it
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08:20<gbee>ok I understand
08:21<gbee>that's weird ...
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08:21<cojonuo>is a mythui bug??
08:21<gbee>sounds like it
08:21<gbee>it works ok for me, but I'll install mythtube and see if I can fix it
08:22<gbee>might be a theme problem
08:23<cojonuo>on mythgallery happen
08:24<gbee><buttonlist2 name="channellist"> ?
08:24<gbee>or videolist?
08:24<gbee>which painter? QT or OpenGL?
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08:34<cojonuo>all buttonlist2
08:35<cojonuo>you can see mythgallery too
08:36<gbee>might be a QT painter bug, I don't see it with GL
08:38<gbee>btw, have you considered using centre scrolling and making the selected image larger? <scrollstyle>center</scrollstyle>
08:39<gbee>something like this -
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08:47<cojonuo>ok is a QT painter bug
08:47<justinh>gbee: btw have you seen a problem with buttlonlist2 where the watermark for the top menu item isn't displayed at first?
08:47<gbee>I'll try and fix it
08:48<gbee>justinh: yeah, I know why that happens, just missing something from myththemedmenu
08:48<justinh>cool. just checking :)
08:48<justinh>.. before I go hacking up xml & getting nowhere
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08:49<cojonuo>gbee: good idea <scrollstyle>center</scrollstyle>
08:50<justinh>I'm itching to try out mythui properly, but I have _work_ to do
08:51<stuarta>surely not!
08:51<justinh>core themes need love too
08:51<cojonuo>QT painter have other bug with edittextbox
08:52<cojonuo>don't show correct
08:52<gbee>cojonuo: thanks
08:52<justinh>I can't use opengl painter for long on my laptop. it's very annoying when switching back & forth between windows
08:56<justinh>then again that might have more to do with 'desktop effects' I've yet to disable
08:58*justinh unchecks the "corrupt all windows & be very annoying" tick box
08:58<laga>amazing how well it works :P
08:59<justinh>not on my intel graphics it doesn't
09:00<laga>i was being sarcastic ;)
09:00<gbee>backwards transitions should be faster, thinking about a change which will make forward transitions similarly fast and a little smoother
09:00<laga>although the kde4 stuff worked OK.
09:00<cojonuo>new browser no work still?
09:02<gbee>cojonuo: I can reproduce the problem using the QT painter
09:02<gbee>used to work, so I've broken it somehow ;)
09:03<gbee>are gestures broken for anyone else? I can't get the left/down gestures to work, just get the up gesture instead
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09:04<justinh>I've never seen gestures work
09:04<justinh>hrm. mythtube isn't building here
09:05<justinh>qmake ran ok. make.. waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaah
09:05<cojonuo>what happen?
09:05<justinh>looks like qt includes are being missed somehow I think
09:06<justinh>yeah it's referencing qt3
09:06<stuarta>sounds like it's not picking up the qt4-config
09:07<justinh>eew. qmake --version is reporting 3.3.8b
09:07<justinh>but I have qt4 installed. obviously or trunk would no worky
09:07<stuarta>yeah, most distros have it under a different name
09:07<gbee>justinh: well they aren't really used yet, but you should see output in the terminal e.g. "Gesture: Up"
09:07<stuarta>qmake4 or summing
09:07<justinh>ahh qmake-qt4
09:07<gbee>or qmake-qt4
09:08<justinh>still missing includes
09:08<stuarta>that'll be the badger
09:09<justinh>oh noes
09:09<justinh>you need qt > 4.4 to compile mythtv
09:10<justinh>ruh? got everything else except mythbrowser built & working fine
09:11<gbee>tricky since there isn't anything higher than 4.4 :)
09:11<GreyFoxx>hah nice it uses the reflection for the preview screenshot
09:11<gbee>and we only need 4.3
09:11<gbee>GreyFoxx: ?
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09:11<GreyFoxx>the mythtube plugin
09:12<GreyFoxx>first thing I've seen use it :)
09:13*justinh gives up
09:14<cojonuo>gbee: mythtube? what happen??
09:15<gbee>cojonuo: GreyFoxx was just telling me that you used the reflection effect that I added
09:15<cojonuo>aaah ok
09:16<gbee>justinh: distclean and start again
09:16<justinh>still same
09:16<justinh>I tried that already
09:17<gbee>ahh, well it's still using qt3 - -I/usr/share/qt3/mkspecs
09:17<justinh>it still looks like it's going for qt3
09:17<justinh>maybe I need to go into a file & change stuff myself
09:18<gbee>svn stat and remove any ? files, then qmake-qt4
09:18<gbee>ok, svn stat won't work - not thinking :)
09:19<gbee>rm mythtube, re-extract and start again
09:26<justinh>not getting any search results here
09:26<justinh>missing perl modules. DOH
09:28<justinh>there's a little job for me too. work on some icons :)
09:32<justinh>problems with the scripts here I think
09:41<Dibblah>justinh: distclean doesn't remove generated Makefiles, ISTR.
09:43<justinh>installing the script deps manually via cpan to see if that helps
09:44<Dibblah>justinh: So, you're a fan of public vlogging now, then?
09:44<justinh>seen too much of this lately. one version of a perl module working just fine. others producing completely different output. messy!
09:44<justinh>Dibblah: as if!
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09:45<justinh>bad enough knowing people are witterring on about FA on blogs IMHO
09:46<justinh>still no dice
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09:48<justinh>./ -M $something should go off & report stuff, right?
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09:59<iamlindoro>justinh, just headed to work, but no, the command arguments need cleaning up on that
10:00<iamlindoro>it appears to be borrowed from another script, so those command line args don't work properly (but I haven't paid attention to how it's called in the actual program to know)
10:00<justinh>seeing FeedChannel: FeedChannel: Write failed too
10:00<justinh>what is being written & where?
10:00<iamlindoro>cojonuo, hi, it's Robert ;) But I'm going to work, so I'll have to speak with you more later. Bye all...
10:01<Dibblah>Oh, funky.
10:01<Dibblah>SSD using SDHC cards :)
10:02<GreyFoxx>justin: Create a ~/.mythtv/MythTube dir as the user running mythfrontend
10:04<justinh>still no dice
10:07<cojonuo>hello Robert
10:07<cojonuo>now i apply your patches
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10:13<cojonuo>submit new version with a fixed bug that crashed if url channel don't response
10:13<cojonuo>and add iamlindoro patch
10:14<justinh>cojonuo: I couldn't get it to work at all
10:14<cojonuo>justin: plugin no create a .mythtv/MythTube dir??
10:14<justinh>as far as searching & adding a channel is concerned.. it didn't work
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10:14<justinh>cojonuo: I made one myself, still doesn't work
10:15<cojonuo>you seeing FeedChannel: FeedChannel: Write failed too??
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10:16<cojonuo>what mythtube version use??
10:19<justinh>it's a bit tricky to navigate too
10:21<justinh>on the plus side it's no mythweather ;)
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10:21<justinh>and it's better than mythstream so far & I've not even seen it work properly :P
10:22<justinh>anyway, keep up the good work cojonuo . I have a box to deliver
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10:31<cojonuo>now mythplugin create the config dir if not exist correnctly
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12:03<laga>janneg: if i provided a patch to merge h264.c from ffmpeg trunk, would that be considered for -fixesß
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12:13<gbee>laga: did the skiploop patch make a difference once you finally got it up and running?
12:13<laga>gbee: yes. it uses less CPU now. it still skips every now and then.. sometimes i can watch 60 minutes without skipping, then i get it every minute.
12:14<gbee>at least it's an improvement then :)
12:15<laga>yeah. i'd love to ship that stuff for intrepid.
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13:18<justinh>hmm. are the text entry boxes in mythtube common to the rest of mythtv? it's pretty hard to tell when they're selected
13:21<gbee>yes and yes they will be improved, i.e. allowing a selected background image to be defined
13:21<gbee>but the flashing cursor kinda gives it away atm
13:23<justinh>ahh cool
13:25<justinh>I don't mean to be a pain about the new stuff.. hope it's not coming over that way
13:27<justinh>heh found an svg of the youtube logo. wonder how far it'd have to be tweaked not to impinge on their trademark
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14:05<justinh> ?
14:05<justinh>oh bum. inkscape is really good at clipping gaussian blur
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14:06<gbee>justinh: nah, I just wish I had more time, it's my own fault - I've worked on several things at once and done too good a job of promoting mythui before I was finished
14:07<gbee>justinh: yeah, it's annoying, you have to draw an invisible box over the area, larger than the edges of the blur (which can be hard to determine) so that the selection export doesn't crop it
14:07<justinh>well, if there's anything you think I could lend a hand with - anything within my ahem.. code-fu lemme know. or I might just have a go anyway. my brain could do with the exercise
14:08<gbee>kinda wish the selection exporting was smart enough to include the blur
14:08<justinh>I had a real PITA with trying to make a master svg file for all the mythcenter watermarks
14:11<gbee>that mythtube image could use a gussian blur 'shadow' on the inside of the lettering
14:11<gbee>diffuse the hard lines
14:16<justinh>good plan that man
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14:29<Chutt>please don't copy other people's logos :p
14:31-!-joobie [] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
14:32<justinh>I'll try to come up with something else then
14:34-!-dagar_ [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
14:36-!-dagar [] has joined #mythtv
14:37-!-mattwire__ [] has joined #mythtv
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14:41<gbee>hmm, this version of inkscape seems to be broken, can't change the stroke width on existing objects
14:41-!-dagar_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:41<gbee>might ask whether we even need a logo, or is this for the watermark? Other plugins don't have logos as such
14:42<iamlindoro_>I changed the library.xml patch to read "Play Internet Video" since it's no longer really a youtube plugin-- could use any number of things as a logo
14:43<iamlindoro_>Heck, a flashy RSS logo would even be OK
14:43<gbee>rss logo suits mythnews better
14:44<iamlindoro_>hence the "flashy" ;)
14:44<iamlindoro_>like... wif' videos!
14:49<justinh>gbee: watermark/icon
14:50-!-reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
14:51<justinh>it was mostly a reaction to the plugin logo though. it's kinda ropey
14:52<iamlindoro_>If you wanna see ropey, download the first revision and look at the image ;)
14:52<justinh>icons are tricky things. we all know what the rss icon represents but if we didn't know what it meant, how would we work it out?
14:54-!-mattwire_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:54-!-dagar [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
14:55-!-famicom_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:55-!-famicom_ [] has quit [Client Quit]
14:57<kormoc>by clicking on it randomly until it did something?
15:03<iamlindoro_>Otherwise known as the "my mom school of computing"
15:03-!-dagar_ [] has quit [No route to host]
15:04-!-dagar_ [] has joined #mythtv
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15:41<SirFunk>so.. the only way to get schedule info in the US is to pay for it though scheduledirect?
15:41<SirFunk>oopse, sorry, meant for-users
15:42<dragonian>ask there
15:42<SirFunk>i shall /part so i don't do that again :-P my appologies
15:42-!-SirFunk [] has left #mythtv ["Ex-Chat"]
15:45-!-jgarvey [] has joined #mythtv
15:49-!-moodboom [] has quit [Client Quit]
15:57-!-iamlindoro_ [n=iamlindo@] has quit []
15:59-!-florian [n=florian@] has joined #mythtv
15:59<florian>Hi! I have problems deleting a schedule with mythweb
16:00<florian>when i say "don't record" the schedule is not removed
16:00<justinh>hi! you have problems selecting the right channel ;)
16:01<justinh>(IRC channel I mean)
16:01<florian>I can say "Never Record" and it is also not removed
16:01<florian>Oh, what's the correct one?
16:01<justinh>"This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users. "!
16:02<florian>ok, sorry
16:08-!-xris [n=xris@] has left #mythtv []
16:08-!-xris [n=xris@] has joined #mythtv
16:08<xris>ok, better. stupid irc client freaks out sometimes
16:35-!-florian [n=florian@] has left #mythtv ["Konversation terminated!"]
16:47-!-dageorge [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:47-!-dageorge_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:47-!-dageorge_ is now known as dageorge
16:50-!-rstory [] has joined #mythtv
16:50<rstory>join #mythtv-users
16:50<rstory>whoops :-/
16:50-!-rstory [] has left #mythtv ["Leaving."]
16:52<bkero>whoops indeed
16:57-!-Goga777 [n=Goga777@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:08-!-my2keh [] has joined #mythtv
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17:34-!-jk1joe1 [] has joined #mythtv
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17:39<abqjp>danielk22: do you want me to do "taskset -c0 mythtv-setup". Would that help you fix the problem?
17:42<danielk22>No, i can reproduce the problem here. My real problem is lack of time+hw to tackle DVB scanning problems in the channelscan branch where the wrong multiplex problem has been fixed.
17:48-!-cojonuo [] has joined #mythtv
17:54<justinh>I'm being a bad boy now.
17:55<justinh>there's an l missing somewhere
17:56<justinh>heh thanks daniel
17:56<danielk22>i actually meant to type that in the browser :P
17:57<danielk22>what's bad about it?
17:58<justinh>bad as in I think I'm sidetracked again
17:58<danielk22>ah, hehe
18:00-!-gustave_ [] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox]"]
18:00<gbee>fwiw, I'm not sure it's worth using mythui reflections for static images, faster to draw them with reflections
18:04<justinh>draw them with reflections.. as in actually drawing them?
18:05<justinh>is there more memory / cpu overhead using them with static images?
18:05<justinh>didn't notice any slowdown here
18:07<gbee>yep, since we need to calculate draw the reflection for each image, it's only done once and maybe it's not slow enough to cause problems
18:07*gbee shrugs
18:07-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:07<justinh>just I can see every new themer coming on board & going "YEAH! teh mirrows!" ;)
18:10-!-PointyPumper [n=pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
18:13<cojonuo>I use HttpComms::getHttpFile function on mythtube to get thumbnail but if you escape when donwloading a thumbnail, it produce a Segment Fault and crash myth
18:13<cojonuo>any suggestion??
18:15-!-jk1joe1 [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:19-!-quentusrex [] has joined #mythtv
18:21<gbee>cojonuo: call HttpComms::Stop() in the screentype class destructor?
18:22<cojonuo>this function dont exist
18:22<gbee>means not using httpcomms as a static function, but creating an instance of httpcomms belonging to the class
18:23-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:26-!-|gunni| [] has joined #mythtv
18:28<cojonuo>is a solution
18:32<gbee>may be a better one
18:38<gbee>justinh: maybe put in a background image behind the watermark, a faint line or curve, maybe subtly different colour (use alpha even) to give the impression of a surface that the watermark is standing and reflected on
18:41-!-_gunni_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:43-!-stoth [] has quit ["Leaving"]
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19:06-!-aevil [] has joined #mythtv
19:06-!-rdvon [] has joined #mythtv
19:07<rdvon>does the ati tv wonder elite work under myth tv?
19:07-!-noisymime [] has joined #mythtv
19:14-!-mattwire__ [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:22-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:23<iamlindoro>justinh, It's not ready if you can't rotate the UI on a cube
19:23<iamlindoro>just ask anyone from plutohome-that-was
19:28-!-stoth [] has joined #mythtv
19:44-!-trisooma [n=remko@] has joined #mythtv
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20:25<jpabq>danielk22, is there a reason why -march=k8 is used instead of -march=core2 ?
20:39-!-otwin [n=otwin@] has joined #mythtv
20:41-!-xris [n=xris@] has quit []
20:41-!-rooaus [] has left #mythtv []
20:43-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
20:49-!-reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
20:52-!-rdvon [] has quit ["Bye!"]
20:58<danielk22>just that k8 is older and we weren't testing if the flags were supported by gcc
20:59<danielk22>if we check that new architectures like core2 are supported by the compiler we can use the correct -march directive...
21:00<danielk22>But even so, Isaac doesn't want too many of these as it can make it difficult to tease out compiler bugs from mythtv bugs.
21:13-!-aevil [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:35-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
21:44<jpabq>danielk22, OK, thanks. My new backend has a X3360. I added a line to the config for it, and told it to use -march=core2. I don't mind keeping that as a local patch, though.
22:00<forrestv>is there a way to change the deinterlacing?
22:01<danielk22>forrestv: wrong channel, you want #mythtv-users
22:02-!-Dibblah [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:28-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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