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01:27<oob>i'm looking for an application to catalogue my on-disk movie collection, automatically. I want it to look at all of the file names on disk then go out to (etc) and populate a database of my films.
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01:28<oob>any recommendations?
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08:54<clusby>with twinview, how do I start myth on the secondry screen?
08:55<clusby>(so only one X session)
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09:09<justinh>clusby: #mythtv-users. see the channel topic
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09:37<gbee>funny the number of people who are redirected to #mythtv-users but never make it there, do they get lost along the way?
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12:35<justinh>gbee: maybe they find google by mistake :P
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14:09<joe__>anybody know how to create this cron scrips 1 4 * * 0 find /storage -mtime +1 -exec rm {} \;
14:10<justinh>joe__: wrong channel. see the topic
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15:32<evilt0ne>i got this problem could someone help me?
15:33<laga>evilt0ne: /topic
15:37<evilt0ne>isn't this a question.. for guys who wanna develope an new kernel module?
15:45<laga>even if it was, this is not the right channel
15:46<evilt0ne>i moved over to #linuxtv laga
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15:56<gbee>heh, thought I was suffering deja-vu because as I skipped through a recording in one minute increments in Edit mode the same three scenes were being displayed ....
16:02<Dubstar_04>sounds like a glitch in the matrix!!
16:04<gbee>seektable glitch, though what caused that in the first place ...
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16:21<forrestv>anyone interested in a na xmltv grabber using titantv?
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16:43<iamlindoro>forrestv: The screen scrapers aren't welcome/wanted in association w/ Myth
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17:28<gbee>it's a better subject for the xmltv mailing list, it's not really directly related to mythtv
17:29<gbee>we might not really like screen scraping but truth is that most grabbers work that way
17:29<gbee>but since xmltv is a seperate project it's not really our problem
17:32<forrestv>iamlindoro, ok, but its not a screen scraper. it uses titantv's xml soap service
17:37<forrestv>gbee, i just wanted to see if anyone wanted to test it since there is no #xmltv
17:38<gbee>forrestv: try #mythtv-users
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17:52<justinh>whee almost finished the new icons
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17:52<justinh> - new 256x256 native
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18:06<Guest36573>is there anybody with experience with lirc and ibm latops?
18:06<kormoc>Guest36573, Please see the topic
18:07<Guest36573>ok sorks
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18:13<laga>janneg: the h264.c sync for -fixes works now. would you like a big monolithic patch or a patch series for quilt?
18:14<janneg>laga: I would prefer the patch series if you have it
18:15<laga>great. i'll upload it tomorrow, i need to rework some patches.
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19:27<troldrik>I made a patch against .21fixes, so it'll attempt to auto change to a refresh rate that matches fps of the video. (so you can watch film material at 24p on your fancy tv) What's the best way to submit it for upstream consideration?
19:28<iamlindoro>open a ticket on trac at
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19:40*gbee has a fancy tv with a fixed refresh rate
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19:42<iamlindoro>me too, I was just thinking about how I've never actually used it at that refresh rate :)
19:43<iamlindoro>and wondering if it was actually that much more whizz-bang
19:43<troldrik>24, 50 or 60 here.
19:44<bkero>Refresh rates don't matter nearly as much on LCDs
19:45*bkero 's lcd only does 43hz
19:45<troldrik>43.. sounds odd
19:46<troldrik>Nvidia dynamictwinview on? It lies through it teeth then about refresh rates.
19:46<bkero>troldrik: IBM T221. Check it out :)
19:47<troldrik>Ah, right. One of those ultra high rate lcds.
19:48<troldrik>.. high res*
19:48<bkero>quad 1080p in 22 inches :)
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21:33<iamlindoro_>troldrik, You'll probably need to forward port your patch to trunk to get it considered (unless someone is really REALLY motivated to get it in and does it for you)
21:34<troldrik>Oh poo.
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21:35<iamlindoro_>(I suppose there's always the chance it applies cleanly to trunk, though that would be unusual)
21:37<iamlindoro_>just tested, won't apply on trunk... one failed hunk, one failed file (DisplayRes.cpp low lives in libmythui)
21:37<iamlindoro_>er now lives
21:40<iamlindoro_>ok, fixing the locations, only two hunks fail
21:40<iamlindoro_>all the others work with offsets
21:41<troldrik>Just checked out trunk, I'll have a look.
21:42<iamlindoro_>Your problems are hunk 5 of videooutbase.cpp and hunk 1 of displayres.cpp
21:43<iamlindoro_>they're easily fixed, though, should take a few minutes is all
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21:48<troldrik>Very easily... I should probably test it first though. :P
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21:54<troldrik>Just hope it doesn't lock up my machine this time.
21:55<troldrik>Though it was probably more nvidia's fault.
21:55<troldrik>Didn't like the gl painter.
21:55<iamlindoro_>A fair bet-- in theory Myth has nothing unto itself that can lock your machine
21:58<troldrik>Any idea what's the qt/gl widget paint setting is called in the db?
21:58<iamlindoro_>ie mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt
22:00<troldrik>Ah, I managed to switch it to qt the last time I tried it.
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22:31<troldrik>Hmm.. can't really test it. Watch Video sends into some sort of cpu cherning loop.
22:31<troldrik>bt shows a lot of scan_dir() action.
22:33<troldrik>I wonder if it's scanning my entire homedir like 0.21 release did, instead of the Videos subdir.
22:35<iamlindoro_>mythtv somefile.ext will allow you to play the file from the command line (although that behavior is most assuredly *not* normal, btw)
22:37<troldrik>I disabled all the dir scanning and it's virtually instant now.
22:39<troldrik>Looks like the patch works on trunk too.
22:44<troldrik>Trunk patch added to ticket.
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22:57<troldrik>So I added a simple cout to scan_dir()... it's scanning my bloody fs.
22:57<troldrik>proc, lib, you name it.
23:01<troldrik>No wonder it was taking ages. ;)
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23:36<troldrik>Filed a ticket on it.
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