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09:10<beoba>shouldnt it be #mythtv and #mythtv-dev?
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09:59<leachim6>has anyone used a Philips saa7134 card before ?
09:59<leachim6>i can't get mine to work with anything
09:59<janneg>laga: depends how large it , if it fixes segfaults and please verify if hte changesets modifying h264.* haven't changed other files
09:59<janneg>leachim6: #mythtv-users
09:59<leachim6>whoops :)
10:00<laga>janneg: it certainly fixes segfaults for me
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10:04<janneg>laga: yeah, I think so too, it was just to hard to edit the line with this laggy connection
10:06<laga>okay, i'll try to come up with a patch in the next days
10:10<gbee>there are h264 related segfaults in -fixes?
10:10<janneg>checking if other files are touched in the h264.* commits is important since we might otherwise get new segfaults
10:11<janneg>gbee: yes, depending on the features used in the video stream
10:11<laga>gbee: yes, my reception is bad
10:11<laga>or because of that ;)
10:12<gbee>laga: ahh, yes I'd forgotten I was getting segfaults with poor reception on h.264 streams
10:12<gbee>so I can verify that was a definite bug
10:12<janneg>I get them too with trunk and some interlaced files
10:12<laga>janneg: with your ffmpeg resync?
10:13<janneg>no without
10:14<janneg>laga: have you seen the budget_av cam fixes for smp on the dvb ml?
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10:16<laga>janneg: i'm not using a SMP machine, but i'll keep an eye on it. i'm going to try my dvb card in my main computer soon
10:25<janneg>ah I remember, the reception problems were cable/TV related
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11:07<gbee>aac encoding has been written, but not yet accepted into the main branch of ffmpeg, correct?
11:10<gbee>just updating the mythmusic patch, guess I can't remove faac or faad yet
11:10<iamlindoro>faad will probably be the first to go, that's awful close
11:12<gbee>janneg said it's in, but doesn't have HE support yet
11:12<iamlindoro>apparently the new aac decoder is 135% faster than libfaad, that's cool
11:12<janneg>no, we need first HE AAC and I would bet that AAC encoder comes before that
11:14<gbee>iamlindoro: yeah that's nice, considering that we'll also switch to using taglib exclusively for tagging and that's 6x faster than id3lib, or 3x faster than libvorbis
11:14<gbee>speed ups all around :)
11:15<gbee>of course id3lib has already been replaced by taglib ... but still, overall compared to 0.20 it's an improvement ;)
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12:10<jpabq>What happens (at the DB level), when you select Allow this program to be re-recorded ? I lost a bunch of recordings, and want to allow the system to re-record, but I don't want to actually delete show information out of the DB. Since the file is missing, mythfrontend does not give me the "re record" option.
12:12<sphery>jpabq: The field duplicate is set to 0
12:12<sphery>(in oldrecorded)
12:12<jpabq>That is easy enough. Thanks sphery.
12:12<justinh>or you could just restore a backup </snigger>
12:12<sphery>You can also use Previously Recorded to mark them to allow re-record.
12:13<jpabq>justinh, do you know of a cheap option to backup 6TB?
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12:14<jpabq>sphery, Yeah, I considered the "previously recorded" option, but figured it would be more work.
12:14<sphery>Though I'm thinking that Delete and allow re-record is now an option in -fixes and trunk, even for missing files... Have to use the action popup, though (arrow right--might require menu key accelerators enabled)
12:16<jpabq>sphery, when I right-arrow, I get "show info" or "delete". Nothing else.
12:16<jpabq>It would be very nice, if the other options where there.
12:16<jpabq>Since I don't actualy want to delete, just re-record if it is shown again.
12:17<sphery>Turns out it's not there... Not hard to add, though... PlaybackBox::showFileNotFoundActionPopup() in programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp
12:18<sphery>and you have the perfect system for testing--tons of missing recordings for trial and error :)
12:19<justinh>jpabq: oldrecorded, perhaps? if a show doesn't have an entry there how could myth know it's been recorded already? (that and the 'recorded' table)
12:19<sphery>wait... It is there, the deletePopup puts it there.
12:20<sphery>Delete applies to the file (that's missing ;) and the metadata in /recorded/, not oldrecorded. It always leaves the record in oldrecorded (not that we have a duplicate field). We used to delete the record from oldrecorded when we said allow re-record, but Bruce changed it so we would maintain history and still have a way to turn off dup matching for the episode.
12:21<sphery>s/not that/now that/
12:21<justinh>ahhh I see
12:21<sphery>so now it just sets duplicate to 0 in oldrecorded
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12:25<jpabq>sphery, I may play with PlaybackBox::showFileNotFoundActionPopup(). although it is pretty easy to set the duplicate entry usin mysql.
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12:42<sphery>jpabq: Having looked through the code I convinced myself that it was already there, so I went ahead and tried. You can /definitely/ get to Delete and allow re-record. Just select the episode in Watch Recordings, then use the right arrow (with arrow key accelerators enabled--that's the only way it works), the select Delete, then Yes, and allow re-record.
12:44<jpabq>Yup. I just wanted to "allow re-record" without having to delete.
12:44<sphery>If you want to improve it, you can fix the bug that someone added when they added the asNotYetAvailable availableStatus. It prevents showFileNotFoundActionPopup() from being displayed in the event that the user tries to play the recording and just gives them the OK popop.
12:44<sphery>You have to delete the metadata from recorded, though, or it will never re-record.
12:44<sphery>It /won't/ delete the metadata from oldrecorded, though.
12:44<jpabq>Hmmm. okay
12:45<sphery>Note that it seems sometimes the playback box gets confused and doesn't give the right popup (the FileNotFoundActionPopup), but gives a full ActionPopup. Haven't tracked that down, though.
12:46<jpabq>So, on a show which does have an existing file, then you right-arrow, choose recording options, then choose "allow to re-record", what does that do different?
12:46<sphery>I think it's a bad interaction between the preview generator and the playback box.
12:47<sphery>it says, "Mark the row in oldrecorded so that it won't be used for duplicate matching." However, records in recorded are always used for dup matching.
12:47<sphery>So, it basically says, "mark it to allow re-record, now, in case I forget to do so when I delete it."
12:49<jpabq>If you "right arrow" on a valid show, and choose "recording options", one of the options is "allow this program to re-record". If you choose that option it will re-record the episode even if it is currently recorded.
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12:49<jpabq>That is what I want to achieve
12:52<jpabq>Ah. recorded also has a duplicate column. Setting that to zero gets it to re-record even when it finds an entry in recorded.
12:54<sphery>Yeah. Didn't realize this went in, yet...
12:54<sphery>Why not delete the ones that are there, though? You'll just have to delete them later?
12:56<sphery>Wow. This file not found stuff got really messed up...
12:56<jpabq>I like to keep track of what I am missing.
12:56<jpabq>I will say this, I doubt I will ever try and use ever again.
12:59<sphery>I am a firm believer that any useful functionality in contrib (where it's not maintained, and not properly rewritten when, for example, the Perl bindings are created) should be moved to the backend/frontend and deleted from contrib... Now I just have to find the time to finish that patch that does that for and
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13:00<jpabq>I knew I had a lot of "dead" recording on my SBE. Never occured to me that would just blindly delete ALL of my recordings off of the SBE.
13:00<sphery>If you don't look into fixing the availableStatus stuff, I may do so, so by the time the last of your shows re-record, you may be able to properly delete the orphaned metadata.
13:01<sphery>Wow. About all I can say is, "Unmaintained..."
13:02<jpabq>I am guessing that looks at the *whole* basename, didn't see what it was expecting via the nfs mount, and assume the recording file could be deleted. Pretty dumb not to just look at the filename itself, instead of the whole path.
13:04<jpabq>anyway, gotta go. talk to you later.
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13:08<sphery>jpabq: Actually, the path isn't in there... Probably due to the fact that none of the slave backend recordings aren't local to the master backend (i.e. no NFS/CIFS?), so it assumed it was orphaned data. Probably written to only work with a single backend because that's what the author used.
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16:11<iamlindoro_>gbee, If you are in, I have what are probably dumb theme questions
16:11<iamlindoro_>actually, s/probably/certainly/
16:13<iamlindoro_>I am working on a basic theme, if only to teach myself the concepts. I'm currently playing with video-ui.xml as it's fun, and changes are readily obvious. I see that <blackhole> is the tag for the poster/thumbnail display area. Can attirbutes be defined for blackhole (ie orientation, icon reflection, etc) or is it all hard-coded?
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16:17<iamlindoro_>oh... I... am dumb, raen't I. MythUI conversion of MythVideo isn't done yet, is it.
16:18<iamlindoro_>Heh, that'll stop me :)
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16:42<iamlindoro_>gbee, something funky going on with the screen refresh in the gallery when using a horizontal layout-- something you're aware of?
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16:45<xesno>anyone here gotten the 800i working...
16:45<xesno>i'm having a terrible time
16:45<iamlindoro_>xesno, see topic
16:46<xesno>oops my bad...
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17:32<gbee>iamlindoro_: qt painter? was reported yesterday
17:33<iamlindoro_>gbee, yeah, got informed in -users, thanks :)
17:33<gbee>blackhole is the old ui code, it's not used in the new stuff - were you intending to work without the old stuff?
17:33<gbee>sorry, I was off watching a film :)
17:33<iamlindoro_>no no, real life wins
17:34<iamlindoro_>tough for me, though, as it's just a soup of XML tags and I have no real idea of what is old vs. new
17:35<gbee>blackhole was a nasty hack, it takes no arguments except area, it was just a way in the old ui to provide dimensions and positioning to a hardcoded object which could have been anything - embedded video, image etc
17:35<gbee>it wasn't a proper widget
17:36<iamlindoro_>I see
17:36<iamlindoro_>There appear to be hardcoded behaviors I am running in to so things that seem like they *should* work, don't... take, for example, the gallery image display screen
17:37<gbee>iamlindoro_: yeah, which is just one reason why the new ui is so much better for themers :)
17:37<iamlindoro_>based on what I've learned/tried, it seems like this *should* display a background image and then the image on top of it-- but it refuses to take the specified background and instead uses the overall themes:
17:37<iamlindoro_>er overall theme's
17:38<gbee>background images in the old UI needed to go in a <container name="background">
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17:38<gbee>in fact everything in the old ui needed to be in some <container>
17:39<iamlindoro_>okay, but what about while running trunk? It seems this ought to work-- in fact, this works in the same ui file for the overall gallery screen
17:39<iamlindoro_>ie within the <window> tag above
17:39<iamlindoro_>background works perfectly. But in the actual image display, same approach, but no background
17:39<gbee>oh right, yeah that should work
17:40<gbee>the draworder attribute isn't supported btw
17:40<iamlindoro_>ah, ok, I'll cut that out
17:40<gbee>try moving the <area> tags before the <filename>
17:41<sphery>iamlindoro_: and you do know about mythui_mythvideo branch, right?
17:41<iamlindoro_>sphery, yeah, but I think I've got plenty to break until it's done :)
17:41<iamlindoro_>gbee, no luck
17:42<gbee>iamlindoro_: mythgallery?
17:42<iamlindoro_>gbee, yeah
17:43<gbee>mind posting the full thing? I can't see a problem in the example except that the window is missing a name
17:43<sphery>iamlindoro_: Oh. I was thinking of gallery view in mythvideo. Sorry for the noise.
17:43<iamlindoro_>gbee, sure, but mind the liekly errors/stupidity :)
17:43<iamlindoro_>er likely
17:43<gbee>path issue maybe, if galleryback.png isn't where we expect to find it
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17:44<iamlindoro_>can't be, though--- I literally copied the imagetype tag from further above in the file where it works properly
17:44<iamlindoro_>(and the log doesn't complain about missing files)
17:45<iamlindoro_>sphery, not at all, any/all efforts to help are appreciated
17:46<justinh>iamlindoro_: should be looking in the theme root for that background file
17:46<iamlindoro_>yeah, that's where the file is
17:46<iamlindoro_>works in <window name="gallery">, fails in next window tags, same file
17:47<iamlindoro_>also, is there any reference to the hardcoded window names, or should I just cheat and copy from other themes which have already been converted to MythUI?
17:49<gbee>windows, as you've found, reference hardcoded names that the code is expecting to find, new windows can't be added to the theme and just be expected to work
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17:49<iamlindoro_>yeah, that just occurred to me :)
17:49<gbee>copy other themes for now, a list will be created in the wiki at some point
17:50<iamlindoro_>hmm... even default/gallery-ui.xml calls that second window just "<window>," though... so I'm not sure what it should be called
17:51<gbee>iamlindoro_: ahh, well that's my mistake - I started to add a new window for the single image view but never finsihed
17:51<gbee>it shouldn't have been committed
17:52<iamlindoro_>ahhh :) Sorry
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17:54<gbee>updated the -wide theme too so that it uses buttonlist2 instead of buttonlist
17:54<iamlindoro_>so for right now I guess the image view will have to get its background from the theme itself, rather than a custom one. No worries
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17:55<gbee>main gallery is mythui, single image view is old code which hasn't been converted yet because of the complicated of the image transitions
17:55<iamlindoro_>is buttonlist2 a temp name, btw, or will that remain?
17:55<iamlindoro_>makes sense
17:56<gbee>temp, just until I've replaced all the places we are using the old version
17:56<gbee>that would be the old new version ;)
17:57*iamlindoro_ looks at music-ui and backs slowly away.
17:57<gbee>buttonlist was the original new widget for mythui, but it's being replaced with the more capable mythuibuttonlist
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18:00<gbee>err, mythlistbutton (<buttonlist>) is replaced by mythuibuttonlist (<buttonlist2>)
18:02<justinh>about to reach E_TOOMUCH_SCRUMPY here
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18:11<gbee>ahh crap, committed my demo version of the mythgallery theme
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18:40<iamlindoro_>oof, that qt painter bug is nasty. Any ideas for a workaround yet?
18:41<gbee>use gl?
18:42<gbee>I've only known about it for a day or so
18:42<iamlindoro_>ah, fair enough
18:43<iamlindoro_>hmm, still present with GL
18:43<gbee>should be fixed in two or threee days, I just need to find time to look at it
18:43<gbee>iamlindoro_: ok, different bug then - what's the issue?
18:43<iamlindoro_>It *sounds* like the same issue as what you guys were calling a QT painter bug-- let me just check logs to make sure the painter change took
18:44<iamlindoro_>nope, it's the QT bug, needed a frontend restart, duh
18:44<iamlindoro_>works fine now :)
18:44<gbee>ok, cool
18:45<gbee>I think the qt painter was broken by some area calc changes I made, or something similar, hopefully won't take long to fix
18:48<iamlindoro_>appears <textedit> tags are struck by the same bug, that also is fixed by using the GL painter
18:48<iamlindoro_>or, at least another similar bug
18:49<iamlindoro_>ie in the QT painter, if you fill a textedit box, the text will scroll off to the left (outside the box) and the cursor is never where you are actually typing after a few characters
18:51<justinh>seen that
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19:16<famicom_>are there any new features planned for mythtv any time soon
19:17*justinh points at the topic
19:17<famicom_>yeah, and
19:17<justinh>famicom_: why do you ask? wa
19:17<justinh>what do you plan to write?
19:18<famicom_>I heard something about mythtv becoming more flexible regarding front ends
19:18<justinh>#mythtv-users please
19:18<famicom_>justinh stop being a smug bastard
19:18<justinh>famicom_: whoah there fella
19:19<famicom_>I just want to know some development stuff
19:19*famicom_ takes a chillpill
19:20<justinh>other than the release notes for 0.22, there's no other information available really. but this really is a question for the other channel since this isn't _directly_ related to development
19:21<justinh>some people are working on stuff. follow the -dev & -commits list, yada yada
19:22<justinh>the release notes are updated now & then when folks get a chance but don't bank on them being the whole story
19:22<justinh>that better?
19:23<famicom_>yeah, that just gave me a quick overview, I'll check the svn commit logs for further details
19:23<justinh>and w.r.t. frontend flexibility I think it was a big bluesky concept somebody told you about - one that is somewhere a long way off
19:24<famicom_>it was listed somewhere in one of the feeds of my slashdot page
19:24<justinh>either that or something to do with gmyth - possible autotranscoding on the fly to suit certain frontend capabilities
19:25*cesman thinks famicom is thinking of article that lists various "frontend" options
19:25<famicom_>thank you
19:26<gbee>slashdot are the gossip pages of the tabloid paper, i.e. full of crap most of the time
19:26<iamlindoro_>all they meant was that the frontend compiles on various platforms
19:26<famicom_>could be
19:26<famicom_>I havent had any time to work on mythtv stuff lately
19:31*justinh goes back to being a smug bastard
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20:08<sphery>iamlindoro_: Actually, they were saying you can use semifunctional "frontends" like Windows's MythTV Player or mythfrontend or XBMC on original XBox or myth2ipod on iPod video. Definitely tabloid garbage. Only the mfe on XBox was a real frontend (and on that hardware, very underpowered, IMHO).
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20:17<cojonuo>what is best to download file? use HttpComms from mythtv library or QHttp??
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21:51<iamlindoro_>sphery, guess that makes me as bad as most /. readers, I never went past the summary :)
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