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06:29<gbee>iamlindoro_: think I have a fix for that qt painter redraw bug, will commit it once I've confirmed that it works
06:47<gbee>ok, fix committed
06:47<gbee>someone might like to tell cojonuo if they seem him before I do
06:50*justinh wishes he never started redoing those mythcenter watermarks
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07:07<gbee>justinh: it'll be worth it in the end I imagine
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08:59<techbw>hi all.
09:00<techbw>I am having problems setting up my linux box to watch tv, am running kubuntu 7.04, tvtuner is listed, and I did manage to get green display on kdetv, but short lived kdetv hangs when I open it now
09:11<laga>techbw: read the topic ;)
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09:14<stephen_>sorry dude
09:14<stephen_>do u maybe know where i could find a channel for support?
09:15<GreyFoxx>check the topic :)
09:15<stephen_>lol can't read again thanks cheers
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10:15<gbee>can we supress warnings on QT code? It's pretty chatty with gcc 4.3.0
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10:20<teprrr>fixed in qt4.4 at least
10:22<teprrr> * Build with -fpermissive when building with g++-4.3. LP: #138640. -- from ubuntu launchpad's python-qt4. perhaps you should set -fpermissive when g++-4.3 is going to be used :)
10:22<teprrr>but at least I don't encourage you to remove warnings completely
10:23<teprrr>argh, maybe that wasn't about the same thing.. sorry
10:25<teprrr>check out with -fpermissive and if that helps, adjust configure script to use that for 4.3
10:44<booop>I just tried to look @ a multi line bidi fix and found that the existing one ( ticket #4885 ) causes segfault for some weird reason
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11:20<booop>hmm debug information seems to indicate that the text handling is what causing the segfault
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11:39<iamlindoro_>gbee, awesome, thanks! Will update this morning
11:39<gbee>apparently one of the changes causes a segfault, I'm just trying to work out why
11:39<iamlindoro_>hmm... maybe I'll wait ;)
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12:06<gbee>should be fixed now
12:06<gbee>the textedit one is a seperate bug, I'll fix that later tonight
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12:15<laga>i'm trying to sync h264.c. i extracted all related commits but i'm still getting rejected hunks :/
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13:28<laga>so, assume you have a series of about 160 patches which depend on each other
13:28<laga>patch --dry-run is *not* a good idea if you want to see if these apply.
13:28*laga cries
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15:52<gbee>should the number of bins in a tree be an attribute, or a an element of <buttontree>
15:57<gbee>answered my own question
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17:18<mlieber>hey ... sorry to be a bother... can anyone tell me the status on support for the Hauppauge HD PVR ?
17:19<iamlindoro_>Read the wiki, and #mythtv-users next time
17:20<mlieber>sorry my bad
17:20<mlieber>this is the dev chan ?
17:20<iamlindoro_>like it says in the topic when you entered...
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17:34<Zelda1>a question thats off topic.
17:34<Zelda1>Creating a NAS, want to do software raid 5, should I use ubuntu server?
17:35<iamlindoro_>Sounds like a job for #ubuntu or at the least #mythtv-users
17:35<Zelda1>ok thanks for the direction.
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18:13<tony_>can someone tell me why every time i install mythtv i get "no upnp backends found" or something and then "couldn't login" etc?
18:14<iamlindoro_>tony_, read the /topic
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18:18<forrestv>i don't understand something about xmltv... i'm writing a grabber but the xml format does not include channel numbers/frequencies. how are those shared?
18:19<iamlindoro_>forrestv, channel numbers and frequencies vary from locale to locale even when using the same grabber--- the user sets XMLtvids to their scanned channels, and then the grabber presents the listings by XMLtvid, and myth stitches the two together
18:20<forrestv>iamlindoro_, the source i'm using contains frequencies...
18:20<forrestv>there is no way to make use of them?
18:21<iamlindoro_>if the xml format doesn't support them, then I can't imagine how you expect it to do so
18:23<iamlindoro_>and it's not really the purpose of XMLTV to take the place of channel scanning for you
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18:23<forrestv>ok, sorry
18:24<iamlindoro_>nothing to be sorry about
18:24<iamlindoro_>let's say your grabber covers a small broadcaster with a single tower
18:24<iamlindoro_>and you were somehow able to insert frequencies as well with it
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18:24<iamlindoro_>now your broadcaster puts up a second tower to expand, and has all the same channels, but engineers it slightly differently
18:24<iamlindoro_>with differing frequencies
18:25<iamlindoro_>now your grabber only works for one of them. Versus, having it present the listings by XMLid allows the user to scan, put the IDs on each channel, and the grabber works everywhere for the provider
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19:22<leachim_6>what's the best card to use ?
19:22<leachim_6>I only need one tuner
19:22<leachim_6>I don't need a remote control
19:23<iamlindoro_>anyone know the best channel to use?
19:23*iamlindoro_ points at the topic
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